One of my favorite lines is when Rebecca - having been procrastinating about coming clean to Ted - says to Keely, “telling him now wouldn’t change anything!” And Keely says,”It’ll change how I feel about you.” So simple but so powerful.


SUCH a great scene. Rebecca’s face when she hears that, too. She’s shocked and devastated. It’s her realization how much she had let Keeley in and how much she had to lose if Keeley wasn’t around anymore.


RIGHT? she's such a good influence on rebecca, from helping her get into the dating scene after rupert, and confronting her about ted, she helped rebecca through a lot. and yeah! this scene always makes me well up with pride for keeley.


She’s great 🤩. “Fuck, you’re amazing, let’s invade France….🥰”


I love how close her and Rebecca have become! Rebecca was startled the first time Keeley just made herself at home on her office couch, and in the last episode they were leaning against each other and hanging out on their phones. It's an amazing friendship.


That girls weekend when Sassy showed up really cemented it. That bit about dipping her toe back in the ladypool and Rebecca’s face - priceless. Cheeky Keeley.


I'll one up your leaning and refer to it as cuddling! Cuddling doesn't have to be a sexual act, it shows your comfort, love and feeling of security with a person. Love those girls to bits!


You're right! I would take a Rebecca and Keeley spin-off in a heartbeat.


I agree, she is brilliant, and I am so happy that they made her and Rebecca friends. And good friends at that, not frenemies. There are way too many female friendships on TV that are built on being enemies, or only being friends to get something out of each other, and their isn't. Great writing.


yeah, many female friendships on tv are based on rivalries and being frenemies. it sucks because there's not that many women supporting women friendships in the media :(


Yes. It is so rare that once you start watching for how women relate to each other in TV and movies, you can’t stop! So many really do only revolve around men! The Bechdel test (/ˈbɛkdəl/ BEK-dəl), is a measure of the representation of women in fiction. It asks whether a work features at least two women who talk to each other about something other than a man. The requirement that the two women must be named is sometimes added.


Along with Ted, and maybe Higgins, I feel that Keeley is the beating heart of this show. Like Nate said, “Keeley is just so kind.” I feel that she’s been sidelined a bit this season, and I hope that changes in the rest of the episodes.


I don’t think she’s been sidelined this season, her role feels like it’s about the same size as the previous year. She didn’t have much to do last episode, but I don’t think she’s lacked in material overall. In fact I’d say two weeks ago she had her biggest episode yet.


Just watch her react to the people around her. Even when she's using words, she's amazing.


And Sam! sam is deifnitely one of the hearts fo the team


We've all wept at the scene where Ted forgives Rebecca for sabotaging him. But Rebecca's manipulations hurt Keeley just as much, if not more, than Ted. She would have been shredded by the press if those photos went out, and it would have destroyed her and Jamie. But she forgave immediately. All she asks is that people be honest about their fuck-ups and move on. I love that about her.


Keeley and the wonderful actress Juno Temple are both amazing. It’s a testement to Juno that I can’t see another actress playing Keeley. The casting with her, Tobeeh, Cristo, Jeremy, Hannah - it’s all so well done. So… I’m gonna go off on tangent a little but: this f\*cking show (as Roy might say). The writing. Acting too, but the *writing*. *This* is what I want from my tv, my movies, my media in general. Actual grown-up characters (or not! See: Phoebe), who f••king *grow* and *develop* and f••ing change. It doesn’t need to be rammed down you throat as a viewer! Audiences can appreciate stories and relish them, even. Even if characters change* for the worse (wish I wasn’t looking at you right now, Nate. Props to Nick, though) I want more shows like this please. More. --- * temporarily.


one of the things I admire most about this show is that at some point you can relate to all the characters, regardless of gender. that's kind of brilliant


I think you can tell how many women are on the writing staff at Ted Lasso because the relationships between women aren't freakin weird as hell and judgey and manipulative and bitchy. They're just supportive and open like normal friendships, not how men imagine women's friendships.




Maybe you just hang out with shit women.


