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What the actual fuck


Right? This is absolutely and unequivocally revolting. I’ve convinced myself that OP must be lying in an attempt to spare my own sanity. Anyways, upvoted.


As far as I remember, the method op mentioned is the one used by cows and bulls you re-chew grass and break down cellulose. How he is able to do this on a frequent basis without acidifying his mouth is beyond my understanding


Ruminants have specific stomach cavities that allow for that type of digestion - unless OP is a medical miracle, he's just disgusting.


Assuming this is a true story, OP is also damaging their teeth and gums with bile. Humans aren't made to do shit like this on a regular basis.


If other comments are correct, and it *is* rumination syndrome, there wouldn't be anything there to regurgitate except ice cream and saliva. Remember that video of the human fountain dude chugging a giant bottle of water, then spitting it back up? Same thing here.


No, patients with rumination syndrome in the psych where I rotated had acid erosion of their teeth. They regurgitate their food very quickly after any particular swallow, but that doesn’t mean previous successful swallows haven’t already stimulated H+ production. If they just never produced H+ they would be dead.




I don't know how to tell you this, but you aren't a ruminant. Just because you can regurgitate and re-eat your food doesn't make you one. It just makes you gross :p


It’s called rumination syndrome


Eww thats a real thing. Learn something new every day


Yeah. If I'm not mistaken, ruminants have 4 stomachs, right? And op clearly shouldn't have that


Why do you even know you can do it?


My nephew can so it with any food and never brings up any acid. Can bring up whole pieces of stuff and has a trick where he swallows sweets and brings them back up like 10 mins later all whole


If it's dairy specific may be some neutralizing effect going on


If you want me to go into the exact science of why dairy animals do this, it's because in the ancient times, when dairy animals were not domesticated by humans, they lived in the wild with vicious predators. Unlike other prey/herbivores like deer, cows and bulls were not as fast as to outrun their predators. Hence, they would go to the jungle, quickly eat some leaves without taking any nutrition (this was quick so that predators don't get to them), then leave the jungle. Finally, when they were in a secure place, they would re-chew the food slowly and this time, take in all the nutrition.


Sorry I meant if a human being for some bizarre reason decided to regurgitate only ice cream, would that neutralize the stomach acid?


I do it to re-eat food again and I dont have anything wrong with my mouth


Reddit will literally believe anything. Thousands of dorks were flaming a guy in a AITA thread when he claimed he read a story his girlfriend wrote and wouldnt let him see, and he claimed to badger her on the inconsistencies with her descriptions of a train, because he was really into trains. Obvious shitpost isn't obvious on this fucking site.


You know, I come to this sub wanting to believe. It's not that I don't even consider that a post like this might be fake. It's that I know people are weird enough that this seems remotely possible. And as offputting as it may be, it expands my brain to contain information that, while not obviously useful, may come in handy some day.


It's an entire disorder called Rumination Syndrome. I think it's a feeding disorder rather than an eating disorder. My therapist actually didn't believe me until I casually spit froyo back into the cup while staring her dead in the eyes.


Apparently it's "Rumination syndrome" and it's a real thing... It's odd. But ya learn something new every day.


Uh I, i mean uhh... Do you imagine yourself in a situation like, I dont knooooow, a rotting bathroom with a voice over the intercom demanding you eat the same bowl of ice cream 3 times in 2 minutes without it melting or else you'll be killed?


I wasn't expecting that exact scenario, or any single scenario in particular, but that's a good example. You never know.


Haha. Word.


Nah this is real. Several people in this thread admit to doing the same thing. You're real aggressive about a perceived internet lie. Its weird.


I do this with all of my food, for as long as I can remember. It just doesn't stay down and I often find myself chewing my food up to a couple of hours after I've eaten it. It can actually be kind of pleasant getting the flavours again, but some things are just terrible (like peas, I don't know why but they turn super bitter). I can't really control it, but I can encourage it if that makes sense.


just fucking keep it in your mouth longer???


But the feeling of it going down my throat is the best part


Wow, you somehow managed to make this entire thing even worse with that. I'm kind of impressed, I think?


And you know the worst part? Other than this, im normal. I made myself a kale salad today, that im gonna chew and swallow like a normal person. I have a cat and a clean apartment. I go out to restaurants with my friends. And if i order a shake, i can sin while looking them dead in the eye. And they'd never know.


They all know, they're just too terrified of your energy to say anything


> Other than this, im normal. No one is going to believe you after this post.


