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That arm is done


With that blood loss, he’s probably done too.


i was thinking the same thing


Does anyone know? Hate to know I'm looking at someone on their last leg.


yeah good time for me to refresh proper tourniquet procedures =/ ​ edit: [https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DVBJ-9fNAxM&t=50s](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DVBJ-9fNAxM&t=50s) .. go to like 1:30 for start of improvisation


Time to spend 50 cents


On a candy shop


I'm sure you can use imagination a little more. If a dog just ate someone's arm, if not killed them, what would you do?


On a candy shop


Depends entirely on who is at fault here. Is the dog defending his home and owner from an intruder or was it just a random attack. There's never enough information in these videos to make these kinds of assumptions this is just how devastating it is no matter what the situation is.


Boy, one taste of what I got (uh-huh)


That dog is done. Bye bye 🖐


I worked at an animal shelter and there was this guy who had worked there years before me that had a similar injury from a pitbull. He would visit the shelter from time to time to share his experience to school the employees about the serious element of danger involved with a pitbull who you don't know the history of. He could still use his thumb and a couple fingers on the one hand. He was lucky. Could have been a lot worse.


This guy was probably lying. I heard from a pitbull owner that they are angels who would never do something like that. /s


It's really the spaniels, I tell you.


Walking murder tanks Spaniels are! And for gods sake, stay as far away from a Golden Retriever as you possibly can…


NO it's the retrievers. They're cute for the sole purpose to reel you in...


My Chi was an angry old man who did not like to but fucked with. But on his worst day he could not even break thru the skin. Maybe it's just me but I would rather not have a dog with the capacity to severely maim or kill me, or others.


*I completely trust my pitbull! I stick my newborn baby's head in his mouth all the time and he never bites down! He would never hurt anyone!* -pitbull owners, probably The owners scare me more than the dogs to be honest.


My friend is a maxillofacial surgeon. He was showing me photos of his surgical before/afters and he operates on children all of the time who’ve had their face bit by a dog. It’s most of the time a pit bull, and it’s always the family dog. These dogs are pawned off to family’s and marketed as the perfect misunderstood family dog, when in reality they are prone to dog aggression, occasionally human aggression, and need an extreme energy and drive outlet. What makes a pit bull bite bad is that they tear when they bite, and a simple single bite was enough to maim these kids faces. Other dogs such as German shepherds, have a more controlled bite due to the work they were bred for, and simply create puncture wounds, and the only time there would be tattered skin was from the child pulling away. But a pit bull is a terrier and bites like one, to maim. I am not anti-pitbull necessarily as I own “aggressive” dog breeds but the truth is that a lot of people who own these dogs have absolutely no business owning one nor do they know how to care for one or secure them safely.


If a dog grabs your arm, if you don't know the dog, you have to push your arm into it's jaw as hard as you can. So a dog plays by grabbing something and locking in. If you pull it will clamp down and try to wrestle, because it is fun for the dog. If you have ever played with a knotted rope tassel, you will know, dogs not only clamp down when you pull, they love the feeling of wrestling and gripping the tassel. You can lift a dog off the ground by that tassel and they will still be tugging on the tassel and flailing. The dogs mouth is designed to grip when you pull out, and the teeth are designed to saw if you pull your arm out, so you grab the dog by the back of the head and push your arm as hard as you can into the back of the jaw and apply as much mechanical leverage as you can to force your bodyweight into the dogs mouth. This shows you aren't playing, and a lot of the time, the dog will want to let go.


I hear you and it makes sense but idk, if my arm is getting gobbled up, the last thing I'd think of or want to do is put my arm further into it's mouth 😂


In reality your arm and fist would be too big to swallow, so if the dog doesn’t let go, it chokes to death.


Icl if that dog decided it wanted to eat me then it would probably gobble me up whole


Lol wth 😂


It's more than that, it's to prevent the shaking. Pushing your arm in and grabbing its head prevents the shaking. If the dog gets to shaking its head with part of you in its mouth, it's like the difference between being cut with a regular knife vs. a chainsaw. You see the ribbons of flesh hanging from that guy's elbow? That's what the shaking does. Also why the dog's head is nearly covered in blood.


