**Full article:** EDIT: Farrah wrote a word salad of a review for her apartment complex that was written about one month after the fire. It has been deleted but u/dogfoodis snagged and posted a screenshot [here](https://www.reddit.com/r/TeenMomOGandTeenMom2/comments/yjl4fp/farrahs_word_salad_review_of_her_apartment_in/?utm_source=share&utm_medium=ios_app&utm_name=iossmf). Farrah has also posted a new Yelp review for a taxidermist, which in traditional Farrah style, is a mess and a gold mine for flairs. You can find that review [here](https://www.reddit.com/r/TeenMomOGandTeenMom2/comments/yjngn8/farrah_wrote_another_review_this_time_for_a/?utm_source=share&utm_medium=ios_app&utm_name=iossmf) According to the local fire department, Teen Mom Farrah's luxury Austin property went up in flames after a lit candle ignited her patio furniture one night in September. The Austin Fire Department confirmed they responded to Farrah's home around 12:30 am on September 9. The blaze began when "a candle knocked over and caught a chair on fire," a fire department spokesperson told The U.S. Sun. The AFD deemed that the fire was an accident, and no investigator was called to the scene. A source familiar with the incident said that the former MTV star moved into the luxury apartment building in early August- just one month before the incident. "Farrah left a lit candle unattended on her patio after she went inside and fell asleep," the source claimed. "Her patio furniture caught fire and set off the sprinkler systems, the fire department was called, and part of the building was evacuated at approximately 12:30 am," the source added, though the AFD was unable to confirm the evacuation. The source confirmed that Farrah's daughter Sophia, 13, was in the apartment at the time of the fire. Fortunately, neither Farrah nor Sophia were injured in the incident. The building suffered significant damages, the source claimed, though Farrah still appears to live at the property. Farrah has not yet responded to The U.S. Sun's request for comment.


It says she got her dog that Sophia threw over a balcony...it was stuffed and now Farrah says it looks like it was hit by a car and scared....thats what happens when you throw a dog over a balcony...they are scared as they HIT the ground kinda like getting hit by a car....DUH faKE A


Can you not just screenshot this shit? OP do you work for the sun because at this point your whole profile post history seems to be click bait articles.


Lit a candle and went inside passed out drunk and high is more like it. Caught the place on fire and the building had to be evacuated. She’s an absolute nightmare.


When I was a kid we had a neighbor girl across the street, who was maybe 11 or 12, burn down half her house from leaving a candle lit IN HER CLOSET. She and her mom came running over at 9 pm screaming and my dad called the fire department (before cell phones). The firefighters really laid into them about how dangerous unattended candles were and never ever put them in a closet. They had to live in a hotel for months while their house was repaired. Their cat was almost killed but fortunately they were able to get it out. I can’t imagine how pissed I’d be if I lived in an apartment and some dumbass neighbor displaced me for god know how long because they were too stupid to pay attention to their burning candles.


![gif](giphy|ZbUOH7pbDiNSmU1x4o) How I feel about her regarding this situation 😂


Ikea has really nice electric candles that run on rechargeable batteries. We’ve had ours for 5+ years and they still work.


I stopped burning candles after falling asleep burning one in college. I can’t be trusted with them.


I rarely light them. There’s a reason why electricity was invented - so shit like this doesn’t happen. They’re way too dangerous.


I burn them VERY rarely, and I watch that shit like a hawk.


I remember seeing the review and thinking while Farrah is way overboard as always, I would expect my luxury apartment to be finished when I moved in too. But then to see she's pissed they weren't fixing things fast enough after SHE damaged it is wild. It reminds me of a roommate I had who punched a hole through her bedroom wall and fucked up her closet door, and then would be so pissed they took their sweet time to fix it. Like, you should be pissed at yourself for being a fuck up.


I remember like a yr ago Farrah uploaded a video of a sleeping Soph with a lit candle by the bed. So this doesn’t surprise me in the least.


Came here to say this!! I remember that too. First thing that came to mind


It was literally next to the bed on a dresser and when she woke Sophia, she turned her head and I was so scared her hair was gonna catch that candle. Farrah is so irresponsible and stupid. You’re supposed to be teaching your teen safety and setting a good example, not doing dangerous irresponsible shit like this that can kill them and others. I doubt Farrah would have any empathy if her apartment fire woulda killed someone.


I guess we know what happened to the peacock chicks.


She had the peacock chicks in an apartment?!?! And I thought my neighbors were bad.


In a cage on the balcony.


I was just thinking about this


Yikes. Glad no one was hurt.


Jesus god, Farrah.


Wasn’t there a big bru-ha-ha a few months back about Sophia having a lit candle in her room while sleeping and Farrah filmed it? I remember quite a few people commenting on it. Talk about careless!! They are lucky they didn’t burn down the whole building! (Yes I know the article said Farrah did it) but it seems they are both pretty irresponsible with candles.


Sophia is a child.


