Throw it back in. D:


Guy proceeds to twerk:


Now look back at it


Look back at it


Hands on your knees


Please stop


Private in question:


To hell


Has anyone noticed Wolf Eels images have skyrocketed?, I swear I see one of this mf every other day




This is a bot account making a garbage title for a constant repost . Reddit is getting more and more bot karma farmers


See it often and every time that dickhead's pout kills me! Think you look hard?




These guys are absolute sweethearts though!


Wolf Eel, right?


Absolutely! Like giant long sea puppies.


Aren’t they the ones who like when divers scratch them like dogs?


Even dogs will react violently if you try to suffocate them


If some alien yanked you into a chamber without oxygen and shoved their fingers into your sinuses and held you up by your throat while making kissy faces mocking your last gasps for life you'd probably not want to act friendly This photo always makes me sad because it's a friendly creature that shows intelligence, this is just cruelty, and yet everyone in the internet is enthralled with it because, "WOW LOOK AT THE UGLY FISH"


Hold on there. They said they caught it by accident. They guy in the picture has already wrestled it out of the pile of target fish, without getting bit by a panicking “””sea kitten”””, and now is either sloshing his way over to the railing or considering keeping it for dinner. Looks more like the former. Yes, it does look like he stopped for the photo, and considering the species and the situation I don’t blame him, but it’s clearly not just for yuks. Fishermen are very aware of how fast they need to move to get the fish back in the water. Eels are on the hardier end by far, so if he did opt to release it I’m sure it recovered just fine.


This gives me hope.


Do you know anything about the fishing industry? This isn't a hobby. They don't give a shit about putting it back in time. It's called "bycatch" and it's a known problem.


Putting it back doesn't negate the stress it has already been through, yeah?


I does not. That’s the really sucky part of getting accidentally caught up in the nets. Nothing the fish or fishermen could do to avoid it. Just do their best to toss back non target species.


I used to be a commercial fisherman and some of the stuff we pulled up was amazing, always threw it back though, unless its a shark then you cut em open and release otherwise theyll swim down your line eating your catch. But its stuff like this that makes me wish we had expllored more of the ocean, fuck space.


Explore the deep ocean or explore deep space... Either way, humans will eventually uncover some ungodly eldritch horror just waiting to be discovered and unleashed.


Hell yeah! The ocean is in our back yard. We should be building colonies in the deep sea before building colonies on Mars.


It looks like a wolf fish they live in very cold temperatures mostly so the warmth from an ungloved divers hand is like a massage to them. Non violent towards humans ugly as hell but cute as fuck


As someone who works in an aquarium, YES! They also will feed out of divers hands.


They are! We call them "Steinbiter", directly translates to stone-biter. Get them threatened though, and as the name suggest, a size like this will take your hand or face off in 1 chomp. They basically live on everything that other fish and sea creatures can't eat.


no you're thinking of a moray eel


No I am not. Wolf eels (misnomer) have been known to exhibit behavior towards divers that indicates they like to be pet and scratched. Maybe read some of the other replies before you decide I’m wrong.


Oh yeah he looks like a real cutie pie


Fish: you're so cute i just wanna EAT YOU UP ! :D


If some alien yanked you into a chamber without oxygen and shoved their fingers into your sinuses and held you up by your throat while making kissy faces mocking your last gasps for life you'd probably have a bad reaction too


OK. Second time in this thread I’ve seen this comment. Come ON. Let’s nip this bud too: that’s not a freaking kissy face. Clearly you’ve never had to struggle with a recalcitrant toddler or large animal. That’s a face of effort. It’s an OOOF face. Get a hold of your internal facing ego and LOOK before opening your digital pie hole.


Because the point it is making apparently needs to be made multiple times. WTF your point is, I don't know.


That’s he’s being a jerk about. There’s a million ways to make a point without being an ass.


I'm sorry how am I being an ass? I insulted nobody in this thread, yet here you are, calling me an ass and a jerk for no reason and replying to both my posts while saying you're the one that doesn't care lol


If so, how would it have been in prehistory? Giant and more terrifying I suppose


Pitbull owners be like


That’s funny, I’ve had two of them and never had any problems.


That's funny, I've had none but my neighbor's drug dealing son had one that he trained to fight and it attacked my dog out on a walk. For whatever reason human trash seems highly attracted to pitbulls. I'm not a fan of either.


