You typically don’t have the #1 pick bc you are awesome. 🤷‍♂️


A good QB can take a team from laughing stock to talk of the town pretty quickly.


And a terrible team can tank a rookie's entire career.


As a browns fan that's what we do, lol




The qb still needs the pieces there though. All we’ve got is Pierce


It's amazing what a good qb can do in terms of making everyone around him better. You're not wrong but he should elevate every part of the offense.


Name the last top 5 QB pick that really elevated a shit team.


Dang! 2 days and no responses… isn’t that something?


Yep. Tbh, you see an article like this every year regarding the hot Heisman probable quarterback and the number one overall pick. Dude could've copy and pasted from many other articles I've seen


It comes with sucking


Did I miss something? Last time I checked we were up 24-0 against the Chiefs in the divisional


We like to joke about it but that day really was devastating :l


I was deadass jumping up and down like a fucking 5 year old shouting we're going to the super bowl over and over at 24-0. When Bob called that fake punt I knew we were done. Still haven't fully mentally recovered from that one.


One day we will have a great QB! And he won’t be a rapist! And we will rejoice


*sad Matt Schaub noises*


Don’t worry, he’s preparing a career comeback by throwing pick sixes in the desert in solitude for the last couple years


Schaub goes to throw a slow-ball outlet pass to the training dummies on his right and left on a spectacular desert vista in northwest Arizona. Then he hears a "Meep! Meep!" and sees a blue roadrunner taking the ball back the other direction heading for the end zone for six. This has been happening every day for 8 years now, but still he persists, because he knows that somewhere, a team needs him to ruin their playoff run.


This really should have more upvotes




Wouldn't that be something... (Signed, in solidarity, a Browns fan.)


Bengals fan here, they said the same shit about us when it came time to draft Joe Burrow. Teams get the number 1 pick for a reason, don't listen to all the media BS.


Needed to hear this today lol.


Honestly very impressed with how fast the Bengals turned things around


> Houston is a laughingstock. The Texans have won four games in back-to-back seasons and probably isn't going to sniff four wins this season. There's not a lot on the roster to build around after the Bill O'Brien regime traded many picks and whiffed on others. The Texans moved off of controversial former executive vice president of football operations Jack Easterby in a sudden firing earlier this season, and that probably isn't a bad thing. But anyone watching the Texans the past couple weeks knows this team is a mess, it looks like it is ready to be done with the season and there's not a lot of hope for it all turning around anytime soon. Good luck, Bryce. You're going to need it. It's just so so tiring.


i like how we also had a franchise quarterback turned sex offender was conveniently left out


Don’t see his name on the sex offender registry


What a stupid hill to die on


A concerning amount of people on Reddit (hell, the internet holistically) enjoy being *technically* correct, because in their real lives they are painfully insecure about their own intelligence.


it's the people that think that the government gets to determine absolute right and wrong. Wasn't brought up on criminal charges by the local authorities? He did nothing wrong end of story


Some people just legit hate women.


U hate women


I don’t beLIEve Instagram thots Lying for money. Like women don’t want millionaires and athletes.😂your just a simp who can’t get women with out placating them


"Rich man with good lawyer is able to avoid criminal charges by paying off victims" Na, I've never seen that headline before, I don't think it actually happens. Our justice system is rock solid


Just like trump and Hilary clinton


Says a Texans fan


To bad I’m not dead


Lol at your comments getting deleted. Your troll game is weak pal


Found the Cleveland fan trolling the sub for the week.


Nah we don’t claim him. I just don’t think he has any tack.


You can just look at their comment history to get a good approximation on if they are a Cleveland fan. They seem to exclusively post in this sub or the Dallas Mavericks sub, the latter of which they unsurprisingly [defend Kyrie Irving](https://www.reddit.com/r/Mavericks/comments/ykacmk/begley_the_brooklyn_nets_had_cursory_talks_with/iut6t0b/?utm_source=share&utm_medium=ios_app&utm_name=iossmf&context=3).


Says the guy who whines about facism if he ain’t crying about football players. Your the one in the Cleveland browns sub not me I haven’t made one comment.


I’d like to see more flairs on the sub, like one for “Discussion”, another for “Questions” (because some people will ask tailgating questions and the like) and “Fan Art” to name a few. Stuff like that might encourage more participation on the sub, because some days it feels like only 2 or 3 things get posted. That’s your comment on fan art. Boy go get a life


Not a Cleveland fan


Only because he's rich and could afford a good lawyer. If dude was a truck driver or something, he'd be in prison right now. That's a fact


As a Jags fan, I feel your pain. Just know that there’s a light at the end of the tunnel, we went from the worst team in the league last year to a one-score fighter that has a big opportunity next year. Hold out, and if you get Bryce Young, that’ll motivate the coaching staff to invest in some better players.


We had a hell of a run before we embraced the tank. With good draft picks and FA signings, we’re probably a decent place to come if your contract is 4 years. If we don’t make it back, please make Cal sell the team, although I don’t think he’s majority owner.