She’s 13… old enough to know better as far as candles go. It’s not like she’s 4…


Ugh. I’m glad nobody was hurt by this.


This explains her apartment review then - notice she doesn’t indicate that she is responsible [Yelp reviews - see her Alexan Waterloo one](https://m.yelp.com/user_details_reviews_self?userid=CpouZmneosE66st15HI2eQ)for the sprinkler or insurance claim


Omg, so I went through the wild ride that is her Yelp reviews, and she *was* at the same rehab center Butch went to outside of Austin. She gave it a good review, for what it’s worth.


Christ. There’s one for a taxidermist…


she had the dog Sophia threw off the balcony stuffed....says it looks like it was hit by a car.....NOPE....just concrete as it landed from sophia letting it go..


That dog was thrown off the balcony years ago, I’m not sure how it could be the same one she had stuffed since this is a recent review.


plus how many stuffed dogs does one need in a small apt. its fitting BUT SAD the poor dog has a horrid look on his face....it was the face he made as he was getting thrown over the balcony...its KARMA farrah...poor blue


the dogs name was Blue ...she even mentons the dogs name in the review I THINK...poor blue was sitting on the taxidermy shelf till farrah paid him...so that takes awhile to get money from fake"A


I just read the review again. Well, best I could read given Farrah speak. It says she gave a picture of a “blue fawn sitting Pomeranian.” I have an AKC registered “fawn” colored dog, and others in the litter were “blue.” Both are dilutes of recognized colors. I reallllly doubt Farrah knows all this, but it’s hard to tell with her attempt at the written word. What color was Blue, the dog Sofia tossed? I don’t even know if Pomeranians even come in the “blue” coloring, which is a dilute of black.


I think farrah started the fire on purpose to scam money out of the building...candle company....insurance..etc.


Yessss more hate crimes!


What about the peacocks?


Pretty sure her haters called animal control and they were taken basically the second she posted them.




Farrah can’t even care for a pet rock, let alone a living animal


Have you ever been around a peacock? I bet every single neighbor near her called it in. They sound like someone is muttering them pretty much all the time and they reek. Even her Stan’s couldn’t tolerate peacock in an apartment and would call it in.


I remember the first time I heard one was when I was waking up to one while camping as a kid, and I just thought someone was screaming "HELP!" over and over. It was terrifying. When I learned what it was, it just became insanely annoying.


Yes!!!! My dad lived in a large area and his neighbor had them and he said the screamed bloody murder at 5 am every day!


We only have them in wild here. They are absolute menaces and that’s outside. People try reporting them to animal control all the time.


I really hope thats true.


OMG! I read this so fast that I thought it said "her neighbors called anal control..." Which for Farrah wouldn't be a surprise either.


Imagine Dawn Davenport if she feuded with Farrah instead of Aunt Ida.


I'm picturing the scene when Dawn strangles her daughter Taffy to death backstage before her lounge act. It's the only satisfying ending.


Honestly if anyone should have anal control called on them....


I’m glad no one was injured!


Sounds about right. Glad no one is hurt.


The fact that this happened in September and she still lives there makes me less worried. The fire department seems to be downplaying it by not confirming people were evacuated.


At some point Sophia posted a TikTok or something with a candle lit next to her duvet and people freaked out about fire safety while others told them to chill because at least Sophia looked happy… always use candle caution, no joke. Maybe a nice diffuser instead.


Yes! I remember that!


I remember that too. I just commented about it.


This is sounds super on brand for Farrah. Too far up her own ass to be responsible for an open flame.


Probably didn't have renter's insurance, either, so the apartment complex is gonna have to sue her to get her to pay for the damages. Add another lawsuit to her list!


We live in a nicer (not luxury) apartment and they required us to have proof of renter’s insurance before we could sign the lease.




Another one that she refuses to pay


She's so fucking stupid, glad nobody was injured or killed by this dumbass


Damn, she’s lucky her apartment has a sprinkler system!


This happened in early September and we’re just hearing about this now?


she had been keeping mum lately of her mishaps...wonder why


Trim your wicks, Farrah.


Trimming wicks prevents candles from being knocked over?


Obviously not, but most people don’t and that’s why the flames get out of control.


I'm sure she trims everything but that! Allegedly.




She’s going to threaten to sue the apartment and the candle company because she’s a lawyer now and she doesn’t do hate crimes and the candle company and her apartment complex were in cahoots to set her because they’re just jealous of her. She will sue them to the fullest extent of the law./s


It's a tort and PER LAW as a woman have rights as a female teen mom known celebrity who is a victim of racism and a hate crime of the highest order. A severe injustice in law for woman treated with bad insurance fraud scam.


Farrah is that you??


No way she knows what a tort is.


Of course she doesn’t. In one of her Abraham Gals podcasts, she recorded a phone conversation of her abusing a service rep over a dog the company refused to sell her. She kept going on and on and on saying things like “it’s a tort and it’s wrong!”pretending she was some law expert. I think this was sometime in March or April 2021 when she posted it.


