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Am I the people?


We the people


[*to you.....the people.*](https://purple.ai/wp-content/uploads/2020/02/we-give-it-to-you-the-people-1024x576.jpg)


Who you callin “you people”?!


…don’t do this to me.


We are the people


I am Charlie Edit : J'me demande pourquoi je ne l'ai pas écrit en français 🤷🏼‍♂️


*We the sheeple


We together strong.


Apes. Together. Strong.


Are we human or are we dancers?


The Killers reference?


I would never expect The killers song here.


Are we the baddies?


Society 😩😩😩😩😠


Even jurassic Park had the decency to make it an adult goat.


Even Jurassic Park had the decency to make it a lawyer.


And to serve him up on a porcelain platter!


"3 out of 10. Good service. But food tasted like shit."


I think butt food will always taste like shit


I don't want "canned food"


Maybe it's a vegetarian.


Into auto erotica…


I was gonna say. Adult goat would have more meat too


Probably a male from a goat milk farm. Basically worthless to the farmer so they sell. What is done with the baby male is most likely this but there could be other outcomes for the males like becoming a stud at a different farm.




50/50 for paradise or death... sometimes the potential is so great you gotta let it all ride.


God we are awful creatures lol


Now imagine all the male chicks in a commercial chicken farm.


Baby goat would die much quicker though. People agree to something and assume they can tolerate a little blood and some mild screaming. It's a whole different game letting them withstand 20 seconds of it compared to 20 minutes or possibly even 2 hours.


Small mercy that big cats tend to go for the neck to kill it before eating it.


Tigers are just large cats. It's a coin flip on if they eat or play first when they receive a happy meal.


„˙lɐǝɯ ʎddɐɥ ɐ ǝʌıǝɔǝɹ ʎǝɥʇ uǝɥʍ ʇsɹıɟ ʎɐld ɹo ʇɐǝ ʎǝɥʇ ɟı uo dılɟ uıoɔ ɐ s,ʇI ˙sʇɐɔ ǝƃɹɐl ʇsnɾ ǝɹɐ sɹǝƃı⊥„


I imagine it's for a similar reason that snake owners may switch to frozen rats - risk of the rat fighting back and causing an infection is high. I imagine an adult goat puts up more of a fight.


Adult goats take longer to grow




It’s done for entertainment which is fucked up. Anyone who claims it’s “nature” is an effing dolt. There’s nothing natural about throwing an infant animal into a cage of predators with no chance or survival, for entertainment.


What’s the matter? Ever have lamb chops kid?


The babies taste better.


That was just one guys opinion on a post-apocalyptic train, needs more testing.


Sweet succulent baby goats


Maybe they fear how sensitive people may react.


Mate feeding this baby goat to a bunch of tigers like this with no chance to escape is completely psychotic. Nothing “sensitive” about it


Right? Why let the poor thing go through such fear and agony when they could just kill it quickly first? What depraved people, Jesus.


Sensitive is on the other side of normal. Normal people aren't sensitive for being disgusted or disinterested.


> Sensitive is on the other side of normal. ???


China. I went here and they had walkways over the tops of the tiger enclosures. Along the path, you could pay 10 RMB for them to release a live chicken into the enclosure


How much was it for a human?


An Uighur is probably for free


Can't waste good human organs on tigers


This made me sad.


It should, that's your humanity.


Ew, your humanity is showing


epidermis or something witty


Lol prime reddit response


while stocks last


What, did they run out of Tibetan monks?


The Tibetan Monks are usually served cooked.


Nah, only the remains of an Uighur A live one would cost the total of all his remaining harvestable organs combined


Less than that, actually. The surgery itself has a cost


You must pay china for right to die before full productive capabilities have been achieved.




I can just hear whatever the yakkity sax of banjos is playing in my head imagining a chicken hauling ass around a tiger enclosure while dodging some top predators.


For an extra 5 RMB you can choose a jukebox song along with the show.


It’s lowered in on a rope and they just rip it off the rope as it try’s to flap around…it’s fucked


That’s like US$1.50. :(


Soo I could release a flock of chickens to overpower the tigers?


1,000 chickens vs 5 tigers - Totally Accurate Battle Simulator


Cost you a couple hundred bucks, max.


In that case, heres 5000. I want to see the tigers eaten by the chickens.


That just sounds like the tigers winning with extra steps.


My god you smart bastard


LoL, chickens aren't smart enough to work cooperatively and selflessly to overpower a Tiger. But it would be fun to watch 1000vs1 :) "may the odds be forever in your favor" or some shit like that


who would win, 10 tigers or 1000 chickens


How much? A buck-fifty? ...how many chickens you got?


Chickens are cheap


I know, I went on a date with once.


Go home, Gonzo, you're drunk.


