As much as I LOVE the Taylor Swift appreciation, I'm actually partial to the Holocaust awareness content in this situation.


that's what i was thinking. this is a great way to raise awareness to the kids who don't know what they're talking about when taking kanye's side. they need to see the horrifying nature of these crimes they joke about.


My Grandfather liberated Dachau concentration camp and brought home photos… terrifying


Kudos to your grandfather. My dad was in Normandy on D-Day and helped liberate Holland.


As a person with dutch heritage - say thanks to your dad for mw


Thank you, my dad died in 1995 but I know he was proud of what he did and I'm very proud of him. I also know how grateful the Dutch are. Btw I like your handle.


I'm also Dutch and me and my grandparents whom your dad liberated would like to say thank you in respect.


Edit: *teary Thanks so much, it makes me teaey eyed when people acknowledge his contribution. He was very proud of his service.


My grandfather served in Europe during WW2 for the US. Fuck nazis.


Mine too. It's insane that we think of WWII & the Holocaust as being so long ago but it was only 80 years... my stepmom's parents are Holocaust survivors. I truly hope that this Ye stupidity has the silver lining of bringing conversations about this horribly dark period in human history to light and reminds people to be vigilant that if we do not learn from history, we are doomed to repeat it.


My grandfather liberated Dachau too! Part of the 42nd Rainbow Division.


Wow that must have been unimaginable. I visited Dachau. Very moving and heart-wrenching. Maybe your grandfather’s photo is there in the museum.


Bunch of kids go to the page to meme Taylor swift and end up seeing Holocaust information.


I’ve been genuinely moved all day by people posting anti-Nazi stuff on the sub.


Looking at Kanye, I think it's also time to raise awareness of mental health; and I am not saying that as a flippant insult. I sincerely mean that people around him should be staging an intervention, and NOT allowing people like Alex Jones to milk him for entertainment value. He's very clearly unwell.


Thank you. I couldn’t agree more. The man needs serious help and he has for a long time. It’s not fun or cool to make fun of.. it’s also specifically men’s mental health that takes a backseat.


I think a lot of people think "Taylor Swift must be laughing right now". Even as one of the fans who stuck with her through 2016, I'm certainly not laughing and I don't think that Taylor is either. I'm seeing a man who seriously needs help. Not funny, not karma, just sad.


Extremely well said. Thank you for sharing this thought under my comment, I really appreciate having seen it. It’s all a very unhumorous situation


Thank you! ❤️


Honestly, I don't think this is the right moment to advocate for mental health. Having a mental diagnosis doesn't make you a Nazi, but it might make you expose your controversial opinions that you would've kept for yourself otherwise. Making this about mental health is just... Offensive to people with mental health diagnoses. This situation should be 100% about holocaust awareness and point blank.


As someone with mental illness if I was going off the rails like this I sure hope my family or friends or society would step in and do something. The exploitation for lolz is disgusting. I of course agree though that mental illness does not excuse his behavior.


What do you think anyone could've done for Kanye? He has been admitted to mental hospitals before, people in his family, including his then wife, have tried to help him. He cut off basically his entire support system because nobody is crazy enough to stick with him for too long. Of course society and the media are making his situation a huge deal, because it is a huge deal! The man literally defended Nazism on television. We have to stop infantilizing Kanye just because he has BPD. Yes, his fall down is being publicized like hell, but let's be honest, he defend literally fucking Hitler.


The people giving him a platform are exploiting him for the lolz and clicks. That is gross.


exactly, like I think uplifting taylor is a good way to combat kanye's misogyny (he was misogynistic to a lot of women but taylor got most of it) but his nazi shit is way more serious IMO. I think shutting that down is first priority, giving voices to the victims of the holocaust and educating people on antisemitism, and then later we can work on kanyes other problems and how it affects people, like him spewing general racism, misogyny, and other bigotry. but his antisemitism is fucking dangerous and in america antisemitism is on the rise and so are neonazis and its not being taken seriously enough.


I encourage everyone who's interested in learning about the roots of the Holocaust to read up on what the Nazis did to the [LGBTQ+ community in the early 1930s](https://magnus-hirschfeld.de/ausstellungen/institute/). Grim parallels are already occurring in both legislation and the rhetoric of influential right-wing media figures.


