Dakota Bob is a democrat. There’s multiple posters and ads within the show that say exactly that. However, if you remember the first episode of the season when Dakota Bob talks to Edgar, you can see vought clearly has Bob in their pockets. So homelander was there basically because Bob is the candidate vought backs (remember when he says “thank you for donating to my super PAC” to Edgar). Like real life democrats (and republicans too) he’s clearly bought by and serves the interests of corporations


Also, if Bob becomes president, she obviously becomes Vice President. If Bob dies, she takes over as acting President. I have a feeling Bob is going to be feeling a pretty explosive headache at some point next season if he becomes President.


Yeah when I saw she was his running mate I was like damn she’s gonna be president


I would imagine she's likely to be running things behind the scenes. Because if Bob's head explodes. There's going to be a nation wide manhunt for every Supe ever, and it's going to be hard for her to hide that she's a Supe or her daughter is one.


I doubt it would be hard for her to hide she's a supe, she seems to have absolute control over her powers and the only people that managed to find out were Vought (duh) and Hughie who happened to have a perfect storm of events.


That being said, I doubt Bob would actually have his head popped, since that'd cast suspicion on her, just by proxy of being VP and being near head-poppings in the past. But yeah, if Dakota Bob becomes president, I doubt he's going to have the seat (or his life) for very long.


She could pop his head when he is live on TV. Sure she was there but all of the other head poppings (that the people know of) were also broadcasted. It could be a supe doing this through TV (telepathically). But it could also be Homelander killing him as another favour to her


So if she becomes president, then Hughie and starlight just die on account of knowing what she is?


Possibly, but more likely she finds a way to blackmail/threaten them and/or discredits their accusations if they go public.


Yeah that makes more sense. As VP/POTUS she’ll have more than enough influence and resource.


Maybe she has enough fine control of her powers to cause an aneurysm. Instead of a big head pop, do a bunch of little weak pops and make his brain Swiss cheese.


I hope it’s like a double whammy and Bob is a Supe too.


Not exactly related, but one of my favorite moments from the Congress head popping scene is when the Deep reaches up to touch his head as if to make sure it’s still there.


Chance Crawford adds so much hilarity with his Deep mannerisms, the way he is SO sincere about the dumbest things.


The Deeps actor doesn't get enough appreciation. To be that good looking, but so pathetic and repulsive takes some chops


Agree 100% the guy has real talent


He's so good at being a himbo


Well she can’t kill him because it would probably look too suspicious. If imagine he’s dies another way.


I mean, she blew up mulitple people in Congress while being in the same room during the hearing. She put on an act, and no one knew it was her. I definitely think it's within the realm of possibility.


True, but that was a one off. If she does it again, it's much easier to see a potential correlation and put two and two together. She might still kill him with her powers, but if so, I imagine it couldn't be in public again and they'd have to cover it up. I think it'd be smarter to get someone else to kill him while she's in a completely different location so that she has an alibi


the prior attacks were blamed on terrorists. THe president's death will be too. I dont know in what world where the "smarter" option would be to engage in a grand conspiracy with multiple other actors to assassinate the president and leave a bunch of hanging threads rather than... "Oh no the terrorist who attacked congress killed the president!" ​ Occam's Razor man.


Yeah I think you're right


She could do it at a big event where there are thousands of people.


There were a lot of people in that room though, it could’ve been anyone. If she’s does it again some sleuths might start putting the pieces together


Everyone thinks it was Stormfront. If she does it again it will absolutely blow her cover


Maybe a badger will eat his face


>Also, if Bob becomes president, she obviously becomes Vice President. If Bob dies, she takes over as acting President. Comic spoiler: >!This is exactly what happens to Victoria's comic book counterpart, Vic the Veep, who in the comics is a former Vought CEO-turned-politician.!<


Exactly. And it seems like they’re setting up Dakota Bob and Neuman to be a parody of Biden and Harris. Neuman’s character is a criticism of neoliberals, not genuine leftists.


Glad you notice that too. All the people who say the show, like brave Maeve’s inclusive kingdom, is a criticism of the left makes me cringe. There’s a MASSIVE difference between the left and democrats. Democrats just wanna keep the status quo the same but arranged slightly differently, while the left wants to transform society entirely. It’s frustrating having to explain it over and over again


Brave Maeve is a criticism of fake corporate wokeness. It's not an attack on good faith progressivism.


I don't know how anyone can see blm blt and think it's meant to comment on people who genuinely want to progress the way we treat African Americans in this country, especially, *especially* when it's a park ran by Vought.


Some people just suck at watching TV and understanding what they watch I guess. These are the same people who saw Blue Hawk lash out at a minority community center, seriously injure and/or kill people as a result, publicly blame it on Antifa, and go "You know what, he makes some good points". I'd say subtlety goes over their heads but the show is as subtle as a locomotive.


There’s a sharp difference between Brave Maeve’s Inclusive Kingdom and what A-train’s brother is actively trying to achieve in his community.