Lmao. So your anecdotal experience is with someone who trained the dog to be a piece of shit, and you still blame the species. Wow. I will not engage with this troll bait , try harder next time


It is and I pointed that out. Pitbulls can be good dogs but I don't trust people that are attracted to them. Train your fucking dogs. Although you don't even have one anymore so what's your anecdote worth?


I mean, she’s living peacefully in a family house hold. They don’t seem concerned - maybe because they know this dog and it has never been in a dog fighting ring. Pit bulls have a bad name because they’re bred to fight and when / if they survive that life they get dropped into shelters with little to no context of what they have been through. So it pisses me off to no end when people throw up their hands and say “must be the dog” when it most certainly is not. These mouth breathing idiots on Reddit love sensationalized fear. So now “PiTbUlL bAd” Shit thanks for making the choice of my next dog even easier. Then I can weed out the narrow minded morons in my life that have an irrational fear over a species without having to lift a finger.


Fighting dogs are compromised and shouldn't be adopted out to any schmuck who puts up the $50 adoption fee. They usually have whatever form of PTSD dogs are capable of having and you really can't tell when they're going to snap. At that point it's ingrained in the dog, you can't change it, and yes that's precisely why pitbulls have a bad name. It pissed me off to no end when a pitbull attacked my dog unprovoked and tried to kill it. If you want to adopt a dog out of spite go ahead and see if anyone cares. You'll be just another shithead pitbull owner, shocking.


And do you think these very nice and kind people that abandon them there would tell them they were a fighting dog? It’s not the fucking dog, it’s the people. Hating an entire species of dog because of what humans indoctrinated into particular members of that species is way too close to racism for my liking. Any dog I ever had / will have has been or will be well trained and taught to respect all forms of life. :)


wow he really got you huh


How about empirical evidence? Here are dog attack statistics on breeds that were responsible for a dog bite-related fatality: 1. Pit bulls – 284 deaths 2. Rottweiler – 45 deaths 3. German Shepherd – 20 deaths 4. Mixed Breeds – 17 deaths 5. American Bulldog – 15 deaths 6. Mastiff – 14 deaths 7. Siberian Husky – 13 deaths


Not trying to argue your point particularly, just pointing out that your you are using your data incorrectly. “Pit bulls” account for several different bully breeds, not actually a breed themselves. Also, the entire group accounts for over 20% of the dog population and is growing, where as the second dog on your list, Rottweilers are 2%. That skews the data and weighs the outcome. For example, That mean that if we had 10x more Rottweilers, to equal the populations of bullies, that would be 4500 deaths compared to 284 for pit bulls.


If any of those other species were involved in underground dog fighting rings to the extent pit bulls are, those numbers would show that. They are selected not only for their ability to build muscle quickly, but where their body builds muscle as well (it is optimal for fighting.)You can’t convince me the entire species is bad because of what humans did to their reputation.


Almost like... It was... *bred* for specific traits...


You're going to run out space to move them goalposts.


No, you’re guilty of confirmation bias, and that’s okay. I forgive ignorance my friend.


>confirmation bias The fucking irony.


The vast majority of pitbull deaths are misreported. Any somewhat large dog of unknown breed gets called a pitbull. Due to media propaganda against them, people are more likely to act irrationaly around pit bulls, leading to harm.


Don't forget that many pit bull attacks are unprovoked, about half of the fatalities are against the owner or close family, and many involve children. Also there are many more injuries that don't result in fatalities. Here's a good Time article on it: https://time.com/2891180/kfc-and-the-pit-bull-attack-of-a-little-girl/ The evidence and statistics are there, but unfortunately it's damn near impossible to convince someone who's emotionally invested in the breed. I wouldn't mind the breed being neutered and spayed out of the population along with snub-nosed breeds, but sadly those are also well loved by many people and unlikely to be banned.


Start charging the owners with the crime the dogs commit. If they want a dangerous breed they need to train them properly.


what about just attacks overall? Oh, wait, that doesn't suit your agenda.


Pitbull's remain at the top of that list as well. lmao agenda. Do you think I'm a shill for, like, an anti-pitbull organization? This whole thread is fascinating.