You shove your hand into it's throat pretty deep and then form a fist. The dog will not bite anymore because it is now suffocating and will try to flee. Just hold and the dog will die within a few minutes. But yeah, that's a mindset to get over. In a panic reaction people aren't thinking straight and will probably do everything they shouldn't do.


The other thing is to simply carry a gun and shoot the mofo.


I hear you, counterpoint: this dog wasn't fucking playing


Dog anxiety much different than that of a human. We have arms, we interact with our hands. Dogs interact with their mouths, so if you aren't getting that, it could cause some major problems.


That sounds interesting gamble. If it pays you win but if not you would give the best handle for the dog. Idk what happens if you punch hard the throat of it but can be useful too


It works. That’s what we do if there’s a dog fight. Whoever is the biter, you gotta feed the bite and they’ll let go


Ty for writing that out it could potentially help someone. A dog attacked my cousin and thus is how he responded and saved himself


Also if you push back on their lower jaw you can break their jaw and get you free. Not fun hurting a dog but if it's violent then sometimes that's the option


if it has your arm in its mouth it is most likely already dead so you gotta save what you can


Not a fan of hurting a dog that is mauling you? Dude forreal? I will happily kill a dog before I let it maul my arm


I’ll kill a dog if it’s trying to maul me but that doesn’t mean I’ll be happy about it or enjoy doing it


No, I'm saying I don't like hurting dogs but there is a time and place


Have done this with my cat(with a finger), it works


Film it. For us.


For the greater good


What about gouging its eyes?


While that will work with any other attacking dog, it might not with a pitbull. Once they’ve latched on, the only reliable way to get them off is to cut off their air intake. So if you’re being attacked, shoving whatever’s they’ve got ahold of into the back of their throat. If it’s someone/something else, looping an arm/rope around their throat from behind.


What about just gouging it’s eyes?


Which is all well and good if the dog isn't shaking your arm like a rag doll. Once they start shaking your skin starts tearing and most thought leaves your head other than to try and get your arm away. Pittys may not be huge dogs but they are pure balls of muscle and extremely fast and athletic perfect killing machines.


What do you do if you’re being attacked by a pitbil and it’s got your arm?


Hope like fuck there's someone around that has the balls to choke the dog out, you have to be strong as their necks are extremely muscled and getting the wind pipe maybe hard to find. If there's no one around and its got you fight back with all you have gone for the eyes grab its balls if they have them. They really are a dangerous breed. I was at my horse paddock and some idiot let their pitty off the lead and it went straight for my horse had my horse by the face and was hanging off him he absolutely was trying to rip my horse to shreds. My horse pummeled this dog into the dirt stomping and kicking the shit out of it, the dog was still going back for more and only stopped when I got in there and dragged the dog out luckily for me the dog was animal aggressive not people aggressive. The dog got put down multiple broken ribs broken leg and bleeding on the brain. My horse got stitches and lots of antibiotics. So even with broken bones and bleeding brain this dog was intent on killing they are lethal.


Yeah I’m not strong so I’d be done for 😢 like the guy on the video. Holy fucking shit that’s insane 😳 why is that dog still legal?


"Feed the bite" we say


And what if it isn’t playing?


Dogs are pretty understandable creatures, they have different sorts of anxieties than we do. One of the things people don't realise about Dogs, is that they can get very anxious around small children, as a natural thing. This is because kids will do dumb shit like put their arms on the dogs face, in a clumsy way, and put their hands all over it but also, fucking with human kids often leads to punishment from human adults and death, so some dogs have evolved to be nervous around kids. Pitbull's are an anxious breed, they are bred from stock that has been baited into wanting to fight by being agro'd in cages... so they can be quite skittish if you don't know how to communicate with them non-verbally with your stature and posture, as well as eye contact. Dogs that aren't playing generally are hungry, and hungry anxious dogs are probably the most dangerous. The only weapon a dog has of any value is it's bite, but that doesn't mean you're helpless. The first and most easy thing you can do is take your coat off and use it as a net to catch the dogs head when it lunges at you for a bite and wrap it, of all the strategies this one is by far the strongest, because once the head is wrapped, the dog is suffocating in fabric and will thrash, only making it get exhausted faster but more importantly, the risk of a bite will be significantly smaller as it is muzzled. If you can get on top of the dog and pin it down whilst it is thrashing with the coat on its head the fight is over. But this only really works on a single dog, if there is a pack... which there can be... high ground is important because dogs struggle to climb. If you need to run, and you probably will, know you aren't outrunning a dog, you need to get on top of a car or to any form of vantage point, and the same tactic, use a coat as a cloth shield or a bin lid, anything to stand between you and a bite, heck, even a shoe... I would rather walk home barefooted, than have half my arm lost because a dog got me.