That and you're paying them to feed the tigers which they have to do anyway


Man, what a deal :v


More like 50 USD for a chicken now lol. Might as well buy a Costco rotisserie chicken and attach it in a drone


I just got one of those yesterday, still $4.99 you just can't beat that


That’s gonna be my recession dinner lol


That's so fucked up...


What a bargain, here's 50


Мe and my mom payed for this long ago in my childhood. We thought it would be fun. We immediately regretted about it watchin poor chicken dying


Not sure exactly what you thought would happen to that chicken lol


My family's and my experience with an authentic bullfight sounds similar...


I just can't imagine at any point in my life thinking that that would be fun.


I can't either


What the fuck is wrong with people


They don't pretend to care about animals. Edit: comment above me initially said "What the fuck is wrong with the Chinese".




Chinese people are used to seeing their food alive to know its fresh. You buy your meat live and take it home to butcher yourself. Boiling animals alive at the dinner table isn't weird.


Message brought to you by Big Tiger


Dog and cock fights are a thing. I guess you could point to factory farms but we arent exactly paying to get front row seats so not the same.


As if it's different than the millions of animals that are killed every single day in factory farms everywhere else


T-Rex did it better


The tigers are doing THE BEST THEY CAN!!!


Well the t- Rex is eating them whole. The tigers need to pump those numbers up! Those are rookie numbers


Pfft. How about a live baby goat eating a pack of tigers?


Now that's something I would love to watch on mobile in comfort of my home with audio turned off


Id argue the main issue is, this isnt enough meat to feed that many tigers, you need more baby goats.


If you've seen the video, "what happens to unwanted baby chicks," I would argue that a dump truck full of them would be morally preferable *and* more stimulating for *¡los tigres salvajes!*


Hence my username


Welp… this username definitely checks out.


I feel like the chicken that go into the grinder have a less painful death than 99% of other livestock.


It would be extremely quick. Light out. It just looks really bad from our perspective, but from the ducklings perspective, it's just lights out.


Unwanted male chicks. The females are kept for breeding. Fucking terrible


Being ground instantly is better than CO2 displacement or decapitation


Honestly I’ll take the co2 displacement especially since the grinder is already full of my peers and I have to wait my turn to get grounded


Yeah but they don’t have that awareness


I'm 99% if you kill an animal infront of another animal of their species it makes it pretty nervous. Animals do have brains.


No it absolutely does not. I've been around a lot of butchering as I won't eat meat from factory farms. While ideally slaughter is kept away from sight of other animals but sometimes it cannot be logistically done. I have witnessed pigs, chickens, ducks, geese, and cows killed in front of others of their species and there is no change in behavior of the other animals. Cows will keep eating right beside one that died and barely look at it. Pigs and chickens actually do have a response they run to the dead animal to start eating the blood and flesh.


I've personally seen the trauma that pigs go through from seeing others killed in front of them. The specific pig I'm thinking of was not able to be reintegrated with other pens cuz he was perpetually skittish after seeing another one slaughtered


I guess individual animals are different, because like I said I've seen pigs killed in front of others and the two reactions I've seen are total indifference and then full on cannibalism.


Watched a video of a homesteader slaughtering their pigs. Three in an enclosure. Guy walked up to the fence, shot one in the head, one of the others barely flinched and the remaining one came over to the spazzing corpse of his buddy, checked it out for about five seconds and then went back to what he was up to. Baby chickens do not have more awareness than pigs.


Yeah, but the grinding process happens in batches and it's so fast.


I mean suffering happens I don't have to like it but I understand why the zoo does it.


Personally, I don't support factory farms.


Yes generally, though for newly hatched infants the level of even that awareness is in question. Also the pace that the grinding occurs, they don’t really have time to notice. I don’t support or like the practice. I just don’t think the chicks are aware enough to see there emulsification coming.


Yeah, feed the tigers some kids.


That was my first thought too lol.


Hard to listen to, poor little fucker.


Should've used a different animal. Goats sound like actual kids when they cry out, espically when crying out in fear/pain. It chilling tbh. Had an dog that would chase our goats. If it grabbed them they would make a cry like in the video. That said... when tried it made it easy to finally catch the stupid dog. A rat terrier trying to eat goats. *sigh*


They are actual kids


Poor baby. Why did it have to be alive?


It didn’t


Cruelty. Everything about this is for the cruelty.




China should just open up gladitorial games already.


The poor thing. Wat a sad cry.


Yeah, I regret watching it with sound. Sounds like a newborn baby.


In 4th grade, the entire class used to feed mice to the pet snake. Best kids get to sit front row. To save money, we also used to breed mice in the opposite corner. Upon reflecting on it, this is some dark shit. To hear the cries for help as the baby mouse was being squeezed of all life and then eaten, and to be the mother of this mouse 100 feet away.


