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I just pulled up this subreddit to see if anyone else got this -- I'm also perma banned, no reason given, and I don't believe I've done anything ban-worthy. Opened a ticket with Riot to see what could be the issue, no answer yet.


I couldn't get the ticket page to load, kept crashing to "This page isn't working." Let me know what you hear!


Checked it a moment ago and I'm unbanned now. Somebody at Riot clearly messed up lol.


Same lol, thanks!


Happened 2 weeks ago also


Yeah i got banned and lage wouldn’t pull


They banned everyone who ever used the Mobalytics overlay. 5 minutes later:


What on earth, I just logged into a permaban as well. Super strange


this is a thing!! happened to two of my friends last week. they got unbanned after submitting a ticket to riot & waiting around an hour. no response from support, just unbanned and silence hahaha


I had this happen to me today and And since I'm captain of a clash team it's kind of worried someone your account gets perma suspended the morning off especially since I haven't done anything worth banning. I submitted a ticket and they told me it's a problem in the back end of their system or something and that it should resolve itself. For me it did shortly after.


I think riot talked about it on the league of legends page, it should be fixed if you relog. There appears to be an issue with the punishment system right now


For anyone else having this issue(I cant edit my post for some reason) I uninstalled it then reinstalled and I'm back in on my account so maybe just some random bug?


It's supposedly a Riot-side bug. Someone wrote a post about it on the main leage page. It said the solution is to log out and then log back in (might take a few tries).


Some People can fix this issue but trying to login up to 10 times ,rito coding


"They are a small indie company, so there will be bugs..." /s


uninstalling isnt necessary, just log out and in multiple times and wait it out.


Was also banned this morning, no idea why. Hoping it's a temporary issue.


I was banned this morning too! I do not know why and when I try to submit a request the whole page does not load. I cannot even submit a ticket!


Same, let me know if you get a resolution and I’ll do likewise


I just waited for like 10 minutes and relogged. It became fine and I was unbanned


Thanks bro same here


Same here. Odd considering I play TFT on mobile and there's not even a chat function on there. Hopefully they'll fix the issue


It's an issue with League of Legends accounts (and since WR uses League accounts...) https://www.reddit.com/r/leagueoflegends/comments/thytgv/issues_with_mass_banning_of_accounts/?utm_medium=android_app&utm_source=share


Rito being extremely considerate towards players by handing out permabans so people can have better life quality. /s


Same here


I was suspended also, but I was able to submit a ticket. I’ll keep checking to see if get unbranded Update: I signed back in and I can play


I think it's a bug friends. I was temporarily permanently banned with no email, but it let me in after restarting a bunch.


Same here


this happened to my gfs account as well. riot plz


Same here. Completely out of no where. I can't even login to my account to support.


Same here, cant even open a ticket the riot support wont even load


also affecting my spouse's account and they only play TFT and don't use the chat... edit: uninstall/reinstall did the trick


Happened to me too but it let me in after pressing the button a few times.


Just wait for like 15 min and relog, you should be fine


You must have outplaced the wrong Rioter


This is what happens when you go yordle comp smh


Got the same thing. Got my account back a few moment after. So annoying...


Just happened to me after winning a game must be a bug


Yeah me too I woke up and suddenly perma banned


Same here. How can you get banned on such a wholesome game. I followed someone's advise and uninstalled and reinstalled and the ban wasn't there. Scary moment.


Just logged into a ban as well, can’t even log in to submit a ticket as the website cannot handle the request


Seems waiting a bit then trying again is works for some. what I did was just uninstall/reinstall, now it works, definitely a bug.


I was just trying to play a quick ranked before I go to work so sadly I can’t wait around and try again but I’m hoping by the time I get home tonight it’ll be resolved 😪


Me as well! Perma banned out of the blue. This is preposterous


Hey all, this stupid shit happened to me too. But on the pc client. I tried to login to support and couldn’t, and eventually just tried to login to my account again via the client and it worked. Something screwy going on with riots system (shocker lol) You’re probably not actually banned.


Happened to me. Just had to force close the app and resign in and it was all normal


Just keep trying to log in, this is just a temporary issue.


Me fucking tooo. I am so mad. I had 2 season pass on it. WHATS GOING ON


make sure you arent logged into the mobile client, sometimes this message appears when you dont close out on mobile and then try to log in on pc.


Same thing just happened to me as well. Just restarted league and it was normal.


It's a bug that has been going around. Happened to me but I could still log in. Sent a ticket & that's basically what support said.


Mort said on his stream this is a client bug. Just relog until it fixes itself until they get around to fix it themselves


This happened to me too. Someone knows the answer?


Yea just a bug, keep trying or reinstall it.


I also logged into TFT today to find my account perma-banned. (Hopefully) coincidentally I had just installed the Mobalytics overlay to try it out. Just to put my mind at ease, are overlays like that bannable? Their website claims that it abides by Riot TOS, but I've heard conflicting info from friends.


It's Riot approved, we work with them pretty closely.


I just got this, too. Logged out, and logged back in again, and it worked just fine. So weird.


There was a bug with the lol servers where people got "banned" but logging In 3-5 times fixes the issue Client is amazing idk what your talking about


Mobile still works. But this happens to me on PC as well


Had this. Just closed the client and re-signed in and that sorted the issue.


This happened to me before. Someone got my login information and riot banned my account. I had to go through the process to retrieve it. All my rune pages were written in Mandarin lol


I was able to log in using my phone then it worked on the comp. I was very annoyed seeing that message


Happened to me once i just restarted and it was back to normal, it happened to me on pc mobile might be different


Check out league of legends subreddit, a large amount of accounts were accidentally banned.


It may have been said already, but it was an error with Rito’s system and this happened to a lot of players. It’s supposed to go away if you keep trying to login.


I left my client opened for a few hours and came back to this. But was able to relog with no issues. I was just assuming they sent me the wrong message instead of a timeout message.


this popped up for me a week ago but after restarting my laptop and logging in and out a few tries, i could play again :0


Happened to me too. I just logged in and it got me into my account.


Guys its a big fat bug, dont worry about it. if youve done nothing wrong or worth permabanning youre okay, try logging in multiple times. <3 See you on the rift!


I got this today too! Only thing I could think of was that I had the Mobalytics add on? Super upset about it..




Same thing here- apparently it’s a bug and they suggested to also log out and back in to see whether it works. Sadly it didn’t so they have to take another look at it


I had same issue. However my email didn’t say anything about being banned. I just tried logging on again after a couple minutes and it was fine.


This happened to league players as well. It’s just a bug on riots end and re-logging 2 to 3 times is sometimes required, but more than likely you are not banned.


Clearly somebody messed up at Riot's. Also, mobile client is bugged in all ways it could at the moment. Felt some improvements in past months. Now we are back at the state of mobile client launch. Weird.


This happened to me the first time I loaded it up on an iPad. I freaked out for a second and then tried logging in with my phone and all was fine. Now I am able to log in from both.


You probably got caught playing one too many yordle games


Maybe you played too much yordles


This happened to me yesterday. Just tried logging in again a few times and I was let back in


I had this same issue, phone app crashed at the start of the game, re-logged to find out I was perma banned. No email sent for details, ended up being able to log back in 15mins or so after. I think maybe if you have apps that have an overlay (like Messenger) it flags the account.