Probably the same reason the 303 sounds like shit at what it’s supposed to be


I think there's an overemphasis on removing resonances, maybe as a consequence of YouTube tutorial culture. Unless it's really grating, there's not an inherent need to remove them. The 909 ride can sound a bit harsh at some pitches, but for the most part those resonances are what give it its characteristic sound. And as another poster mentioned, it's a sample.


This. ​ Between tracks with the same 909 ride sample, sometimes it'll sound harsh and require some EQing. Other times it plays nice with whatever else you have going on, and you don't need to worry about it.


Sounds have resonances.


It was meant to replace(ish) a real drummer. The ride was sampled from a real ride that had those resonances.


This is it. Real rides have resonances. I would feel dumb if I sampled something real in the setting to make it sound real, but then changed it. So they most likely left it in for authenticity.


I’ve seen some “tutorials” where the guy boosts the EQ with narrow Q and goes and reduces everything that sticks out while “hunting” for resonances… and mostly relying on visual feedback. It’s obvious the guy heard of the technique and went haywire with it. And then others watch it and think that’s the way it should be done, regardless whether it’s needed or not in the process completely obliterating the character of the sound. Hard NOPE! It’s all about context. And ears. My right ear finds frequencies around 2.5k really annoying. I used to cut the shit out of them, until I realized I am taking the sheen away. I might still cut them a bit on some sounds, but have been forcing myself to not go crazy. So it might be the same for you, or room acoustics. Just another perspective.


As Hannes Bieger and All you Need Is Live put it, tame the frequency(ies) that stick out if they cause problems, don’t eliminate them or you’ll end up with a flat characterless sound. Depending on the track I’m doing I might drop an annoying peak 2-4 dB to tuck it in a bit but you gotta keep it in there, seen some really nasty cuts out there


I don't get why people try to find some frequencys with an hard eq and cut them out, but in reality they would never hear those frequency if you didn't boosted them prior. you're making a problem where none exists. Just cut them when you don't like them. But don't cut if you can't hear any. Old recordings just had anlog EQ and not an 8 band eq to cut a shittone 😃


People want "soft" drum sounds would be my guess.


Just as sort of an aside, even if you do hear some nasty ringing in your cymbals, you don't always need to go to the 18Q -25dB cut to deal with it. A gentle curve bell filter with maybe a couple dB of reduction can be all that's needed to calm down a gross sounding resonance


I never EQ those resonances out. I'll HPF some of the low-end out, but usually I just mess around with the tuning and there's always one pitch that will just "gel" with your song.


Next up: Tune your cymbals


Yeah. I mean people get so obsessed with EQ and compression, but TBH sound selection and tuning is so much more important. If you get the right drum sounds and they’re all working together, you really don’t have to do “that” much post processing wise.


honestly this. many tutorials will have you go hunting for resonances like they're game. choosing sounds and mild taming goals a long way. I usually make wider cuts to balance mixes as a whole if necessary if there's too much stuff going on in the high end for example. individual resonances I'll only cut if they really grate my ears and are very obvious. but then again, I'm no expert here XD. I suppose Soothe or a similar dynamic EQ is your friend if you don't trust your ears completely.


It was never meant to be used in an electronic musical context, and you don't need to EQ heavily, that's the charm of the 909


True. Roland are probably, quite accidentally, the biggest influence in electro, house and techno music. Because their drum machines didn't sound anything like real drums.


I’ve stopped EQing my 909 open hat simply because of all the perfect imperfections associated with it.