Are you as sick of spamming chars as me?

Are you as sick of spamming chars as me?


To be honest, I like matching up with spammers because they teach you how to counter those moves. You keep getting hit? That's fine. Keep rematching and learn the pattern of the move. Eventually, you'll be able to react or know what exactly to do. Don't worry. Keep playing, you'll get in the groove. Patience plays a big role in tekken.


How dare u throw nina and lei in there...ok maybe nina with her feints.


Just make it clear in your mind ,this game is tough, it will take a few years to fit good and lab half an hour to an hour to characters you keep getting bodied from , eventually ,I said eventually you will start to get rounds on them and then even matches.Its a process man ,if you can't handle it then just play with your friends.Patience is the key.


Tekken was always spammy, You will get used to it. Tekken 7 is very frustating because spamming is more rewarding trough frames than it was in Tekken 6 or Tag 2. Learning frames was never as important as it is now, because you rely a lot on counter dmg. In my opinion damage is way off in Tekken 7. Some chars just hit so much harder and faster than others do, giving you not enough response time, especially with the slow networking online.