Yes, anyone who is in good faith saying they see no difference is pretty blind to the world imo


Neoliberals are the codependent rug-sweeping mom in an abusive household who “just wants everyone to get along like they used to.”


I love soldier boy as the response “we didn’t used to get along that well either, we just hide it better”


Yes, republicans are narrow in their ideology. They are conservatives leaning towards altright and overall very right leaning. Democrats collects right, centre and some left into a mix where the ideology seems left compared to republicans, but the real politics is still right and not left. Reagan and others really pushed the left away from politics and everyone in the US is scared of not only communism but socialism as well.


They said that Dems are a mix of centre-left, centre, and centre-right. They are correct. As a non-American it is abundantly clear that the Dems are actually centre-right, but the centre-left people have no choice but to support them too. You have no idea how far right American politics have shifted, and that is because of your echo chambers. Edit: it seems like I replied to the wrong comment, the original one I was replying to has been deleted. I don't know if this makes sense without the context of that comment.


As a European, I feel like Americans are more culturally progressive ( things like transgenderism are much less accepted in Europe). Economically though they're much more on the right yes.


Brit here. Dems = Tories


It still kind of is though. The show borrows from the simpsons and actually at times pokes fun at the left in some of the most subtle ways. Like that episode where Homer met a gay man and was offended. Now the writers were clearly making fun of people that hated gay men, but they also wrote alot of jokes making fun of gay people as well (not necessarily maliciously) but the jokes were 100% poking fun at gay men. They also escape any criticism for it because they use a clearly ignorant character (Homer) to say those things. Is see this show doing something similar at times. Like for instance the Deep's line on 'get your pronouns right'. As much as that line is showing how dumb the deep is, no one can tell me that it is not ALSO poking fun at the pronoun movement. Again not maliciously, but certainly it was a joke also at their expense. Basically my point is that the show directly and obviously makes fun of the right, but also pokes a few jabs at some leftist ideas in a more subtle way.


That's not leftism that's liberalism. Its meaningless virtue signaling without actually caring about someone's identity.


Yeah, the joke isn’t just “pronouns lol” it’s that the Deep is a pathetic sexual abuser who is attempting to rehabilitate his image with meaningless virtue signaling, and pretending to care about pronoun usage is just another part of that.


Wait so what’s the difference between leftist, democrat, liberal, and neoliberal


Liberalism is a right wing ideology that supports free markets, capitalism, and ostensibly supports representative democracy (in practice this is only true when it’s convenient to capital owners). Both republicans and democrats would be considered liberals, even though conservatives like to use it as a slur against democrats (because most conservatives are politically illiterate). Because it ultimately doesn’t care about anything but profit, liberalism is excellent at co-opting social and economic movements by paying lip service to them in order to sell products. Disney is a great example of this in real life. Neoliberalism is an economic ideology that supports “free” markets and privatizing public goods and services for corporate profit at the expense of those public goods and services. Again, this describes both democrats and republicans. Leftists are generally opposed to the current form of capitalism because it promotes a dictatorship in the workplace, consolidates all the wealth and power into the hands of a small number of people, and leaves regular people without economic freedom or the ability to self-direct their productive efforts. Most leftists reject capitalism altogether, but some prefer to reform the current system to take the sharp edges off of capitalism with Social Democracy (see the Nordic Model). With some exceptions, leftists also tend to be socially progressive. Democrats are a coalition party that includes basically everyone who isn’t a far right conservative (since republicans refuse to represent anyone else). In practice this means that they are center right, with some gesturing towards socially progressive policies to keep their coalition intact. That’s why the commenter above you is making the distinction between liberalism and leftism. Leftists typically ACTUALLY care about social issues because they represent unjust hierarchies that need to be removed, while liberals only engage with them on a surface level to score social points.


This 🙌. You absolutely hit the nail on the head. Thank you for expanding upon what I said. I wasn’t sure how else to explain it but you did very well


The terms shift a lot. The term liberal used to be used in a manner akin to how libertarian is now, but in the modern day usage, is often simply used as a slur against left-leaning folks. Very few people on the right would self-describe as a liberal. Democrat is rather easier to identify, in that it's a party affiliation...but not all Democrats like each other or even identify with one another. The progressives hate the establishment, and the establishment largely feels the same way about them. This sort of mirrors a similar conflict on the right. Establishment folks are mostly neolibs/neocons, but these ideologies are not as popular among the younger/middle aged folks. There's a search for change...but Democrats and Republicans have adopted very different ways to seek that change. So, it's something like a 4-5 way fight with the occasional vicious infighting among various factions, even though a lot of the population doesn't feel very represented by any one faction.


>leftist ideas The miscommunication here is between america and the rest of the world. What passes for "left" for y'all (this includes kripke) is "centre right" at best for the rest of us.


I have been saying that this entire time. American conservatism is bonkers


I don't understand why people think to themselves "the way one country describes left is wrong because it's not the way MY country describes left" Can we not just agree that each country has a slightly different interpretation of right vs left instead of telling other countries they are not truly x because they don't conform to the standards of y country?


