It's The Sun. I'll wait to see what a more reputable source says.


OP wrote the article 💀


Which means they copy pasted our comments on a thread where people were speculating what happened after they split.


Yeah we don’t know any more than anyone else, it’s just gossip and speculation


If it’s the sun that means we wrote the article. Good catch tho.. OP only shares sun articles.


Self promoting should be against the rules lmao


Mmm i kinda don’t believe it 🤷‍♀️


I mean I don't think this article is founded on anything at all but...... The drama llama in me NEEDS Jaylan to be Kailyn's baby daddy. They'd name the kid JayKay


Kail is too narcissistic to allow Jaylan's name to come first so it has to be KayJay. Except she needs an E for her Killer necklace so she will give the child a random middle name that starts with E that she will only use for Killer purposes. Which reminds of the time she tried to convince her followers that everyone close to her calls her Rae nevermind the fact that Vee, Jo, Chris or Javi have never once called her Rae publicly 😂


Jaykay I love it!!!


Bonus daddy be like what? ![gif](giphy|u5sgL5pks5JXKHcVZo)


BEST Bonus Dad EVER! - Jaylan.


So, I'm thinking Leah sold the story. The day after the breakup was announced she posted a picture of herself to her story, and the song she selected was Girl by Destiny's Child. The part of the song playing was "Girl, I can tell you've been crying and you needing somebody to talk to. Girl, I can tell he's been lying and pretending that he's faithful and he loves you" I don't think she chose that section by accident.


I said receipts or it didn't happen, that's a receipt. Jesus God Leah, that's painful. I feel a lot of comments about her being the one that is cheated on this time, karma, etc coming here but nobody deserves that. I have to say a song is much more class than posting "caught you on deercam bitch!" to your wife but still, keep it to yourself sis.


It really gets my goat that OP uses this sub to write shit articles to feed back to the sub, man. Like it shouldn’t annoy me, it’s a public forum. But it really annoys me that its actively allowed to literally clickbait the sub. And that’s my first world problem of the day, thanks for listening.


Yeah it definitely contributes to circle jerkiness.


Jesus god leahhhhh, it really does. Circle jerkiness is the perf description.


I feel like there should be a sub rule against posting your own “news” articles. It pisses me off too and I’ve seen others mention it.




Anyone that wears pit vipers is a dud in my books


The sun can eat shit. Not clicking on that.


No proof. Lame.


I called it. [TeenMom Longname: there the points don’t count and the prizes don’t matter](https://imgur.com/a/dfozbMF/) New theory: he cheated with Robbie.


Well that would explain why Leah is pissed of as hell. Just read she posted a song hinting he cheated. She's outing him as a cheater. Kail's podcast soon? Or did the president of the Jaylan fanclub have her sign a NDA when she was graced with his presence more often last year?




He wanted a piece of the Robbie pie 😂😂


Take this with a HUGE grain of salt. OP is known for taking crap rumors and creating a story for their shitty tabloid....and then posting it as fact when theyre the one who started the rumor to begin with from hearsay off the internet. We really shouldnt be believing anything about this breakup unless it comes directly from Leah or Jaylan.


Aww man!


Daaaaamnn! I just went n sleuthed n it looks like u’re right. Crazy. Thx for the heads up.


He dodged 4 bullets




Accused by whomst? Us? Her mom? Her dog? This is weird and not a real story


Definitely us


Right? Accused by some lazy assumptions on this sub?


This isn’t surprising. I think all of our radar’s were going off for a while with him. He was just using her for clout, money and fame. Her poor girls being dragged through this.


I'm not going to lie, I'm kind of jealous that OP essentially gets paid to summarize our reddit comments, call it an article, then post it to reddit.


I don't trust the sun


Leah is my nightmare


Who wants to bet this is rumors from the sub?


The article says she saw material that suggested he was unfaithful and broke it off. Maybe insta DM’s or texts?


>TEEN Mom star Leah Messer’s ex-fiance Jaylan Mobley has been accused of “cheating” on her just two months after their engagement. > >Leah, 30, and Jaylan, 25, announced their split on Tuesday after a year of dating. > >The sudden breakup comes as a shock, as the couple got engaged in August and had plans to expand their new home. > >The U.S. Sun can exclusively reveal Jaylan was accused of “cheating” on the mom of three. > >A source claimed: “Leah saw material suggesting he was unfaithful." > >The insider added the breakup has been “hard” on the Teen Mom: The Next Chapter star and her family. > >A rep for Leah and Jaylan told The U.S. Sun: "Jaylan has no additional comment beyond the joint statement provided last week."


Thank you for typing this so I don't have to click


Nobody was shocked Sun. When Leah or Lowry would take things easy for once and not move their new beau into their house and the lives of their children in the second week of seeing eachother, THAT would shock us. "Leah saw material suggesting.." is very vague. Receipts or it didn't happen.


Not surprised if it's true, he seems accomplished but also very immature. The way he *ran* to the fame aspect of dating her shows he isn't ready to settle down and be a "family man".




One hour later: my reply didn't age well. Leah posted a Destiny's child song about being cheated on apparently. Proceed 😬 Even the Sun is right once a year apparently.


Now hold on, this is a report by the Sun and it's pretty vague. I would wait a bit before drawing conclusions.


Accused by Leah or accused by Reddit? I’m not clicking that. Fuck the sun.


Someone leaked something, whether true or not. It says Leah saw material that suggested he was not faithful. Jaylan had no comment when they reached out to him.




Ahh i didn’t realize this was a bonafide tabloid


OP is the author