Yup. Took one terrifying experience with a loose pitbull to realize they should not reproduce anymore. Not only are they unnatural breeds, but they were literally created to be violent hunters. They do not bite and let go as a warning like every other dog breed, they will maul, going for the neck when they can, until the victim is no longer moving. At this point, I’m convinced that people who think their pit would never access that part of their inherent genetics, are people who got one to be attention-seeking, qUiRky contrarians.


> Not only are they unnatural breeds Not sure what this means. Either you think all dogs should be mutts (which, tbh, I suppose, since mutts are adorable) or you think pitbulls are robots.


Despite what newspaper articles claim (( extreme number of misidentifications that happen)) the best majority of pitbulls I have met are sweet cuddle bugs.


As someone who owns a pitbull, they are absolute goofballs! My dogs name is squid and he's the best dog I've ever had.


Absolutely. My girl Chloe wouldn’t hurt a fly. She was the sweetest, most laid back dog I ever had the privilege of knowing. She still lives with the family I got her from (I had to give her up when I lost my apartment :/ ) but that family had several small children, a few birds, a cat or two if I remember correctly and she would have to be a very busy girl to live up to all of those stereotypes. ( ripping off faces ect )


My Evie is the same. She's the sweetest, most mellow dog I've ever known, loves my nephew, cuddles with my cat and my parents' greyhound. I can't imagine her ever even getting upset, let alone ripping a face off. (Sidenote, my cat's name is Chloe and she is OBSESSED with my pit bull. Hahaha)


Give her some treats for me :D


Anecdotal evidence is not sufficient when compared to the number of pitbull attacks each year. The truth is that the breed is genetically predisposed toward violence to a much higher degree than other breeds. There are many cases of family pitbulls with proper training killing or mauling its owners with no warning signs.


>> predisposed to violence Any source on this? While I agree anecdotal evidence is insufficient, I’d argue that we don’t truly know enough about dogs behavior for you to say that one way or the other. A lot of times, abused dogs with PTSD and/ or unknown histories slip through the cracks at these shelters. Some are volunteer run, and understaffed. That’s when trouble happens. These people dump the surviving dogs in unsuspecting shelters all over with no context or history, and they get adopted after rehabilitation. It’s impossible to know what they will do, or if the rehabilitation is successful long-term. But to say that they’re to blame for what we have indoctrinated into them, seems wrong to me.


https://dogbitelaw.com/vicious-dogs/pit-bulls-facts-and-figures/amp This site contains a number of studies and figures. Pitbulls are the leading breed in attacks on humans, pitbull bites are more severe than bites from other dogs and pitbull owners are more likely to be irresponsible. Probably the most dangerous aspect of Pitbulls is how they ignore pain and injury when they attack. They can usually keep going after being shot, stabbed, kicked or tased several times. The most effective way to stop them is to put them in a chokehold.


Listen, I can’t change your mind, but I’ve gone over this so many times now. If any other species has been bred and were at the forefront of massive underground dog fighting rings, the numbers would reflect that. But they haven’t. You cannot tell me that every single pitbull is out there lookin for the next face to rip off. I will never buy that shit not for a second. :)


You're making the same point as everyone else lol I'm not engaging after this but I want to point out that you're exhibiting troll behavior the most here. Yes, people are the issue, not pit bulls. Yes, they're violent because they're genetically bred to be, because people made them to be. Yes, they're used in dog fighting which makes the dog more violent, because people bred them to fight. Yes, they attract owners that refuse to train then properly because of their reputation as violent, powerful dogs. No, they're not the only dogs prone to violence. German Shepherds, Huskies, Dobermans, and Boxers are some of the dog breeds I've met personally that have been dangerous (due to the way they were raised mostly). I don't hate dogs, I love them and I've known many pit bulls that I've also fallen in love with, but the argument still stands that, for whatever reasons apply in the situation, pit bulls are the most dangerous and most prone to violent incidents. They require more care than the average family dog (ie none of the breeds I previously mentioned along with some others) and shouldn't be the first pick for people who don't have the space or have small children that they know can't fully respect that animals need more space than people do. Pit bulls are *a* problem, but they aren't *the* problem. Edit: sorry for the 1000 word reflection, but I said I wasn't gonna comment after this so may as well communicate everything I can at once


> > If any other species has been bred and at the forefront of massive underground dog fighting rings, the numbers would reflect that. I’m not sure I understand? Didn’t I just show you numbers that reflect that?


