I’m fine with the pick. He looked good when he played. That being said, our coaches didn’t use him well at all.


Draft square peg, play round hole. It’s ok. I agree with most that say Sauce would not be as good here. Mahomes wouldn’t be the same; Watson was the right pick. And that’s worked out pretty good. No complaints about Watson at all. Can’t think of any negatives.


I can think of at least 23 negatives


Allegedly over 40 negatives


Stingley never gave up a TD and has been solid. Sucks he got injured before some critical games, but I think if he has the right scheme alongside with a better D line, he will be even better. I just wish he could run man more often, but that’s up to our coaching staff ig.


Never gave up a TD? That dude from the Broncos had a career game against him?


On paper? Yeah Sutton is a hugely underrated and very talented WR who had over 100 yards against our secondary. However, in the actual game, Stingley only had like 3 plays vs Sutton that he gave up that were “big plays” but when Stingley played man against him, he matched up very well for the most. In the end zone specifically, Russ threw Sutton a guaranteed TD that he couldn’t pull in vs Stingley in man, so he went to Sutton again on the very next play who DID have the leverage over Stingley, this time, but somehow Stingley broke it up and the Broncos settled for 3. That pass break up in the end zone alone is something that very few corners can do against a taller, and extremely athletic WR like Sutton. It’s probably one of the best plays of our year tbh.


I feel pretty good about it. He was going to be rusty having not played for a while, but I was happy with how he played. He was extremely clutch in his redzone coverage. Sure, he had problem areas to work on but for a rookie playing one of the hardest positions in football he looked solid. People get too hung up on a guy looking like a star immediately. Is it nice? Sure but it's hardly the norm. Think about JJ Watt his rookie compared to JJ Watt his 2nd year. Or Duane Brown his rookie year compared to year 2.


Or Davis Mills his rookie year compared to his year 2. Am I doing it right?


Throw in Kareem Jackson, I think it took him 2 years to fill out.


Stingley is better than Sauce


Rookie corners are supposed to suck (Sauce is an outlier), we don’t run a scheme that fits him (fire Lovie and fuck Tampa 2), and there ain’t shit else on this roster, bad coaches and plays on an overall poverty franchise that does fuck all to try to win. Stingley’s gonna be elite along with Sauce. But I also don’t think our career killing franchise will be able to get the best out of him.


I’d hardly say that Stingley sucked though.


Exactly. He’s way above the curve for a rookie CB. Things are fine with him.


Need to let this man man up. Not a great zone fit. Considering our pass rush has been dog shit he’s having to be on an island a lot longer than Sauce and Wooten. Another reason why I think we saw him in zone so much.


I’m very worried about his durability


Played well given he was used in a way that went against his strengths. Given how he was a big part of a secondary that was probably the most improved group I think it’s still a good pick.


He looked solid.


Really starting coming into his own the last few weeks he played. He locked up devante adams and aj brown. I think if he can get past the injury bug, he'll be an elite CB.


I think he did much better than most rookie corners do.


Sauce would have been the safer pick. Stingley has the higher ceiling, but I'm skeptical whether he ever reaches it. Ok, flame away


More like Hamstringly Jr


He gets an "I" for incomplete. We still have no idea if he is going to be good enough.


Seems like he will be a Texan for at least one more year.


C grade for his rookie season. Hopefully he rebound and is healthy in year two.


Not overly optimistic about him being able to stay healthy in the future. The talent is definitely there.


He was the 3rd best rookie CB while being drafted #3 overall. Not a great return of investment so far.


That is more a reflection of the situation of the 3 than anything, not take away from Sauce and Wooten. They've done great jobs.


Stingley has been struggling a lot, he has been nowhere close to these two. You can't run away from the comparison, especially since Sauce was clearly CB1 pre draft. It was a "we are smarter than the field" pick and it has not been working out so far. Not to mention him only playing 9 games. Slice it however you want, it has been underwhelming year 1.


Where has he been struggling?


People can never answer this without pointing to PFF or other “analytics” made by people that don’t know what the play was.


"Sauce Gardner is the only CB born on February 29th in PFF history since 2021 to give up 0 catches on 5th downs while in cover 9 in the Eastern Time Zone during the Biden Administration"


I don’t think struggling is an accurate characterization. But he definitely did not play at the level of Sauce. But just looking at his play by itself I thought he did a good job in a defense that didn’t have a ton to support him and with coaches that weren’t able or willing to play him to his strengths. Big issue was the injury that’s concerning. I think it’s important he go out there next year and play 17 games. Or at least not miss more than 2-3 games.


It’s really hard to evaluate his individual effort in a team sport. I’m not defending him and I could see him being a bust for third overall, but I’m not ready to do that yet. This team is doo doo and once it gets better, the players get better too. A good Pass rush may very well make him look elite.


Just want you to know that I’ve no idea why people are downvoting you


Delusional homers. Nothing to worry about.


He might be mid (not unlike okudah now) but worst case is a bust. Too early to tell with CB. It's one of the tougher positions to judge because it takes a few years to get it down but also they don't have very long careers on average.


look at what you could have had and than tell me he was the guy this Texans team needed as opposed to everyone else. Personally I’m a fan of left tackles that rank in the top 10 their rookie years or WR who are clearly difference makers. Stingley vs Garret Wilson 1 on 1. Out of 100 how many does Wilson winning taking into account how hard it is to cover someone one on one in the nfl and Mills throwing the ball. Go through the complete route tree. Over under 70.


Hampered by poor pass rush, teams realized texans had poor run D so they ran the ball more often. Was put in a wrong system (zone coverage v press coverage). Future is still bright but he needs to be in the right system with the right kind of DC


He will end up being good and not great. Injury prone. And blew it by missing out on Sauce


what he brings to the table is more valuable compared to sauce given he continues to improve and can stay on the field. that will always be who he is compared to but as long as he is a great shutdown corner he will be worth the selection


I still hate the pick for all the reasons I hated it at the time, but Stingley is a stud, and I am not too concerned with his injury history (yet). We have put him in a pretty abysmal situation by not letting him play to his strengths enough and not putting enough pressure (until recently) on opposing QBs. This is one of the reasons that I am pro Jalen Carter, but we are also going to be getting more of the same scheme until we replace Lovie or at bare minimum force him to step out of the DC role and focus on being HC.


A Linsfranc injury only wears the person down over time so I am just not too bullish on that front. However when he was healthy, he was pretty good


Our last 1st round cornerback was \*horrible\* his first year here, but eventually developed into a fairly good player. Stingley is already as good as Kareem Jackson ever was imo, and is just getting started.


Wasn’t our last 1st round CB Kevin Johnson? Who was complete dogshit lol


Holy shit I honestly forgot he existed


I wish I could forget he ever existed lol