Heres a little secret Apprehensive_pop_606 is not, in fact, my main account.


Yes we figured that out. You're like one of those serial killers everyone is like "they seemed so normal, I can't believe they could do such a thing" 🤣


Normal people don't eat Kale salads


Im in no way a health guru but kale salads are fucking awesome. The taste is *fine* but they genuinely make me feel more energetic and healthy.


I'm not taking advice from you on what foods taste fine or not


I’m sure they’re great, just most people don’t eat them


May not be most common but I’d hardly call it odd. It’s just picking what lettuce you get at the food store


Regular people eat kale salads, only weirdos hate on salad.


Oh god they could be any one of us


He could be you..


Bro, you belong in an asylum.


as someone who's been in the psych ward, this motherfreaking OP *definitely* belongs in there with me


Dude I’m so sorry usually I’m not one to yuck someone else’s yum or leave negative comments when I could have just scrolled by instead but I have been nauseous all day and I almost puked in an Uber just now. I can’t even read the full post or your comment replies, part of the reason I’m commenting at all is so I can come back later when I’m not feeling sick. From what I have read I genuinely do not know if I believe you


Oh god im so sorry lol


OP I'm sorry but you win the title of the 100,000,000th dentist


Nah, he's the 8,000,000,000th dentist, i refuse to believe anyone else does this


Lol did you know this was your fetish or are you just realizing it now?


Nah i love a big cock down my esophagus but that feels good in a different way


But do you unswallow the cock after you swallow it?




Well you seem very firm on that, I respect it. Those poor guys though, not getting their big cocks back after you're done with them.




Someone put this man on a list


Jesus fucking Christ. Reading the title I thought you just swirled it around in your mouth a bit and then spat it out and then ate it again and I was already disgusted at that, but this…this is just what the flying fuck.


more detail you didnt ask for; >!its mostly the texture of the ice cream that i enjoy. this does suck most of the flavor out, but the texture's still good for a couple more rounds!<


This is the maddest thing I’ve ever heard, but hey you do you.


You just convinced me to upvote


that's genious I love coco ice cream and hate how quickly it vanishes, at the end of the day we eat what we eat cause of the flavour (mostly, dont get me wrong)


Wow you aren’t the tenth dentist. You’re the dentist who says they shouldn’t brush their teeth at all. Happily upvoted.


Doesn’t stomach bile ruin your teeth? This dude is definitely a sketch dentist haha


Stomach acid* I don't think your teeth particularly care about bile


You are correct. Bile helps breaking down fats and oils, its the acid thats bad for the teeth.


Well, it's for dissolving fats and oils, but yea, I guess that is part of breaking them down in a way


If what OP is saying is true, that he never tastes stomach Acid doing this, then he may actually have some form of Rumination syndrome. It's an eating disorder In which food is regurgitated into the mouth (typically unwillingly, though somebody with this can easily make themselves do it) with little to no stomach acid in it. It's just the chewed up food that has yet to digest at all. Such sydrome is fairly uncommon and is typically found in people who suffer from other issues such as Acid reflux /GERD. It wouldn't cause teeth issues to anywhere near the same extreme as Bulimia might, though it's definitely not helpful. for OP, ice cream coming back up would likely still be cold, almost soft serve in texture. Yes it's kinda gross, and it can be a pain to deal with. Most people with this disorder just re-swallow and you never know., Or if they are really overly full they might spit it out in the nearest trash can or toilet. But they aren't Bulimic. Source: I've lived most of my life with rumination syndrome. When I overeat It tends to be really bad, but what comes back up isn't vomit, it's just the same food I just swallowed, no different taste or texture or anything. I can definitely make myself do it, but I try not to for obvious reasons (and PPIs help a lot to control it).


This is... very interesting. Disturbing but interesting. Thank you for teaching me something new today and making me a bit less confused about how OP might've managed this feat.


Ever since I was diagnosed with Crohn's Disease a few years ago, my stomach will do this with certain foods, like ice cream or pizza. I don't do it intentionally like OP here, but food comes back up into my mouth multiple times for an hour or two after I eat it. Maybe I should get check for a rumination syndrome.


This isn't even don't brush your teeth territory. This is like, guy named Dentist Dan under the overpass with a set of pliers offering to remove the government trackers from your molars.


