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The fuck. Just go the fuck away.


Posting here as it's close to the top comment. This happened in Irving, TX in June 2021. It was in a liquor store. The woman left her phone in the store and sent her friend to get it. The store owner said the person herself should come back and pick it up as he didn't want to give it to a random person. The video is her response. From all I can tell the police is still looking for her and she has not been identified. If you know who she is please report it to the Irving Police.


I’m no big city detective but couldn’t they just use her phone to identify her? Use it to dial 911 and see whose name pops up on the caller ID. Boom, cracked the case.


From what I read, I think it was the friend who went nuts in the store, not the phone owner. But even if that is the case, I'm sure it would be easy to take the phone as evidence and find out who the friend is via texts or phone calls. If they are that good of friends, I'm sure they would have many texts between them


In Germany phone owner just would have to disclose the friends identity or would go to jail until she complies. Friends are not protected like family by law and obviously a significant damage was caused here.


Yeah we don't get to plead the fifth in Australia either. Not giving up your friend would see you charged with obstructing a police investigation.


You are far too smart to be a Cop, clearly. Even if it was her friend


Fuck she needs to be thrown In a padded cell.


Friend who lost phone be like, “hey girl, so did you get my phone back?”


Looks like her friend isn’t getting her phone back.


>From all I can tell the police is still looking for her and she has not been identified. It's Minnie Mouse.


And this is what we get with the "don't snitch" culture. This fool needs to be locked up for a while and have her wages/welfare garnished directly to the shop owner. But because snitching is apparently the ultimate cardinal sin, morons like this get to act beligerent and never pay any consequences because nobody she knows will id her. I understand not ratting people out for certain things. But this is not one of those.


For real. Especially to someone who can hardly speak proper English herself


Just sad. You do something you’re a scumbag you do nothing it perpetuates.


I was disappointed to not see a news article in the comments. I hope justice was delivered. Those poor store owners :(


Store owners like this barely make any profit. Something like this could potentially end their business. Essentially the amount of money they need to put in to replace and repair would put them in the red. Unless family or someone loans them money, this kind of thing can spell the end of the shop owner. I wouldn't be surprised if the owner just closed up shop after this


Also sad how not a single onlooker doesn't just show her out. I can't just sit and watch people being so unreasonably destructive


I guess it takes a special kind of person to want to deal with the storm of bat shit crazy that will come your way - not only from the psychotic bitch that's throwing the tantrum but any of her idiot friends who happen to be nearby. It would be pretty foolish to assume you could come near her without catching a flurry of sucker punches and haymakers...


I haven’t been in a physical fight in over ten years. I’d steer very clear of her if I were a bystander.


I'm ex military and used to be a bouncer... id be super hesitant to intervene.. id be more about trying to collect info for the cops to get her caught. She's not actually hurting anyone.. just making a mess. If she started attacking someone id jump in but it's just junkfood and crap.. not worth getting stabbed over.


I wasn't able to understand much of what she was saying.


She said it's so funny


I think at first, the woman says "It isn't that funny, now is it, b----?" after pushing all the stuff off the counter. Then in the second part, she says something like "You think this is so funny? You think this is so goddamn funny? It's not f---ing funny." However, I had to replay the video three times to understand this and I can't understand any of the other people in the video except when the one person says "Chinese". If someone else actually understands what they're saying in the video, please correct me. I acknowledge that it's probably more my fault than theirs that I can't understand what they are saying.


It roughly translates to: "I'm a spoiled rotten piece of shit... look at what I've been raised to think is appropriate if I encounter anything that vaguely upsets me."


I was just thinking the same thing, I couldn't understand anything she said at all despite her yelling smh


Chick is a big racist


Anyone could be racist, not just white.. especially the race that got it most will be the extreme case, e.g. in the video black people could be even more serious racist to other races that they perceive lower tier than themselves


Yeah I think it's less about them not speaking English and more about just wanting to fuck shit up


I hope they threw her ass in prison. she's trash.


Can pretty much guarantee absolutely nothing happened to this person, having dealt with a similar situation when I worked at a gas station (video of it on my profile if anyone's interested). Got a license plate and everything and police never got back to me


I'm really sorry to hear that.


I'm outta there now at least. Never working at a gas station again and would never recommend it


Yup I worked at one when I was younger. Had to actually mace someone because of behavior like this.


Understood. My mother worked part time at one for awhile, and it always worried me.


