This is only anecdotal but I also have these creases and I speculate it’s due to my poor posture. They’re mostly the same shade as the surrounding skin. I think a lot of women tend to hold onto a little pudge in this area or a little lower regardless of overall body fat, hence the creasing. Are you doing any stretches or even simple strength training? I think that can help with posture and some of the exercises don’t require much formal equipment if any. There is a subreddit that should have more info about such exercises targeted towards posture improvement. r/posture


I've been doing simple stretches, going on daily walks, and doing basic strength training once every few days (it's hard to stay motivated) at home using a kettlebell and dumbbells. But I think doing exercises specifically for improving posture is a good idea. I'll check out r/Posture, thanks!


Hey! I had the same thing and considered myself skinny fat too. I did start working out and once my tummy toned up a bit the lines did seem to disappear. It's only if I sit really hunched over for a long time then they would appear.


Also, the first exercise I did regularly for my posture and abs was planking! I would just plank for 30 seconds a couple of times throughout the day and I felt like it really helped with my back as well as help with the toning up!


I love planking! No equipment required, and I feel the burn within seconds. I'm not good at staying on top of exercising, but I'll try to make more of an effort to incorporate it into my daily routine.


I mentioned under a comment below my story with physical therapy and another commenters experience with pelvic tilt and posture but wanted to mention directly that if your posture is potentially as poor as you believe it to be that you might want to look into starting with smaller exercises..Bent knee fallouts really helped me to build my transverse abdominal muscles..I could do planks before getting injured but wasnt using the correct muscles, where as the smaller exercises are easy to keep up with daily to build the habit and ensure you’re hitting the right muscle..just something to look into that might help you


Also if you strengthen your core a bit it tends to also make it easier to keep good posture


I’ve had fold lines near my waist when I had a 6 pack. I seriously wouldn’t worry about it. If you have bad posture or a weak core, sure, work on it if you want, but normal lines on your skin due to body movement is definitely not something to be self conscious about.


It's like being self-conscious about underarm creases, or lines on knuckles and toes imo. While it's valid to feel self-conscious, everyone has them!


That is so false. not EVERYBODY has them


I have them too and so do many women. Red marks from bras, from our tummys, or stretch marks.. who the fuck cares, we're all just trying to get through the days over here. Of course things like good posture and exercise are good for our long term health, so that's never a bad thing. But really I'm just sorry she made you feel insecure about them at all.


The best way to build posture is to target the foundational muscles around your torso, ie your core. The abdominal, also the obliques (which IMHO are more important than the abdominals), and furthermore your glutes and your quadriceps in your thighs. All of these muscles serve as a corset to protect your spine. When you develop these muscles, your posture automatically gets better, and I (speaking as someone who fractured my spine 10y ago and went thru alot a lot of physical therapy for it) fully believe that you cannot sustain good posture without doing so. All those reminder devices that you wear on your back and those ergonomic chairs don't help in a sustaining way. You cannot build long-term better posture thru changing habits alone. When I developed my core, I stopped needing a chair back at all. I could sit comfortably on a bench, provided it was the right height. So how does one do this? One method: squats, side planks, Russian twists. Also, Pallof Press if you have access to a gym with a cable machine. Another method: deep water aqua aerobics. I built so much core strength with 2y doing deep water aqua aerobics 2x or 3x a week. I cannot guarantee these will get rid of these creases. I am a heavy woman so I have permanent creases due to my fat build up. However, building your core to fix your posture and protecting your spine will also protect you from balance issues and falls later on in life. It will also protect your knees. You'll miss them when they are gone.


>All those reminder devices that you wear on your back and those ergonomic chairs don't help in a sustaining way. You cannot build long-term better posture thru changing habits alone. This is a really great point! My balance is really weak, and I have other physical health issues, so I definitely need to work on strengthening my core. I'll focus on implementing core exercises into my daily routine.


Not a tip but I have these, and most people mistake them for visible ab lines so I love them!


That's a cool way of looking at them!


Have you tried introducing some cardio and light strength training into your routine? If you're worried about cost or access to a gym check out /r/bodyweightfitness for no-cost, at home options


Hey there! I definitely have experience with this…I also thought I was skinny fat, and no matter how much I worked out, I still had that tummy pouch and creases. Turns out I just had really bad posture from years sitting at a desk for work (I developed lower back pain and that was what made me come to that realization). I started watching videos on how to properly sit while engaging my abs and not my back, and also looked into videos to fix my “anterior pelvic tilt.” Here’s a good video that has some tips! https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=2NZMaI-HeNU Hope this helps! i don’t have that pouch anymore and now flexing my abs when I sit and walk are second nature. Edit: fixed typos


I second all of this! I’ve been with a PT for over a month now because my low back pain got to a point where it was constant and I couldn’t recover from. I always thought that a tummy pouch was okay bc so many people say it’s normal (and I’m sure for some people it is!) but mine was due to my anterior pelvic tilt too, and it put so much work into my low back muscles that they eventually just gave up which landed me in physical therapy where I’ve been learning to build and activate my abs and glutes which is slowly becoming second nature


Thank you for the video! No lower back pain here, luckily, but I'm sure it wouldn't hurt to do some of the exercises in the video.