Just for anyone reading this that wants to try(which I don't recommend, every bulimic I've known got started by saying "I only do this when ____ so it's okay!") do **not** brush your teeth immediately after vomiting. You're only rubbing the stomach acid into your teeth and it's god awful for them. Rinse with some mouthwash, or even just water and baking soda and wait for an hour before brushing, then you should be good to go


this is the 10th dentist, not the 100,000th dentist


The one that says "fuck toothpaste! Don't brush. Gargle with coca cola! Floss with Twizzlers!"


He's the dentist who goes on fringe news networks to talk about how Big Dental is in bed with toothpaste companies and everyone would be healthier if they "did as our ancestors did - they didn't have to take special care of THEIR mouths, and they made it just fine!"


And silence your cellphones before the movie.


there are millions of dentists around the world, do you really think there are dozens or hundreds of people who do this on Earth


No way lol


Is there anything logistically wrong with how i've presented this habit? All im doing is moving ice cream from my mouth, to the bottom of my throat, back to my mouth. Whats so hard to believe about this?


I think they may be accusing you of karma-farming. Which... Actually, this sub may be a great opportunity for that, because to a certain degree, the *less* believable your story, the more upvotes it gets. But, uh... Don't tell anyone that, lol.


People farm here all the time, but OP said that this is an alt elsewhere in this comment section. The account is also fresh, so I'm inclined to think that they didn't want this vile post on their actual account, hence not having a gain in farming karma here.


That’s how it *should* work, as to whether it does… eh


I can do a similar thing with other foods (admittedly I don't have a particular habit for doing it regularly) - I think it's just the phrasing of "regurgitating" makes it sound like you're selectively vomiting somehow, which is infinitely more gross.


Absolutely vile


Congratulations. This is fine 10th dentist material. You deserve every upvote, just as you deserve to cherish every hot mouthful of regurgitated cream/acid slurry.


Thanks lol. I do stop once it stops being cold and/or i get any acid mixed in, but i understand that doesnt make this habit any less disgusting




Good idea, i'll also send that


this is horrible and honestly should be banable, 7th billion dentist level


Please God let me uneat the fruit from the tree of knowledge, I no longer wish to know things


*Uneat*?? 😍☺ (Jk)


I knew this would summon you, demon


I like u


What the fuck I thought I was the only one


I think its hilarious that there are just as many people calling this fake as there are people saying they do it too


They're just scared of the truth.


I thought I was the only one as well. I usually don't let it get all the way down first though. Works good with juice as well, if you swallow it and push it back out of your throat quickly


Same! I eat my ice cream fast enough so that when I regurgitate the previously consumed spoonful it’s still cold, but not too fast where I’ll get brain freeze.




*chuckles nervously* what ^the ^^fuck


Hahaha I felt shame even typing that out, but feels good to see I’m not the only one.


I hate the internet.


Me too!! I do this mostly with chips though Edit - I thought everybody did this...


[holy shit, it's you](https://youtu.be/Esy1Ky8EaCw)


This is the shit I come here for


I'm happy this is still a quality sub 🥲


(let me explain) *NO.*


I have the same condition, it’s fairly harmless outside of the ick factor. It’s called rumination syndrome


Wow. I learned today that what I do is considered very odd and is a syndrome. I had no idea, I haven’t talked to anyone about it and just assumed it’s something everybody does. For me it isn’t ice cream, it usually happens with meats.


Its worth mentioning it to your doctor next time you have a check up. Definitely not serious, if you have it really bad they basically just recommend you eat slower and have smaller portions, maybe take PPIs/antacids to help with other symptoms. But it's still something worth having on your medical records. Especially as it can worsen over time.


I was wondering if anyone else would mention this. I had this from early childhood until my 20s. Unfortunately it evolved into bulimia in my teens, and my ability to regurgitate made it super easy to purge. It was a nervous habit caused by a shitty household and school life. I'd regurgitate, chew, and re-swallow food over and over like a fucking cow while sitting in class and no one was the wiser. I've been recovered for about a decade now. I can still do it if I wanted, but I don't. I also have cavities in just about every single tooth, and just got my first crown. I expect more. Rumination syndrome/bulimia will destroy your teeth, OP. I bet it's not good for your esophagus either.


I like it with milkshakes or slushies.


Absolutely deranged behavior. Upvoted.


[Ok what](https://imgur.com/gallery/7ARRjhM)


[Leaked photo of them and their child](https://i.pinimg.com/originals/bf/ba/ff/bfbaffbf800b4c82cb6698bb15ac84a6.jpg)


Das pretty funny ngl


I thought this was r/EDanonymous


same 😭😭😭😭


go to therapy.


