I think Eda is happy with the kids she has already. It would be between Camila and Darius, and while Camila is not against adopting Hunter, she also would not be (too) disappointed when Darius takes him, after the time she had in the human realm with the entire HexSquad + Vee.


It’s true, I already have a lot of kids.


Do u consider Hooty as ur child?


Hooty is not a child, he is the alpha and the omega


Ah yes, Hooty is secretly the twin of Domino 3. He installed himself into Edas house to find a successor, however he grew too attached to everyone to burden them with a billion years of stress. Thus, he offloaded his duties onto Domino 3, which caused her to begin consuming copious amounts of god coffee.


Hooty: I am the storm that is approaching, Hoot hoot!




Hooty is both boba fett and his sister?? The more you know I guess


I agree, Hoot


He's a big boy house.


The bird tube is terrifying, please keep it away from me


Must be hard finding out there’s a godly being more powerful than u in the form of an owl worm


Its not that it's an active threat, it's just scary, like humans are afraid of cockroaches


You're telling me. Legends say the famous Touchdown Jesus mural at the Notre Dame Library is just the reaction Jesus had when he found out about Hooty's existence. *And the lord said, "The fuck is a owl worm and why are people worshipping it!?"* I don't think Jesus every really recovered from that discovery.


How are you typing right now, you're a giant owl thing?


uhhhhh someone who knows her is using her account?


Makes sense


with his face slamming on a key board.




Hmmm... Checks out!


Oh hey Eda.


"Ooh, I never expected to be a mother of six!"


Darius. Hunter barely interacts with Eda. The only time she was shown to care was at the end of Hollow Mind. I wouldn’t mind it be Camila but I feel Darius and Hunter have a stronger bond


At the same time though, Darius let Hunter be abused for years and even participated in it himself. He's not the ultimate father figure people make him out to be. Hunter has the *longest* bond with Darius. Doesn't automatically make it the best.


There’s nothing in the show that tells you that Darius knew Hunter was abused. Lilith called him a brat so it is likely Darius saw him as a brat who had no place being the golden guard. He learns that he was wrong about Hunter in ASiTS


At the beginning of ASIAS, Darius literally participates in all the Coven leaders ditching Hunter at the meeting despite knowing how it was likely to turn out for Hunter if he failed to live up to responsibilities Belos gave him. (You recall the repeated line about "The Emperor is not a merciful man" from throughout S2? You recall Belos physically lashing out at Hunter for merely *speaking his mind*?) When Hunter -- A CHILD with no one else his age to peer with -- asked Darius how to prove himself in an environment of only self-serving adults, he brushed him off and sent him on a wild goose chase. And when Hunter "succeeded", Darius basically told him "you still have no worthiness in my eyes". Sure, once Darius realized that Hunter wasn't just a mindless clone doing Belos' bidding, he got more protective of Hunter, but he wasn't exactly looking out for Hunter up until that point.


This is true but he actually Changed and got better.


He does. He gets better. I'm merely pointing out that as parental figures go, Darius doesn't have the cleanest past with Hunter.


Hunter has a clean past with very few charaters on the show


Agreed. That's why Camila gets my vote. She has only ever been a surrogate mom to him since Day 01.


Darius in the demon realm and Camila if Hunter wants to be in the human realm every once in a while. Imo, I hope he stays in the demon realm tho. Idk why, I just feel like it.


This \^\^\^


I was actually thinking about the realm bit and i was about to point the fact that Hunter has no bile sac and might be ostracized for it the Boiling Isles, which might make the human realm more palatable to him but then again Flapjack took care of that... :').


Doesn't much matter now after for the future. Plus luz has been seen to be a rising star despite no bile sac.


Camila îs the only person I see as a parent to hunter. Darius îs much more of a mentor


Mmm, that's a way of seeing thing, but I'd still say Darius has geown to be a father figure. Important enough to Hunter for him to care when Darius was affected by the draining spell.


True, but we olso see hunter be happyer în The human world. Camila seems the best option


1. He wasn't happier in the human realm. He was happier with his friends by his side and far away from Belos, but that might've as well happened in Amphibia. Hunter also never really stated he explicitly loves the human realm and even thinks of staying there. Heck, he wants to learn how to carve Palismen and attend magical school and learn wild magic that is not present on Earth. Kind what's the point of going to the human realm if there's nothing really waiting there for him? 2. A good parent may not always be the right parent. Camila is lovely but Hunter needs freedom and individuality first and foremost. Hunter needs a parental figure that absolutely is flawed and that can push him out of his comfort zone so he can stand up for himself and carve his own path. Camila is just too nice for Hunter to ever consider arguing with her and he wouldn't want to upset her which means that the issue of seeking parental approval to the point of not being yourself is still there 3. Ok, when exactly did Darius actually mentor Hunter and why would Hunter even need a mentor? He was GG and a coven head. Hunter might as well mentor himself.


