Well, I gotta start rewatching then, because I don't remember a thing lmao


That’s exciting


Well this is good news. Can't imagine we get season 2, but this is better than nothing.


supposedly, the storyline has been crafted in a way that it concludes with the second half. A Deadline article mentioned this when the show got pulled from HBO Max. So, at least we get some sort of ending? Tho I cannot imagine how they wanna do justice to so many characters and storylines that were just being set up.


Last episode we learn it was all a fever dreams as the lead character lay dying in the future.... fade to black.... the end...


Whoa, maybe they are on a spaceship, and get a mysterious message from someone. Perhaps it is a main characters long lost brother.


I haven't accepted that there won't be another season yet. Like I know I should, but I waited so long for S1 just to watch Netflix toss the whole thing.


Time for a rewatch! One of the best underrated shows to come out Solid performances all around


thank god, please start in February.


Wait, we only got the 6 so far, right?!


Correct. The last 6 we're filmed but never made it into HBO.


I love Tubi.


I really am excited to see the Last 6


One of the things we're losing from this approach is the publicity HBO would normally arrange for new content like this. I'd have liked to see interviews about the new season with Laura Donnely, Pip Torrens, and mystery woman Phillipa Goslett, who somehow got to showrun an HBO drama without ever communicating with a single fan. But Tubi can't afford the airfare.


Communicating with fans is not actually part of the job description. I'm not saying she's good, as she may well not be, but a showrunner's job is to manage the development, writing, and production of a television show. Fan engagement is absolutely not required for that job.


maybe they produced some behind the scenes content while they were shooting part 2 and handed it to Tubi along with the episodes???


God is real. A complete relief.


I don't know anything about Tubi. Will I be able to play the episodes on demand or will I have to watch at a scheduled time? And will 1 hour episodes like these be interrupted by ads, or can I watch all the ads upfront?


Whenever you want but with ads


I dunno… every single article makes it seem like they’re broadcasting theses episodes only twice - once this week during the middle of the day, and the again the first couple days in March. I’ve been scouring the interwebs for more information on this, as it seems incredibly dumb for Tubi to do it this way, but I’ve not seen anything along the lines of what you’re stating here. I hope you’re right.


Well call me a chip and dip me in queso... I "Never" saw this coming, after HBO nixed it. I'm so happy!




According to Laura Donnelly, Nevers 1B (all episodes) was already produced and 'in the can' by Dec 2021. So presumably it had the same quality production as 1A episodes.


season two was never happening anyway, let’s just be happy we’re getting the last six episodes


Good news that we'll be able to see it finally. But selling the end of the series off to another service is yet another sign of major decline at HBO. Thanks for nuthin HBO. And thanks for all the new shows that I have no interest in watching. LOL


Wonder what visual quality they will be shown in? 4K? HDR? HBOMAX was using a very high quality visual release.


The Nevers deserved better than this


I was perfectly willing to pay for HBO Max to watch the show without ads. But I don't want to watch with ads even for free. This sucks. Wish they sold it to a different subscription streaming service instead.


You can pay with money or you can pay with your time. Either way, you pay. That’s what commercials are. Just another way of paying for something. Honestly, I hate commercials too. But I’m willing to let them run when I don’t have to give up my hard earned cash for decent entertainment.


I'd much rather pay with money personally but i understand other people have different situations and preferences. Ideally people would have both options.


Oh no!!! Commercials!!! /s You must be young


Yes, oh no. Commercials suck and I don't want to watch them. I'm fine paying for content without them, but it appears there won't even be an option to do that.


I don't like commercials either and would gladly pay for a commercial-less option. However, that doesn't exist, and I am not going to deprive myself of a good show to avoid playing on my phone while ignoring ads.


I'm not going to watch it on Tubi or Roku, that doesn't mean I'm not going to watch it at all.


And where will you do that? It doesn't exist on HBOMax anymore. Those are the only options that exist.


You must be old


Lmaooooo, why did reddit remove free awards


Old enough to want to watch the show from legitimate sources, so there is a shot for a 2nd season.


I don't want to sound defeatist but... There is already no shot for a second season, at all.


I agree it's extremely unlikely. However, if it gets a lot of viewers, I could see them making another season or selling the rights off to a studio that wants to.


I'll probably have the show play through once muted when I'm sleeping. Just not going ti actually watch it that way. But there's very little chance a second season is happening after a move like this. It's going to Roku and Tubi as part of larger non exclusive content deals. Either of them spending the money commissioning a second season doesn't seem like something they would do. Neither does a ton of original content and I don't think any of what they do have is as expensive as this show to make.


You sweet, summer child.


The first 6 episodes are on blu ray. Maybe they’d release the next 6 too eventually?


It is not the ones that never knew poverty who fear it the most, but those who lived trough it and were able to escape it.


Just mute the commercials and keep your darning handy 😀


I can’t explain how happy this makes me. All 12 episodes of The Nevers get to be seen!


As much as I want to watch it, it'll just make the axing worse for me. I'll pass, I'm tired of getting invested in great character, then pulled from your feet.




I stay in India. Any idea how I can watch them? The first 6 are on Disney Plus Hotstar that I have.


wild, i really thought we'd never see 1B episodes


Alright!!! This is honestly sooner than I expected, let's go 1B!!


“As soon as Feb 1st” … so nothing yet, right?