This comes up sometimes in psych presentations and it’s generally seen as a kind of gross but ultimately harmless thing. It is distinct from anorexic purging or bulimia


Im so happy i made this post. So many people are saying they do it and now i can put a name to it. "Rumination syndrome". Ibcredible


Yep! That’s it. It’s a behavior that is automatically reinforcing so it’s actually fairly difficult to change; I only recommend pursuing change to these types of behavior if the behavior is somehow damaging. That said I don’t know gi stuff. Rumination may have consequences there, probably a good idea to tell your doctor


Be careful. My rumination syndrome evolved into bulimia in my teens because it makes it ridiculously easy to purge. I lost over 10 years of my life. Don't go down my road. I'm lucky to be alive. Also what you're doing really fucks up your teeth. I'm in my 30s and every tooth has a filling and I just got my first crown.


Dudeeeeee we’re not alone! It’s the best other malts you can regurgitate it 4-5 times! It’s like you are getting so much nag for your buck!


What a terrible day to know how to fucking read




I can do this too (not as if I enjoy it, I do it unconsciously and can control it) but I eat ice cream rarely enough, 2-3 times every year so it isn't as if I want seconds right away lol. I can say this, it isn't as disgusting as it sounds, it isn't as good as OP says it is but it definitely isn't bad, downvoted.


I guess you could say I *sorta* do this but I'm 90% sure the ice cream isn't actually going all the way down the esophagus by the time it's brought back. Of course, I would usually only bother doing this after the last bite because it helps to get it melted. So take my questionable downvote I guess.


Finally....I have found my people! I could never explain this to anyone else (because it's weird as FUCK) but this is exactly how I eat ice cream. I don't know how I started it or why, I just know it's my jam


I started with McDonald’s milkshakes, then it just evolved into ice cream


Bro what the fuck….


I will upvote this and hide this post because honestly I dont need this in my life.


I do this with gum or candy that i cant resist swallowing, gets rid of the urge and doesn't let me swallow the gum. to clarify though you should mention that you're not completely swallowing and making yourself throw up. What you're doing is letting it slide down and then pressuring it back out.


Some posts here I feel must be fake, there's no way anybody does/thinks that, this is karma farming. And then some posts are *so* fucking bizarre that they have to be real because nobody just farming for karma would think of it. Posts that are somehow too implausible to make up. This is one of the latter


This is really bad for your teeth, so I can't really say I think this is a good lifestyle choice, but as someone who *did* actually have an eating disorder, I can confirm regurgitated ice cream does still taste good (although I wouldn't go so far as to regurgitate it just to taste it again) so take my downvote.


Thank you. I've been sick with covid for days now and I've wanted to throw up for so long now, but haven't been able to. At least until after reading this.


What the fuck …upvoted


Downvoted because same.




Yeah lol. When you bring it back up your throat it's still quite cold and also a bit warm and the way it feels in your throat is just beautiful. And the essence of ice cream in your tongue twice is... It's amazing. 12/10 would recommend.


So you eat it swallow it throw it up into your mouth and then eat it again swallow it then Throw it back into you mouth eat it again and swallow it? I'm able to throw up in my mouth if it's not a huge amount and hold it until I get to a sink/toilet somewhere i can spit it out for like 5-7 minutes without feeling sick but even if it tastes fine i wouldn't swallow it back down if it's in my mouth. If it came back from my food tube maybe. If i can manage to send it back down before it reaches to my mouth sure but deliberately doing it to eat it again? That's too much even for me. And believe me I'm open to a lot of gross shit.


This reminds me of that episode of Jimmy Neutron where his dad keeps eating the ice cream and reversing himself to eat it again. I'm hysterically laughing and extremely repulsed. Upvoted.


This is for weird unpopular opinions, not fetishes


Op, I'm with you and ice cream is the best this way. I'm actually surprised how many people reacted negativity to this, because I assumed many people did this, that or they do and just don't admit it. I prefer softer more liquidly foods for this like gravy, yogurt, potatoes, buttered chicken sauce, and of course ice cream. Some foods you just gotta do a double take and savor. I also have no issues with tummy acid either.


finally A friend I slide it like half way down my throat and push it back up to then slide it back down again


I will not upvote this. Seek professional help.


I can stop any time i want!


That's what I said when i started smoking and here we are after 8 years I'm still smoking.