>what the Nazis did to the LGBTQ+ community in the early 1930s. Once they're through with us and don't perceive us as a threat to their ideology anymore, they'll move on to the next marginalized group that they see as degenerates (Jewish people, Black people, Muslim people). That's not true. "Discrimination against Jews began immediately after the seizure of power. Following a month-long series of attacks by members of the SA on Jewish businesses and synagogues, on 1 April 1933 Hitler declared a national boycott of Jewish businesses.\[298\]" [https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nazi\_Germany#Persecution\_of\_Jews](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nazi_Germany#Persecution_of_Jews)


I kind of love that it’s a combo. The juxtaposition of “damn I didn’t realize TS was so hot” and “can we have a moment of silence for this poor girl in a sweater who hid for over 2 years so she could live”


the comments under the taylor posts were surprisingly and unexpectedly positive too.. given it's a kanye sub


Tons of them also saying “Taylor is pumping out classic after classic while Kanye does this.” Lots of people saying she’s a legend, her music is great, etc


Your nemeses will defeat themselves before you get the chance to swing




Kanye and Taylor are both masters of pop music. The difference is I am allowed to bop Taylor. My mom said I'm not supposed to listen to Nazis.


Most kanye fans (or ex kanye fans) are reasonable people, it's the weirdos that are obsessed with him as a person that gave his community a bad name


Ex Kanye fan here. Taylor has always been incredible. she got me with 1989 and then I went backed and listened to all her stuff and enjoyed it all.


I'm also a ex kanye fan. I only recently got into taylor around 2-3 months ago and i've really been enjoying her work, especially folklore, evermore and 1989. Her music is easy going and easy to unwind to


Those are my top 3 Taylor’s albums too


Bro are you me lmao I just posted a comment like this on the Kanye sub a while ago.


I think I saw that lol. Then I saw it again here


I’m fifty, and don’t have a lot of exposure to pop/ hiphop. I’ve given both of them a listen, and I’m definitely a Taylor fan. She’s impressive. Also, damn she’s pretty. Not that that’s why I’m a fan, just saying.


Haha. I'm a high school teacher and my class (tiny 8 person class that I'm very close with because there's so few of them) was talking about what celebrities they like and I said "want to see who I think it's the prettiest girl ever?" "Miss...it is Taylor Swift?" "No, but good guess." They know I love Taylor.


Who is it though


Blake Lively


Makes sense.


Quite a few of them were the type that listened to no female artists, saw all pop music as just whiny, etc. I think our culture has changed at least some on that since 2016.


Definetly. I feel like more people can listen to whatever music they like without judgement in the present times too.


Exactly. I've recently listened to some of Kanye's music out of curiosity. People were always saying he was a genius, so I couldn't stop myself from taking a listen. It's good music. It's refined hip hop, it's sonically pleasant, it's just good. I get being a fan of his work, but I can't defend supporting him as a person. I'll maybe take a listen once and I'll never touch anything made by him again because I just don't feel comfortable doing so.


He was my top artist this year on spotify and i honestly can't seperate him from his music anymore, be has gone way too far and his music doesn't feel the same anymore


This applies to most fan bases


One guy was like “and it’s crazy to realize that Kanye edited the video of Taylor on the phone” and someone else was like whoa he did that? So really every one is coming to Taylor side even all these years later lol.


I saw it!!!! I'm so happy for people finding out the truth I hope someone posts the actual unedited video there for people to have the proof right there


There’s been a few links to articles of the transcript and just in general about the new info we got in 2020


that video being edited wasnt of any importance lol. she didnt approve the i made that bitch famous line in either video. i think it was just edited for convenience or effect. people just thought it was funny at the time bcos kanye was cool and taylor was beefing on off with him. thats why nobody really cared at all when the full video was out. except for the people still invested in a very different way- stan twitter etc. EDIT: to the person below. that is certainly not true. Do you understand that that concept of your comment is antithetical to the entirety of my comment- which is factually accurate (the first part). You dont talk for the entire kanye sub, infact thats the opposite of my experience on that sub. and you- by my estimation anyway- which im guessing is much more accurate, are not speaking on behalf of even the remotest part of a minority of the population of the real world, particularly the part outside of the internet or even the kanye west sub, which was what i was talking about


Hello, im a has been kanye stan from the subreddit. The majority of us did believe that the video was real and taylor was lying about the whole engagement. This was what started the overwhelming hate for Taylor in that sub, myself included. We were led to believe something that wasn’t true and it really doesn’t feel good. I promise you people took it a lot more seriously then just some funny line, and I think thats why the subreddit is so overwhelmingly supportive of Taylor right now, because of these false narratives we were led to believe.