The guy needs a tourniquet STAT


Yes! I was wondering the best place to put it. Looks like most damage is below the elbow but my guess is best place would be the armpit.


The guy is dying, the dog has a blood thirst and this guy is filming - wtf?!


Haha! Views bruv. Anything for the views


Sad but it’s true.




Proof POS owner to clean up the dog and blame someone/thing else






That’s dangerous amount of blood loss. I really hope he got treated quickly and made it through.


Seen a lot of gore, but this one still bothered somehow. That’s horrible for that guy. Never the same.


Obviously the dog doesn’t know any better, but the part that gets to me is seeing the dog panting and “smiling” like it just played tug a war with blood dripping from its mouth. Not to mention just how ripped you shreds that arm is


That dude is barely alive wow


For a second I thought it was two dog fights but not this..


Tsk tsk, to shreds you say?


What about his wife?


To shreds you say?


Put that mf down


All of them, get rid of that breed already.


I honestly feel very bad for this breed. I think years of breeding for aggression has altered their natural instinct. Like salmon instinctively knowing what spawning grounds to return to. Colts walking so soon after birth, birds natural ability to fly without help. I think sadly the aggressive natural instinct has become dominate thanks to human interaction. Measurements to correct it would be extreme reducing numbers through euthanasia. Taking selective offspring and hundreds of years of systematic retraining. Even then you still run the risk of an aggressive attack. You never want to eliminate a species but it maybe necessary in this case.


“Susie, we need to put Mr. Fluffybuns down. I know that you’ve had him for years, and helped train him, and we had him neutered, and you always keep him on a leash when you walk him, and you have little tea parties with him every weekend where he wears a tiara on his head. But if you look at the statistics of his breed, he’s actually a horribly violent animal and needs to be exterminated immediately. No no, stop crying, cause actually his breed was made to be an attack dog, did you know that, Susie? Did you? Did you know that over half of all dog attacks are committed by pitbulls despite the fact that they make up less than a third of the dog population? Think about that statistic while we euthanize Mr. Fluffybuns, that should cheer you up. I can’t think of any other situations that talking point is used for. I’m a great dad and I see nothing absurd about this situation whatsoever.”


Thought this was a comment about guns for a minute....weird


Don’t you dare bring up my pet gun. He’s a good boy.


I actually agree with you, euthanasia for ALL of them is a bit extreme and impractical... And I absolutely fucking hate this breed of dog lol


Found the pibble apologist.


Their species is dog - this breed needs to be eliminated. Pointers point without training - pit bulls seem to want to kill everything - even ones that have never been mistreated or abused or trained to maul/kill.


Reddit can't make it's mind up.


Totally agree, along with the other bioengineered "pure breed" weapons out there.


We should really stop it with "pure breds" in general, the increasing known health problems alone should be reason enoough to put the brakes , or at least put more restrictions on irresponsible breeders. I have an American bull dog and a few months back on our walk some woman driving by with her kids stops in the middle of the street to start yelling oit the window asking me if it's a male and can she breed him with her "female about come into heat". Like, no bitch, we had the sense to get him neutered. Even of he wasn't, I'm not pimping my dog out.


I agree with restrictions on irresponsible breeders, but buying a specific breed of dog can help people get a dog that fits their lifestyle (and thus reduce the number of abandoned dogs). If you're more sedentary you can get a Miniature Pinscher. If you want to hike you can get a German Shepherd. If you need to herd sheep you can get a Border Collie. A Heinz 57 isn't going to be predictable in this way.


