I remember this one. The kid is walking his blind mother at the train. He wasn’t paying and fell in and his mother was screaming for him. The people there noticed and ran to help. That’s why she couldn’t do anything because the kid was her guide. Edit: Paying attention*


Makes sense. At first glance, you'd probably be forgiven for thinking she wanted him dead.


That was my initial thought with the way they were walking at an angle. I'm like there's no way they don't see the edge. Although I don't know what excuse the kid had for falling off in the first place, he still has eyes right? That's not someone I want as a guide if I was blind.




Kids are dumb man. My mom said I would walk into every damn door knob in the house.


I replay some of my childhood memories and cringe at the amount of times I could have died or been severely injured.


I'm over 30 and still walk into doorknobs, and doors and corners and chairs and ledges. I just have no fucking spacial awareness and get bruises all the damn time to the point I stop noticing or even remembering how I got a bruise. I remember I had one a few months ago that got stupid dark and covered my knee, but I don't remember anymore how I got it because my clumsiness is so frequent.


How the hell you make it to 30 😂


No idea, especially with all the head injuries I had as a child from falling off swings (headfirst onto concrete) or tripping down stairs and stepping on rusty nails...jfc I'm a disaster. How *did* I make it to thirty!?


I thought so too the mother deliberately did it.


Yea I 100% thought it was intentional. Walk 'em to the edge then sit back and scream and clap your hands like it's a dog.


Yeah, the clapping makes a lot more sense once you realise she's blind. I assume she is desperately trying to use sound to locate herself.


That's what I thought too but if she's blind it makes much more sense. Sad that I assumed a mom was trying to kill her son rather than maybe she's just blind but you never know...


I thought she was just lost in thought or not paying attention


My partner and I looked at this before reading comments and we're like 'wow what a shit mother' and 'God she's clearly trying to fucking kill him she isn't even trying' Well now we feel like dicks.


Wow… another case of _it’s all about context_ Seeing this video without that completely changed the narrative


I was like wow, most useless mother ever. Very important context


>He wasn’t paying and fell in You gotta pay the troll toll to get out of this boys hole.


🎶You gotta pay the Troll Toll To get ~~in~~ out!🎶


I literally finished that episode 5 minutes ago, first time watching the show. Wtf?


It's an all timer.


I said I’d watch it to understand the references, I guess it’s working


You will see them everywhere.


I actually heard the mother had eyesight issues although im not sure on that one but I hope that’s why she had trouble helping


This is correct. see below comment for article and video from reverse angle. https://www.reddit.com/r/ThatsInsane/comments/w3mzvz/salute_to_the_guy_who_didnt_hesitate_to_help_the/igxfzuy


Thank you. At first I was thinking she totally just tried to murder that kid


That’s what it looks like!


Yeah. Poor woman. So glad that was top comment.


Me too omg!


Step-mom reflexes is what I thought, that was bizarre, glad we have an explanation.


Step-mom reflexes. Never heard that before but it sounds insidious


Lmao step mom!


Plenty of biological parents killing their kids


Lmfao dude I've never heard that before but I'm going to use it for sure!


Oh man that makes me feel so much worse than thinking she was just a psycho that tried to murder her kid. It makes sense watching it again after knowing that. Franticly reaching forward trying to help but not knowing if you're gonna fall yourself. It's heart breaking to imagine how she felt in that moment. Thankfully that man got involved immediately


That’s what I thought!


Same thought


It really does look like that


That's the internet for ya.


The other angle shows how fast the train station worker was running. Legend.


Holy shit. Sprinting full speed directly towards an oncoming train. That guy was amazing.


I was worried he would trip on the tracks!


That was a big train. The whole station would have been shaking while he is running towards it.


The shaking would be due to the balls of steel he had to run with!


His ben wa balls


I could tell by her gate, She seemed like she was being guided by the child. The way she was reaching out, she heard him screaming most likely but didn't have the sense of perception.




Missed that. Thanks


> I actually heard the mother had eyesight issues That’s what I assumed since she seems to have him lead with hand on shoulder.


Even if she had eyesight issues, those markings parallel to the tracks are ragged for a reason.