1 was an ok point but 2, come on Camila gave Luz all the possible freedome, hunter needs a parent în his life cuz Belos was Belos and Darius was...well not a father. He was generally cold and critical of hunter cuz he didnt rise to the level of the previous golden duard. He kept pushing him away and bareting him. I know that he gets some respect from him by the end but its not a father son relationship. Is a mentor who got to live an actual life and a child soldier who only knows the the imperial coven way of doing things. He îs his mentor în teachig him how to live.


Camila. I think it would be cool for them to bond over Cosmic Frontier and sewing. I’d be ok with Darius and Eda too but I think Camila’s bond with Hunter is the strongest of the three


I mean an issue with that is that we’re not even sure if Camila and Hunter will live in the same realm. It could be completely possible that Camila stays in the human realm and Hunter stays in the demon realm, so I think Darius is probably a better choice.


This is just a hypothetical, "Which of these three is the best influence", not which one should he live with.


Darius or camilla


Whoever makes him happy ngl


Chad answer


Darius he needs more sceebtime and by making him Hunter's adoptive father we get to see more screentime with him.


big brain


I know 🧠


All three of them have valid reasons to adopt Hunter. If Hunter is a clone of Caleb, who may be a Clawthorne ancestor, then technically he's related to Eda and is a part of her family tree. Eda is also a good mother figure to the kids that she adopts so, I don't see her as a bad influence. The fandom likes to think Darius is a father figure to Hunter, even though they literally had one positive interaction, but given Darius's history with his mentor (the previous GG), I'm sure he can be a decent father figure. He is also shown to care for Hunter during HM, so while he can be a good paternal figure to him, he has the weakest reasons out of all of the three. Camila spent months with Hunter in the human realm and Hunter does seem to genuinely like her, she also saved his life and the two of them can bond over Cosmic Frontier. She checks up on him at the end of TTT, and he is surprised to find out she also likes CF, and Camila taught him how to use a sewing machine. So she's had a longer relationship with him compared to Darius. Of the three, I think Darius has the weakest reason to adopt him. He just likes the boy and had one positive interaction with him, I personally think that's a weaker reason than bloodline or maternal figure. Of course, all three would be good influences on Hunter but Camila easily wins since she's had the longest relationship with him out of all three.


Hunter probably already learned a lesson that blood relations don't translate as good relations and would probably distance himself from that part of him a bit and Eda and Hunter don't really get along. Then again, why even include these scenes if we won't follow through with them? They have a positive relationship but Hunter won't be a kid forever.


>Hunter probably already learned a lesson that blood relations don't translate as good relations and would probably distance himself from that part of him a bit and Eda and Hunter don't really get along. What? What reason would he have for distancing himself from Eda? He doesn't know her and the last time he interacted with her, she was trying to help him calm down. Furthermore, if they are Clawthornes then Hunter wouldn't have anything to fear because all Belos told him was that wild witch were bad. Hunter clearly doesn't believe that anymore, so he has no reason to reject them. >Then again, why even include these scenes if we won't follow through with them? My point exactly. There was no indication that Hunter was a Clawthrone back in S2A, so if your Dana Terrace and you know S3 has been reduced, would you keep this plot point even if it means absolutely nothing? No, she clearly kept it for a reason, we just have to wait to find out. If not, then this plot point was just bad writing and a waste of time. >They have a positive relationship but Hunter won't be a kid forever. Who are you referring to? And what's your point?


Camila, she's had the healthiest relationship with Hunter. I'm thinking that Darius only acts protective of Hunter because he did the same with his mentor, a previous GG, not out of some fatherly instinct. I see Darius as more of a cool uncle kind of figure, not one to have kids of his own.


Exactly, I have a hard time understanding people's mindset with Darius being the one to adopt Hunter when objectively speaking he acts the least like a parent out of the three. Don't get me wrong I can see him being a good influence and role model but he definitely isn't a father. Cool uncle sounds more like him to me.


It should be me, I am an amazing mother.


pls no leave the poor child alone


I can confirm


How are those pizza bagels you get from her?




He has been through enough hurtful/toxic b*llsh!t




Let me grab the pesticide


You already messed up ours , staying away from children just all children


Omg 😂


N0. 🐺😤😤😤😠🤨😶


Camila, he felt safest and happiest in the human realm. Let him stay somewhere safe with sometime who really cares about him


Only because he was away from Belos, but he wants to live in the demon realm.


