Honestly just headphones compared with a car stereo. I've accepted that having a great listening environment with speakers in a quiet sound treated room is nearly impossible to come by in an apartment where you can hear through walls. Just gotta wait until I have more money/space to worry about a quality listening environment. Can still make songs without headphones, but at some point I check them because they're my best listening environment. Edit: formatting Headphones: Beyerdynamic DT880 250ohm; Car: Honda civic; Monitors: alpha65; Neighbours: bidirectional audibility;


LOL. DJ complaining that people walking around their apartment is disturbing his mix session 😂


> How hasn't this question been asked on here? Because most people have enough common sense to understand that you either have to find a place where you can work without your neighbors and you disrupting one another or just mix with headphones, that’s why.


Hahaha. So I should just up and move into a soundproof apartment or house? Believe me, if I had the money I would move. And im using headphones. I can still hear noise over my headphone volume.


Not a soundproof apartment, no. Just a decent apartment with a minimum level of sound isolation, that’s all. Depending on the area, usually there are plenty of apartments that are affordable and are new builds so the neighbors can’t hear each other through the walls. It just takes more work to find (like everything good in life). But hey, we’re all entitled to suffer unnecessarily if we so choose. Be gucci.


Sorry mate, I think we got off on the wrong foot. I'm not disagreeing with you here, it's just that in my personal experience I've looked for affordable housing that's quiet and have had trouble finding that in my area. The ones that are quiet tend to be newer (and thus way more expensive) buildings. But anyways, enough of that talk haha. How's things going for you? Are you into techno production as well? I'm trying to branch out a bit more and would always love to talk about music with others. Feel free to add me on my socials. Best, -R


Maybe talk to your landlord and put in a complaint about a noisy neighbor? If they’re being so loud that you can hear them whileee wearing headphones, that’s a problem.


Uhhh if you get tired of their footsteps, don’t you think they’re probably tired of your kick drum? Have some self awareness and use headphones.


Should've mentioned, I'm using headphones for mixing. I can still hear their footsteps over the headphones volume.


Invest in a decent pair of headphones and headphone amplifier. The RNHP and HD 650 are a decent start for the bedroom.


Just learn to mix at lower, respectful levels is all.


Good pair of closed back headphones for noisy times. Loud pair of monitors for payback at inconvenient times for them.


Decent headphones, a subpac, sonarworks, and acoustica audio Sienna. And lots of referencing


are you using closed backs? might be the best option. i use a pair of m70x closed backs at work and at home, both pretty noisy environments, and never have issues with hearing/tuning out stuff around me.


start at 5 am. My shop is in the hood, so it's gun battle, commercial vehicles and around noon, it's boom boom boom boom from cars and the neighborhood. So, write when everyone else is sleeping at a low reference volume.