Thats the joke


I think you're a liar lmao


Same. Just a well thought out troll post.


no, i unironically have this happen, not intentionally but it does happen somewhat often when i eat ice cream, and he’s right, it’s gross but it still just tastes like ice cream


Same this happens when I eat ice cream too lol. I don’t do it on purpose but it does taste just like ice cream lmao


Growing up, I did the same thing with Pringles (chewed very finely)! Sorry, but I can't upvote you.




I'm scared and afraid. Upvoted.


Dude what


It's only ice cream i do this with. The texture is not ruined after being eaten, and I've gotten skilled enough that I can re-eat the same mouthful 2 or 3 times before it's totally melted. I'm also able to only bring up the ice cream, and not any previous food or stomach acid (that i can taste). You know the magic trick where someone swallows a fish and spits it back out alive? I think i'm doing that. I love doing this. I get to eat more ice cream, and I don't need to worry about extra calories. I don't think this counts as bulimia, since I don't spit anything out. Humbly, I ask you downvote if I've convinced you, and upvote if you still think I'm gross. tldr; https://youtu.be/taD2YOx47fQ


There is no reality were I downvote this comment lmao


Lol I like to do this with cookies; it gets all slimy and mushed up and somehow more fulfilling, so even though I don't doing with ice cream, I get where you're coming from. Downvoted


Holy fuck I was thinking about this sub just 15 minutes ago during a test and was like “hmm I wonder if the quality of r/The10thDentist ‘s posts have gone down?” They haven’t. I am in pain.


Just reading that made me want to regurgitate something. Not ice cream.


Goofy ahh


If you don't provide any video proof of you doing this (with reddit handle clearly visible) then I am downvoting the automod for a fake opinion


I could’ve gone my whole life without reading that. Wtf is wrong with you? Please go see a therapist


How can I unread this


This is incredibly disgusting. Upvote well earned. Please do this on a date and then offer some to your date. Some fusion of felching and feeding a baby bird.


What the fuck. I'm inclined to think it's bullshit but it's so weirdly specific that it has to be true. That's disgusting, take your upvote and be gone.


I do the exact same thing, been doing it since I was a kid


Does it have stomach acid or bile on it or is it just normal


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The 1000th dentist


Oh my god, there's someone else who can do this too?! I do this on occasion but only with cheaper ice creams, typically generic ones likely because they use gums as filler. I tried explaining it to my fiance but she just didn't understand


Finally! I found someone who can do this thing too!!! I do it with all kinds of foods. Started as a joke when I was young and did it so often that I do it without thinking now as an adult.


I do this too but with everything. It’s called rumination syndrome and it grosses my friends out.


It’s so god damn weird and random that I know OP ain’t lying either.. my god we truly are a wicked species


I agree. Downvoted.


I do this too. I don't do it on purpose but it just happens naturally and then I swallow again. This only happens with certain foods too. I downvoted


I do this with a lot of foods. Burgers and pasta are the best. According to Google it’s indicative of mental deficits, but I feel normal ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


You're the only person I've ever heard of besides my brother who doesn't revolt at the idea when I tell them this. I don't full on puke a mouthful back up and chew it, but I do it a little bit and I like how it's still cold and tastes the same. We're fucking weird but you're not alone.


This has to be bait. No one on earth is this terrible and disgusting. I just don't believe it.


Sort by controversial, there are several people who do the same.


No you don't


Easily my favorite "Youre lying" comment lol


HELL YES SOUL BROTHER! I DO IT TOO AND GET JUDGED SO MUCH BUT IT IS LITERALLY THE BEST EXPERIENCE WITH ICE CREAM. yea my favourite one to do this with is chocolate chip ice cream, so I have solid chocolate to chew on at the end as well haha


I do this too


What da fuckk. Dat sum fucking vile shieeeettt bruv... What the fokk. The woman was to stunmed to speak. Upvoted so fucking hard


Gross, but still down voted because I won't reward your behavior


If you really feel that way you should downvote the mod bot comment, not the post.


Then get out of this sub if you don’t want to follow the rules. Nobody needs a second r/unpopularopinion


I think you mean a second r/RightWingOpinionsThatAreActuallyExtremelyPopular but yes I agree


Take my upvote you mangy animal


…. Take my upvote while i take the next few days to think about this


I read the title and thought 'please don't explain'. But, then I read the explanation because I'm an idiot. I'd upvote this twice, if I could.


I do the same thing with McDonald's strawberry milkshakes. Not even really consciously on purpose, but I never push down a second taste.


But why not skip the swallowing, and just eat it longer or something? Kudos by the way, this is a one in a 7bil kinda person thing