I so strongly disagree. Could it be that....1) the women in your life may be a skewed sample. underrepresented people, including women, sometimes obsorb and mimic inaccurate projections. Not everyone eventually sees that for what it is and escapes it. 2) the women in your life may still be young. In time, many women will grow into their kindness and regard for one another. 3) you may have inadvertently obsorbed inaccurate projections about women, too, and, in moments when women aren't able to be their best selves, confirmation bias confirmed your received inaccurate perceptions. No matter what, I hope you seek people to be around who do truly support one another, no matter gender. :)


i didn't say all. i said often. could it be that some women just aren't nice...just like men?


Yeah, some women are not nice. But you are implying that *most* women are not nice, which is flatly untrue. Your comment was judgmental, not curious, and sexist to boot.


> you are implying that most women are not nice No. I'm not. "Often" doesn't mean "most". Please take a moment to reconsider the rest of your ironically judgemental statement.


I won’t. I stand by what I said. Your comments are misogynistic. Don’t be like that in this place; you have all of the rest of Reddit to be a misogynist all you like.


...wow. Well, I would suggest you stop using 'judgement' as a basis for mic-drop moral superiority then. Because, 'often' *doesn't* mean most'. And 'most' wasn't what I was implying. And I get to decide what I imply.


Intent does not trump impact. You can intend to imply or not imply whatever you like. But your comments were misogynistic and ugly, and the impact of that is much greater than whatever you intended.


So other people's words just mean whatever you want them to mean in your head, including if they just made you angry and condescending and lecturous. Thank you for explaining upfront that there is no way anyone can honestly communicate with you, that's an honestly stand-out move. I think that means you're the first person in 12 years I can block and not feel bad about.


I completely agree. Wish I could be friends with her, lol.


I want to be her friend and borrow her clothes


I want to borrow her metabolism.


100% - She's basically my favorite character and her relationship with Rebecca is one of the best parts of the show. Her relationship with Roy is also pretty good - although I think the drama around her needing space felt very manufactured. Anyone living through the last couple of years with a partner has probably ran into similar issues - and I felt they took a very sitcomy approach to it vs something more genuine to the characters. Hiding at work, complaining to coworkers, the explosive fight, the mushy make-up. None of that felt authentic to Keely and Roy, and I was especially surprised at Roy's response - where he was angry and surprised, since it felt like the whole episode before that he was intentionally pushing her buttons to get her to communicate her needs (which also would be disingenuous to them, but slightly less than the actual results) - I can imagine he has similar needs; it's part of what makes them great.


Yeah. It felt really forced. I mean, Keely and Roy weren’t even shown that much together. Both of them seemed to have their own lives, own responsibilities and stuff. Then suddenly this scenerio...


This scenario happened when their jobs and personal lives began overlapping...


I think Roy and Keeley are still very much in the training wheels stage of their relationship, they're both terrified of screwing up so they're overcompensating which leads to sitcom-esque situations. Remember neither of them have ever had an adult relationship so they don't have personal experience to draw on.


Haven't they been together over a year by that point? I can understand your point about the adult relationship, but considering Keelys growth in S1 and being more aware of her needs and moving on from Jaime, I just found it a bit of a strange fight.


A year is still pretty new in relationship terms (especially if you haven't had one before). I'm not a mind reader but my interpretation was that this was because they'd never really shared a house and a workplace while they were together. It's one thing to articulate your needs where your partner is clearly in the wrong but completely different when your partner is doing everything right but you still would like them to do something else because their perfectly innocent actions are annoying the crap out of you. So she kept rehearsing her speech on a very unimpressed Rebecca while also trying to figure out why she was having this problem.


Loved her since the moment she smiled when she realized that Ted covered her breasts in the pilot. Right there I could see that she appreciated his wholesomeness. And as stated, her relationships with Rebecca and and Roy Kent are amazing. She's just a good egg!


Disagree. Higgins the best.


One of the things that shows how much of a good person Keeley is. When Richmond won against Everton, Keeley was the first person who acknowledged and embraced Nate.