The kid was her guide. That's why you see her back up to the end of strips and then attempt to reach out. She didn't know how far it was to the end. She panicked and she should have been paying better attention when being led by a child. Being a good guide for vision impaired isn't so simple. But the hero literally comes out of the woodwork. What was he doing over there


> What was he doing over there May have been a switchman.


That makes sense why she clapped too. That would be extremely helpful to her if she fell so she could locate how to get out. I think she instinctively did it for the kid.


Mother is blind. That's the issue. Saw the after video on the news.


they mean walking on those tiles should be bumpy giving blind people the knowledge that a few feet away are the tracks it’s the same with pavements at pedestrian crossings allowing blind people to know a road or in this case train tracks


I get your reasoning.It's ragged so that the person knows it means danger. But its hard to tell which direction she needs to point to. And she needs to do it slowly too since she's blind. Look at the video again. She's trying to find her direction.


I can forgive the struggling to help - she was clearly desperate but afraid of falling in as well. I was more frustrated that she was walking on those tiles and kept going in the direction of the tracks, personally.


Yea. It seems like her child was her guide. You must understand that she if she falls, it would be much worse. So her being systematic in her approach was right, though time was not on her side if that guy did not help.


People make mistakes, they weren't paying attention.


Agreed, I don't think they're bad people or anything, it was just one of those things that's frustrating to see. As a sidenote my girlfriend often walks at an angle like that and it ends up leading me to have to switch sides or get walked into a mailbox lmao




Depending when she became blind or to what degree, she may not even be aware that that they're there. Consider how often you notice tactile pavement. I personally notice it sometimes, but not all the time. Depending when she developed blindness (at birth vs. later in life due to something like cataracts or glaucoma) or if she has low vision and not full blindness, the effectiveness of tactile pavement had been shown to change. As with anything that is meant to be a warning, the effectiveness is should not be assumed to be 100%, even if it is effective in most situations.


Is the kid blind too?! He's well old enough to know a 4 foot drop from ...the ground?


It looks like the kid wasn't watching where he's going. It looks like he was looking towards the right side of the video (his left). Though I think that scared him for life and will never Walk close to the edge again.


Worst seeing-eye child I've ever seen.


She's clearly disoriented and alarmed. Why make it sound like this was a failing on her part rather than a distressing accident


That's what I read too


Seems like it runs in the family considering the kid walked straight towards the edge


Is...is that not incredibly apparent from every single action she makes during the video? The comments in here are something else.


Watching it in this context of her having vision problems makes it look understandable but I'll admit when I first watched this, I thought it was a video of a mom who marched a tired child off the ledge of the tracks and did a horrible job trying to get him out.


I really wish people on this site would learn that assuming someone is a stupid asshole when you don't have the full story just makes you the stupid asshole.


We here are inundated daily with 100's of videos of stupid people. It's understandable to assume this was just another one of those videos. That's why comment sections are important, so you can enlighten yourself to more information. Have to admit, I was pretty pissed until I learned she was blind.


you just assumed that people on this site assume others are stupid assholes without having their full story


Glad to see this, otherwise i looked like murder attempt


I was going to say, she looks blind.


The mother is blind. The hero was awarded 50,000 Rupees for his bravery. That is more than one month’s average wage in India. This article has a video from the reverse angle showing the train approaching. https://metro.co.uk/2021/04/20/india-boy-saved-after-falling-on-train-tracks-in-front-of-blind-mum-14439941


50,000 rupees! What’s the next step from a giant’s wallet that can hold that much?


also he donated half of the reward to the kid's family.


They should double the reward just for that


Then he’ll donate half of that. And it’ll repeat! Infinite money glitch!


Any of the wallets from Four Swords, Tri Force Heroes, or Breath of the Wild.


The denominations of Rupees go up to 1,000 ₹, but yeah that’s still a lot lol


They are refering to Zelda game where game currency is rupee and 50k is too much in that context.


50,000 Indian Rupee equals 625.02 United States Dollar


Or 3 glocks.


where are you getting your glocks at?


