"In the first assist armory, 8 gold is almost always the correct choice. This skyrockets your economy to insane levels. Also since you can share items components now, the other options aren’t as tempting" - Mobalytics.gg


Makes sense to me, but no. You know?


Nah. The only time it's ever worth it to take the component is if you're winstreaking, and it let's you complete an item to keep your streak. For example, if you have Blue Buff + Rod on TF, and taking a Belt or Glove will let you build Morello / JG. Outside of that the gold is always more valuable because it's never *just* 8 gold. It's 8 gold plus anywhere from 2 to 20 gold from interest you otherwise would not have. For example, if you pre-level to 5 on 2-3 and only have 10g on 2-5. Taking 8 gold here will put you to 18 (+8,) let you sell for 20 (+1,) on 2-6 you make 30 where you wouldn't have even made 20 (+2,) 2-7 you make 40 instead of 20 (+2,) 3-1 you make 50 instead of 30 (+2,) and 3-2 you make 60 instead of 40 (+1.) That's 16 gold, and is definitely worth not taking the component if it doesn't even complete an item.


Yeah yeah everything you’re saying makes sense but I still don’t do it


I usually view it like that 1 Component is basically 0.5 augments (slightly better) 8 Gold is like 80% of rich get richer (without the 70g part) So if the component is essential (or I want like 3 tears) I tend to take the component. Also if the component immediatly spikes your board (finishes your IE on assasins or so). Other than that it's 8g


The item grap isnt a gold augment though, right?


It isn't - But also you don't get the 70g part of rich get richer


Fair enough


It's also 53% of windfall which is a prismatic




This is just... not true. Are there better Prismatics than Windfall on stage 1? Absolutely, there are better Prismatics at all 3 augment choices. I've had games where Windfall was the best choice, and I made 30 on 1-4. Everyone coming to my board spam "?" pinging my gold because they can't even make 10 on 2-1. Saying Windfall isn't a Prismatic augment is like saying Hyper Roll is never worth taking, because it only works when you're below 10g. If you look at the augment independently of everything else then sure 15 gold is nothing compared to 2 Arcanist Emblems, or 2 Bodyguard Emblems, etc. but the compounding gold from other sources that you *wouldn't* be able to obtain easily translates to 30+ gold by 3-1. - 15 from the augment - At least 20 on 1-4 (+2 interest) - At least 30 on 2-1 (+2/3 interest) - At least 40 on 2-2 (+2/3/4 interest) - At least 50 on 2-3 (+2/3/4 interest) - 50+ on 2-5 (+2/3/4 interest) - 50+ on 2-6 (+2/3 interest) - 50+ on 2-7 (+1/2 interest) - 50+ on 3-1 (+1 interest) - Any rounds you would have lost but won thanks to the extra gold are +1 gold - Any rounds you would have had to sell to make econ, but didn't thanks to the extra gold are +1 gold That also says nothing about the gold you generate from being able to force a streak. For example, if I get 4-0'd on 2-1, 4-0'd on 2-2, and 5-0'd on 2-3 I'm going to be thinking "Shit, I have to get stronger I'm bleeding out way too fast." I spend gold I don't want to in order to save HP. When you take Windfall you don't have to care about your HP. You can be 50 HP going into Krugs and it doesn't matter, because you're going to have over 100g at 3-2 to make yourself the strongest person in the lobby and no one will take a win off of you until late stage 4 at the earliest. You're not just generating 15 gold + interest + streak gold. You're taxing your opponents as well. Your powerspike will put pressure on the rest of the lobby and force them to choose between spending their HP, or spending their gold. Instead of waiting until 4-5 to roll on level 8 because they're "strong enough" they're rolling at 8 on 4-2 with 20 less gold. That guy who took 2 Challenger Emblems might get lucky and hit his 2* Yone, but he won't have any gold leftover to upgrade the rest of his board so he'll be capped at 8 for the rest of the game donkey rolling to 0 every round trying to find upgrades for his Fiora, Braum, Leona, etc. Windfall is not the best augment in the game, but it is by no means bad.


Think about how stats are valued for tahm kench. They already assigned gold values. Flat out not including economy or anything taking 8 gold is like double value of the component alone


"if you give me 8 gold im gonna assume you're trolling and just refuse to help you in any way for the rest of game" - an anonymous tft palyer


The one game I played with a random just to get the quest done, he gave me a 1-star Garen at like Stage 5. I gave him a 2-star Viktor....