I'm glad you know the truth now!!


Yea pretty wack it took all of this happening for the truth to get revealed but I’m still glad it came out eventually haha Btw Taylor Swift is a great artist, I always loved her music but was kinda hesitant to listen to it because I still thought she was a liar at the time. Folklore slaps hard xD


I mean I'm a Taylor fan and it took me years to hear the full recording and realize exactly HOW shady it was, the media really spun it a way I was a person who in the '00s really bought into Kanye as a generational talent if a bit on the over-egotistical side and I don't think a lot of his former fans saw this coming way back when he was covering TIME magazine in 2006 or so as a modern genius edit: also if you like folklore really dig into evermore, it's similar but more nuanced and experimental imo


No fr I didn’t see any of this coming until i wanna say last year. When you look up to someone that much you just refuse to believe anything foul or harm could come from their actions. I genuinely believed shit like Kanye was interrupting Taylor at the vmas to give her a biggest spotlight or that he said “slavery was a choice” alone with other comments just to be controversial and sell albums. And the Taylor Kanye phone call, of course Im gonna take Kanye’s side cause why wouldnt I. Its like, there was always some work around as to why he did something. No castature turns out hes just a dick :P


I'm glad you're seeing how it is, but it has to be a sucky feeling when your fave turns out to be such a horrible asshole. :/ cheers, hope you can get into some other awesome music and the Swifties on this subreddit are pretty chill in my experience the greatest thing about music is that there's so much brilliance out there and we have access to all of it now thanks to things like Spotify and there is I'm sure an artist out there whose music an move you the way Kanye did once. best of luck


Tyvm i appreciate it :D I havent listened to kanye since the pandemic started too, been mainly listening to kpop ironically enough so I think Taylor will be a good fit


I cannot imagine how much it would suck to have the good faith you put in someone (even at a fan/creator dynamic) weaponized against you. He knew what he was doing when he edited the call (and recorded it in the first place...) and how his fans would react. He wanted you guys to have that reaction and it is beyond shitty to be treated that way. I'm really sorry that happened to you guys. And I hope you find community here, or with any artist you enjoy. It would be pretty rad if the outcome of his fucking awful comments led to his former fans teaming up with Swifties to promote Holocaust Awareness! If anyone is interested: Check out this video about [Jojo Rabbit and The Book Thief](https://youtu.be/zcOVAt13U3w). It's a wonderful introduction if anyone is coming at this topic without much foundational knowledge. ❤️


I love Jojo Rabbit (“We’re just like you, only human” — fucking killer line) but a problem with media like that and The Book Thief (and The Boy in the Striped Pajamas) is that they discuss the Holocaust from a non-Jewish perspective, through the eyes of non-Jews. There is lots of other Holocaust fiction out there that centers the Jewish experience, such as Maus.


Jew here. I think Jojo Rabbit and The Book Thief are great, the problem is when they are the only Holocaust media people are exposed to. The Boy in the Striped Pajamas is a whole other can of (problematic) worms.


Yeah there’s nothing wrong with them as stories themselves. Like I said, I love Jojo Rabbit and The Book Thief is one of my wife’s favorite books. Like you said, the problem is when stories like that are the primary way people learn about the Holocaust.


*Night* by Elie Wiesel is an absolute must read for everyone. It is a relatively short but very impactful memoir about the Holocaust. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Night_(memoir)


Yes! I wholeheartedly agree! As does the magnificent Ladyknightthebrave (who is Jewish herself and does a heartbreakingly wonderful job weaving in her own experiences). In [the first 6 minutes](https://youtu.be/zcOVAt13U3w?t=363) of the video, she specifically calls out the exact thing you're talking about! She calls it "The Righteous Gentile" narrative that Hollywood and the publishing world like to sell to mostly gentile audiences: >The problem is not with these very real heroes of history, whose importance cannot be overstated. My issue is the stories being told about that history. I really do think you'd like this video! 💕 But I'd also recommend her videos: * [Holocaust Cinema: The Best & Worst (According to an Expert)](https://youtu.be/GzxxYUgiUNM) \-- to be clear, she is not calling herself an expert, lol, but interviews Rich Brownstein who literally wrote the book on [Holocaust Cinema](https://www.holocaustfilms.com/)! * [The Holocaust is Not a Metaphor: The Grey Zone (2001)](https://youtu.be/q86QWx7uACI). They are both longer and less beginner-friendly if someone is new to discussing Holocaust media, but are absolutely stellar. I mean, I cannot watch any of the above videos without crying so hard I get a headache, but they are really well done.