Leftism isn't just what you think it is at any given time, it's an ideology dedicated to social support and anti-capitalist policy, at it's most extreme it is either communist or anarchist. The Democrats are not left, I don't care if they pay lip service to leftist ideas, they are pro capitalist and thus they cannot be left leaning, because anti-capitalism is a pillar of leftism. There is not one leftist alive that is pro capitalism because these ideologies are irreconcilable. The left is not represented in American politics, and when it even slightly is (with Bernie Sanders for example) the Democrat party fights against it. This is not a matter of interpretation, this is a matter of definition. >Left-wing politics describes the range of political ideologies that support and seek to achieve social equality and egalitarianism, often in opposition to social hierarchy. Left-wing politics typically involve a concern for those in society whom its adherents perceive as disadvantaged relative to others as well as a belief that there are unjustified inequalities that need to be reduced or abolished. According to emeritus professor of economics Barry Clark, left-wing supporters "claim that human development flourishes when individuals engage in cooperative, mutually respectful relations that can thrive only when excessive differences in status, power, and wealth are eliminated." Democrats (and Republicans) receive massive amounts of money from lobbying to keep corporations at the top, they both prop up Capitalism which leftists will tell you **is a system of exploitation and unjust hierarchy**.


>This is not a matter of interpretation, this is a matter of definition. Exactly. The problem comes when americans swear up and down that "this show makes fun of the left too!" and everyone else rightfully says "that's not the fucking left, you idiots!".


>Leftism isn't just what you think it is at any given time Eh. It originated with the seating of politicians in the French Revolution era. It has most definitely drifted since then, as all terms do. The left in different countries are not exactly the same. Some things that are controversial as hell in one country aren't even something to care about in another.


>Can we not just agree that each country has a slightly different interpretation of right vs left No. It's not that america doesn't interpet "left" the same as us, that isn't the issue whatsoever. It's that the *most left* position in america is still right-wing, yet americans cannot see outside their own nation and insist that these drone-striking rainbow fascists are "leftists". Just because you're left of kissinger doesn't make you stalin.


She’s also a bit of a bait and switch. We are given her character, an AOC-like politician, and we are meant to believe she’s doing right, because we believe the irl person she’s modeled after is doing right. Then they reveal she’s actually a supe and the twist is more effective because we were making assumptions based on our real life experiences


But I’m not sure Bob is actually going to make it office. I can see HL forcing his was into the presidency.


Honestly, Neuman turning out to be just another selfish neoliberal makes her an even better AOC stand in


Exactly. Put it this way. If Joe Biden offered AOC the Vice Presidency, do you think she’s turning that down? Lol.


Think of the pro war Democrats who will give away billions in weapons and then tell you that we can't afford Healthcare. That should help.


Vought and paid for


we no longer live in a democracy. politicians don’t represent the interests of the people. the show is hitting this nail on the head


On the nose


Like most aspects of the Boys, it's a completely unsubtle "both sides bad" commentary


And democrats do like war. Drone strikes in Middle East went to an all time high under Obama. The war effort was higher then ever. When it goes to war and spending money on war there is literally no difference in being dem or republican


Should be noted here that Obama's drone strikes numbers were far surpassed by Trump (only to decline again under Biden), so there is a quite notable difference between Dems & the GOP. It's not that Democrats are good or moral in terms of war, it's just that Republicans are almost comically evil.


Yeah but still HL is a clear Trump stand-in and appeals to a far-right base so it wouldn’t make sense for him to endorse any democrat, even a corporate centrist democrat heavily under Vought’s influence. I would assume he would endorse whoever the right-wing candidate is. S4 seems to be gearing up to explore more of the Neuman/Singer campaign plot line and HL embracing his far-right following so I wonder how those 2 will interact. How can HL credibly appeal to his far-right base while campaigning for a democratic candidate who’s VP has been openly anti-HL for years even though she sort of became pro-HL since turning on Edgar in S3. I dunno, it’s definitely become a bit convoluted.


I feel like Homelander sees himself way above any squabbling or politics. He has never, nor will ever care. Vought said to be there, so he was, to rant about Starlight. He said five words about Dakota, flipping his wrist and walking off stage. HL doesn't see a base, or counter-base, he sees meatbags. If someone tried explaining it, he'd stop them. In his naked scene on the couch, this is spelled out pretty well. Besides being, IMO, Ashley's best scene, it is obvious he cares about the numbers themselves, not what they represent or the implications there of. It's driven home when he dispels Starlight's continued blackmail. "Popularity *is* power and Stan Edgar will not die on that hill". So major threads in the show: Corporations own politicians and they really shape society. Satire of corporate propaganda Satire of identity politics Gore Kinky stuff Oi F word *in that order*


Yeah true, HL certainly is not one to worry about political intricacies.


