Is having a car helpful at TU and if so, what for?

Incoming freshman question


I didn’t bring it first semester and then had it for the last 3.5 years. Never paid for parking. Once you learn the parking patterns and where spots are it’s fairly easy. If it’s a newer car I’d probably leave it home, but I had an older car that I didn’t car if it got bumped or scratched. Was able to do Uber and Lyft to pay my rent too. Being able to drive to good grocery stores and run out to grab things easily instead of having them shipped and stolen off our porch off campus was great.


Matters on who you are. I am from Virginia and only go home during breaks - and since I live in the city 24/7 I walk, bike, SEPTA everywhere with relative ease. If you're someone going home to the suburbs often, or need to get to somewhere not accessible by public transit I would bring your car. Personally, I think it fun to at least try city life without a car!


I’m international but I have family in places. So a car may be necessary to go to south Philly, nj or Virginia since that’s where my families at I guess.


You won’t need a car to go to south Philly.


Yeah more about the other places tbh


The trains are pretty helpful! I think Septa goes to some locations in Jersey and Amtrack might have some locations in Virginia. I brought a car my junior year and it’s pretty easy to get a parking pass from PPA if your car is registered to your apartment. Unfortunately, mine was not and I did get a couple parking tickets on occasion but I think less than $100 for the two years I parked (which is significantly cheaper than campus parking) My car was broken into once and it was literally the day after I graduated, but I didn’t really have anything valuable in it and I only needed to get a side mirror replaced. It was super helpful to have a vehicle for groceries and my friends and I went to Atlantic City a couple of times. Ultimately, if you have a dorm and meal plan, it’s not necessary. If you have an apartment, it’s still not necessary but can be fun and helpful!


Imo it’s not necessary. Public transportation is part of what makes Temple great. If you need to go to VA or NJ, amtrak is always an option depending on where you need to get to in those states. I’ve heard too many stories of people getting their cars stolen, scratched, dented, etc. I just don’t think it’s worth the risk when you have Septa close by.


Heard, thanks.


not needed as freshman. bring it to campus sophomore year




Bad bot. First year is only used at hogwarts and other places that don't exist.


If you live on campus or real close to campus you definitely don't need know car everything you need is literally in walking distance or a short bus ride.if you do get a car you definitely gotta worry about car break ins and parking


I’ve had my car on campus for the last two years and imo it’s been very helpful. I live off campus at UV so I use it to go grocery shopping, travel home, and also to take my friends places. It’s also super useful if you can’t get home by bus or train so you don’t have to wait for someone to pick you up.


I spent 13 semesters at temple, 12 of which I lived on or just off campus (the final one I commuted from fishtown only a mile away). I kind of went back and forth with having my car, sometimes it makes sense other times it doesn’t. I’ve always been able to easily get anywhere with septa, so even semesters I *did* have my car I didn’t use it too often. The only time it truly made sense to have it, would’ve been when I lived in an apartment on norris that had no w/d, so I’d have to drive home to the burbs every couple of weeks to do laundry…otherwise it’s kinda a pain because Philly driving can be stressful (and so can finding a spot if you don’t buy garage access). I’d also note that, if you want your car just in case but don’t think you’ll need to drive much (and can afford an extra $400 a semester) I’d say just get a liacouras/Montgomery pass, you won’t have to check on it as much as you would if you leave it on a street somewhere, and you’ll always be guaranteed a spot when you come back if you ever do have to drive somewhere. Tl;dr…if you’ll regularly need to get somewhere that’s not near septa, bring the car; if not it might not make sense. Just evaluate your situation and decide based on what seems best.


Dont bring it to campus my guy as alumni. You can literally travel the entire city by subway and train. Ive been living in philly for almost 5 years I have a car now the only time I use it is when I travel to virginia. But I left my car at home because there was no need of it cause I could use subway, trolley, and the line so its very easy to get everywhere


Even though the pass is 400 a semester, it's totally worth it if it's a new car and you don't want dings, scratches or etc happening. It's useful for grocery shopping, going out, going back home and it served it's purpose for me anyway


Nah. You can get around Philly pretty easily through public transit or with a bike. Fresh grocer is right on campus so you don't have to go far for food either


I park my car in the garage and use it to drive to work and to drive home (out of state) on some weekends and school breaks. I’m also a nursing student so I need it for clinicals.