Did these end up helping you?


If I could tell my younger self anything it would be FIX YOUR POSTURE VIA STRENGTHENING YOUR CORE. IMMEDIATELY. There are myriad forms of exercise beyond doing endless crunches - dance training, pilates, aerial arts, martial arts, some sports… It’s not just about looking good or having good posture. It’s about the pain, injuries, and discomfort you will have later in life, even if you’re not participating in athletic activities. Core is critical just for baseline health.


Thank you! I feel like some commenters are focusing too much on the part where I'm "obsessing" over the creases (wrong choice of words, in hindsight) because it has something to do with my appearance, when this experience was more of a wake-up call for me. My core is really weak, and my physical health is not great either. I need to focus on taking care of myself now to minimize the risk of future physical illness. Time to get my shit together!


Good luck!


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[Hybrid Calisthenics](https://youtu.be/vZA31GMOtZE) on Youtube has some very nice exercises you can do for your posture! Feels great for your back too.


Oh yeah Hampton! I've seen some of his videos. I've been thinking about trying out calisthenics because I don't have a gym near me and I think the concept of using your own body to improve it is cool. I'll check out his channel again.


He's an absolute peach! And yeah, I'm very lazy and unmotivated but being able to just do some exercises in the shower before starting the water has been great for me.


This post made me lift my shirt


What's the verdict?


Red creases that don't go away because I keep forgetting to stand up straight lol.


I wouldn't go back to this person but I would complain to management and also leave a bad review. She has no right to make any comments on how your body looks. She isn't a doctor and shouldn't be trying to "diagnose" you with anything. She's being judgemental, rude and shaming you. Any creases in your skin are totally normal and she shouldn't have made you self conscious of something you can't even control. Wanting to fix your posture for your health isn't a bad thing but you're focused on it because she overstepped and was offensive. Don't internalise her issues. And please don't do anything to risk your health by thinking there is a way to lighten your skin because there isn't.


I want to clarify that I didn't feel "judged" or "shamed" at all and I didn't think she "overstepped" or find the comment "offensive." Also, I'm definitely not planning on lightening my skin! I used the phrases "conscious" and "obsessing" to emphasize that I found the creases strange and made this post mostly to see if anyone had them as well. I was surprised that she suggested my posture and the creases were connected and wanted to hear others' thoughts. My posture, I'll admit, is really bad, so I've been thinking about what she said because I know I need to improve it, but I don't quite know how. Thank you for your kind words, though.


Acupuncturists are holistic medical practitioners, so while you are correct that they aren't doctors, they are trained to assess and diagnose (as much as a holistic view can). She wasn't overstepping, and from the OP's story, it doesn't seem like the acupuncturist was shaming OP or being judgemental. Also, OP didn't mention anything about trying to lighten their skin...


“Holistic medical practitioners” so…. not a doctor. I know OP didn’t say their acupuncturist did anything out of line, but an acupuncturist is definitely NOT trained to diagnose anything. They’re trained to stick needles in you when you tell them you have a bit of pain.


Yeah, I literally agreed that acupuncturists are not doctors. And maybe it depends on what training the acupuncturist has had, but the acupuncturist I used to see absolutely had medical knowledge (similar to a physical therapist) and made general diagnoses.


I have them too, they're completely normal. I've had them as long as I can remember, I doubt they're actually from bad posture.




Could you clarify what you mean? Why would the tightness of my underwear be linked to stomach creases? The creases are above the waistband of my underwear (one is above my belly button and the other is around 2.5 inches above that line).


I knew a woman who had this problem when she was 19 and super thin but a large chest- it was how her breasts and stomach hung, and she was obsessed with the line. There was no need to be. I'm sorry your acupuncturist made you feel weird about this- it's fine to work on your posture but her observation about your body is unhelpful. She could have just asked you how your posture was without mentioning why she noticed.


I have the same two lines as well and always wondered if it was just me omg


Bruh I literally thought this was because of my bra 😭 I have a crease just under my breasts which is where my stomach folds in apparently. I have TERRIBLE posture and can't even sit, walk or do anything while standing up straight for more than 10 mins. Safe to say I have a little bit of a hunch by now. Should probably get it checked, but thanks for making this post, I had no idea such a thing existed :)


It might just be genetic. I have those creases but as far as I’m aware I have good posture. I have rib flare and I suspect that’s what’s causing it.


If you’re really bothered by it, maybe try getting a microneedling or laser??? It’s expensive but it can lighten it.


If we do laser therapy and/or microneedling, will the lines disappear for good? Granted we have good posture and move around a lot, will the lines cease to exist?