What the fuck kind of school was that


School of Rock


My thoughts exactly. How big of a school is it if one fucking classroom is 100 feet from corner to corner??!!


Maybe it was this one: https://youtu.be/u7jVrphpoLo?t=39


If it makes you feel better, mice aren’t very nurturing parents. They’ll eat their own babies if they’re just the slightest bit hungry, and they don’t do much to look after them. Mice fall very much on the r end of the [r/K reproduction spectrum](https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/R/K_selection_theory), which means they don’t invest much in offspring, and instead go for quantity. As such, they have very little attachment to their offspring.


I heard a frog cry for the first time recently. A chicken was rubbing around holding it by the leg and it was crying - I thought it was a mouse or a cat making the sound it was crazy :( and sad


I hope you never hear a baby rabbit scream. The sounds still haunt me...


...thank you for telling me it has Sound...


Yeah that’s what got me. Like holy fuck just kill it first at least


That's rough


Couldn’t have said it better myself


Kid fed to lions


Tigers. Kid was fed to tigers


I understand they have to eat. But for people to spectate? Not my thing.




Gladiators are often falsely depicted, it was never an intention for gladiators to die, they were showmans and there were even "stars" kinda like today popular MMA fighters. We never got rid of gladiators and it is a universal culture to have competing man.


Eh, yes and no. They were assets or "stars" of their day, and their existence likely motivated some medical advancements. But folks died somewhere between 1 in 5 to 1 in 10 bouts? And got worse over time. (to add some scale, Julius Caesar hired 320 pairs of gladiators for just one event. Now that event likely spanned multiple days, but that means that even the best estimates would have 32 men dead at the end of it) Connected but aside to that, we humans traditionally have shown up in droves to executions. This being connected because public executions were often held and Gladiatorial games, some times carried out by the gladiators themselves, or wild animals, etc. So while I agree that the spectacle of athleticism and the narrative of seeing what team/individual is the best was certainly part of the motivations of people viewing such "games", certainly also the chance that you will see something visceral was a draw.


And that doesn't even take into account the many, many times gladiators were used for executions. Just throw your convicted into the pit with a stick and have them fight the armed and armored gladiators for the entertainment of the crowd


I mean, I did touch on that :P


Not to mention that a lot of gladiators were slaves. I don't think that the ancient Romans cared whether their slaves died, and it's not a stretch to imagine that they would take glee watching it happen.


I would push back on that as well. There were slaves who were not highly valued/were not treated well, such as those who worked in the salt mines. And certainly they were considered property. However gladiators were often the result of training, and thus investment. As such they were treated differently than most, particularly if they were a real talent. Hence them getting some of the best medical care available at that time. (also not cheap) But to contrast that, there were some strict rules of what to do if a slave killed one of their masters. A law was passed after ... I think one of the Servile wars ... where then every slave in the house hold would be executed for the transgression of the one murderer. And while there are some writing about people feeling that it was particularly harsh, it was also deemed necessary to maintain the status quo.


That was later. Gladiators started from a Roman tradition of having two slaves fight to the death at a guys funeral.


Also if they’re in an enclosure there’s really no need for animals to need to kill, unless you’re trying to release them into the wild. Somehow I doubt the people who run this zoo have zero intention of releasing these tigers into a sanctuary or something.


If they have to kill it, it should be killed humanely before the tigers get to it. No need to make it suffer any more than it already has to.


Nah I don't understand this. Why can't they just humanely kill the goat and then give it to the tigers? I know it's dead either way but c'mon




Not a baby atleast ....


bro just fucking kill it oh my God why they gota feed it alive just go ahead and put it out of its misery


To be honest it looks like they killed it very fast by clamping down on it's neck, classic big cat move. A grizzly would just have started to eat it alive, big cats prefer to actually kill their prey first.


thats what i hope


We can't also forget the obvious "Dozen or so large cats being kept dependent in a caged enclosure while the people watch" The whole concept of zoos never really set well with me as an adult1


Zoos can take great care of their animals, as well as educate and aid conservation. https://www.aza.org/?locale=en Not all of them are tiger farms in China.


Proper zoos are heavily involved in conservation. Animals that are put into enclosures are typically either unfit to be released or are apart of a breeding program designed to repopulate the wild and are raised in captivity. Part of achieving an AZA (American Zoological Association) certification requires documenting where animals came from and ensuring they are obtained in a sustainable manor, as in you're not just paying hillbillies with dart guns to go catch the first tiger they see. AZA also examines the veterinary and educational practices of it's zoo and ensures animals have good welfare and enrichment. That's not to say that ALL zoos are like that, but the proper ones are. In America, I would say that as long as a zoo is AZA certified, you can go and rest easy knowing that a portion of you're ticket cost will go towards trying to save some species.