It’s only helpful if you pay the $400 semester pass for the parking garage otherwise it’s just stressful having the car on the street.


400 a semester. Fucking scammers holy shit. By the end you’ll have paid enough to get another car 💀


This is a very good price for safe parking in the city. Think of it as $100/month. Parking spots in center city go for easily $250 monthly


It’s not really a scam. They really just want to discourage people from parking on campus. That’s been their official stance since at least 2012. I remember taking a campus tour for an accepted students day and they had the tour guides telling us we shouldn’t bring a car because there was no need to.


I see. That make more sense. I didn’t plan on getting a car but this confirms it for me more. Thanks


Nah, that's a good deal for any major Northeast/mid-Atlantic city. Check rates for a monthly space in Philly, DC, NY. You'll be surprised how much a tight outdoor spot can be. An indoor secure garage space is going to come at a premium.


100% great for getting grocery’s and going to see family. I also stay in Philly for the summer so having a car to go on quick beach trips is always useful


Very useful. I enjoy taking my charger red-eye hellcat Challenger scat pack and doing donuts on broad every Saturday night


I use mine a lot but that’s because my job is in NJ on the weekends. Unless you’re in my situation or wanting to go home to visit often I don’t think a car is necessary, especially since I’ve had mine vandalized, it’s a risk but for me personally I think it’s worth it.


Had mine from Sophomore year to senior year. Was awesome minus all the parking tickets I got. Being able to drive to grocery store and around the city was really beneficial. Just be aware your car and tires will get dinged up, and don’t leave visible valuables in the car. Other than that I highly suggest it


i think it’s really useful, you may not need it freshman year though. be prepared for it to get beat up- i’ve had my window smashed, side mirror taken off, and my back bumper has been hit on three separate occasions- taking out the tail light twice. this is all in the course of less than a year. i would chock most of that up to bad luck but also be prepared to walk up to your car with a new ding or scratch every so often. the garage is nice but expensive. there’s lots of free parking and if you end up living off campus certain streets have residential parking passes. they’re like 35 bucks a year for free 24/7 parking. also make sure to always leave your car empty- people will break into it for next to nothing.


💀 you’ve had it rough my guy. Sorry


Sell ur car Get a motorcycle


Depends on what you’re doing frfr. If you plan on going to places far off campus that you can’t access by septa, I’d say bring it. If you’re just going to leave it sitting around, it might not be worth the investment


Honestly only bring your car if you plan on driving back home often or if you like to explore places outside of the city on the weekend. I have my car here and I use it a couple times a month but that’s only when I’m being lazy or want to leave the city. Also parking on the streets is free depending on the street but sometimes it’s frustrating trying to find a spot close to wherever you are living. If you do decide to bring it remember to keep the inside clean at all times and never leave anything out that could catch someone’s attention to steal. Having your car here gives you one more thing to be anxious about. I would only bring it if you really think you’re gonna use it.


i bring my car cuz i work but if you aren't working and just staying on campus you probably won't need it


It's good for getting stolen


Everyone’s case is different but in my case, my house is close enough to campus where I can just leave the car home and not worry about parking or having it broken into, but also be able to use it if needed. I did have the car on campus for a moment in time until it got towed and broken into the same week (luckily not stolen). It depends where you want/need to go. If you’re staying within Philly or traveling between other major cities, you have public transit and Amtrak. If you’re going outside the cities or to heavily car centric areas, it helps significantly.


If you’re commenting to campus sure but if you’re on campus I don’t really see the point. Amtrak takes you pretty far and there’s also greyhound busses for spots that amtrak doesn’t hit. Regional rail, subway, busses and uber are also an option for areas near/ just outside of the city. I’d say skip it freshman year and if you find yourself really needing it bring it next year


It was nice having my car on campus for 2 years to drive to grocery stores/different areas of Philly/out of the city. I wouldn't recommend as a freshman.


No. Subway on one side and regional septa train on the other side. Anywhere you would want to go on campus is within a 10 minute walk usually, anywhere you'd want to go in the city is significantly faster via public transportation, and the subway fee is only like 2 bucks for any distance. Not worth the crazy expensive parking fees to have a car around. If your parent's home is within range of an Amtrak station, 30th St station is also accessible with just the subway, and the stop is literally right across the street from the train


brother i did not get my license until after graduating, no car is extremely viable in the city, especially if you're fairly local to begin with.


After your first year, bring your wheels you’ll make your life much easier