VDV platoon painted

Hop. Finished a little VDV platoon for TY/Battlegroup/Northag.

These are fantastic. Great poses, and have both dynamic and static. Detail is on par with latest gen metals (volksgren/HJ/winter US). They even have some chest harnesses!



Very nice! I have 2 platoons that are washed and ready to be painted as soon as I feel that I’ve practiced faces enough to do it well. I hope they come out as nice as yours!


at 15mm you don't need to paint the faces, just paint them in flesh tone and give them a wash. That's all I do and if the wash is a bit heavy or looks weird i go back and give the face a light dry brush of flesh just on the high areas.


Great job! Thanks for sharing!


Do you keep them off the four hole bases so they are interchangeable?


These are actually 15mm circular bases so not really compatible with the provided FoW bases. Naturally they would fit in custom movement trays, but I play a different ruleset (even if very rarely), and also use them to set up dioramas (like this one [https://www.instagram.com/p/CZEWHEJqaFC/](https://www.instagram.com/p/CZEWHEJqaFC/) )