It worried my wife because I would get to tell her the stories of weekly death threats for IDing people for $13 (manager pay) an hour lmao. Working with the public that need to feed their addictions isn't worth it


Glad you're into a better adventure.


Ya know. I worked at a gas station when I was around 19-20 at nights. I only lasted almost 3 months. Soon I quit. The place got robbed. Me…whew!


I worked at Circle k and we would call the cops for situations similar ( never quite like this) and they never came. They’d show up an hour or two later and ask what happened. We just stopped calling altogether


Yea cops don't do shit. I bought a brand new car, my wife took it to the store 3 days after purchase and someone rammed into it, completely ripped the front bumper off leaving it just hanging by a corner. Undrivable. She called the cops, the guy wrote a report. There was a store clerk who witnessed it all and said they would make a statement, plus there was camera footage of the the incident. The license plate was read, and nothing came out of it. Insurance went up (NJ has a no fault law) and we had to pay for damages ($1000 deductible).


Sounds like that shit hole Jersey to me. I got robbed by a Cop for 10k for committing 0 crimes. Civil assets forfeiture law. Sgt. Green was his name, state trooper. Pulled me over , stole 10k and took my phone and called cops to check car..found nothing and hit me in ribs when I resisted and threatened to charge me for taking his arm off me lol. I want to get this dude so bad I can’t put in words. They legally allowed to rob you, only 4 States have banned this law.


Worked at a inconvenient store also. The police just want the details cuz you called em there probably. Had they not *had* to be there, they wouldnt give any fucks. They get the bare minimum and bounce. They also ask you about their free coffee


Precisely! Even the free coffee


Had this happen, and I only wish I made it up(this got me fired): Dude is obviously a moron, since he came in to ask what the price of gas was. There was no issues with posted gas prices. He was just French fry short of happy meal. So he decries he will never come back because **I** had high gas prices! Wanted to really bring the point to him and say "well, that's just your opinion, Dude" and calmly explain how I don't fucking care. I digress, so he purchase single beer, leaves it all in the way for me to move, heads to bathroom. This total waste of space manages to LOCK HIMSELF in the bathroom!. On the inside! Where the lock is! HE asked ME to unlock HIM! Pfffttttt I told him he should figure that shit out, cuz it's not my job to teach him how doors work. Was fired promptly. WORTH IT!!! Fuck that guy.


Sorry to hear about your experience as a gas station clerk. Well maybe this will help brighten your day. All of this told to me third person so take this with as many grains of salt as you feel nessicary. I little while back on my state they started enforcing the law that ID has to be produced to buy cigarettes. A lot of people complained about this but reluctantly pulled out an ID, bought thier cigs, and got on with thier day. Apperently at my local gas station one guy didn't want to give his ID because he was clearly old enough to buy cigarettes and shouldn't have to. Well they wouldn't sell to him without an ID and he kept bitching. Tjis went round and round until he was asked to leave the store and eventually escorted to his car and off the property by employees. He went to the police who are literally right next door and claimed he was assaulted by the gas station employees and wanted them to be arrested. It would seem that our cigarette craving friend had an open warrant out on him. The cops also found a knife on him that was too long to be carried in this state, on top of the meth discovered in his truck. So happy endings all around.


I agree. The funny thing is I bet she failed English class.


Zero chance. Police don't give a shit about a black woman tearing up a "foreign" owned convenience store in what is likely not a very upscale neighborhood. And for a not so cynical reasoning, foreign small business owners tend to not involve police out of fear of many things like being persecuted themselves and/or being perceived as a traitor to their community. This usually has less to say about where they are vs where they're from, but not always obviously. All that being said, I'd too like to believe this idiot faced prosecution.


Nah. Prosecution takes too long, and costs too much, and they'd never see a dime of it Just work her over with a little league bat.


What a pathetic human being. I hope they'll use this footage at her trial and her dumb-ass is thrown in jail.


If you've ever wondered what high confidence and low intelligence looks like... this is it


That's r/trashy


That's also r/iamatotalpieceofshit


That's also r/imtheMainCharacter


That’s also r/awasteofchips


There should be one called “waste of oxygen”


You win the thread


That’s also r/publicfreakout


Watched a video of some girls in NY do the exact same thing. They were dumb enough to pay with a credit card before hand and the police tracked the three of them down and arrested all of them. I only hope this girl is as dumb as they were and used her card before destroying a store for no reason. BTW this girl is a racist and clearly hates immigrants for no reason at all.


