Can anyone prove this is true?

i speak arabic and سيد cid does indeed mean leader and/or master kinda a cool detail that i haven't noticed till now


i speak arabic and سيد cid does indeed mean leader and/or master kinda a cool detail that i haven't noticed till now


It does in Spanish too (for obvious reasons), and people can check if they look up El Cantar del mio Cid, which can link to the title itself.


Ya, it’s just that Cid is pronounced differently but would be the same spelling.


It just isn't pronounced the same as سيد is pronounced in leader / master as sayyid. But that's still an extremely cool detail


I don't speak Spanish or arabic, but knowing muslim used to rule over spain sharing language between arabic and spanish is make sense. Though yes kagenou in japanese can be interperted as "of shadow" or "shadow's."


I don't speak Spanish or Arabic either, but I do know the historical figure [Rodrigo Díaz de Vivar "El Cid"](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/El_Cid), which fits the statement.


bruh, his succesor/wife is Jimena. this ain't coincident


Wow, this is actually sick... I knew the reference mentioned in the picture for quite a while, but not notice this until now.


The 1961 movie, El Cid, is well worth a watch if you like epic action!


Kagenou = Kage no = Of shadow Checks out.


Cid is a masculine name with Spanish and Arabic roots to embrace baby’s fighting spirit. While it translates to “lord,” this name also connects baby to the iconic Castillian knight El Cid….. Source:https://www.thebump.com/b/cid-baby-name# the name meaning of Cid is “lord(God)”,explaining his position in this story,isekai cannot lose him.


I speak spanish and can't confirm about cid, not a word it's used nowadays. Google tells me it means "brave man"




Señor= Sir is the closes thing we have to Lord for spanish for latinamerica, no sure about spain spanish, but never heard Cid=lord, another similar meation is Conde, but is still used for Count, like Dokku


Yeah Cid "سيد' in Arabic mean master


Yes. I believe the name "Cid" became popular in Japan because of the Spanish medieval hero/myth [Rodrigo Díaz de Vivar](https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/El_Cid), who the Muslims knew as "El Cid" (the master/lord, in Arabic). For some reason, the Japanese love both that figure and that of Don Quijote (arguably, the original "chūnibyō" character). In fact, the famous discount store chain "Donki" is actually named after the later.


Cid in Arabic true meaning is master but we usually use it when addressing a close friend or family(preferably male)


IIRC, author said he's a fan of FF series so maybe Cid is just a reference to that. But it could be anything. Cid is a character that has appeared in almost all FF games.


I believe the word “Cid” comes directly from Arabic, not really Spanish. However, in Spanish we do have the word “Sid”, mostly used during medieval Spain era, but it’s obviously an adaptation from the original Arabic word. It does translates as “Sir”, “Knight” or “Lord”.


Then its acient spanish thats no longer used, that explains why u never heard the word in our language


Well, it's more like icing on a cake. Or, to quote another mastermind: > A surprise, to be sure, but a welcome one.


Depends on the Spanish I guess, in European Spanish maybe, Latin American Spanish it means nothing at all.


Indeed, there is nl specific word in latin spanish for Lord, closer thing being Sir


As a spanish speaker, there's no word like "Cid" or similar to, in our lexicon that can be interpreted as "Lord", but in arabic, there is. "Syid/سيد" which can mean Lord or Sir. Kagenou also can be seen as a word play for "from the Shadows" but to me, it also can be seen as wordplay for: "Kage-no-ou" which literally translates to "King of the Shadows" / "Shadow King".


Cid is pronounced "shidow" by japanese speakers, I just checked a couple scenes from the show and confirmed. His name is basically Shadow Shadows


I noticed a bunch of Final Fantasy references in the beginning of the show, and I thought that his name was Cid because Cid is a common name in Final Fantasy.


Both translations are true: wether it was the intention of the author or just a lucky coincidence it’s impossible to know unless the author themselves confirm or deny it, but the meanings are objectively true.


the actual word is pronounced "sa-yed/sa-yid" bit to make things easier we pronounce it sid/cid and yes it means master


Why was the first thing I thought of when I saw Lord of the Shadows, Lord of the Flies


What cup?


In Spanish? It does not. In Arabic I have no clue.


I speak Japanese and yes Kagenou sounds like "of the shadows" but it would be spelled "Kage no".


Claire kagenou can also be intepreted as Clear of Shadow. Which explain why Cid is afraid of exposing himself to her XD.


Yeah cid is also a latin root for cut, no sure what to do with that though


If Cid means "king" and Kagenou means "of shadows", How about his previous world's given name, " Minoru"?


Not japanese or anything but im pretty sure his name is pretty much "cid of the shadow" or something like that


Well, here's my own "analysis": 影: かげ: "Ka-Ge": Shadow の: "No": possessive particle. The "U" would serve to mostly elongate the o-sound on No Since "Cid" is a name foreign to Japanese, it would be written with Katakana rather than Hiragana: シド (Shi-Do) As people speak of others in the pattern of , someone else would say his name as "かげのうシド" (Ka-Ge-No-U Shi-Do) What else is funny though is that the way to say the foreign word "Shadow" in Japanese is "シャド" (Shi-a-Do). So Cid's name is LITERALLY, like, barely ONE syllable away from his secret identity. ***IT'S TOO GODDAMN RICH!!!*** It's like the way a pair of glasses are the only thing between Clark Kent and Superman! Also keep in mind that the title of the entire story is: "影の実力者になりたい" kage no jitsuryokusha ni naritai [Kage][no][jitsu-ryoku-sha][ni][na-ri-ta-i] kanji almost always have many different contextual meanings (and even pronunciations sometimes), but where they are used and how they are combined refines the "vibe" they are attempting to represent. 実 carries the vibe of essential truth, or to anglify it as much as i can, the Real Meat And Potatoes. 力 is straight up power and the ability and willingness to use that power. 者 is a kanji character for "person" but kind of with a professional bent, what one would use for not just some dude but a specialist, if one deigned. together, this combo of [real-power-expert] is what we see translated in the text as Eminence. [shadow][possessive particle][eminence] [kage] [no] [jitsu-ryoku-sha] The rest of the title, "になりたい", basically means "I want to be that" and it breaks down thusly: * に - ni - a particle that connotes movement to, at, toward. * なり - na-ri - the root of the verb for "Become". (Narimasu, where the -masu bit will be replaced with modifiers, for instance nari-nai attaches the negating modifier transforming it into "won't be") * たい - ta-i The whole title translating to "I want to be the eminence in shadow" Finally, bringing it all together, the word-for-word literal translation of the title with no regard for English grammar is: [影-kage-Shadow][の-no-][実-jitsu-essential][力-ryoku-force][者-specialist][に-toward this][なり-becoming][たい-i want] Cid having connections to other languages' words for 'leader', brave one, lord, etc, is just icing on a many-layered cake *absolutely packed* with tongue-in-cheek ulterior meaning.