Per JD law degree!


Farrah . . . is that you? LOL


Don't forget about woman hate crimes and wasting her time.


“The building suffered significant damages, the source claimed, though Farrah still appears to live at the property.” I hope the property owner goes after her insurance to pay for the damages that she caused with her neglect. Farrah’s lucky it was just her apartment that was damaged or she’d have quite a few lawsuits on her hands. Her “law degree” would be put to good use 🙄 ![gif](giphy|e0ciZK1i7wUvK)


I'm curious if she had renter's insurance- that would be the only kind of insurance (aside from umbrella I think) that would cover this kind of damage. If not they're gonna have to sue her!


My apartment complex, as well as the ones I have worked for, requires proof of renters insurance when signing the lease. With her only having lived there for a month, she may have still been covered if that is the case.


Ohhh! Can't wait for the inevitable word salad explanation about what really happened. Guess she should have been following those 12 steps she's beeb droning on and on about on YT. Is this the same apartment she that she "reviewed" on Yelp? [https://www.yelp.com/user\_details?userid=CpouZmneosE66st15HI2eQ](https://www.yelp.com/user_details?userid=CpouZmneosE66st15HI2eQ) God I hope the owners sue her ass out of existence for this. She's probably inconvenienced half the tenants with her carelessness.


Dear lord.. “After my health declined for 4 months since I moved in I ended up going to the ear, nose & throat doctor, I couldn't breathe, I had severe pain in my ears, and this issue became worse every time I was in my master bedroom, master bathroom specifically- felt as though I could not breathe, I had to buy a ventilator,trouble sleeping, getting ready, I could no longer function” She bought a ventilator? I wonder what she actually means. Also did you read the hair extension one??


I only see an apartment review about mold. What’s the review about fire damage say??


She deleted it. There was a screenshot floating around here somewhere. Let me see if I can find it for you [found it!! Farrah Yelp Review](https://www.reddit.com/r/TeenMomOGandTeenMom2/comments/yjl4fp/farrahs_word_salad_review_of_her_apartment_in/?utm_source=share&utm_medium=ios_app&utm_name=iossmf)


I can’t wait for the day somebody puts this bitch in her place. Somebody should send this screenshot to the Sun or TMZ.


What a sneaky little bitch she is. That review was posted on 10/10/22 and she just deleted it after the story broke about why her apt was like that. At the time I posted the link the review was still there.


That’s gold! Thanks.


All of her yelp reviews are unhinged crazy mumbo jumbo. Apparently everyone's out here committing hate crimes against Farrah. 🤣


I know. I read some of these for a good laugh once in awhile. Her Harvard "review" YT videos is a classic and no one should be denied the poetic joy in watching in all the way through.


That videoclip where she tried to burn a Harvard sweater and almost set her hair extensions on fire, too


Oh do you not get the monthly newsletter? All of the Farrah hate crime events and activities are in the calendar along with fun facts and a word jumble!


Except in this word jumble they give you the actual words and you have to rearrange them Farrah-style.


Holy hell, that's rich! I had to read that mess three times to make any sense of it!




Looking at the dates of the review, you're absolutely correct! She's complaining about the mess she caused! It's obvious this lacks any self-awareness. She should be kissing the property owner's asses for not starting an eviction against her and/or suing her for damages. UNREAL!


I like too “fraudulent insurance issues which I now have to handle” BITCH you caused a FIRE in your apartment, they sure as shit are gonna file an insurance claim you idiotic waste of space!


Okay I’m pretty sure she deleted the review but I did see pics with captions? And she just posted a review about the dog she picked up from the TAXIDERMIST!


“Do not ever do taxidermy here as their ignorance to purposely screw up your animals is at a all time high, NOW MY DOG WILL SIT IN S BOX BECAUSE I WOULD NEVER WANT TO SHOW MY CELEBRITY TOY DOG LOOKING UNEVEN, unhappy and screwed up.” I am deceased.


This bitch says the craziest shit!! I thought for a second, is this real? LOL also people who want this done to their pets creep me tf out. Like, it’s your pet, a member of your family. Not a prize kill. Damn.


Omg she did delete it! The captions were nothing special, just somewhat basic description. I am rolling over here at the taxidermy review though OH MY GOD


I’m sorry . . . whattttt?!?


My favorite thing about the most famous celebrity is that she gives 1 star or 5 star reviews. There is no in-between. Stylist didn't tell her to have a nice day - BAM 1 star. Store didn't have the right barbecue sauce - BAM 1 star. Bakery makes a delicious cake and there's one rose missing when compared to the sample cake - BAM 1 star. Threats of lawsuits to everyone who doesn't kiss her butt!


Should I be surpried?


She definitely passed out drunk and could have killed her daughter, herself, and many innocent neighbors. She’s so disgusting