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OMG all I can think of is Johnny Bark’s Emu living in Lucille Bluth’s apartment.


Maybe they're just there for a day or two before they're being moved to Michaels farm


I hope she finds all the happiness she deserves, and even gets lucky enough to find herself her own David.


Or the noise!!




She’s out of her mind. Also Sophia’s boa constrictor went missing in the apartment? That place is a mad house


How do you lose a whole ass BOA?! And in an apartment! Jesus god Farrah!


They will let themselves out if you don’t have locking tank doors/lids and can fit in to shockingly small spaces.


My neighbor had (outdoor) peacocks and they scream really loud.


Chicken and (former) peacock owner! They are loud as hell. I adopted an old man and his two ladies for their final years. He passed first, and then his mates did. Holy hell, though. Louder than roosters.


That was my first thought! Peacocks are loud as fuck! I like hearing Roosters though. Our neighbors have one and I enjoy him. I like when I leave the chicken enclosure at my sister in laws house and the roosters crow at me after the door shuts.


True life is stranger than fiction


*inside* the apartment??


she hasn’t thought of the smell. Or the mess.


Peacocks are loud as fuck I would be so pissed 😂


My co worker has several (on her 20 acres of land, not an apartment). She said they scream like babies but 100x louder and more shrill. I don’t know if that’s accurate but I’m imagining that in an apartment building and I’m 💀


I never knew peacocks screamed, that's wild. The mental image I'm getting from that is pretty funny though.


That’s probably the only want to describe it haha. Just SREAMING 😂


No doubt. I couldn’t fathom having them on my half acre “estate,” much less having them indoors. Where are they pooping and getting exercise?


Imagine 10mins in her mind


I'm imagining it's like Ethan Kraft's mind *Blowing wind intensifies*


I wish I could






hey quick question what the fuck?????????????????,


Why is she always doing the most with random animals and pissing off neighbors lol never forget Starburst 💓




I pray shes not harming those birbs. fuck farrrah! even the birb community is not safe.


She is. They're living indoors crammed in a cage together.


She's probably running out of ideas for OF and is gonna start filming herself with the animals 🤮


Please delete this before she gets any ideas 😩🤢


Wtf. Peacock squawks sound exactly like someone being murdered.


The peacock were a cover for when she moans and squacks on only fans..


Farrah is fucking nuts. I hope this is true. Lmao


Just a reminder: Birds in Austin, TX are supposed to be kept in an enclosure that is big enough for them to turn around in and lay down naturally. Fowls (of two or more) are supposed to be kept in an enclosure that is at least 50 feet from a residence or business. And that covers chickens, ducks, turkeys, goose, and guinea hen. Its not clear if that covers peafowls as well, but peafowls are obviously birds that need to spend time outside. One cannot have noisy animals in an apartment in Austin. She is in an apartment, i highly doubt this is allowed by her building manager(s)/owner(s). [source](https://library.municode.com/tx/austin/codes/code_of_ordinances?nodeId=TIT3ANRE)


So Farrah might be running a fowl of the law, and might wind up a gel bird.


Did she potty train the peacocks or were they running around the apartment crapping in weird places? Remember the time she tried to potty train Candy and ended up giving it to the downstairs neighbor so she could move to Florida and get another dog? She’s a mess. Also, do peacocks poop like chickens? Because.. that could get gross really quickly.


She had both of them in a tiny cage together ☹️


That’s terrible! She’s the worst.


Yup. She’s a chronic animal abuser.


I'll never understand why she gets animals when she clearly has never been an animal person or even like...registers that they're alive, have needs, and feeings.


The most shocking thing about this article is that she can afford renting a luxury apartment.




Did she not think they would hear them? They sound like someone is literally yelling “help” while being murdered.


Video of peacocks doing peacock sounds https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y1htSZrHp9Q


She’s an animal hoarder


No shit. I know a few peacocks. They are loud screeching assholes.


Why was this deleted & reposted? Lol


OP is mad I’m posting the article in the comments. She works for The Sun and thinks I’m trying to steal all her likes. Never mind the amount of users who don’t want to give places like The Sun clicks or read through a ton of ads to try and read the article. Oh and she accused me of plagiarism and called me pathetic.


Plagiarism? I- someone who writes articles doesn’t know the definition of plagiarism?


She also accused me of copyright infringement. It's not like she has access to literally the *ENTIRE INTERNET* to post her articles. And truth be told, those articles would end up here posted by other users anyway.


The Sun is a trash rag. Look at how they treated the Liverpool fans after the Hillsborough disaster. The paper should've been scrapped along with the News of the World.


I accidentally deleted my comment thanking you for that in the original post when i was trying to edit my comment 🥴 and came back to read more about the snake & the post was gone. I really appreciate you providing the content of the article bc i don't want to visit the sun's site lol. Also thats ridiculous, karma points on here don't mean anything. ETA: OP's been around for awhile, i'm sure they are familiar with the overall consensus on the concept of clickbait & why the users of this sub are annoyed with it (not saying OP's content is clickbait, but the concept of wanting all of us to click over to it makes us uncomfortable or annoyed). If a mod hadn't copy/pasted then another user would've done it, too 🤷🏻‍♀️. No one is taking credit for the words they wrote by copy/pasting the content of the article. Users do the same thing when The Ashley articles are posted, i doubt she is upset over it lol.




Peacocks have the most irritating howl, yes I'm going to call it a howl because it's that freaking loud. Just wait until they get bigger and louder, she won't want them anymore


What would you want to live with a pair of giant birds? Peacocks are assholes and smell awful. Being trapped with one is stuff of literal nightmares, yet she is voluntarily doing it with her kid in the apartment.






When you first came to me personally and asked if you could post your articles, I said yes but be prepared that users might not like it and if you attacked users, you would be banned. So either stop or you’re going to be banned. And for the record, a lot of information that YOU take is theft from this subreddit. This mod isn’t taking your article and getting credit for it. She is posting it because people see your username and complain about your articles.


Wow, ya learn something new every day. Guess I know which username and which article links to avoid.


Don’t you worry, she ended up being banned. Looks like she’s spamming r/teenmom now.


Damnit I wish I had gold for you!!!!!


I got you!




You can’t even keep peacocks outside, they are notorious for flying away. It’s animal cruelty to keep them inside an apartment!


Exactly. How is this even possible to keep wild birds like this in an apartment? Is the management aware of the amount of animals living there? Can you imagine being Farrah’s neighbor? ![gif](giphy|THkt9SDiLDEOW2G2Zj|downsized)


She kept them both in a small, crammed cage no less. She’s an animal abuser. Fuck Farrah.


I kept some baby chicks in until it was warm enough to put them outside… and it was not fun. I can’t imagine keeping peacocks inside .


There’s a pair near me and they’re all over the neighborhood. I’ve seen them at the school playground. Same with the chickens.


I would love this. I get so excited to spot random wildlife!


Move to my neighborhood there’s deer roaming around at all hours of the day. There’s a pack of wild turkeys that terrorize the dogs. The free range chickens and geese cause traffic because they refuse to move. The turtles make my yard their home. The snakes love my garage. There’s a pair of swans at the neighborhood lake that are actually very chill. There’s a bear that’s been spotted in the woods but I have yet to spot them. Best of all this is all happening just minutes away from a large US city. The bird watching is good here too. Keep an eye out for your small dogs though there’s tons of vultures, hawks, and bald eagles.


Wow this is absolutely atrocious. I hate her for this. Her animal hoarding needs to stop. She’s a nasty, selfish person through and through. I hope someone has reported this to Animal Control so these poor birds can be removed.