In nature, the goat is at least cooked to medium rare. Wait a minute...


Sad. Knowing how gentle and intelligent goats can be, I feel so sad. Sad and ashamed for us as human beings. We are not as evolved as we pretend to be when you see this kind of free cruelty.


This really hits me in the feels


next time drop it at least a 100 meters away so they can get a sense of it being a "live prey" ffs give the goat a chance to at least run a few meters... this feels like cruelty because it's nowhere near like it's in the nature


More like prolonging it's suffering.


Not really, at least it can get the actual sense of being a prey and properly start running away getting amped with adrenaline before being caught, maybe it would get a quick slap and get knocked out, instead of jumping from a calm state to suddenly being torn apart by no fault of its own.


Predators peel fully formed fetuses out of the womb in the wild. First and last breath at the same time. That's through no fault of it's own so I don't understand why this would need to be more fair. I think people oftentimes impart far more personification on animals than they should. Those tigers and that lamb understand fairness about the same.


Nature is not the same as captivity. If humans are involved, we have a moral obligation to both feed the predator as well as humanely dispatch the prey. These are not mutually exclusive goals, imo.


I’m always so curious in these types of comment sections to know if people who make comments like this apply it to their own lives. I think a tiger eating live prey is about as natural as anything and don’t see the issue with it. The issue I take is with the spectacle of it. But some people seem to take issue with the suffering of the animal *at all* and I’m wondering if the people who are saying that in these comments eat meat, and if they kill the animal themselves and do their best to make it humane, or if they leave that all to a stranger/massive soulless corporation and just hope. 🤷


I'm a hunter. I love wild game meat, whether it is a duck, a deer, a pheasant, a rabbit, whatever. And feel absolutely terrible every time I kill an animal but I'm not going to stop eating meat so I'd rather eat meat that I know it's killed in a humane way. I think packaged meat in the grocery store is a shitty thing. People have added a layer of separation between them and their food, and I honestly feel like this has led to a lack of appreciation for the life that was ended to enjoy that steak or burger. I know the gesture is meaningless, but I thank and apologize to every animal I harvest and do my best to ensure none of it goes to waste.


Yup, not much natural stimulation going on here, just a bit of inconvenience for the tigers. The worst thing is that it created so much unnecessary pain and suffering for the goat.


I feel like this is really just inhumane, one baby goat wouldn’t be enough to feed 5 adult lions. I get that you have to give them live prey or else they get bored, but at least give them enough to properly feed them.


From experience, they probably feed more than this. I ended up on a drive like this as a kid in Harbin, and people could pay $$ for different tiers of animals that were strapped to the roof of the vehicle to be eaten. They kept track of how much the animals got and sent in more prey later if the ones people bought weren't enough.


Why the fuck did I click on this


China moment


Exactly. Why the fuck do they do this? I haven’t seen anything else like this at any zoo outside of China. Are they that fucked that they enjoy watching a baby animal screaming in pain as it’s devoured alive?


The way these tigers are kept is disgusting as well.


This reminds me of all the disgusting food videos from Asia in general where they eat live sea food like squids and such. There's some chicken featus dish from Vietnam, I think that comes to mind. I'd suppose the shock value alone is enough for these people. Not much moral to speak of in China either way.


Boiling dogs alive in wok moment


What an awful awful place.


Not watching this because I love goats too much, so fucked up.


The circle of life


In nature things happen err... naturally. If a tiger kills and eats a baby goat in nature, there is no interference from the human being, and this is part of the equilibrium of nature and how species evolved. The wild tiger doesn't have another option other than kill or die, and if some tigers don't kill some goats, the goats population will increase drastically and the tigers popularion will decrease drastically, and it would cause the extinction of both the goat and the tiger. However when you forcefully trap and throw a baby goat to tigers, this is not natural, this is cruelty. You are actively causing the suffering of an animal that didn't have to pass through this, since by the time you throw the goat alive to the tigers, there were other alternatives to feed the tigers such as with meat from already dead animals. For the savages addicted to animal cruelty and that shout aloud "This is nature! This is nature! You fool!" to everyone that disagrees with them: what you are seeing in this video is not nature. Keep your dumbness to yourself. Write to a piece of paper this idea that was pushed inside of your head that cruelty is OK and "everything is natural", and eat it the same way these tigers ate this goat.


Yea, there's nothing natural about this. People trying to act like dumping a baby goat in the middle of a group of tigers that are locked inside a cage is in any way natural.


… how entertaining - shitbags


Dennis Reynolds approves.


What time is the feeding?


They chose the worst animal because goats cry like human babies


\*sarcastic gasp at more odd human behavior


Sorry but got to ask, was there another method? One that would entail a less violent process?


That's nowhere near enough meat