..was that garen any useful?


lmao. No. But we did win, because I was crushing it and sent them a Silver Viktor while they were running Arcanists. Don't even remember what I was playing that game. Most likely Innovator a couple of patches ago before the Innovator heart nerfs.


Something something time value of money


I now interpret the meme as "gold is the least sexy option, but I begrudgingly take it anway."


I will say, when playing scrap I get really annoyed by people giving me gold. 60x8=480hp lost.


I always take 8 gold and I’m convinced it’s the best.


I had a random duo partner flame me and leave for giving him gold after re didnt respond to asking what items he wanted


My duo partner doesn't even ask anymore and always gives me gold. It's the best in my opinion.


It's not always the best - hitting BIS on your carry would be worth more than the 8 gold. 9/10 though gold is definitely the choice.


Op after finding out 8 gold is actually the meta: 😟


Not op but: Yes


I feel like you only take an item over 8 gold 8f it's finishing a BIS item for your carry


With how important it is to get to 8 as fast as possible in double up I don’t think this tracks.


The best option in strategy games are usually the most boring ones. Like how Shroud and Zephyr are S tier items past stage 5.


Can you reverse those faces. This is just false


8 gold is actually waaay more than 8 gold in the early game when you're building up your econ, so it's really good. It may not always be the best option the second time around, but I always go for gold the first time.


My duo partner and I always take gold, usually making a joke about moving up a tax bracket in the process, I mean it really is strong.


Gold players be like


What? + 8 gold is broken stage 2, basically gets you up 1 gold interest. The Econ boost is so good


What in the Silver Sam shithousery is this? Gold is the autopick.


Me reading all the comments after never taking the 8 gold. Oops.


Eh my partner loves the gold lol


I think people overvalue the Econ. But unless it’s to complete an item you’re gonna use to help you streak, I think the 8 gold is probably the best choice.


Tell me you gold without telling me you gold.


Item component over gold imo is only viable if these conditions are met: 1) Both you and your partner are winstreaking and are for sure last pick next 2) The item component is going to be slammed for a BIS immediately and will help continue the winstreak


The thing is, even with BiS the streak isn't guaranteed. There is always one merc open fort that dies in 2 secs, so it is very likely you play instantly 1v2 and lose.


8 gold is best unless i can get a crit glove then it is depatable


Except I almost always take gold unless the component is exactly what I want..


Tell us you're bronze without saying "I'm bronze!"


8 gold is just the best option, you’re trolling right OP? Right? Please tell me you’re trolling. 😂


8 gold is amazing for yordles especially early when they are weak


Can someone actually explain how 8 gold helps your economy so much


So in the early game you get 5 gold base per round +1 if you win a fight, +1-3 if you're streaking, and +1-5 depending on your econ. In the early game it takes you 2 rounds minimum to hit 10 gold to start making gold from interest, and usually ~4-5 rounds to save up enough gold to hit 20 depending on how many units you buy. However, you can cut this time down by a lot by taking 8 gold which is effectively a whole round's gold + a 1 gold win bonus + 2 interest. This gold injection cuts down the time it take to build up to ~30 econ by a lot, which is generally the point where you become relatively self-sufficient. It's the same reason windfall (when it gave 20) and rich get richer are such good augments, because they allow you to skip the really slow early game econ phase and jump right into the part where you start making interest, which lets you level up faster and generally have more gold overall than your opponents.


Wow awesome this is really helpful. I’ll have to try it out!


Getting 8 gold early is very strong


This only works if you don't immediately donkey roll the 8 gold...like me


Items good when for BIS carry, money good always


Money pleaaaase


But.... 8 gold is better.


I mean, I typically only take the component if I will insta slam it and make my board stronger. Besides that, gold is usually the better choice as 8 gold in stage 2 is big.


Wait what I almost always take 8 g over the items lol


dude 8 gold is actually an augment. it's basically rich get richer. the only time i get item is if it's BIS.


Unless that item perfecr fits a early spike and will help a future carry gold always


I almost always take the gold what are you talking about lol its almost always the difference between 13 and 21 gold or 32 gold and 40 gold or some shit. Don't look at it as 8 gold, look at it as +1 to economy.


I think 8 *is* always the difference between 13 and 21, or 32 and 40. Math is a crazy thing


I'm not talking about the numbers my man, I'm talking about the situation. To sum it up in simpler terms, its almost always going to put you over the next economy threshold.


As long as you're not me who is tempted to roll it next round lol