Totally agree with the sentiment, just don’t get a German Shepard if your looking for a hiking partner! They are one of the spiciest breeds out there.


So humans go as well?


Yes ![gif](giphy|CAYVZA5NRb529kKQUc|downsized)


Humans? Totally agree.


It’s not always the breed, it’s the owner. I have come across pits before and they’re love bugs, but I have also came across some that were probably serial killers in a past life


It's not always the breed but when you look at stats they're #1 for human and animal attacks. Many are sweethearts to people but with animals they have a bloodlust. My buddy has a full pit and it kills anything it can get which includes squirrels, chipmunks, birds and a fucking baby fawn. He laughs about it and in my head I'm like "I hope your dog dies" I was just arguing this with someone who said they "want a big muscular pit" and I'm like you're a retard. People should stop breeding them, but I feel like people who want a pit are dumbasses, so they'll be around forever.


That's the problem though. A lot of pitbull owner says their dog is an angel and wouldn't harm a fly. It's those OTHER pitbull owners. It's THEIR pitbull.. not my pitbull. Pitbulls have that switch in their brains... don't matter the owner or family. When that switch flicks - game over. It's the breed. Accept it. Domestic dogs are proof humans can breed desirable traits and undesirable traits. This goes for mental traits as well (aggression, hunting instincts, work ethic, etc.)


I just wanna put this here. I have and always will say it's the breed, partially owners ofc. But if it was purely the "owners" fault we would see a far more wide spread of different breeds attacking. despite making up less than 6% of all dogs in USA Pitbulls are number one in dogs killing females and children leading with over 50% of all being killed by a pitbull They are also number 1 in dogs killing other peoples pets and animals. leading over 75% Fun fact! Fatal and disfiguring attacks by pit bulls have risen 830% since 2007 Bear in mind this is just information I found. And apparently it's only from the US alone y i k e s


I'll just point out that this analysis presumes that all breeds of dog are equally distributed across all types of owner. For example, equally you could say despite making up a small proportion of all dogs, significantly more collies are used in herding proportionally. I would suggest reaching out to primary and secondary literature for better analysis of pitbulls, which is conflicting and much more complex than Pitbulls are a viscous breed.


Another factor is confirmation bias around the general public being highly aware (rightly or wrongly) that Pits are a vicious breed. This (conceivably) leads people to be more likely to identify dogs that *do* attack as Pits or Pit mixes (again rightly or wrongly - and it’s very hard to measure the degree to which this sort of thing is a factor). My anecdotal example is [this](https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=U80WYTvu-RE) video of a dog biting a news anchor’s face on live TV, injuring her such that she needed [70+ stitches and facial reconstruction survey](https://www.dogexpert.com/dogo-argentino-bites-face-of-news-anchor-on-live-tv/). I’ve seen this video posted a few times, and without fail 99% of the comments are “of course it’s a shitbull” and “euthanize all pits.” Only problem is that isn’t a Pitbull or a pit mix. It’s a Dogo Argento, which is a totally different unrelated (*slightly related, as Dogos are a mix of 10 breeds, one of which is the Bull terrier, though they are primarily mastiffs) breed. Pointing this out is almost always met with downvotes, even when I link the news article that confirms the breed (and yes, at one point I literally went down and responded to every comment that they’d misidentified the breed). Just food for thought…please don’t spam me with Pit statistics because I’m familiar with most of what’s out there.


I am going through this right now. I linked a study published in the Journal of the American Veterinary Medical Association and a study from the University of Florida. A study commonly used to support the idea that pitbulls are inherently dangerous, though it discusses why this information shouldn't be used for that (of course, they'd have to read it to even know that). Was told "that data is wrong" or "I'm not reading that" or "your studies don't mean shit to me". Those are verbatim, btw. Their anecdotal evidence means more to them than objective, peer reviewed studies. Their reactions are purely emotional. It's hard to combat ignorance when it's so stubborn it prevents them from even *reading* anything that doesn't immediately confirm their bias (like a video of the aftermath of a guy who got mauled, even though I didn't see a dog anywhere.) Funnily enough, reporting it as a pitbull attack without proper information is one of the things discussed in those studies; it's very common for dogs to be incorrectly identified as pitbulls, even by experts (as stated by the study from UF). ETA: rewatched video ((╥﹏╥)) saw the dog (parts of it). Other points still stand.