Are you talking about Bel Fries? If so, that was all because the restaurant told them extra sauce was $1.75, crazy.


From $1.75 to $25,000…. ![gif](giphy|RBeddeaQ5Xo0E)


Hood rats throwing temper tantrums


Ignorance and stupidity on full display


Sounds to me like she doesn’t speak proper English either.


Oh the irony


How the turntables.


I see what you did there...


Oh the ironing


Dammit, I was going to say that.


In my perfect world not only would she clean the whole thing, she would pay for it all and get charged for destruction of property


Our perfect worlds are the same, we should meet up and discuss how to create a new reality


What a fucking bitch! Someone needs to knock her ass out and force her to clean all that up. What a racist piece of fucking shit


Clean and pay!!!! The storeowners has to be properly compensated for the damages.


We all know this Mickey Mouse looking motherfucker has no money, no education, and no job.


Its called a Hoodrat.


I didn’t understand a word she said.


Bruh… SHE can’t even speak English


I don’t think she can speak english either.


I don't think she speaks any language.


Whi chu seyin?!?!


I'm a black man, and people like her are embarrassing. They make others look at us in a bad light, she should be ashamed but I know she isn't.


I'm not black but not white. In this situation, she's just a crazy asshole. I've seen enough assholes of different colors to know that assholery knows no color.


I'm not a human, but an alien and even on my planet this is trashy.


As someone who was worked in the service industry for the last decade I agree with this. Assholes come in every color, shape, and size.


Ah don’t worry about it, there are shitty people from all races and cultures, one asshole doesn’t make me think everyone is an asshole.


Unfortunately that guy is right. Things like this do create a negative stereotype and it does stick. Not saying its right, but thats the way it is.


I'm black as well, and this isn't a stereotype. An unmanageable amount of my people act like this, think it's normal, and encourage it. Do you remember a few days ago when the video of the little kids hitting the cops and swearing? Go back to the comments and see how many redditors were enjoying the behavior, and how few people were disgusted that a CHILD behaves like that. When you make excuses for horrible behavior, the behavior becomes normal.




I live in poverty culture, and can understand this exactly


Thank you, this is what happens when you blame EVERYTHING on racism, narcissistic victims will feel that they cannot be held accountable and to criticize them and their actions is sign of racism. If someone talks, these people double down on their “oppression” of others and just embolden their own train of thought that acting out even more is now justified. Hold people like this accountable instead of justifying excuse for shit behavior. Only then can change come. You don’t encourage temper tantrums from your child, you shouldn’t either with adults


I’m black also, I’m sitting here in disbelief. Clearly this person have severe mental issues. I sure this here reaction to pretty much anything.


She lost it bc of language differences hahaha!!!


I'm black and I don't care about this irrational outburst. I just want to see a follow up story and see what she gets charged.


Fucking trash ignorant piece of shit. Mad at someone for speaking a second language?? How many languages can she speak? Probaby not probaby English either...🤣🤷‍♂️


This girl has privilege


Newports for less than 8 bucks!


This is the type of black person that causes people to look at us like we’re animals. And she’s probably proud of herself for being this way


Why is destruction always the first thing these idiots think of?? And does it help?? No dumbass!!


Makes you lose faith in mankind doesn’t it?


What shit culture did she grow up in?! Fuck this bitch and ppl like her. Makes you wanna beat whom ever raised her…








"You were born a street rat. You'll die a street rat. And only your FLEAS will mourn you!"


This person is pure trash.


She be knowin proper english and shat


In what universe did she think this was ok? Sad reflection of her inner being.


The insane bitch can't even speak properly


Is she speaking English? Fuck me


That's just racist.


This is why a lot of stores won't open in the hood.


This is why there’s no Trader Joe’s in watts? I gotta go all the way across town and shit smh


Such disgusting behavior. People in the service industry reeeallyyy get the shitty end of the stick when it comes to pathetic assholes they have to deal with.


Of course she is innocent and didn't do nothing! What a sad and miserable waste of life!


She needs some major anger management therapy and some general therapy on top of it


Pay for the damage…


I mean, yeah that's a given


What a pos


Imagine you worked a twelve hour shift at your tough job, you come home to get some food, a beer and relax and she comes home.


Sad thing is she’s so fucking broke that they won’t get a dime for any of the damage


What a scumbag.


The shoe fits


I would go full Jackie Chan if that were my shop. And, I could hardly understand her.




Simply not suprised


The “Aint do nuthin!” Crowd. Right to the point.






