How she makes each album such a era. With such distinct style in clothing, hair and makeup !


And how she just pulls off every single distinct look! Her styling, hair, makeup - SO good!


I was never really one to listen to music for the lyrics rather than the sound until I listened to the entirety of her discography when I became a bigger fan during the Lover era. My mind was blown when I realized how much I related to her songs (The Archer, Champagne Problems, to name a couple) Not only did her lyrics help me feel less alone, but I now pay attention to lyrics of every song I listen to and I find it very therapeutic.


When she showed up at a couple's engagement party as a surprise, I think that was pure Taylor and something she simply enjoys doing. The party attendees were stunned. [King of My Heart](https://youtu.be/QSnBBpQ9i2I) Enjoyed this immensely.


Omg yes! Or when she [surprised] (https://youtu.be/KJ-S6kg99t4) the 96 year old super fan!


What a sweet gesture, I think is just who she is and I'm all for it and love reading (viewing) these types of stories. I'd guess there are countless others.


I didn't know about this one! So sweet!


Oh that’s so beautiful!


The fact that an dark synth electro pop song like King Of My Heart can sound so beautifully as an acoustic song surprise me. I kinda want an actual acoustic version lol. This is such a sweet thing to do!


Taylor taught me (and ofc I like this about her) that it’s okay to be sensitive, to actually feel your emotions, to question yourself all the while letting yourself feel what you have to feel. I’m working on it, but I love that


I think this is what made me fall in love with her. I have a hard talking about/showing my emotions. Even my best friend has never seen me cry. Listening to folklore for the first time literally changed my whole perspective on a lot of things.


SAME. I’ve been called cold-hearted and all that jazz. Never let anyone see me cry, but I definitely have more perspective on it now (though no one sees me cry still)


Same for me. She’s always been my favorite artist (and celeb in general, tbh), but when I was younger I had a very toxic friend in my life who highly disliked Taylor and made fun of me for being a fan. This person also called me too sensitive after mistreating me numerous times. When I was finally able to leave them I had Taylor and her music right by my side. So many of her songs are about recognizing your feelings, realizing wrongdoings in relationships, and knowing you deserve better. And not just that, but in her career, whenever people try to push her down, she always comes back up and stronger than before. I’m not saying she’s perfect, and recently there has been valid criticism towards her, but with things like Kimye and her masters I really appreciate how she always bounces back and stands her ground.


If there's one thing almost all of us have in common, it's that former friend.


Oh god I hope not. I was really emotionally damaged by them for a while, still am honestly. I’ve been going to counseling for it lmao. But that makes me feel less alone for sure. 🤗


You're making the right choices. You'll get past it, I know I did. I don't miss her anymore and it doesn't bring me down, and now you know what to watch out for. Plus, you're in a community of people who love Taylor.


Can I custom react because YES THIS


She's constantly evolving and striving to be better, but she's never ashamed of where she's come from -- she's constantly celebrating her past work and all the steps that she's taken that have led her to her present. For all the jokes about "the old Taylor is dead" on reputation, to the point that it became a meme, the reputation tour was in many ways a celebration of the old Taylor -- she put Should've Said No on the regular setlist! she played A Perfectly Good Heart and Invisible and Tied Together With A Smile and Breathe and Jump Then Fall and so many other old deep cuts on the b-stage! The re-recordings wouldn't really be possible in the way that they are if she hadn't already established the continuity of her work. There's been such enormous growth from her first album to now but all Taylors are just...Taylor. IDK, that's just something I really admire, that she can constantly reinvent herself and grow but never at the cost of rejecting her younger self.


I really appreciate her for reminding us grown adults to experiment fashion and stuff. And encouraging us to get excited about stuff we like. Life is short, be a geek and enjoy what you like.


That part of her I love. Just like shake it off. Reminding us to love ourselves


I love how she taught me (us, surely) that it's ok to be excited and let such excitement show, no matter if other people think we are being silly or over the top with our feelings. We are allowed to feel however we want ❤️


It’s ok to be CRINGE! (NYU speech) lol


Us, indeed. Great post ❤️


her being unabashedly a cat person


I came here to say exactly this, 😂


Something that I really appreciate about her — and this is kind of an odd one — is that when things become toxic for her via the media, she disappears and surrounds herself with things that matter, things that ground her and the people who love her. Then reemerges when she feels like the time is right. She does a good job of protecting her peace.