What I’m saying is, if German Shepard’s were at the forefront of a fighting ring, the survivors of that lifestyle would no doubt be troubled and some would wind up in shelters, and attacks would rise subsequently. But they *haven’t.* Nice try twisting my words around though, and I’m done with this thread, feel free to root through my replies if you have any more “observations” 😁


What? I was legitimately confused. Not trying to twist anyone’s words.


Have you actually read the data? ​ Pit Bulls aren't the main cause/primary aggressor of dog attacks. Its Chihuahuas and dashunds.


This is like comparing a squirt gun to a ar-15 lmao. Just look up hospitalizations by breed. I really think this is the weakest argument you can make tbh because the damage inflicted by an enraged pitbull vs an angry chihuahua are on completely different ends of the spectrum. I guess let me know which one you'd rather be mauled by and that should put that weak excuse to rest.


This is comparing battery to battery. ​ It doesn't matter if its a 90lb teenager or a 400lb professional boxer. If each punched someone, it'd still be battery. If each stabbed someone, it'd still be that they stabbed someone. One is likely to cause more damage than the other, but that doesn't mean the 90lb teenager should be allowed to get away with it.


Great anecdote. One left a 2 inch indentation in my friend's bicep. Now there's two great anecdotes.


I’m sorry that happened to your friend, but if we are sharing dog attacks I got cornered by a boxer a bit when I was a kid, and my step mom’s sister had her arm torn up by a German Shepard when she was a kid and it affected her for her whole life. Dogs are just as capable as learning kindness from their owners as they are capable of learning violence and hatred. A lot of the time, their owner doesn’t even know their bitterness and bad moods / energy are rubbing off on them 24/7.




It’s a joke, not a troll. Pretty funny too. Whether you like or don’t like pit bulls, it was a pretty good joke.


You pitbull hater nutters are a cult.


It’s easy for them to look at statistics and form a bias. It’s much harder for them to look past statistics and figure out why they are that way - that requires patience, non-biased view, compassion, and understanding. Somethings that these people have very little of.


“It’s easy for them to look at irrefutable statistics and factual information and form an opinion. Instead you’d just rather defend the next Pitbull that mauls a child and say “how could the owner do this?” You put your pants on that backwards, too?


Lmao I’m not mad and I’m not even going to engage because I’ve covered all of this in other comments. Have a nice day buddy 👍


It takes seconds to look up videos and evidence to support that pit bulls are a horrible dog breed and should at least have more care into who can buy and keep one, where’s your evidence that they are not the monsters that we breed them to be?


The real monsters are the ones breeding them as expendable vessels of profit, and dumping the survivors at unsuspecting shelters that are not equipped to rehabilitate them. I’m done repeating myself now.


So you agree then that pit bulls are a aggressive dog breed and normal people should not own them and you don’t have any evidence at all that supports that they are a normal breed of dog. If you want people to see it your way which you failed to do, then give something that shuts people up.


Nope. I’m talking about survivors of dog fighting rings. Not general breeding. Swing and a miss, strike 2.


>It’s easy for them to look at statistics and form a bias. Goddamn, this is a scary statement in *any* context. This is probably what the GOP says about abortions and gun violence and the right wing eats that shit up. Sorry to use political references as an example, but holy shit! Do you *really* lack the awareness to see what you are saying here?? You could be a writer for SNL with jokes like that.. This has to be satire. Seriously, at least form a better argument without attempting to discount the facts.


Statistically speaking, its "dashund and chihuahua owners be like" ​ They cause the majority of all dog attacks. Go deprogram yourself off Faux News, you sheeple.


I don't know, to me it seems to like eating faces.


Elvis The Alien is my favorite fisherman.


Wolf eel


Dont kiss the fishlight


🎶 Baby take my hand 🎶


We cam be like they are...


Is this the ugly bastard that can bite through a coke can with its head cut off?


It is




No, Zelda






Disappointed to see that wasn’t a real subreddit


Had a pair of pliers snapped in half by one of these things a few years ago.


That's a graboid bro. Haven't seen one since the 90s.




Ew. Mike Wazowski would tell you to “put that thing back where it came from”


Or so help me...