I genuinely think this kind of person should go to jail for at least ten, fifteen years. Not because the crime is so damaging, but because the person has revealed themselves. If prison is about separating people from society and, ideally, rehabilitation, then yes let's get this cunt away from the rest of us for at least that long.


IMO, if someone with issues like this doesn't make dramatic improvements with good care after a couple years, there's not much hope. But if I could dictate a fair sentence for something like this, I'd say financial restitution, community service, and completion of an anger management program. If they choose to engage in the same behavior after that, then do some jail time.




Two questions. What language is she speaking? What is the highest age where we can’t abort anymore?


Nothing like a racist black woman 😅


Who's going to tell her that ebonics isn't proper English either? Fucking trash can.


Why do rampaging black women always keep repeating themselves? Over and over. Its weird how common it is in the destroy a store or destroy a mcdonalds videos.


Racist black woman???




Just like the video of the flash mob stealing everything from the Sephora store.


Could you imagine if this was you daily clientele? I lived in Philly for ~6 years and hearing these fucking morons arguing with shop owners about why they can’t purchase cigarettes and lotto tickets with their ebt is the most annoying shit in the world.


Sure seems to me black people in the US are racist against asians... between stuff like this and unprovoked sucker punch attacks etc... and it seems to go both ways, I remember Vietnamese people shooting at rioters after Rodney King. What's the history there, why the animosity between those two groups specifically?


“Why aren’t there any businesses in our neighborhood any more?”


My 3 year old does this Edit: to clarify I dont mean I let her do this in stores. But she will occasionally make a huge mess seemingly at random out of her toys. Shes the one to clean it up after so it doesnt bother me.


We need a word for a combo of clown bitch any ideas


Looks familiar. She didn't want to pay $1,75 for extra sauce too? Always the same.


I wonder where these negative stereotypes come from…


Spoiled brat


and then some delusional said that black ppl cant be racist. lol




And her English is any good? Ha!




Why is it always black women?




This is the same person that will complain there’s not enough food stores in the hood.


Dumb ass hoodrat bitch


It’s funny because you are on camera 📷


Who ends up paying for all that stuff? Criminal or the insurance company. Or someone else?


Inevitably the store. Insurance copay is probably too high and do we seriously think that lady is going to pay restitution?


What the fuck.


Is this like a Tiktok challenge or something cuz this is like the 5th video I’ve seen like this this week


I would like to hear the young "Lady" speak four or five sentences of "English." Perhaps she and the store workers were each speaking a different variation of English and the young lady was not understood by the store workers.


I saw this a lot, black people being racist with the Chinese. I guess in every human race are trashy people...




Low-Life, Trashy Black Bitch! You think you can speak better English. Axe yo bro’s! Needs to go to jail & should be required as part of her restitution to clean that store everyday for 6 months (without pay).


But isn't she speaking ebonics?


Please tell me this cunt was arrested


Animals in zoos behave better...


Man imagine if she was white lol


She'd be called a Karen.




Definitely white peoples faulty though /s




This is why food deserts exist in poor, primarily Black neighborhoods.


I would never open any business in poor black neighborhoods, that would be stupid. Large corporations aren't stupid either.


I had the same thought.




Lets trash her house also! Get the movement started


Imagine being married to that woman. Yikes! lol


Worse: imagine being one of the many children she probably has.


Lol the men in her life pump and dump and go get milk and never return. Nobody is marrying that creature.


I really wish I'm in a store when this happens one day. That person is getting the biggest right hook to to mouth. I just simply can't believe people think they have the right to trash someone's livelihood.


But if they then beat her to a pulp it would be an outrage ….


*only white people can be racist* 🤮🤮🤮


Ain't that a lie


Seeing way too many of these videos. Starting to really worry.




Jeez, what a cunt.


Wouldn’t mind if she got thrown in prison or mental institution. She’s a threat to society. She needs to learn that other cultures and languages exist.


Fuck that stupid ass bitch!


Should've called the cops and locked the door so she can't leave. Smh so trashy


I feel bad for the workers who have to clean up


Bitch needs to go to jail, and pay repercussions


Sounds like she can speak proper English either. The world we live in is what it is because of people like you👏


So, she was arrested or what?


So woman destroys store because she is racist, fixed it


black mickey mouse


She can’t speak English either!!! No the problem is that she a racist piece of crap!!!


dah clerk wazn't speakin' proppah english maaan shieeet