You're assuming HL gives a damn about politics at all. He doesn't seem to care about what wing of politics he appeals to, only that he is appealing. Similarly, I imagine HL would initially endorse any candidate he was told to (by Edgar), left *or* right. Now, well, he'll endorse anyone he can control, which in this case is Dakota Bob and Neuman. Though I guess we'll have to see what happens next season.


Fair point. I guess his most loyal supporters are just loyal to him like a cult of personality and don’t really care who he endorses.


One could say the same about trump. He doesn’t share a single ideology with his conservative base (I would guess he’s funded a few abortions too) his only interest is what they can give him. Be it money, power, or celebrity.


Trump was a registered Democrat for many years.


You forget that Trump, prior to running for president, he was a Clinton supporter. So it's not that far off ppl switching parties.


Trump supported whoever could make him more money.


Yeah fair point. Guess that’s sort of what they’re parodying here.


From a satire perspective, HL endorsing a democrat isn't far off from what happens in real life any time JP Morgan endorses a democrat.


Excellent analysis and catch, Jackson the dude!


Clearly the whole Presidential election storyline is broken. Homelander endorsing a Democrat is as likely as Stormfront endorsing a black candidate. Even if Dakota Bob in Vought’s pocket, it would destroy Homelander’s brand completely if he endorsed a Democrat candidate, and would probably hurt Dakota Bob with his base. That being said, it does mean that Vought News is more MSNBC and less Fox. Which means Starlight is the QAnon of that universe, being ridiculed and dismissed by the in-universe Democrat news channel. But Starlight is right, which means the in-universe QAnon analog is actually telling the truth.


Yeah someone said that in another thread, if the the Todd/MM dynamic was in real life people would actually take the side of Todd because MM would be the "conspiracy theorist" Edit: to clarify I'm not saying that MM is like an anti-vaxxer or a flat earther or any of that shit


I feel like Todd was a representation of how easily these gullible people in real life fall for this Qanon bullshit. I think he'd be seen as the conspiracy theorist.


But the thing is the majority loves Supes, even after the compound V scandal in season 2 they still bought into Vought's bullshit Todd may have turned into a fanatic by the end of the season but for the most part he's following the mainstream opinion while MM is the one who's trying to say that it's all lies and that the media is lying to the people


> while MM is the one who's trying to say that it's all lies and that the media is lying to the people Todd literally says this to MM while trying to defend HL after taking his daughter to a rally.


That's why I said he turned into a fanatic, but MM's views were always in the minority and would be considered crazy by most people Edit: again I'm not saying that Todd wouldn't be the equivalent to QAnon, what I'm trying to say is that in the Boys universe those people are actually the majority


You're right, except for it being broken. The general public in the show have no idea what HL is really like. To them, he's a hero who always does the right thing. If Vought is endorsing Dakota Bob, it stands to reason the face of the company will do public appearances for that candidate. We see the Trump parallel, but the people in that Universe have no reference point.


Like someone else said, Homelander doesn't care about politics except insofar as it makes him popular. He has a cult of personality that goes beyond politics. Like, Todd doesn't like Homelander because of anything relating to taxes, international relations/diplomacy, gas prices or rights or any of that. Whether or not someone supports a politician is (was) generally informed by an actual stance on issues. Homelander doesn't care about his specific fans, but he likes how they make him feel - loved/truly powerful. It doesn't matter to him which side of the aisle they're on or WHY they like and support him.


Homelander isn’t right or left. He’s a product. His views sway right as do his supporters but he doesn’t care about political loyalty - he only cares about power. > Homelander endorsing a Democrat is as likely as Stormfront endorsing a black candidate. Kanye West endorsed Trump. Need I say more? > That being said, it does mean that Vought News is more MSNBC and less Fox. Nah. Bob is the Secretary of Defense and they want to sell supes and Temp V to the military. Bob is the useful idiot.


> they want to sell supes and Temp V to the military. Bob is the useful idiot. Also Bob: "Supes in the army are an unmitigated shitshow. What Black Noir did to that Hard Rock Cafe in Lagos? Should be brought up on war crimes" Useful? Maybe. Idiot? Don't think so.


Yeah I don’t think they thought it through thoroughly. That HL scene was clearly a setup for the cow scene, but that speech would’ve made sense if it was at the Republican candidates rally, which in that universe is Ted Cruz. It’d be pretty funny if they got an actor to play him. It’s a scene that’s best not to overthink in the grand scheme of things


>Ted Cruz. It’d be pretty funny if they got an actor to play him. I don't know what would be funnier, getting an actor to play Ted Cruz so they could throw a very "low hanging fruit" Cory Chase reference in, or getting actual Ted Cruz to play himself, doing it anyway and him not getting it/noticing.


Different timeline means different ideals maybe; HL is rabidly pro-Murica but I don’t recall him ever discriminating openly against socially left Americans so maybe Dems in this universe aren’t so anti-Murica and his attitude doesn’t dissuade them politically. Maybe everyone is against the illegal alien super terrorists in this universe, or the other right wing stuff he’s said but love the jingoism? Hard to explain different universes.


