Pretty sure the LN mentions Akane getting kidnapped during Junior High. Thats the reason she always takes a car to and from school. So the moment her car didnt pick her up in Highschool, she became a big target without protection. She was never raped. An attempt was probably made, but it never happened.


It does. But it's a chapter in vol 4 I think


It doesn’t. The flashback has been adapted across every version of the source material and rape is not implied enough outside of the anime (the stalker kidnapping experience itself isn’t even explicit). Not sure why you’re certain, you got some weird expectations


I think they were talking about the first part of the sentence, the one mentioning that the Ln mentioned that she was kidnapped during Junior High.


Nah, they mentioned specifically she never got raped. She is saved just in time. But the fact that she's being kidnapped has spark scandal. (if a person manages to do it. It is being feared if the others would get inspired and would do the same. So to avoid this. She took a hiatus from her career and wait for the news to died down.)


Why are you reacting to BS from a random Internet person? Like they always say the truth, they don’t exaggerate or just spread unfounded rumors for random reasons? Reading random comments like that is just asking for people to scam you lol. You just fell for a troll trolling you.


Totally a typical 4chan troll operation. Yesterday they were into "lolz, webcomic Cid tortured, mindbroke into submission Alpha, and cut off her fingers to make the first slime suits, but the author deleted the OG version from Narou cuz controversy, and is not online anywhere else just because, trust me bro".


People are weird. You decide if you want to join the weird stuff or not lol. I am happy with an insane MC, I don’t need to read the comments of insane readers as well. Let them fanfic inside their heads all they want.


There always a cringe guy saying that type of things in comments,but not it never happened she was just kidnapped before


You also fall into the “cringe guy saying that type of things in comments” with your “Cid also almost got raped because of being in boxers” comment. Don’t be stupid and hypocritical at least


I was talking about how the anime took some liberties to suggest something else like why he was in boxers? there was not reason for that. In the new chapter Alexia had a shocked face watching Cid in the bathroom but she didn't watch Cid's little friend en the LN she was shocked for what Cid did with the towel. I'm not being hypocritical, I'm just mentioning what the anime is doing


the anime just want to give us some raunchy idea it was never explicitly stated in the source material that she was raped


Yeah but it was hinted at similarly in the ln too so I wouldn’t really blame the anime


How about when Cid was being interrogated in the anime and he was almost raped..... That was original from the anime he wasn't treated that badly in LN. Anime is taking some liberties just to create drama


Where’d you see something about rape, also ln didn’t really go into the torture as it was happening. Just know it went on for 5 days and he had his nails pulled out


I mean he was in boxers for no reason


Easy access to everything else…not to be rude but that was a pretty big stretch


I think the anime was implying that from her flashbacks in the first episode. But the anime exaggerates a few things, so...


IIRC it was in the original Web Novel, but it was cut out along with Taepodong and a bunch of other things.


Iirc she was kidnapped by a fan-stalker and he most likely tried to do something. Pretty sure he wasn’t successful but she still has some mental scars left.


When anime was in production novel 4 didnt broadcast so first episode of anime is orginal and has some difference with novel