yeah, if you go over to r/banpitbullls you won't have to search for long to see some absolutely deranged logic being exposed in the comments (and getting some upvotes. These are "my people" ig, but sometimes they can be pretty fucking retarded). *However*, dogos **are** descended from another, insanely aggressive fighting breed, the cordoba fighting dog, which was mixed with bull terriers, mastiffs and other well known breeds, resulting in the creation of the dogo argentino. So they have *some* things in common


Fuck! This is just nasty. That's an evil dog


They all are. Ever wonder why shelters are bursting at the seams with them? Because they are so volatile and violent no one wants one. Other problem is backyard breeders won’t stop breeding these monstrosities so they eventually end up homeless wandering the streets, or they’re in shelters. Shelters are notorious for mislabeling pits/ staffies as “lab mix” or “Collie mix” in an attempt to get them adopted.


They are in shelters because they are the most abused dog breed by a long shot…most are found abandoned at young age


Euthanize them all.


Yeah, have you seen the videos of the golden retriever attacks?!?!?


Most to tongue I’ve had in weeks I tell ya


The pitbull called "precious" got out again :(


They say own them..they say they are cute.. meanwhile


“But my pit bull is so sweet, it would never do that!” -every pit bull owner


Yup. I sat down on the floor to pet my friend’s “sweetest pit ever,” and apparently she didn’t like that somehow and she bit my face. Thankfully she let me go right away, but that evening I found out I’m basically deathly allergic to penicillin so yay! ER had to report the bite. Not sure if it works like this in other places, but Florida (where I live) is mandated to report any dog bite and after I believe it’s two? maybe three strikes the dog has to be put down. No exceptions. I’ve met TONS of kind pits, but I wouldn’t ever trust them. They snap quicker than Thanos. Edit: added a word


Yup. Trashy human sidekicks.


Yes absolutely. Sick and tired of the bad owner crap every time this happens. The breed should be destroyed because there is no need for it and as for anyone leaving a child is a room with one, don't get me started......


Literally every one


OMG i’m loving this post and the amount of sane users here calling out pitbulls for what they are.


That dog must be shot


Any time I’ve seen videos of pitbull or dog attacks, the bystanders just try to pull the dog away from whatever its attacking. Why don’t people ever try to help by attacking the dog? I can’t imagine it be that hard to break a dogs jaw or spine.


There are videos showing EXACTLY what to do in a dog attack, and videos show what happens when you attack a dog that is attacking something else. Unless it is a lethal first hit like a gun shot, the dog will turn and attack you with just as much viciousness. But even with a gun you are just as likely to hit the other animal or another person in a dog fight. So what do you do? What is the technique everyome should know? If the dog has a collar, then stand over the attacking dog's hind legs and hold them in place, while also griping both hands around the collar and pull up on the collar with both hands while throttling your grip the same way you would throttle a motorcycle. In effect you are agressively strangling the dog and do not stop until the dog is limp. If the dog doesn't have a collar, the same technique but you can use a shirt or rope or anything available that you can loop under their neck. If you have to most dogs will be locked on and you can loop your arm under their throat and choke the dog from behind. Dog attacks with this technique are over in 30 seconds vs dog attacks going on and on for 10 min.


This right here. You just choke the dog out


It's actually pretty simple just throw the thing in a fucking rear naked choke hold until it stops


Well yeah but some dogs are squirmy, using a shirt would be easier and leave your hands slightly less exposed


Do you put a finger in their butthole before or after the dog is unconscious?




I just gave someone an award because of butthole joke and i don't regret it


that's why these dogs are nuts to begin with... /s


I’ve yet to see the butt hole technique used. I actually think it’s risky if you’re trying to help someone, the dog will whip around and grab your forearm and then there’s a new problem.