HL doesnt care about America, he has probably killed more Americans than 9/11


She is opportunistic.


Pretty much.


Like most politicians. One of my HS friends got the opportunity to get a job as the errand boy for governors. It didn’t matter what the affliction was. He’s spend a few months under a republican candidate, than once that one is done he spent a few months under a democratic one and it switches back and forth. He says that’s how a lot of politicians get their start in the political world


Yeah bro She's a politician.


r/theboys trying to understand obvious political commentary challenge [VERY DIFFICULT]


Exactly what I was going to say. AOC and any other politician would do the same if it meant moving up the Washington ladder.


I think "Dakota Bob" is supposed to be a centrist of some kind, since Gunpowder seems to be convinced (or wants to convince others) that his getting elected would mean their guns being taken away. That, or he's just inconsistently written.


Gunpowder is probably saying that because Bob is a democrat


Which is ironic because “Dakota bob” was the head of … I want to say Lockheed Martin?


Was just on the board of directors


Even though Edgar literally calls him a cowboy. He’s like half Biden half Reagan somehow.


LBJ was a cowboy


Somehow forgot about LBJ lol, I amend to half Biden half LBJ


Sounds like Manchin, runs as a Dem, but center/right policies


Don't expect political consistency with satire


We don't even have political consistency irl


I actually thought he was supposed to be a conservative masquerading as a democrat to seem politically correct, similar to how Vought pretends to have the citizens best interests at heart but is an evil corporation. Dakota Bob says the right things under the right flag, but is just another capitalist, power hungry, sell-out who couldn't give a fuck about the general population if he tried. Newman similarly has orchestrated her woman of the people reputation, but doesn't actually live the values. She has her own agenda and she'll pretend to be whoever she needs to be to make it happen


Is she shown as Latin American? I think her descent is Middle Eastern


I thought she was Indian.


The classic “ethnically ambiguous.” Like Oscar Isaac or Zendaya or Jason Momoa


Jason Momoa is pretty obviously Hawaiian, not ambiguous at all, really.


His mom is from Iowa lol His dad is Hawaiian though and he identifies with that side more. He also presents like that with his facial hair, hairstyle, and tattoos. [here he is when he was a model without the hair.](https://www.usmagazine.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/12/jason-momoa-short-hair.jpg?quality=40&strip=all)




Not really ambiguous at all lmao. She looks middle Eastern and has an Arabic name. If it's ambiguous to you, you're not paying enough attention.


Judging by the replies to OP, it seems pretty ambiguous to a lot of people. Obviously Nadia, etc etc but yeah


Zendaya is quite clearly biracial.




Yeah, what they mean is “female politician who’s any kind of not white = must be AOC”. Ugh.


I did mess up her ethnicity which is my bad, but she is very much originally an AOC stand in during season two.


Yep. The whole cast acknowledges this. It's on YouTube.


Actually the show runner says the AOC connection was accidental. He basically said he muddled up the character by alllowinf people tovget that impression, so if the metaphor seems mixed and unclean; it's cause there's no actual metaphor there at all


Kripke says a lot of stupid things. Anyone rember “hughie bad Kimiko good”?


Laz (the actor of MM) literally said “AOC” in Prime Rewind of season 2


All along those deep fakes were about Castro


Dakota Bob is a corporate Democrat and he would want Neuman by his side to consolidate support from the broad spectrum of the center left and left. Of course it's all rigged Homelander made it happen by having the Deep kill the original VP nominee. Homelander helps our Dakota Bob because of his Vought connections(vought does a lot of PC stuff) Homelander after dating Stormfront probably needed to clean up his image, but he is realizing he doesn't have to. Maybe next season he spontaneously decides to run for president against Dakota Bob and Neuman. The show is clearly explicitly against the reactionary right/fascism type stuff but also has a lot of criticisms of how corporations have kind of co-opted the left. It's a blunt criticism of the entire political apparatus and American society in general.


I think Neuman wanted original VP killed in exchange for Ryan location. That was their deal next to the poor cow


Dakota Bob is a Democrat in the show. It's not too clear what his ideology is from what little we've seen of him. I'd day he is like a Jim Webb Democrat based on his military stuff.


Anyone that thinks HL sees two political parties out there is diluted. Homelander sees meatbags, bags of meat everywhere. Full stop




That's a bit of a reductive point of view though. HL sees meatbags, sure, but there's a certain group within the meatbags that sees no problem with him turning meatbags into seared meatpiles.


I feel like politicians don’t even believe in what they do half the time but are just doing their job and trying to move up the ladder either way


Half the time is being generous. Two leashes to jank the same dog.


