M551 Sheridan tanks

Thinking on doing a airborne force to go with my national guard and was wondering what are good ways to use the Sheridan tank.


Red Dawn Airborne missions allow them to literally be hot dropped into play. Otherwise, Ambush. Think of them as ToW HMMVs, put them behind something to block LoS, Blitz them into place, over looking a crest or around a corner, use their Shelieghi missiles. Something gets close, Tatical and remove them with main cannon. They are fantastic tanks, highly under appreciated for their low survivability, but I've never had a game where I didn't trade "up" with them.


Ambush - they're small (so you can fit them in all sorts of places) and it gets them one round of being able to shoot before receiving fire


Theyre awesome little tanks and the box comes with 5 tanks that'll just skull fuck everything to death. Their firepower check is 1+ 💀💀💀


What everyone else said. Just remember that while they are small and mighty with their missiles, they are also extremely vulnerable to just about anything to hits them (because of paper-thin armor)!