Let’s be real, it’s between Camila and Darius.


Darius, I feel like people interpret Camilla’s actions and Luz’s words in TTT completely wrong. Camilia probably would of dived in for anyone if they started to drown and Luz probably said “your family now” in a “I consider my closest friends as family” kind of way. Darius unfortunately probably had his father figure moments cut out.


Well, what Luz said affected Hunter enough for him to cry. So while, yes Camilla would save anyone drowning (I don't even know why people are using this as an argument), I really want Hunter and Luz to be actual Sister/Brother.


Camila said she's a mother of 6 too. This includes Willow and Amity, and Willow arguably had more mother-child moments than Hunter did with Camila. Does that mean however that they're either sisters to Hunter and Luz or would they lose that family if they broke up with either? Nope. People really need to understand that if the found family can adopt some heteronormative roles, it absolutely doesn't have to. Friends are family too.


This right here \^\^\^ Heck, Camila refuses for Luz to give up the Demon Realm just for her sake, why should she agree for Hunter to do the same when she knows he wants to tie his future with this place as well? Camila said she's a mother of 6 too. This includes Willow and Amity, and Willow arguably had more mother-child moments than Hunter did with Camila. Does that mean however that they're either sisters to Hunter and Luz or would they lose that family if they broke up with either? Nope. People really need to understand that if the found family can adopt some heteronormative roles, it absolutely doesn't have to. Also, what's the point of even having the slightest build-up with Darius and Hunter if we won't follow through with it? Camila and Hunter don't have that, and we don't have time, if it wasn't important it would be cut just like Matt and Steve's storyline.


Camilla. Luz sees Hunter as family, they already parallel the Wittebane brothers, and Camilla is the first one to really challenge Hunter’s perception of parental figures as a complete authority That or Bat Queen


Camilla no contest.




Probably Camilla. Eda barely knows him, and Darius waited presumably years to do anything about Belos' abuse.




Darius. Camila would be great but she's going to return to the human realm and Hunter seems like he'd want to stay in the Boiling Islands. Eda has enough kids as is lol.


Gwendolyn and Dell. (If Caleb is indeed the Clawthorne progenitor) I think it'd be nice to see him really get to be part of a growing, and loving, family full of history that he (and flapjack) are connected too.


Screw it, Darius and Alador, Hunter and Amity grow up as siblings, that way when they get married to Willow and Luz, they will all be related (exept for poor Gus)


Camila marries Perry (Gus's dad) so Luz and Gus become siblings as well!


Omg yes


Glad I could help, and welcome on board S.S. Carry/Pemila (can't decide which name fits better XD)




It's Huntlow vs Winter all over again XD But ok, Pemila it is


All three of them. EVERYONE IS FAMILY NOW!


Hold your horses, they all can be a family but let's make it less chaotic.


Darius already feels like he bonded with Hunter and his having been a protege of the previous guard does help. Plus if he and Alador end up together it would make Hunter Amity's brother.


And technically, Camila doesn't need adoption papers to be Hunter's mother figure if he already lives with 2 dads anyways.


Thought: What of darius adopted hunter and he and alador, not Necessarily get together but become friends again and raise him and the blight kids together? A lot of people see luz and hunter as siblings and while I don't disagree (I love the dynamic), I think hunter and amity kind have a partial sibling dynamic


Darius for sure. He was really close to the previous GG and he cares deeply for Hunter.


he should be adopted by all of them but not in a shiping way in more of a hey were gonna take of u now way bc found family




Why not all three?








I think it should be Camila. She’s been taking care of Hunter for months now, and there were lots of sweet moments between them sprinkled in Thanks to Them (her teaching him how to use the sewing machine, putting her hand on his shoulder and smiling at him, saving him from drowning after he’d fought everyone before she even knew he was possessed, etc.) He’s hardly had any screen time with Eda, and not enough with Darius (who I still think should patch things up with him), at least compared to Camila. And considering how happy he was in the human realm- as well as his familial bond with Luz -I think the show’s setting up him staying there. As for the dimension problem, I really doubt there’s gonna be a separation ending- it contradicts the message of the show, among other things -so maybe Hunter could live in the human realm with Camila, and go through the portal with Luz every day to spend time in the Boiling Isles. (Hopefully attend Hexside, too!) Edit: I didn’t have to write all this, could’ve just mentioned Cosmic Frontier-


I’m sorry to say this but hunter is probably not making it to the end I love him but even I can see he’s the type to sacrifice himself


Flapjack didn't die so the kid can kill himself again.