I'm pretty sure everything you saw before this season was just an act from her set up by Edgar to make it look like the government was taking care of the supes that were now publicly being exposed as causing trouble. No not to turn this into a political disk discussion but not all democrats are liberals. There's a distinct difference. Dakota Bob Seems to me like a typical politician. Homelander is very popular. He's using that to help his career. If I'm not mistaken in the beginning of this series he seemed at least willing to work with the Vought and open to the idea of putting soups in the military once it became advantageous to him. He's a hypocrite. I see him as more of a parody of Hillary Clinton than Joe Biden. Hillary Clinton was supported by liberals yet she voted for the Iraq and Afghanistan wars and and a Secretary of State oversaw the judicial use of drones all over the Middle East. There's also a bit of Trump in there too. Somehow supported by Midwestern midwives with Christian values and right wing neo nazis. I know that a lot of people look at homelander and see trump and there is a lot of trump in him but there is a lot of other politicians too. Basically represents Ronald Reagan's ideology of nationalism with autonomy. Meaning you support the motherland but also demand freedom of government control. That's what homelander wants. He wants to be loved he wants to be part of the United States and representatives but he also wants to be left alone to do it his way. There's also a bit of Bill Clinton in him. No matter how bad homelander screws up publicly it seems to slide off his back. Slick Willy. It is also a bit of Obama there too. Probably one of the most popular Presidents worldwide who represented "hope and change" but also killed more people with drones than his predecessor. Anyways just how I see it. Great topic. I hope it doesn't get blown up by political ideology which is hard to ignore if you're actually truly and honestly discussing the show.


She is Latin American? I thought perhaps she was Middle Eastern.


She is middle eastern. OP is wrong


Actually it makes so much sense. Politicians don't have moral standards. They will flip on any issue if it advances their career and gives them more money. Almost all the Politicians are hypocrites and opportunists. Lets run with your example of Neuman as AOC: remember the time when AOC held press conference outside immigrant detention centre and cried about "kids in cages". There are kids in cages even under Biden admin. how many times she has cried about those kids after Biden took over.


AOC opposes funding Israel all the time, so you'd expect she'd vote "No" when the matter comes to the Congress. "Surprisingly" she abstains but then she cries about it so nobody calls her out on that


My point was more about how Dakota Bob would be sinking his own campaign. It would be like if Ron destantis made AOC his running mate. They bring Homelander out to their rallies to gain support as Dakota Bob’s voting block love him, but then they bring the most anti supe politician on as their running mate. Seems like a great way to loose an election.


>Seems like a great way to loose an election. Victoria wasn't his first choice. Bob had to pick her up in an emergency because it looks like the campaign is ongoing and elections must be only few months away. And she might have coerced Bob also. Vic is like daughter to Stan ans Stan owns Bob, she might have learned some secrets about Bob to force his hand. Plus even if you ignore all this. This is still realistic. During primary elections Kamala called Biden racist and rapist. Biden picked her for "woman+minority" bloc. And when Colbert asked her how can she campaign with and for a man she called rapist and racist kamala replied that it was just a campaign. And Biden+Kamala still ended up winning the elections.


You’re exactly right. Idk why everyone in the comments is ignoring this. The world the writers have constructed just doesn’t line up with what the characters are doing now. Homelander and Neuman’s party just can’t be in the same coalition. It’s ludicrous.


Stan Edgar: “I taught her to play all sides”


Okay but did he teach her to be stupid? Supporting HL & Vought would mean 1) Loosing all her current support and 2) Having to beg for support from the people who already HATE her. It’s like AOC trying to get MAGA Republicans on her side because she alienated every progressive in the country. It seriously just doesn’t add up.


Neuman running alongside Singer totally makes sense. The part that doesn't make sense is Homelander being Singer's opening speaker. Singer is basically Biden, a moderate liberal democrat who gains wide appeal for his normalcy. I don't know why the show is pushing him and Homie (a.k.a. Trump) together.


I think HL can be better thought as an IRL military general. The military is probably mostly, right wing, but 'supporting the troops' is not seen solely as being a right-wing characteristic (even if it is in this case).


Homelander is not yet supposed to be seen that way in-universe. His unhinged speech was only a week or two earlier, this stuff was probably already planned and scheduled. Bob clearly had no idea Homelander was gonna say any of the shit he did.


The show is basically giving us an example of a political affiliation/event that Todds argue about on Reddit while pointing at others calling them Todd. S3E4 Edgar to Homelander after Victoria betrays Edgar "If there was one thing I taught her, it was to play all sides" S3E7 One of last scenes in season.. Victoria "As the next vice president, I will work hard to provide a safe future for people on both sides of the political divide." Her handing homelander the hidden location of his kid and then the running mate of Singer dies is not Democrats vs Republicans, left/right, race anything. She is a villain. She is still connected to a source of info that could easily still be Edgar. She cares nothing for political views or a side. Its about power.


Some episode showed Ted Cruz in the background as nominee for 2024


Not all brown people are the same The actresses that plays Neuman is Lebanese not latina


They also have a Jewish actress as a nazi so


Wait wtf hahahah that's so good


It happens fairly frequently. In *Casablanca* almost all of the actors who portrayed the Nazis were German refugees, Jewish people, or both. Conrad Veidt, who fled the Nazis with his Jewish wife and played Strasser, had it in his contract that if he played a Nazi they must always be the villain and always lose.