She’s brilliant and funny. I love her wit!


People still miss this about her all the time!


Agree! I think she’s very dry, so a lot of people mistake her humor for something else.


She gave money to two families during the pandemic because she heard they were going to have a very hard time keeping their homes. Swiftmas! She mailed gifts to random fans during the winter holidays, including hand written Christmas and Hanukkah cards. This all represents how she’s willing to do nice things for people on need—whether it’s as big as giving them a little financial security or as small as handing out a cool new blanket for Christmas.


Yes! She sent a few fans on tumblr money to help cover their student loans!


Ahh! Yes! I completely forgot about that!


Right around the time that media messages switched to being really misogynistic and gaslighting about how a girl should sit down and shut up or you’ll be ridiculed. I got to hear music about a teenage girl and how her feelings were important. And that’s everything. Right around the time when I was becoming a teenager it really did feel like the whole world decided that teenage girls was like the worst thing you could be that your opinions didn’t matter that the things that you like were a joke. And it was just such a strong hatred I really felt that. And I have always loved music and lyrics and this was an amazing shelter. An artist that was my voice. I’ve gone on to like other albums more than debut or fearless or speak now but I really needed those when I was younger they really helped me. And I suppose that’s why it really hurt me too when a man ruined the masters of those albums. It felt on brand with how the world works but it was still really hurtful just as a fan. So then I’m really freaking happy that as a grown woman she took back the narrative and did what she could to have the music that she should own. That she made when she was a teenage girl and the world told her that her opinions and lyrics weren’t worth shit. but all those bricks turned to gold and then they took it from her. It is actually a great example of how even though the systems that are in place will take things from you that if you continue to work you can get them back and you don’t have to rely on that old system anymore you can have them on your terms. And a deep fall that does end other peoples careers can be stopped, if there are people around you who really care. I’ve been accused of taking what happened too seriously and that I shouldn’t care but me caring and the rest of the fandom caring made a difference and it changed our world. And again it might not mean anything to the same people and media that bullied us when we were teenagers but their opinion doesn’t matter.


This is a simple one but her utter joy and excitement when it rains when she performs. And how now, because of her, rain shows have become so special to fans who attend.


She comes off so humble and relatable, even though she’s an absolute powerhouse worth hundreds of millions. I also love her femininity and strength. It’s flat out inspiring.


As an old straight white guy I did not want to like her music at all but after repeated prompting from my kids I found myself going back and giving a closer listen to a few songs. I have come to deeply appreciate and admire her incredible songwriting talent. Even in songs I don’t really care for — she’s got an amazing knack for word-smithing and storytelling. 100% deserving of the songwriter of the decade award that she just recently won.


What are your favorites and least favorites?


Favorites (not in any order): Wildest Dreams, Willow, Cowboy Like Me, Ivy, No body no crime, seven…ugh I guess most of folklore and evermore Least faves I’m less sure about naming specifically; I haven’t really listened to much of her earlier stuff but the more pop kinda feel doesn’t resonate as much with me. Sorry this is a terrible answer. I guess I’m still figuring it out.


I love that she accepts compliments by saying “Thank you for saying that!” I have trouble with this and using her line is so helpful


She is very nice person i believe that, even i never see her in real life... Also her songwriting, fantasy and the way she express her feeling through song is really impressive...