We are so glad you’re here!!


Thank you for being honest, Im glad you finally know the truth


This isn't good though like they're only doing it now because it's become uncool to like him. I cannot stand mob mentality shit like this I don't even take it as a win for Taylor or anyone because if tomorrow it was decided he was cool again they'd be right back on the bandwagon.


Who is “they” though? People there haven’t been on board with Kanye since at least the slave comment. They mostly mock and meme the shit out of him. People weren’t on his side during the whole Pete Davidson debacle either.


As someone who used to be very active on that sub before the last 18 months of antics, that sub is like 80% reasonable people who are just fans of Kanye’s music and like the memes and jokes. There is def some percentage of problematic people who defend Ye to the death but that’s not the majority of the sub


There are some genuine fans there, always been. It’s not like being a Kanye fan means you hate Taylor. When she dropped Folklore and Reputation, there were genuine great reviews there.


Most Kanye fans (at least recently) didn’t particularly dislike Taylor; since he beefs with a lot of people and most of the Taylor-Kanye stuff has him as the aggressor they never really had much reason to outside of maybe not liking her music. It may have been different back when things were more recent (in 2016 for wxample)


That sub is such a fucking trip right now. It's literally 20% topical memes, 40% holocaust awareness, and 40% Taylor Swift pics.


Can I just say that I appreciate that your percentages actually add up to 100? So many people mess that part up.


It’s true. 40% of people mess it up, but the other 70% are just messing with OP


I think there are really just two types of people. Ones that can extrapolate from incomplete data.


..and ones that finish other peoples' sentences.


That's what I was gonna say!


And 100% reason to remember the name.




He really heard that line and said, “challenge accepted.”


Came here to comment this lmao you beat me to it


Someone on the Kanye subreddit pointed out that's it's been 13 years since the VMAs incident. Because of course it's been 13 years. ![img](emote|t5_2rlwe|6310)


Istg the universe itself is a Swiftie because such a change in The Man’s Reputation due to his Karma is absolutely LITTERED with Easter eggs like this




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Flexing like a goddamn acrobat!


Me and karma


Vibe like THAT


I love this sub


I lurked that sub this morning bc it came up in my feed and [this post](https://www.reddit.com/r/Kanye/comments/zafg9f/hi_swifties_whats_your_favorite_taylor_swift_album/?utm_source=share&utm_medium=ios_app&utm_name=iossmf) killed me lmao


This is hilarious


I know 😂😂 they’re all swifties now


This seriously made my day. It’s all turns former Kanye stans finally able to share their fav swiftie albums 😂


mine's always been red


That Rep slander tho 😭😭


my favorite album 😭💔


“Folklore fucks fr fr” is my favorite outta that thread


I mean we have known Kanye is problematic for a while . But glad that people were not willing to let this last one go .


I mean, it’s been clear for a while. He just said the thing that was the clear line in the sand. But he’s been blowing whistles for years, TRUMPets for months, and now he’s ringing the 1000 foot bell.


It's the same feeling I had with Louis CK. A master of his art form but you...weren't...kidding? You actually ~~jerk off in front of people who asked you not to~~ hate women and Jewish people?


My boy Nathan Fielder started a company that sells apparel and all the proceeds go to raising Holocaust awareness. I actually bought a jacket from them and it's really nice. http://www.summiticeapparel.com/


While it's nice to see so many positive comments about her I really think the sub should be dedicated solely to Holocaust Awareness. It would really be a positive twist on an absolutely horrible situation.


Big this!!!! Let’s focus on the damage he is actually causing.


You guys were right all along. We didn’t listen


I used to be a fan of Kanye myself and was a huge fan of Taylor and his music both. Things drastically changed after Life of Pablo given his antics but I still struggled with letting go of those first 7 albums myself man up to just this year and I totally get it. Usually I’d argue one should separate the art from the artist but obviously this is a much darker and sinister situation now. Swifties in here who have any sort of “I told you so” attitude are lame AF so just know not all of us are that immature by a long shot and are super happy for anyone showing interest in Taylor’s music period.