She would s also Australian 🙂


Just calling out that while your AOC comparison is accurate, she's Lebanese, not Latin American.


It doesn't make sense, but it's a reference to the actual situation where democrats and Republicans behave similarly despite we still believe the opposition


Politicians always has ulterior motives. Real life examples Kyrsten Sinema ran as a super progressive to have the voting record of a conservative.


Kyrsten Sinema has done to the Democratic Party what pantyhose did to finger fucking


It's mentioned that Dakota Bob is a moderate democrat and often when moderates run for president then their running mates will be more extremist (such as when John McCain ran and he picked more radical Sarah Palin)


I think she’s a good example of Democrats. She pretends to care about the regular people but she’s really controlled by the big corporations.


All they need now is for Neuman to wear a 40k dress while giving a speech about the evil 1%


I mean, when do postal workers ever make any sense?


God I ugly laughed at this lol


Or, maybe, politicians on the show (and in real life) will choose their platforms and values according to their best interest instead of the bettering of the population


According to Kripke, she's not actually AOC. [It's just an unfortunate mistake on their part.](https://deadline.com/2022/07/the-boys-spoilers-season-3-donald-trump-alexandria-ocasio-cortez-eric-kripke-interiew-black-noir-1235060686/#bsht=CgRmYnNtEgQIAxAA) "I think if I could have done that character over again, I probably wouldn’t have designed her to look so much like AOC because I love AOC. I’m actually a fan."


I can’t be the only one who finds this hilarious, right? He’s clearly full of shit.


Yeah this season I learned that you should just avoid any sort of interview with Kripke. He doesn't seem like a bad guy or anything but he gives off a vibe where he seems full of shit and that he thinks he's smarter than he actually is.


He just seems spineless to me


That is bullshit! She was deliberately portrayed as AOC, Homelander even made a remark about the „walk like an Egyptian“ dance. They obviously wanted the association and after a backlash Kripke tries to hide that.


The actress herself said that she copied AOC mannerisms


Quick! We can't have the lefties come after us


Why? If the show is supposed to be gritty and real, then take the mask off of all sides.


That tells you all you need to know about the politics in the boys


She was the good cop to bad cop ( edgar ) by playing both sides, no need for that anymore


Thats the point. The point is to show that she gives 0 effs about ideology and or causes. She wants to get into power at all costs.


She’s not Latin American.


I took it that Dakota bob is too close with supes so having someone like Neumen as the Vice President shows that you’re still willing to be hard on supes because that’s what she’s known for.


It would have made sense to present her more as a Kamala Harris stand-in than an AOC figure. As a Vought plant, she would want to enter the inner circle of the Democratic party; AOC isn't welcome there.


Vought is actually not republican. Vought represents corporations that control democrats and republicans. Ultimately political affiliation means nothing


Neuman may have started as an AOC archetype, but it's clear to me now that she much more resembles Tulsi Gabbard. She talks the progressive talk but is slowly weeding in rhetoric that corporations like Vought want Americans on the left and right to buy into. Tulsi Gabbard did a very similar rhetoric change after she lost he primaries in 2020.


I’ve been reading a lot of comments and how much disappointment people have. I think I’m in the opposite camp. This seasons really highlighted how bananas things are in the US right now. It should be noted that this isn’t simply a Trump=Evil storyline. On the surface, it appears that way. But watch HL from the beginning to now. Imagine being someone you believe to be blessed with powers, regardless of if he was grown in a lab or not. He can do feats that no one can, and yet he doesn’t feel loved. He doesn’t care about this of that. He wants to genuinely belong to a family, he wanted a mother, and he wanted a father. Instead, he saw everyone important in his life “betray” him. Stillwell, Black Noir, Maeve, Soldier Boy, etc. This is pretty well illustrated in the first mirror scene with hun and his subconscious. We see that HL really is a man child, because as far as we know, he never truly had a childhood experience, and is basically stuck in that development phase, at least from a maturity standpoint. It’s no secret that Trump harbors a lot if not all of the same insecurities that HL has, which is why they’re so apparent. The final scene shows that HL finally got something he was looking for—praise, cheers, and love from the crowd. It feels good, and Ryan sees this and feels a level of pride and satisfaction from that too. The man who got lasered by HL at the speech is a very obvious call back to when Trump said “he could shoot anyone in the middle of 5th Avenue.” Comment. It’s meant to show you how we’ve gotten so desensitized to what happens in modern politics. Neuman on the opposite end of this spectrum, represents many of the negative traits that many different politicians have, including some from AOC. She’s a firebrand who’s outspoken and has a momentum on her side, but she’s always behind the scenes wheelin and dealin’ with her supposed enemies. She is up there with the worst of them—claiming to be a genuine champion of the people but working with the enemy she vowed to hold accountable. And then there’s Soldier Boy, who has some seriously unaddressed PTSD issues. (He is a literal walking bomb.) and yet his PTSD is casually ignored by EVERYONE. Hughie’s concern for this fact does not last all that long as crazy things happen in such a short amount of time. You could liken this theme to a number of different things. I thought it was a great metaphor for how war veterans are forgotten about and lost to time, even though there is a romanticism about their service. SB is more like a Vietnam vet trying to make sense of this world, not liking it at all and being a walking nuke on top of it all. You can make an argument that SB is what will happen to the US if both sides fight at this leave of intensity for so long. If anything, I like how this takes a balanced approach to the madness that is modern day America. The blond white guy and the evil corporation are not just the evil villains. It’s all of it. Stand Edgar is a person of color and is as evil and complicit as Stormfront. Neuman being involved in acts of treason, it’s all crazy. TL:DR; This is a Supes are politicians type metaphor. The only allegiances they have are to themselves.