I wanted to know that answer to! Like where? I would have a full armory if they were that cheap!


lmao I live in the UK i literally just guessed.


lol oh okay i’m from texas which i’m sure to the world is gun central but 625 would get you like one glock if it’s new & clean, if it’s dirty not so much


625 is cheap for a glock. Upper 700s is the average for one. Used or new.


i mean if you want top of the line of course, but used glock would never sell for 700, i could goto the gun store right now & get a new one for 6 just checked right now with the gun store i go to


What if you buy 2nd hand though, I think you can get a glock as low as 300$ if you know the right seller


Dude if you know where to get 200 dollar glocks let me know. Got mine for 800.


I wish


Exactly. My glock17 was 800 with taxes in texas.


you mind me asking where you got it from? bass pro shop has them right now for 529 after taxes is 661


A gun range. Honestly it probably was when I bought it back in the pandemic. I was taking truck loads into atlanta when all the police walked out and needed it for self defense.


That's like 3 months average household income in India.


Run the other way


Good job from the track marshall to wave a green flag right after the accident was cleared.


"keep going, theres not corpse to clean"


The real Chad


Holy shit. It is WAY scarier from that other angle. The first time I watched it, my first thought was “he’s not gonna make it,” even though I’d already seen the other angle. Thats some balls on the aimless drifter who was hiding in the woods near the train station.


Is the boy blind also?


dang.. only $650 for him. I'm sure that same money goes further there, but for saving a child's life it seems like a pittance




I spend a lot of time in India and yea it’s pretty damn substantial. Outside of hotel costs I could live well on that for months in India.


That's what I meant by "it'll go further there", sorry if that caused confusion. I didn't mean to say it was a bad reward or anything like that.


You are forgiven!


50,000 rupees is the average salary for an educated Indian with 4+ years of experience in any field. Today, 50,000 rupees covers a year of educational cost in a reasonably reputed institution. That guy saved a kid's life and the reward is just this? Is that what the child's life is worth? Who else thinks this is superficial and demeaning?


In most countries, you get $0 from the government for something like this.


I'm sure he did it without expecting any reward at all, so I doubt he's complaining about it.


God imagine being her. Your son suddenly lets go off your hand and you hear a train approaching. Then you realize he fell on the tracks. You can’t do anything because you don’t know where the edge is. Imagine being in this powerless position. If it wasn’t for the guy she would’ve lost her son. Who btw seems old enough to not be a complete idiot who firstly almost led his mother on the tracks and fell himself and secondly instead of taking a few steps back off of the tracks tried climbing back up.


While I agree that is stupid and he should have paid more attention i can totally understand why he did that. A fucking train was coming he panicked he tried going back to his mother . Do you really think your brain will work the same in a life threating situation??


Yep, my brain works exactly the same in all situations because I'm so smoothbrained that I can't tell the difference between a scary situation and a fun one 😎


People can insult you all they want because your brain is so smooth that all of their insults will just slide off of it.


Nothing sticks, just the way I like


We can expect kids to on point 100% , developing brains is a”work in progress” thing. Glad dude happened to be on the other side.


As a father of three I can confidently say, kids do stupid things for no reason. This one got very lucky


Kids do stupid things for reasons that are perfectly understandable if you're a child with very limited knowledge of the world and a brain that's still forming connections and will continue to do so until your mid-20s. Though in this case the kid was probably just zoned out and didn't notice the ledge... and I guarantee every single adult in this thread has zoned out and almost gotten hurt as a result before.


Kid learned a valuable lesson though.... hopefully.


Everyone arguing about the mom instead of focusing on the guy literally risking his life without a second thought to save a child. The man’s a hero.


And the fact that he came out of literally nowhere.


Dude was camouflaged as a piece of rail road equipment or something. Big stick bug energy coming out from that guy. Brings new meaning to the expression "trying to catch a train".


Look at him running across the tracks. From that distance I wouldn't even know if I'd be able to carry the kid to safety in time. He seriously didn't think twice before risking his life. He deserves the medal of the highest honor that exists.


So did the guy in blue. I’m wondering if he saw it on a camera, or something because he books it from around a corner. So fortunate that the other guy was there to help them. Otherwise, not only would the boy not have survived, but the guy in blue would have only made it just in time to see a disaster unfold with no way to help.


Yeah what the heck, do heros just spawn at the train station?


That's one brave man charging at an incoming train.


Totally a hero, also is kind of funny that he was scared af and ran away from the train when he got up to the station. He was scared but didn't care.


