MAGAts are also paying all his fines to NY, so I'd like to thank them for giving their paychecks to Liberal NY :]


He may not pay his bill at all.


He never pays any of his bills, for anything. He probably also won't spend a minute in jail, because the rich don't get punished that way in the US. Still, even if this current legal situation amounts to nothing more than disqualification from running for office in future, that will be good enough for me.


What has got to be killing Trump is the fact that of the 11,000 documents, the 100 that are now exempt from the special master are the ones that will indict him. What the special master is reviewing now is just icing on the cake and money out of his pocket. There is probably little value judicially in them. Or maybe there is something worse.


The worst part is that they will give him the money, even if they can't afford rent for a year, they'll give the shithead whatever he wants.


I hope he feels the sting, but he's pretty used to paying a lot of money to get fucked.