If I’ve learned anything from all this it’s to not make assumptions about groups of people. Also nothing against Taylor either, she’s got some bops.


Nothing as it relates to Taylor can be “I told you so” other than him just being an asshole.


I'm glad that she's been quiet during all of this. It's classy and better for everyone involved.


It’s better this way, I hate how much of the narrative ties back to her somehow. He’s a mess all on his own!






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“fokelore fucks frfr”


The Kanye situation is far bigger than what I want to comment on. My point on the Taylor sub is that, I hate how she has just been tied to this man for so long in the public eye. Even amidst everything currently happening, nothing to do with Taylor, somehow her name and image is still dragged into it.


Right! He says or does anything here people go bringing up her name. I just want her to no longer be tied to this asshole


Taylor and Kanye will never not be linked. Unfortunately for Taylor she didn’t make it that way, but that’s just the way it is because the VMA fiasco was one of the biggest moments in American pop culture history, period. The more Kanye makes an ass of himself, though, the more that link dwindles down to nothing but “hahaha she was right all along, he’s a fool!”


THIS. It's funny and all but... why is she STILL part of his narrative? The opposite of Kanye doesn't have to be Taylor.


“The opposite of Kanye doesn’t have to be Taylor” is EXACTLY it. Even when Midnights was released (I acknowledge not as far as we are now), record breaking achievements, (some) Swifties were obsessed with *karma* being obtained re Kanye. The issues here are so much bigger than their music careers. So much bigger than Taylor’s continuing and escalating success and growth and how she is perceived, as an individual. And note: *an individual*. Let’s celebrate that and her. The current situation is an escalation from 6 weeks ago. It is very dangerous. And these situations (artists, people) ARE NOT connected. Extremely. Taylor Swift does not need to appear in the news right now when people Google Kanye West. There are bigger issues that need attention ffs.


Well she has perpetuated it in part by writing multiple songs about the situation instead of just ignoring it. Even as recently as folklore she capitalized the word “West” in one of her lyric videos. So I don’t think her being tied to him has nothing to do with her. But I think at this point she is never going to mention him again and also I too would like to see them not be linked anymore. Edit: I’m not saying she has anything to do with him now, but for everyone saying they hate the fact that they’re linked in the media, it makes sense given their past rivalry which both of them commented on repeatedly through their songs.


My feelings exactly! Leave Taylor in peace!


It’s got a very non-consensual feel to it for sure.


I love that you’re all here, but can I just say that I’m glad we didn’t have to compete with you all for Eras tickets. 😂


ugh can u imagine lmaooo


Tbh I'd just like to never link those two again. Not be a buzzkill, I just think all that drama between them is so dumb and want to get it over with. I love the Holocaust Awareness part tho, he really crossed a line there. I wonder if he's doing some twisted social experiment or something, he probably finds the reactions amusing or he'd have stfu already


That's my worry, that like a year from now he'll try saying that, bc that excuse has been used in the past for public freakouts. I really hope people wouldn't go for that, like surely coming out as an actual nazi is a line you can't uncross 🙃


It's a matter of time till the feud is back, something is gonna happen once rep TV is done. I doubt she'll lean to the drama with him tho, she'll probably appeal to the romantic side of the album


I saw a clip of him on the Alex Jones show talking with Jones about how he thinks Jews control everything. He seemed genuine. I don’t know if he’s a good enough actor to be pulling this off as a stunt or social experiment but who knows. He does 100% seem like he’s off his meds. I’ve been around people with bipolar before and I think he’s been going through some manic episodes recently but also becoming a Nazi is not typically a symptom of bipolar lol


He is clearly losing it severely, but he also has a history of saying anti-Semitic things.


Kanye West has stated before he struggles with mental health issues, particularly bipolar disorder. This whole thing feels like he is in a manic episode and the people around him don't say no to him. He has said multiple times in the past he doesn't or stops taking his medication because it interferes with his creativity or that it impacts who he is. I'm not a doctor or a fan of his, but I think he really bought into the "tortured artist" mindset and when someone is in a manic episode, thinking they feel fine and it's the world that's out to get them, it probably fuels the idea he doesn't need medication. He probably won't realize how bad things got until much later when he has time and distance to reflect back on it.