And cut


On land it's a funny picture, in the ocean and we have a problem


Nope, in the ocean those kinds of fish are like the puppies of the sea


New Dodo video with this pic as the thumbnail: *Sweet fish so excited to see his daddy*


Straight up alien!!!


Not a fish, it's an eel. It's called a Wolf Eel.


eels are fish too... but this is not even a true eel, it belongs to the perciforms, the most typically fish-like fish.


nice, got to learn some


Cada día un poco más


Well then I stand corrected, never knew they were considered fish


Not just fish-like fish, but some of the smallest and most prevalent fish we see in our aquariums, little blennies


Wolf eels aren’t eels


Depending on where you are, they’re actually called Wolf Fish.


Actually no, eels do not have any fins so even though yes the common name is “wolf eel” it is actually a fish.






*Hello my baby, hello my honey, hello my ragtime gal*


For real life.


"Who's a pretty sea monster" Kissy noises*


Wolf fish can be very friendly and welcoming. Known to develop true friendships with divers regularly.




just a wolf eel. they are oddly friendly towards humans and are monogamous.


Just wait Till there comes a alien out of him


They are ugly but very nice. This one is grumpy


its a wolf eel🤨 this tho seems to be a disturbing angle of them.


Jesus Mary Mother of God.


God was not involved…


^^apologies ^^to ^^Steely ^^Dan Well that arctic fishing trip did not turn out like you planned. The things you think are scary, I can't understand. Are you Eelin' in the years?


Wolf eel


I now pronounce you husband and wife. You may kiss the the bride.


graboid tongue


Is that Eminem challenging a eel


Wolf Eels will cuddle divers for their body warmth. I imagine we’d react similar if we were abducted into a spaceship and held in front of some alien’s face


Why does he look like Eminem


Better hope his palms aints sweaty


Wolf eel… ticket would bite your face clean off even *after* decapitation


Wet squelches




It’s a Wolf eel


He is so cute. Can we keep him ?


Chute it!!


Shout back at him.


Looks like a reel accident


Is this a wolf eel? I think it is but I can’t quite tell… I really love their fucked up lil faces. Eels are neat.


Pet the cutie pie. We must fight for that smile.


Eat it! Wolf eels are delicious


Alaskan Bull Worm


They are harmless.


Wolf Fish?


“Give me a kiss” xoxo


Pic from Deadliest catch? Wolf eel if I'm not mistaken-?


"Kiss me, fat boy!"


More like the eel caught them! "TAKE ME TO YOUR LEADER AND BOW BEFORE EEL"


Looks friendly


I’m pretty sure wolf eels are pretty nice when they can breath.


Omg I fucking love this title. Earth is so hardcore.


Yeah put it right to your face


[Jeremy Wade has entered the chat] [Fish has left the chat]


You caught an alien throw it back please


The fact that you had to tell me it was real twice makes me think it's fake lol


Hope it was released


Those arctic fishermen are ballsy mfrs who else would want to give that thing a kiss


As frightening as they look it’s a keystone specie.


That’s a wolf eel, yes?


It's not caught by accident. It's called by-catch, you can't avoid all by-catch. Saw some crazy looking fish on the boat I worked on. [Smooth Lump Sucker ](https://imgur.io/gallery/0RXDV) [Grenadier ](https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Albatrossia)


Stop that, evolution. Cut it out.


Cobra commander


I’m glad to see the observers aboard fishing vessels are still the same from my days wearing the vest.


That’s terrifying, I can’t even imagine what else is down there.


The fishy cute


What is that thing?


The focus on the fact that this focuses so much on how "real" this image is makes me want to be suspicious. My guess is three mantas in an eel suit.