I feel like Darius already kinda did


I'd argue the order of parents goes Camilla > Darius > Eda. Assuming the whole cast doesn't just end up moving into the owl house (in which case "all of the above" in a co-parenting arrangement would work), Camilla is the one who's actively known/cared for Hunter the most during his stay in the human realm. This involvement saw her support/care for him as a dependent, and spanned several (off screen) months, giving her a proven track record of caring for him, and an established relationship as a parental figure. And whilst Darius did serve as a mentor to Hunter during the show, his level of involvement was a lot lower (mostly offering mentorship and guidance) and for (presumably) less time than Camilla. Eda on the other hand, has met Hunter less than a handful of times, with the only positive interaction between the two being when Eda was trying to get Hunter to calm down after his panic attack (after which he promptly ran away). Other factors besides ability to care and established relationship do affect this (I.E, willingness to parent, in which realm people end up staying...), but to conclude, Camilla is the most competent and presumably has the best parent-like relationship with him (established during the off screen months spent in the human realm), with Darius having the brief mentorship relationship with Hunter established in the show, and Eda having nothing beyond a memeified propensity to adopt everyone and everything.




The secret fourth option: Raine


They come with Eda


Darius. Has a stronger bond with Hunter than the other two and the other two have enough kids.


There is a correct answer here




Camila and Darius co-parenting, Eda and Lilith as the cool aunts, maybe Raine by association as... Genuine question: What's the best gender neutral term for an aunt/uncle type figure?




I think everyone deserves one adopted child. King for Eda. Vee for Camila. Hunter for Darius.


Definitely Darius because he had both a past relationship with the other golden guard and hunter. I feel like he would be the role model hunter needs.


Let them fight


Honestly, i bet on Eda


eda would be weird, its like adopting your long lost great-great-granparent


Tbh I think it would be cool if he was kind of ‘stray’, if that makes sense. Like, one of them houses him and they all take care of him, but he isn’t exactly their son. They all take joint custody of sorts but not legally and he just goes to whoever he wants to and they all give him attention and the care he needs/wants


Personally, my vote is for Darius. I think since he is very familiar with Hunter’s situation he might be the most well equipped to handle the resulting trauma.




Darius obviously. Camille already has Vee, while also taking care of the Luz and the Hexside squad for months. Eda did the same for Luz and also has the B.A.T.S. Darius doesn’t really have anyone so it would be perfect. Both from an emotional and financial point.






Why not both Camila and Darius together?


Darius because the other two have an official kid




Darius. I love hunters relationship with Camila and he hasn't gotten much time with eda sadly but I just feel like Darius is the b st choice. They obviously care for each other a lot and I just feels like it's the best to be honest lol


Personally I think it should be Darius. Hunter wants to go to hexside and play flyer derby, living with camila in the human world would kind of make that difficult. And it's not like he could go to school in the human realm, besides the ears making him stand out he doesn't have any legal paperwork. So that leaves Darius, because Hunter has barely interacted with Eda. I also agree with others that Eda might be satisfied with the kids she has.


Based on actual connection seen in canon, Camilla. But depending upon how things shake out wrt the two realms, I think Darius is the next best choice if Hunter stays in the demon realm. While it would be kinda cool for Eda to adopt him, since it's heavily implied that she's Caleb's descendant and therefore her and Hunter are related.. she's had the least amount of screen time with him. There's no real connection there! But I do like to think they'll end up considering themselves "extended family", like she's the cool aunt that he has sleepovers with sometimes. Or maybe she becomes like a mentor to him, since he's mentioned wanting to study palismen


I think Darius. He's been with him the most. Hunter has barely interacted with Eda, plus Eda has a whole bunch of her own kids. Camilla would be a great mom to Hunter, she has no idea about what the Emperor's Coven was like , let alone the Boiling Isles, doesn't understand magic very well, and has only interacted with Belos once. Darius understands the dangers of the Emperor's Coven and knows how much Hunter has been through. Plus, Darius is a very skilled witch and would be a wonderful mentor to Hunter regarding magic.


Let’s be real here Darius is the only answer




Darius would make a great father.


They all share custody, with maybe Darius as the main one?


The second one


Darius and Camila as co parents and Eda as cool aunty.