Lots of videos where people beat, punch and kick the pitbull with little to no effect. They will hold on despite major trauma being inflicted on them, that's part of what makes the breed so dangerous.


Fuck the collar, sink in a rear naked choke. I had to stop a pit bull from attacking my dog once and this is exactly what I did. Dogs are notorious shit at defending back takes and tucking their chin. Dramatic reenactment of me and the dog. https://jitsmagazine.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/08/roger-gracie-rear-naked-choke.jpg


Well first of all, guns are banned is most world countries, so usually are not an option. Second, it's very hard to get into a pitbull attack knowing that it can easily turn towards you and the pitbul can basically rip your face off. I don't blame anyone for not feeling able to help in these cases, to be honest


There really needs to be some type of a permit system for these breeds to weed out the casual buyers. As well, they should be muzzled 100% of the time outside of the owners home.


I agree completely. They have such potential for danger in the wrong hands. Hell, even with a good owner they can still be a serious danger to other animals.


Got a permit like that in my country, guess what ? Little thugs still get pit-bulls they can't/won't control, they just don't care about laws, any pit taken from them is quickly replaced and goes on to grow the number of un-adoptable dogs that end up either euthanized or "in jail for life". There are a lot of responsible owner who follow the law and neuter and muzzle their dogs, but most of the attacks come from dogs who aren't taken care of/aren't breed to be less aggressive. Yes pit and bully aren't to be put in every hands, they should at the very least be owned only by pro /trainers. The whole breed need a serious breeding screening, but as long as criminals reproduce and make money from these breeds it won't happen and there will be attacks


That’s good to know. I’ve always feared not knowing what to do in these situations.


What about a thumb into an eye socket? Seriously curious as you seem very well informed


I gotta ask though, what if the collar pops?




Hello just asking. What if you whack the nose? Does that do something?


Makes them more bitey.


> I can’t imagine it be that hard to break a dogs jaw or spine lmao it definitely is


Several videos of people doing just that. The one posted recently where the pitbull came and attacked a little girl one of the guys had a knife on him and ended up stabbing it a few times till it let go. Another one a bystander put the dog in a chokehold until it passed out. There are several options most people are just pussies.




And people STILL think breeding pitbulls is ok. LOL


It's always the pitbulls.


This is the third pit bull attack in one week so far; at least, on the subs I follow. Just yesterday there was video of a pit attacking a Husky - at A DOG SHOW ffs…Also, a Golden Retriever seeing-eye dog.


How sickening. All of this.. the dog, the poor man, the incident, the fact that someone filmed it...


Damn that guys arm was shredded and the dog seemed to like the taste of blood.. yeah I wouldn't have one of those dogs..


Are there way more pitbull attacks recently, or is it just popular so old ones are being posted?


I fu*king hate dogs!


Pitbulls need to be banned as a breed.


They actually are here in the UK and attacks still happen all the time. People get around it with a loophole by saying it's a "Staffy".


I was told they were banned in the UK


The U.K. defines "pit bull" differently to the U.S. In the U.K., a pit bull exclusively refers to the American Pit Bull Terrier, whereas in the U.S., it includes the American Pit Bull Terrier, American Staffordshire Terrier, Staffordshire Bull Terrier, American Bully, and sometimes the American Bulldog.


Hope that dog was killed


What?! Not a pit Bull. They are big babies 🤡


Every pitbull in the world should be neutered. No exceptions


This breed needs to be eradicated


Pit bulls are a shit breed and if you disagree fuck you


As an owner of a Pit, I’d shoot that one dead.


Why is that dog still breathing?


The dog is gonna die.


How long was the dog gnawing on the dude's arm!?! Hope that guy is left handed at least.


Seeing that man's arm might hust be the first time something like this has made me gasp


All pitbulls should be exterminated. Shit breed.


Such beautiful and gentle creatures


pitfalls, the dog that should not be


Let the breed die out already


Hope that evil fucker got put down along with the owner


animal lover here but fuck pit bulls et al. there is no place for them in this world. tired of the tHey aRE jUSt miSuNDerStOoD bullshit.


pitbulls, the dog that should not be


Why do people still own these dogs and why it it alive in this video?