His mom is majority owner, so he sort of is by proxy.


Yeah well in today’s NFL turn-a-rounds are not as hard as they use to be. Draft well for 2 cycles and sign a couple of FAs and you can be competitive. It helps if you get yourself a good Coach…look at Miami. Perennial mediocre team who sucked and now looks pretty dam good.


no to mention the shot at us taking Sting over Sauce


Go tell him to fuck off on Twitter. It’ll make you feel a little better. https://twitter.com/yahooschwab/status/1596979784092770304?s=46&t=hXqcrM-eRaCgnjcv6BnmYw


Bad decisions got us here, good decisions will get us out. This hot take is designed to punch down and irritate, but it’s not bad for ownership to be reminded how terrible the perception of this franchise is around the league.


For being right?


For being a dick


Nah, if the team wants to not be made fun of they should try not being a dumpster fire. Stop carrying water for this garbage franchise.


Y'all act like we were supposed to make a superbowl run this year. 😂🤡 The only thing we've been doing is trimming the fat (bad players on bad contracts) and adding young talent through the draft. We don't have cap space til next year when all the contracts are off the books. BoB is still fucking us this season. We can potentially hit in the draft and sign decent FA's to further plug holes. We won't be semi-competitive til 2024 and that's always been the case. That's always been the gameplan.


There’s a giant ass canyon between Super Bowl contenders and the Texans. I expected us to be bad, I didn’t expect us to be unwatchable.


Ride or die man


Same article is written every time a team is in a rebuild


It's not. This type of article is written about constantly dysfunctional teams. Not just teams in a rebuild. About teams that make shit coaching hires, bad roster moves, and have a front office that doesn't know what it's doing


I mean, it is what it is. The Texans have made the playoffs 27% of the time over the course of 21 years. They have never won a divisional round game and the only playoff wins were over the bengals, raiders with a backup QB and the bills with rookie Josh Allen. They have squandered away hall of fame caliber players careers and made some of the dumbest personal moves in the nfl. Even more hilarious, assuming we have the first pick this year we will have had the number 1 selection 4 times, matching the total playoff wins. When we make that pick we will have selected in the top 3 as many times as we have made the playoffs. The Texans have NEVER been a serious threat to any contender and that’s evidenced by them shitting the bed in almost every big game we have been involved in. Those sportswriters shit on us because we deserve it.


At least you’ve *seen* playoff wins… -Lions fan


At least you have won in the divisional round.


Before I was born, yeah. Haven’t been back to the divisional round since


I get it, but they went.


While I don’t doubt the locker room is in bad shape right now how is some random writing a copy paste article about the worst team in the league indicative of that? This article gets written every time a QB’s ready to go first overall. Also there was that decade where we won 6 division titles so not sure I’d say two decades


They said all the same stuff and more about burrow to the Bengals but he actually seems happy to be in Cincy. F the media they just want him in a big market, I'm sure he will be happy in texas.


He’s happy cause he’s in Ohio. Those people are obsessed with their state more than Texans love texas(maybe). All his family is close and he knows he would be a day one superstar. Bryce is from cali.


This is stupid. Two decades? 2010s we had some good, almost great teams. 2011 and 2012 would have been better if Schaub hadn't been hurt. BOB sucked as GM but he did a lot with not great QBs until you-know-who got drafted. And his teams did well too. The idea the franchise has always sucked bc they didn't make or win a super bowl is the dumbest take possible. The 2010-19 texans were similar to the late 80s/ early 90s Oilers. Talented teams who couldn't get past the divisional round. Winning is hard, who knew? There are franchises that have been in far worse shape for far longer than this one has.


No it’s not. We have had two pretty good stretches of winning consistently.


Yeah the Texans were consistently above average and good from when Kubiak was the coach until BoB became GM.


Until Bob became gm…


Yeah, we were above average! 9-7 baby!


Lions fan here….Trust me I know and feel your pain


They hit the jags with this same song and dance when Trevor was coming. Fuck em


Trevor was actually good with potential. Don’t compare the two. Young will need the best OL and WR core in the NFL to have any success. Guy doesn’t know what to do when he doesn’t have 10 seconds to throw the ball.


Trevor Lawrence had a fairly lackluster last year at Clemson. He regressed a bit as teams adjusted to him. He was clear #1, but as evidenced, he had a lot of adjustments to make to be a capable NFL starter. Their penultimate college years and last years are fairly similar in some ways.


Trevor poor year can be chalked up to poor coaching and ownership. Guy never was taught to play in the NFL till this year.


You’re the reason people complain about the lack of real discussion around Young in this sub. I don’t really want us to pick him either, but now I want him to go 1.1 just so you’ll be pissed off


Cry some more since no one can make a good reason to draft him. They all knows he’s going to fail in the NFL but dug themselves a hole thinkings he’s the guy. Bunch of morons like you.


>cry Ironic


Very disrespectful and even more so because this is a football state.