Darius would of been a first in an instant but Camilla has been making a compelling case in the last two episodes and hers has recency bias. With eda we unfortunately didn’t get as much parent moments. So Darius, then Camilla, then Eda. Throw in Lilith just for random sake and I can see it being funny. Or Alador and Darius can both be parents when they get married so that could work. Or they can all just adopt him lol. Ugh damn but then again him living with Gus would be awesome. Their basically already brothers. Just need the paperwork. But we barely even know his father so there isn’t much to go on there besides being a loving home. Okay serious answer. Darius 🤟


Here's a solution for you to put all your ideas into one without making it too complicated: Alador and Darius adopt Hunter, making him Amity's step-brother. Amity is dating Luz so Hunter might as well be considered Luz's "brother-in-law" or soon-to-be one at least (this also solves shipping discourse by putting both of them in a fine balance between "I like their sibling dynamic" and "I like their romantic dynamic" since Luz did blush at Edric and Emira), which means Camila is essentially Hunter's mother-in-law (it's the law for her to be a mother XD) and Camila can be a mother-figure to both Amity and Hunter they never had. We can also hook up Gus's dad and Camila together so Gus and Luz would become step-siblings, which would make Hunter and Gus brothers-in-law (it's also in-law for them to be brothers) and Hunter and Vee also would be step-siblings (which solves the same issue he has with Luz as well) so essentially all of them form this one big family with Willow being Hunter's soon-to-be-official girlfriend. You're keeping up with me? Good! Eda and Raine are Luz's surrogate parents essentially so they would also be in-laws for Hunter, but they might as well be considered aunts (or whatever enby aunt is for Raine) along with Lilith. That way Hunter has all the love he needs without complicated paperwork and dumb custody which would create more stress than it should and Hunter has the freedom to choose who he wants to spend time with while having one bedroom and one stable home.


Eda doesn’t have a lot of connection with Hunter and Darius could be better as a mentor rather than a paternal figure so I think Camila is the most plausible


Except he never mentored Hunter and there's nothing he can mentor him about.


Oh Bricks, forgot about Eda and Darius adoption i was so main focus on mama Camila adoption :,)








darius def


I think it should be Darius


Hunter should choose


Im team Darius on this


Camila has a lot on her plate already, two magical children is plenty for her, besides, I don't know how easy Hunter would feel in Gravesfield, as much as he would love to talk to Camila about space and to visit wolf sanctuaries. Eda has King and something tells me she'll have the Collector as well, idk what route Dana is going down with his character, tho. That leaves Darius, who we know already sees him as a son, besides, he'd make an amazing step sibling to the Blights (yes, I headcanon that he and Alador will get together, even if not outright, and they'll live happily ever after as one happy family)


Battle of the century! Who will and adopt this poor traumatized boy? Find out in the next episode of The Owl House.


I think Eda can be like the mom away from mom and Camila is like your friends mom that treats you like she’s your kid, and Darius can be Hunters adopted father






I think Darius because Eda and Camila have a handful already


Darius: I've watched over you for years and guided you along your path to becoming a good man. Hunter: Very true. Camila: I work with huskies. Hunter: We have a winner.


Yes. All 3. One big giant happy family.


And then Raine and Eda get married and Raine can also be Hunter's parent so he has like four parents


Camila is hunter’s mum, Darius is cool gay uncle, and Eda is wine aunt. Change my mind.


Joint custody


All of them. They’ll be a polyamorous relationship with Hunter as their son






[All of them, on rotation.](https://twitter.com/soldrawss/status/1583627422939090945) Edit: Seems some people have gone through downvoting all similar comments. I'm not implying a polycule. Edited to clarify.


All of them


The correct answer is Camrius 😎 Edit: /j, also don't ship bash


Ah yes, let's ship 2 strangers just for the child and not even for them.




camilla. easily


All of them


d) all of the above


Just send him to the adoption center




All of them. What's better than one loving parental figure? *Three* loving parental figures!


Amador and Camila get together in the future and Eda is the aunt




Camilla for sure






Camila gets together with Darius then they both adopt hunter




Amphibia fandom has a solution...


All of the above




I can see them all honestly. But I think hunter will want to live in the human realm. On the other hand camila may want to live in the demon realm for Luz. Fuck idk.




you miss the obvious solution: they form a polycule and raise him together




I feel hunter would stay in the human realm (with a way to travel back and forth) so camila


All three.


All of the above. 😎




Joint Custody


Why not all three?




Comila ofcs


Camilla should adopt hunter


yes. luz has already adopted him as a noceda, and darius is a father figure of sorts. eda has children, but why not another


Camila for sure. But inevitably the portal will likely be remade and he can also attend Hexide and whatnot.




I think the best way would be 3-way coparenting.


Camila already did FYI


Take the Steven Universe route and collect parents like Pokemon.