Tekken 7 new player experience

Tekken 7 new player experience


Hey if you’d like to learn a lot of the small details and mechanics of tekken 7 I’d suggest avoidingthepuddle’s tekken tutorials playlist on yt to get started, it’s what I watched when I first got into tekken 7. [Tekken 7 Tips For Beginners - Breaking Throws](https://youtu.be/m4em9HzrwFI) and just incase you don’t know, whenever you look up a combo vid (because I didn’t know) 1,2,3,4 corresponds to X,Y,A,B in that order, and ws means while standing, and wr means while running. Hope this helps a lil bit :D


Highest rank is shown atleast on PS4 by pressing the touchpad, it displays your and opponents connection and highest rank on the bottom right after you get matched. Avoiding the puddle is good. From there on you will tekken youtubers on your own and then start to learn stuff slowly as you encounter them.Like Korean backdash(kbd) is a high execution version of backdash but is needed only at or after orange ranks.Slowly you will discover you characters strengths your strengths and then just practice practice practice and then maybe in 2 years you will git gud but it's the journey thats fun.