He did care. He just cared about the kid more. Good work my man. He can be proud of himself I think


Yeah Im sure his adrenaline must have been pumping pretty hard


The guy took less than 2 seconds to react, and got the kid and himself up with less than 2 seconds to spare. Absolutely crazy crisis response skills


I can't even focus on him, I'm distracted noticing the numbers in the overlay change from white to black depending on the background 🤔


God that guy is an absolute beast


Lol bro I'm glad so many people explained what was going on with his mom. I was like wtf is she trying to coach him back into the platform or what


My first thought was that she was just *that* terrified of falling in herself, but being blind makes so much more sense.


Is the kid blind as well?


I mean... I laughed


The kid also didn't see the open area on the other side of the track where he could have easily moved to the side to escape the train. But I guess you are in a shock at that moment.


If he hesitated even just 1 sec...


Naw, I counted, and he has a whole *two* seconds to react.


That's on the kid... he was looking in the direction of the drop-off, yet just walked right into it.


Real-life superheros don't wear capes and don't draw attention to themselves. They just do what needs to be done when the opportunity presents itself.


Hero is born into you


Could the kid not have just… walked off the tracks in the other direction?


A) Kids are stupid B) People in sudden emergencies are stupid.


He jumped and ran quite a distance.... Well done him, just in the nick of time (It makes sense she's blind, that's why she's clapping to get an idea where he is"


What a hero - if only people would focus on him. It's people like this that give me hope for the human race. No thinking about the situation, no concern for his own safety - just wants to help the poor boy


Balls of steel


Damn, that’s gotta be the most heroic act I’ve ever seen. In the time it took him to decide to run, there is no way his brain could have processed the motion of the train and whether he would make it.


This is old the woman was blind. Don't know how many times I have seen this reposted.


That poor lady is blind.


Holy fucking give that guy many beers


Iirc she was blind and that's why you see her trying to reach for him and can't find him


Her being blind makes a lot more sense.


That’s a gad damn hero!


wow incredible. Hero


Real life Guardian angel right there.


My guy came out of nowhere full sprint


Needed this guy in uvlade


Where the hell did that dude come from? What a hero


Was that attempted murder or what? Edit: apparently she’s blind.


She is blind


Was the kid blind too?


Worse. He was distracted While guiding her BLIND mother THROUGH A TRAIN STATION


Thats why they usually use dogs as eyes for the blind.


That would explain it.


Fr I was abt to say like damn it looked like she purposely walked him over to the edge so he would fall onto the tracks


Seems like the kid was blind as well because the little guy kept walking




The mother is blind. see below comment for article and video from reverse angle. https://www.reddit.com/r/ThatsInsane/comments/w3mzvz/salute_to_the_guy_who_didnt_hesitate_to_help_the/igxfzuy


That guy should never have to pay for his own drinks for the rest of his life


I'm definitely be contributing to his tab if he ever pops into my pub in India.


They did reward him and the Gigachad split the reward to fund the kids education


What a stand up guy


Dang, that guy is a super hero


Someone buy that man a cape


Cape's gonna get him stuck. Buy him a vacation.


Solid rationale. 11/10


I'm not making light of the situation, but that should permanently teach her kid to be always alert of his surroundings, especially when he's walking his blind mom.


Damn.. bro ran right at a train




Seriously, is the kid blind too? Like just go into the wide open field where there is not a train bearing down on you...


Focus on the hero. Accidents happen.


The rescuer, [Mayur Shelke](https://www.indiatimes.com/trending/social-relevance/meet-mayur-shelke-hero-who-saved-a-childs-life-539117.html), runs pretty fast for a guy with balls that big.


So i might be missing something but couldnt the kid just hop over to the other side of the tracks? I dont see a train coming on that side.


I don't think he even looked around until a few seconds after trying to climb up. Full panic mode.


Total hero




The mother was blind. Otherwise, I was sure that was a attempt to kill her kid.


Holy adrenaline Batman


I’m guessing the lady must be blind based upon the way she is groping around unsure where the child is.


Wow yeah when u watch back you can tell the mother is blind and doesn’t even realize what happened at first. Damn..


Is the kid fucking blind too? Come on kid!


ok the mother is blind but why did the kid go down there