This. A big part of how Kanye has ended up with the views he has is from the confusion caused by bipolar (this isn't to excuse him, mental illness isn't an excuse for holding these views). There might have been a point where Ye had good intentions, wanting to listen and hear out all people, but the problem is he isn't in a frame of mind to actually have discussions or approach things with nuance. Combine that with his behaviour causing him to lose his support network and right wing grifters entering his life and becoming major influences and what you end up with is 2022 Kanye. It's sad man


Oh for sure. Him being bipolar is no excuse and he could be a bigot with or without a mental illness, I just wish that it was more widely known to people that he is suffering. He is being taken advantage of. He also doesn't have to be good person for us to still think he shouldn't be taken advantage of. I don't have to like him and I don't feel like it's excusing his behavior to say "hey, dude clearly needs help." Would he still be an antisemitic troubled man even if he got all the mental health treatment in the world? Maybe. But I still want him to get help. If anything, he shines a spotlight on how people will use those who are mentally ill to farther their agendas. None of the people who are encouraging him at the moment actually care about him as a person, only what he and his star power can do for them. And even if his current views and actions are due to a manic episode or a delusion (not a doctor so not sure if that's the right term or not) the people who use him believe those things without the mental illness part. But by using a mentally ill man, I think they can later swoop in the future and say "oh we didn't mean to give a troubled man a platform for bad things." When they 100% mean too. They're using a mentally ill man as a test run to see what level of antisemitism they can get away with (in my opinion anyway) and it's really fucked up.


Huh. One of the rare occasions when I'm pleasantly suprised by the internet.


What a 🍕💩


It’s funny to me that this is what made people turn on him like he hasn’t been saying wild things for years! I honestly give it a month or until he drops another album


Kanye's bipolar diagnosis was generally the reason why people were able to give him a pass on wild takes, but over the last few months his behaviour has extended beyond just mental confusion. Bipolar isn't an excuse or justification for the views he's adopted. I also doubt he'll drop a new album, it's clear he doesn't particularly care about music anymore and hasn't since 2018. His last 3 projects were a mess, one of which sort of hasn't even technically been released, not to mention the countless announced and scrapped albums inbetween. Kanye's done man this is the end


I don’t know how to phrase this, but it makes me uncomfortable to see praise for Taylor intertwined with Holocaust images and awareness.


Same and I think Taylor would agree


1000%. Taylor should be left out of this. I am pretty sure it’s what she’d prefer, and the focus should be on the actual damage. This has literally nothing to do with Taylor.


Seriously. All of the “karma” comments on here are making me deeply uncomfortable. My family and friends’ families were slaughtered and Kanye is making light of it. I have deep rage for that. It is so deeply classless to make this about Taylor’s karma. I just really don’t think people are considering that Kanye’s words are actually harming people. This is way beyond some celebrity feud. Taylor isn’t saying anything because she knows that it’s not about her! I just want people here to take the hint.


You said it perfectly!


Ngl, it's wild to me it'd take anyone this long to recognize what a pos he's always been. I've been saying this for years but it'd be super cool if he could just be completely deplatformed, like are we done now? Being rejected from Elon's Twitter and fucking Info Wars has to be the end of the line right...


#step by step from town to town bitch


Kanye fans when he uploads a revenge porn video of Taylor's naked body in 2016: Kanye fans now: Wow this man is outrageous! Who could've seen this coming????


Actually it was worse than that in 2016. It was chants of “fuck Taylor swift” and all out attacks on her. No one was even silent. I wish people would leave her out of this current mess that has nothing to do with her. Focus on the actual harm he’s causing.


I want it to stop because every time his stans are angry they harass this sub and I feel its only a matter of time before they start doing that.


Yeah it’s just super unnecessary in multiple facets to involve her in.


Nah, we've been pretty jaded about the guy for years at this point, it just took a while for him to start crossing lines where it became impossible to separate the artist from the art anymore




The amount of Holocaust awareness posts at the top has been pretty amazing to see


Genuine question guys, I just don't get why they would convert to Taylor Swift and not just abandon Kanye. Is it for an act of rebellion that they side with his enemy or something?


*I keep my side of the street clean. You wouldn’t know what I mean.*


She don’t start shit but she can tell you how it ends 😼


If I time travelled back to 2016 and told my younger self about this turn of events, I'm sure that she would think that I have lost my mind lol.


You guys are the best, thank you Swifties


Good, just good, if he has chosen to throw in his load with FUCKING NAZIS he should lose everything.


nature is healing


I vote for holocaust education content over the Taylor Swift stuff. Nothing against Taylor, but some of the people in that subreddit \*really\* need the holocaust awareness material.


