I have the matte carbon fiber oem style from rpm tesla


This one. Will never go wrong.


How’s it holding up? Peeling off?


Been on since Dec 2020 no issues!


Well, maybe I’ll get one. This OEM keeps peeling on the right side. Thanks.




I have the matte CF from Hansshow. There are a lot of discount codes out there so this seemed to be the best deal. I replaced the provided adhesive with stronger 3M strips I got off Amazon. Very happy with it.


Weird question but why does this car need a spoiler?


More for aesthetics, so really your personal preference. I think a spoiler adds visual interest to the larger rear of the MY. And a sportier look overall.


They are meant to push the back down against the road to improve traction in light fast cars. No reason to have them on a Tesla. They actually hurt aerodynamics and you get worse mileage.


Not spoilers. You are talking about wings. Wings add downforce but also increase drag. Spoilers, when designed correctly, improve bulk airflow and reduce drag. Check out the Unplugged Performance whitepaper.


I‘m thinking about getting one for when i inevitably forget about the height of a garage somewhere. Its way cheaper to fix that if i dent the hood if it crashes into the ceiling 😅 Also its a nice optical detail i think. At least on the white long range.


Makes them faster


Unplugged Performance released a whitepaper on the effects of the spoiler. It showed that the Tesla OEM shaped Performance Spoiler actually improves the car's efficiency by a few percentage points. UPP also sells their own spoiler design which they claim improve efficiency better than Tesla OEM. Spoilers, when designed correctly, legitimately improve the performance of your car. Just stay away from those cosmetic spoilers that look cool but disrupt airflow. I'm assuming that Tesla designed the Performance Spoiler that way because they can't integrate that shape onto the trunk metal body panel. The required spoiler shape is too sharp and skinny. Also, take note of the difference between spoilers and rear wings. The former reduces drag. The latter increases downforce but also increases drag.