She's not Latin American in the show but your point is true, the explanation is that they backtracked on the AOC allegory so as not to piss off Democrats/Leftists


>noooo they can’t portray the political party i shill for in a negative light! AOC is the quirky good character queen! You guys are lacking so much self awareness, I’m surprised that you still realize you’re human. Edit: typo


Imagine thinking that Dems aren’t actually owned by corporations regardless of ideals and political views. The show makes a great depiction of USA politics (and the whole world actually, I’m not from the USA) because it implies everyone is crooked.


It seemed like she was specifically in her position as a way to keep HL in check. Stan Edgar was pulling the strings as he had leverage over her.. then she made the moves that brought her to the current situation, which involves her making more personal choices. I'm more confused how Stan lost control of things, but perhaps that's not as it seems either.


Edgar taught his daughter to seek out political power not superpowers so the Supes could upscale their political benefits.


Neuman is doing what she needs to come to power. And clearly these politicians much like their real life counterparts are all in on the joke they play on the populace.


Vic isn't Latina tho, she's clearly implied to be Indian/South Asian in origin. Claudia Doumitt is just white tho from what I can gather 🤷🏽‍♂️


The show isn’t an exact mirror of reality. It satires a lot, no doubt, but you’re not going to see exact parallels. It’s a show meant to be entertaining and shocking. In this particular show, every good person has a dark side to them (the shock). Neuman is a fictional character playing both sides so she can stay on top.


I’ve been kind of thinking the same. I don’t think AOC is especially guilty of anything just yet, save being really outspoken in a way that rattles republicans. But I think it’s more of a cautionary tale for liberals rather than an inditement on AOC herself. AOC is the latest and most relevant example of an idealistic, fiery politician deified by young leftists, but it’s important to understand that politicians are ultimately fallible, with their own motivations and desires, and to treat them as heroes is to set yourself up for disappointment no matter how noble they may seem.


Latin America is a big place with people from different races from all the world, white, natives, black, middle eastern and even Asians, I have never be able to understand why people in USA see Latin American as a one race, and even if she has Lebanese ancestor, there are plenty of Lebanese descent people in the region.


Neuman looks like AOC but she is more Kristen Sinema. Talks a good game to get elected but quickly shows to be a corpo shill.


She’s basically acting like politicians IRL


Dakota Bob is Joe Manchin. There.


Cause politicians are all corrupt. No matter the country no matter the party.


Welcome to neoliberalism lol


A lot of people have pointed out that Dakota Bob is a democrat which is true. I don't think that's the whole story though. Dakota Bob and his would-be running mate who The Deep drowns (can't remember his name,) are painted as more moderate, centrist, establishment democrats. They talk about their PACs, they're wealthy, and they're old (or middle-aged) white men. Neumann tells Starlight in S3E7 that half of congress passed around deep fakes of her, and I think there's a decent chance Dakota Bob and his coalition were involved in this. All of this paints a picture of Neuman and Bob as opponents within their party, similar to how AOC and her allies will call out the perceived mistakes and evils of the democratic establishment. So what does it tell us when AOC joins the Dakota Bob ticket. Reading the show as a critique of capitalism, I believe this aspect of the show is a critique of electoralism. The message the writers are sending is that the most progressive elected officials are fulfilling the political niche of progressivism as a means to an end. Their class interests actually align with the ultra-wealthy, which we already know to be the case for Neuman. She is a supe with close personal ties to Edgar and Vought. Getting on the Dakota Bob ticket is Neuman's end (or close to it,) and so she can afford to betray her progressive image to a great extent.


One thing that really doesn't make sense is the fact that a congresswoman is heading an agency. Article I, Section 6, Clause 2 prohibits members of congress from holding other office. Now, she could've resigned to receive an appointment, but then the correct title to refer to her would be secretary or director depending on the agency.


Your mistake is just assuming that nothing toxic ever comes from the left. This just sound like home team bias.


When people assume brown skin = Latin