I made a comment on a post making it clear that we’re not rejoicing in what Kanye is doing/going through. Let’s make sure not to gloat or have schadenfreude! This can be a healing experience!


Love this for her. She continues to gain momentum and popularity while kanye withers away. Queen 👑


Tbh, if you're a fan of kanye because of his music theres nothing wrong with that. But if you like him for any other reason at this point it's a reflection of your character.


I love his music but I can’t even listen to it anymore. Probably cause I’m Jewish lol


I disagree. Even listening to his music at this point is an indication of character to me. I used to listen to him daily. Let me put it this way because its sadly kinda relevant. No one is a fan of Hitler because of his art.


There must be a separation of art from the artist, especially given the current era we live in. If we want to maintain diversity of film and appreciate the artistic passion and creativity of individuals for the sake of the product, we must employ separation. Also just to contradict myself, Because art is so personal, musicians, visual artists, filmmakers and other artists cannot be separated from their creations. In addition to being a personal expression, art can also be a means of income. By supporting an artist's work, you are supporting the artist themself. Art is an undefinable interpretation of life. beautiful and disgusting, just like the sleep paralysis demon controlling me right now. he says he’s sorry if you’re still reading this.


FWIW, it’s been awhile since I’d gone to his sub, but I always considered the Ye sub pretty chill & relatively complimentary of Tay. Less drama & more perspective. Definitely very different from Twitter I just don’t like Tay being linked to Ye trash. I’m glad she’s being recognized for her work by those who previously didn’t like her bc of loyalties to Ye, but I wish it didn’t happen under these circumstances. I always feel leery when there’s large bursts of media frenzy Taylor-attention from stuff that was neither prompted by her nor has anything to do w her, bc ppl just attracted to chaos flood in & then we get opportunists frothing at the mouth to instigate problems where none exist & then the world has a debate abt Taylor for 3 days abt nothing, & it’s exhausting & unnecessary.


And it is always when she's on the top of her game. Even now she's being associated with this trash. Can't she have one time where he isn't actively trying to steal her spotlight?


For sure, I think a lot of people here have an unfair perspective on the Kanye sub, most people there have been stamping out pro-nazi and generally awful rhetoric for months now and have always been pretty appreciative of Taylor. It's not at all the same as Kanye twitter. We've even been calling for the mods to close r/Kanye altogether before it inevitably becomes a right wing breeding ground.


Im excited about this lol


Sweet like justice, karma is a queen 👑


i mean… as should happen. he’s deranged and delusional. and his support of our ex president is loud and clear👀


Because Taylor and karma vibe like that


With so many new Kanye fans converting, I imagine these tickets will be harder to grab. The amount they spend on his shoes, these ticket reseller prices about to kill me 🤡


I am so tired of Taylor or her fans being dragged into this. It's bad enough that Kanye is out there spouting such hateful rhetoric. Now, there are ridiculous folks that are talking about how Taylor is an "Aryan" princess and equating her to what Kanye has been doing. She hasn't even spoken about him in years. Can we and Taylor be left out of this narrative so we can just jam to Anti Hero in peace?


Looove Taylor but this seems so misdirected lol Taylor hasn't done anything for the Jewish community as far as I'm aware.


100% Taylor sees the news and then visits our subreddit. Get ready folks.


Maybe she didn’t see the news, maybe she’s somewhere else


She's just gonna lurk.


What really happen? I'm out of the loop


He’s a holocaust denier and nazi sympathiser (most recently). Also recently, abuse of workers including showing them porn. He’s also been hugely misogynistic in the past, I’m predicting a full incel arc after this Hitler obsession dies down.


He claims that he loves hitler among many other things that are just straight up nazi rhetoric


He said, “i saaaaaaaaid, there are a loooooooooot of thiiiiinnnggssss that i loooooooveee about hitlerrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr” to be more specific


Ironic that reddit is being spammed with "Kanye Bad" content, while *simultaneously* pushing a pic of David "I slept with a 15yr old" Bowie to the no.#1 of r/all because he's OldSchoolCool.


lurking in the kanye sub gave me so many laughs lmao (regarding the swift posts)


Kanye is an idiot. If you’ve seen Glass Onion…you know


I just have to say though some people hate that she's in the narrative at all, the vindication feels *amazing* on top of the fact that the sub is becoming anti-nazi rather than a cesspool