But he's not wrong. What about this current organization makes you think he can be developed properly?


Same things were said about the Bengals, Dolphins, Bills, Jets etc


It took all of those but the jets 20 years to rebuild. The jets had that one year they made the AFC title game and have been continuous shit


Yeah it's really wild seeing people name drop these teams because I don't think anyone here really wants to wait 20 years to win their next playoff game.


Fuck ‘em


Somewhere, Jacksonville is hiding in a corner.


This team needs to be nuked from orbit. If cal doesn’t sell at least fully rebrand. Keep caserio and shit can everyone else


Well, Yahoo!Sports is like the Yahoo!News of sports...


I remember when they said the same thing about the Browns, Jags, Jets, Giants, Bengals, Bills, Rams, Chargers and Lions. This article is nothing new and I’m willing to bet this guy has it saved off somewhere in his computer so he can go in next year and just change the names of the QB and Team.


There were similar Trevor Lawrence articles for both the Jets and Jaguars, and the year before that there were Burrow articles for the Bengals. It's pretty much every year now and just another way for people to shit on bad teams while pretending to not be mean spirited. After all, if they're coming at it from a perspective of just wanting the best for a player they must be good people and impartial reporters right? The state of sports journalism is embarrassing.


I mean 3 years ago we had a talented young QB we drafted make back to back playoff appearances, this writer is a loser


I hate these articles man. Their gonna start the whole " If I'm Bryce Young I pull an Eli Manning" Narrative. we SUCK we all see that shit But maybe I'm crazy I'd rather bottom out and get Bryce than win 6 games and be stuck with Will Levis and another year of Lovie and Pep. I know this season has been trash and hard to watch and Deshaun is gonna light us up. But if Bryce is a Houston Texan and grows into what Trevor Lawerence and Joe Burrow are its WORTH it.


This guy is basically saying things that many people in this sub agree with yet everyone in here seems angry about it? The 2 main points are the team/org is a dumpster fire (it is) and that Bryce Young or any other rookie QB is going to get "ruined" because the team is that bad (debatable).


Only we can insult our dumpster fire.


Yeah, but we're fans, we're allowed to storm the gates of our own castle. As soon as an outsider comes to storm the gates we're gonna turn around and defend them. Nature of the beast


It's also a situation where if a local Houston sportswriter were doing this, maybe we'd give them the benefit of the doubt because they've been observing the Texans firsthand for years or decades. This writer is based in Colorado. BoB dug us into a hole and depleted our roster. Watson screwed us because he couldn't hire a prostitute and leave the massages to the Texans' sports training staff who are paid to give professional massages.


I can talk shit about my family, but if someone else does, it’s go time. Same thing here…


We’d be a lot less of a dumpster fire w a qb like Bryce Young followed by a solid draft.


I feel like it will 2 more drafts at least, we are bad across the board and one more offseason isn't going to fix it.


We all knew what this season would be like before it started didnt we?? I don’t understand the sudden anger from our fan base.


We knew that we were not going to be good, but noone expected it to be THIS bad


I’m sure Bryce knows what he’s getting himself into when he’s seen as a top QB prospect Even then it’s not like we’re dropping him into the exact same team we have now with all the capital we’re about to have. We even have one of his old receivers


It's an organization with a bad culture and a reputation for losing games and ignoring red flags from players' personalities.


Cue national media shitting on the Texans leading up to the draft


Isn’t the entire point of the draft pick order to help level the playing field between teams?


Yeah, but right now it feels like they're dangling a 20 foot rope over a 100 foot cliff


That’s true. Maybe in a few years the Texans will be a decent team.


I have faith, we're at least heading in the right direction even if right now it feels like we went backwards this season


Lions fan here. We get it


Beaten but this gets said legitimately every time, not worth caring about.


They said this about the Bengals, Jets, and Jaguars too


Good to see the national media still has a hate boner for Houston. This argument can be said about any #1 pick, that’s why the worst team can get the best young player available.


They were saying the same things about the Jets, Browns, Dolphins and all of those teams have made good progress. It takes more talent and WAY better coaching than what the Texans have now to get out of slump buster status.


People get so so preoccupied with winning and losing. I just don’t get it.


A terrible team drafting the Heisman winning and probably best available quarterback in the draft to better themselves? What stupid douchebags. /s


If Bryce refuses to play for us the way Eli did with San Diego, I will not be surprised


No matter who the worst team is this same type of story gets posted about "insert top QB going to insert bad team". I wouldn't read too much into it.


Poor frank schwab born with those hair genes


Already making excuses for the guy.


The Texans issues a QB can’t fix . These are the same issues that took Carr #1 overall in 2002 . The same issues that wanted to hold on to Carr after it was clear that he wasn’t any good and passed on Aaron Rogers twice in 2005 . The Texans are a marketing company with a football team and arrogance led them to believe the fans would always be there . They lost like 25k of people who were on the waiting list for tickets .