Fisherman: "Oh, who's a good little fishy? You're a cute lil guy, ain't ya? Wanna give papa a kissy?" Fish: A̶̢̧̬̥̯̠͖̩̦̗͕̖̖̯̹̞̺̫͔̪̙̼̱͉̹̗̼͉̻̮̩͐̐́̏ͅͅĄ̷̢̡̢̡̢̡̤̦̤̺̰̳̖̪̗̪̦͚͈͈̭̫̮͈̘̣̜̗̣͇̹̱̠̤̭̲̮̗̦̜̩̑̀̒͑̅̂̔̉́̂̆͐̍̀͛̽̓̓̿͋͋̆̅͗͋͗̀́̇̌̏́̊͒̀̋̚̕͜ͅͅͅͅȦ̶̡͎͉̰͇̳̋̏͌̉̅̔͒͆͠A̶̢̢̧̛͓̞̤̤̯̗̭̠̬͙̞̟̲͚̝̳̝͍̅̌̄̍̒̅̅͆̑̓̃͐̈́̑͛͘̕͝A̷̢̛̦̬̩͙̺̮̮̼̫̣̖̪͍̣͚̤͉̻̝̫͉͎͍͈͓̗̻̗̥̤̭̬͉̓̀̈́́̆̒̈́̔̈́̒͛̅̎͂̔̃̉̏̋́̀͛̀̽́̃͂͒̚͠Ą̴̢̡̢̰͉̞̲̥̞̳̥̲͓̪̲̗͇̪̠̝̭͈͙̞̘̞̟̬͇͎̰̰͉̘͐͑̈́̐̒̾̓̇͐͌̆̋̉̍̀͆͋̈́̈̏̊̄̆͒͒̚Ą̷̡̧̙͔͓͓̹͙̣̠̥̯̳̻͍̦̞̻͙̭͍̲̟̩̳̘͕͎͓̗̮̬̲̞̥̔̏͑̐̽̍͘͜͜ͅA̴̧̡̧̛̱̗̯̠̩͕̪͙̗̳̺͈̘̣̬̩̺͈͍̯͚̗̜͓͔̱͚͎͒̊͑̾̏̿̿̈̈́̔̆͗̇̈́̊̃̈́͂̉͗̊̍̑́̀̆̌̽́͌̒͂͗͘̚͜͜͝͝͝͝Ǎ̴̡̡̧̢̨̛̻̤̦͖͎̺̹̣̮̝̱̜͕͎͍̝̻̱̼̼̼̞̣̭̯̻̹͈̝͕̂͊̆̍̑̄̅̾̋̀͜͝Ȧ̴̧̨̦̲̖̤͙̜̟̻̱̙͉̖̜̗͓͉͈̪̐͋̀̾̍̎̀̽̚̚͘͜͜͠͠͝͝Ą̷̨̧̨̧̧̜̤̘̳̠͔͎͈̖͈͙͉̯̝͙̯͓̟͍̪̖̹̠̥̤͇̮͓̮̖̼̝̙̙̺̙̳̣́̅̈́̏̇̽͌̎̋̉̇̔̅̈͑̑̆̅̈̄̍͐̎̿̀͂̌͜͝ͅÃ̷̧̢̨̡̛̛̙͎͕̣̥̣̜͙̠̞̩̖̤̻̦̗͕̳͖͙̥̩̱͍̔̑̈̐̀̂͂̈́̍͌͒́̀̒̎͌͑̈̃͛̎͊̇̏͒̊̇̅͒̾͌̑͑̉̽͋̋̓̕͠͝͝͝͠͠ͅĄ̵̡̣̻̼͈̤̟͙͓͕̥̱̩̖̳̒̎̇̀͗̒̏́̓̏̒̋̔̐͊̂̓͂͌̓͋͌́̔͐̉̎̐̄̆̾̅̈́̄͝ͅͅA̸̧̢̨̮̩͚̗̤͈̱̦͔̳̣͙͇͓͉̞͈̩̪̳̬̣̜͉̔̉̽͗̇̓̊͂̃̉͜ͅÀ̸̡̡̧̢̧̰̠̖̺̺̘̮̲̟͔͍̣͖̭̤̭͈͓͎̠̗̦̟̮̻̯͔̮̣̺̞̖̳͍̤̰̬͍̜̬̜́̀̌̈́͋̅̌͒͒́̓͛̀̆̔͗̄̓̊̚͘͜͝͝ͅĄ̸̗̲̱̲̼͎̜͔̩̤͖̜͈̖̠̆̅͜A̵̡̨͇̟̹̤͛̌̋̎̾́̎̇̅̎̃̽̄͐̈̈͘͝


Wolf eel


Bro that shit looks like something out of The Abyss


I'm certain that the Wolfeel's mate misses their partner. Please throw it back in the water.


Do you hear that, princess?


It anger


Is that a wolf eel?


Was it thrown back in unharmed?


Wolf eel


Damn bot u/repostsleuthbot


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