More of a personal story, but when she did the rep tour in sydney, the weather was terrible and so the concert was delayed, and she got sydney trains to stay open later, and payed for them to, so that everyone could get home since the delayed time would end after trains close


Her attention to detail. It shows in her lyrics but she also seems to really take every aspect of her life in, from little moments to the impact of big events, she just has such an emotional eloquence which, paired with her general eloquence is what I think really shines through in her music. I feel like a lot of the reason she was dismissed by people who thought they were too cool for her early in her career is that people don't want to face up to a lot of the feelings taylor brings up, a lot of those little details. She's so self aware it almost goes full circle and I think a lot of people struggle with self awareness so it can make people uncomfortable. But I love it. It's so so refreshing that she knows who she is and what she values and just throws it out there. She's so earnest. That and her conviction. I feel like she has a really clear idea of when she's right and when she's been wrong. When she speaks about the impact all the negativity she's faced has had on her, she knows that she's not wrong for reacting the way she does. I feel like that takes a lot of strength of character.




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I love how fiercely she stands up for her artistry, her business, and herself. She’s a wonderful example of being a “boss babe”


This. I love this woman for being a champion for herself. -the sexual assault case after being groped -re-recording her masters -standing up for herself re: Kim and Kanye -or even just her comments and responses to people talking about/to her She’s a good example of handling yourself with grace and grit as a woman, even when millions of people are hoping you fuck it up.


I love everything about her. Her sensitivity, her vulnerablity, her sense of humour. She is a light in this world. Something else I really love is how her music heals me, it always comes at the right time in my life and there is always something on the album that relates to what I’m going through personally. It’s a spiritual experience for me hearing each new album because as she heals herself with music she also heals me (and many others I’m sure) There is no one else like her and I am so happy to be able to experience her music and be her fan. ![img](emote|t5_2rlwe|1072)


When she went to court and defended herself from the Creep that grabbed her ass, then accused her of slander. She did this without any other celebrity support, even after donating hundreds of thousands of dollars to Kesha’s legal fund to combat sexual assault in the industry.


I appreciate that she never self objectifies. And isn't afraid to be the dorky, nerdy chick in public. She has never overtly catered to the male gaze and hasn't catered her lyrics to what audiences are used to hearing from women. She just does herself. A lot of the time she feels like a very normal woman leading a very abnormal life.


She taught me not to run away from the negative emotions. You need to embrace it. We have to feel what we feel. Emotions are so valuable. You need to be strong enough to write heartbreak songs bc those will continuously remind us of our emotional breakdowns. Instead of running away from those negative feelings, she chose to write it down. Her songs helped me a lot during my bad phase. I love her so much <3.


I am genuinely in awe of her kindness. I swear there’s a bunch of celebrities who have stories about how kind Taylor was to their children. She’ll go out of her way to introduce herself to them, talk to them on the phone, or send them gifts. That’s so incredible. I cannot imagine being a child and having a global superstar acknowledge your existence. It’s not just kids of celebrities, she’s a sweetheart to everyone she meets. Taylor’s kindness is what got me to become a fan.


That story Stephen Colbert told about his daughter meeting Taylor was so sweet!


I love her music, that’s why I am here


She is extremely observant, funny and smart.




Wait, what are we “holding her accountable” for?


how she is so creative and make each era so different. she loves her fans as much as we do to her. and her talent in song writing. 🤎


when her music cradles me when im sad 😭😍


She made the song The Man and then Folklore and Evermore. She is the GOAT but also human.


I’m such a planner. Everything needs to have a schedule and a when. Kinda like Taylor? But I also love how folklore and evermore reminds me that sometimes it’s okay to lean into the moment, go with the flow, answer “yes and…” etc., instead of living life through a checklist.


She deeply understands my obsession with words, lyricisms, and poetry. I seriously don’t know anyone else irl thats as obsessed with it besides myself and her.


Back in the day when she did Swiftmas!! That was sooo cute and sweet and awesome. NO ONE else did anything like it


I love how strong she is and her music really shows that. She taught me that it's important to explore what I want to do. She used to be a country star, and then a pop star, now she's kind of bouncing in between. Sometimes I feel like I need to be one thing, but she's shown me that I can be so many things. Also, she's super stylish, pretty, has an amazing voice and people say that she's really nice.






















We can hold her accountable without hating everything about her. This is a Taylor Swift sub, so of course those subscribed to it like her. We can criticize her for some things while appreciating others.


yeah i did think the wording of “holding her accountable is draining” was pretty bad. like the whole “ally fatigue” thing