like a tom but simpler


This but try also pitching it up an octave in a sampler. If you're missing power, add an overdrive.


And compress it! That will do the trick!


Sounds like you're on the right track, but don't just rely on a high pass, grab your BD or floor tom and EQ it. Sounds like there might be some added compression on that drum in Trust at least so have a crack at that as well. Also don't forget to play with your swing and your velocity/dynamics to get the groove on, remember that getting a particular feel is much more than the sound of the sample itself.


could be an 808 tom or bongo. I'd describe it as 'rubbery' and curved. make sure you tune the sample so it's a 5th (7 semitones) relative to the kick analog rytm has envelope generators that are highly adept at making tuned toms could be some upwards compression going on as well (OTT will help here) as others have said, additive EQ. parallel compression


Yeah I like that kick a lot in Trust. Sounds punchy but not sharp. Just kinda rubbery like someone else said.


Could the groove on Terrace be played on a djembe (or similar goat/animal-skin drum)? Feels like there's an organic ring with it that would make sense, combined with the the upper and lower pitches when hitting the drum differently (area / hand shape). Possibly with a subtle layered kick sample to emphasise, or stabilise tonally, the 4-on-the-floor. Few examples on https://www.noiiz.com/sounds/instruments/95 * Djembe_SP_130_07.wav * Djembe_SP_130_17.wav * DjembeDrum_01_598.wav * 95_QuintupletsDjembes_730.wav * DjmbTrdBssMt_SP_223_01.wav couldn't direct link unfortunately... (edit: formatting)