Ban this dog


Ban the whole damn breed!


Damn this dog needs to be unalive


How is that dog still alive at that point? How sad.


I will admit it’s bad owners but they are an aggressive dog. My ex had one and once he started going he’d growl and shit.. That’s terrifying


It's important to keep in mind that bigger and stronger dogs are going to attract people who want that type of dog, for either benign or malicious reasons. No one who wants a guard dog gets a Chihuahua, nobody who wants to fight them would get a shih tzu. And big dogs have lots of energy. If they aren't given enough play time, it can manifest as agitation or aggression. Neutering status also plays a huge role in how sociable a dog may be. Also, a big dog that has been trained improperly (even with no official training, a dog is still "trained" by their owner, even if only subconsciously; i.e. they hear "outside" and think they get to go for a walk) will do a lot more damage than a smaller ones, so they tend to be a lot scarier when they get aggressive. Do you remember when he would "get going"? Was there something that triggered his growling and aggression? Or would it seem out of nowhere? Just asking for my own curiosity.


I agree with you completely but you’d be suprised what is considered an aggressive dog. Border collies are considered aggressive with children, because they try to herd literally everything and when the children dont respond in the way they are meant to, they get nippy.


When was the last time you heard of a Border collie killing a full-grown human? PitBulls kill full-grown horses. Other breeds bite and leave. Pitbulls bite and keep attacking all while taking the beating. These things literally keep going even after getting shot. They are not the same as Border collie (or) an "aggressive" Chihuahua. My cat is more aggressive than a Bengal Tiger. But that doesn't make it more dangerous than a Bengal Tiger.


I didnt say that, I said children. Whens the last time you actually read what someone wrote.


Let us know if you ever comes across a video of a Border, covered in human blood and being held back because the motherfucker is looking for dessert. Not even the same universe.


Not saying they do this to people, saying that he would be suprised what is considered aggresive lol. That being said about 10 years ago a deaf woman in melbourne lost her child to the family border collie because she couldnt hear his screams from the back yard.


Stupid ass breed, kill them all. Literally 70% of dog attacks are from pitbulls


But it’s just the owners fault. 🙄


Dont let this distract you from the fact while they are only 13% of dog population, pit vulls commit 53% of violent attacks




Awww!! Just another pit enjoying a much needed facial. Manis and pedis next! /s


yeah i think that thing needs to be put down. immediately.


Jesus why the fuck is that dog even still alive? I was a vegan for 4 years and I would have stabbed that fucker to death. I probably would have drawn it out too. this is why you should always keep a knife on you people(even if its a small one)


Man's best friend


Why is this dog still alive?


Could have been protecting someone's house from a home invasion. Never know


Pitbulls are the worst. I'm saying this from multiple personal experiences. What's crazy is how many people defend them.


But you'll have staunch pit bull owners saying it's the way the dog's raise not how the dog breed is. That is open for debate. Statistics point to pit bulls being overly aggressive and vicious.


They are also the most abused dog breed by a long shot. The people who do dog bite studies almost all come the same conclusion that it is not the breed that is the main factor


For that dog, its just another day and wouldnt mind going round 2. Disgusting breed.


Those damn dogs should be extinct


It looks like it was bred for this. Time To stop


If it ever happens snatch its eyes out


it doesn't stop them. There are videos out there of pits with both eyes out and they are still ripping the person or animal apart. I assume the quickest way to stop this attack would be choking the dog out, slicing its throat or disemboweling it.


Damn dogs go all out


I don't know if its all dogs. Pits seem to have an absurdly high pain tolerance due to the fact they were bred to fight. Absolute fucking monsters if you are on the wrong side of them.


It’s so fucked up that anyone would breed dogs for the purpose of fighting. Special place in hell for people who do that shit.


Murder mutt.


Good thing I haven’t seen a single pitbull where I live. One of the biggest pros of living in EU


Worked with pits for a year. When they bite you need breaking sticks to pry the jaws apart. Chocking, kicking or punching won’t work. You cut the throat, slide a knife in bellow the ear or have 3 strong people and breaking sticks.