LOL I was super-iffy on that t-shirt but he was determined to have it.


I have to say it's a great shirt. Just the other day I was wearing it while doing my daily orphan dropkicking. A cop asked what I was doing, but I just pointed at my shirt and was able to explain the whole thing! I still got arrested for some reason (the officer said that orphans actually have rights, what an idiot lol), but it's not too bad. Because I mean at the end of the day jail is just a room, and I've been in plenty of rooms during my life, so what's one more? >!/s if it wasn't obvious!<




My wife was pissed when I bought it and forbade me from wearing it outside. I wear it anyway with pride. lol That one and my Philza/Techno Antarctic Empire shirt I have are my 2 favorite shirts I own!


Tell your wife "hi" from me, and tell her I get where she's coming from.


Imagine this: you’re a commenter on the wilds of Reddit, and a fan of the great Technoblade. You find a funny comment from his dad that relates to a conflict in your home, so you relay the story of how you’ve taken his son’s side, analogously, in this conflict. Seemingly miraculously, you get a reply from the man himself! Only to give his condolences and support to your opponent.


That was beautiful.


I'm hoping the majority of people either get the joke or get that it's a joke


In this town that’s iffy.


I wouldn’t bank on it


Not even a dollar. People fake that shit all the time. Technoblade, Dream, and Ph1lza fans are some of the most honest communities I know, even though they say stuff like "Techno, you missed an air block"...