i was in the 212


Azealia Banks collab confirmed /s


That would be a cultural reset






Is this an Easter egg suggesting Azealia Banks is gonna be a feature??? /s






The numbers kinda ruin the aesthetic if you don’t want the clock


That's exactly what I was thinking the whole time!!! I only bought the Jade Green edition, and I don't wanna have the numbers on the back cover :( Edit: I just made a post in these subreddit with this back cover without the numbers [Moonstone Blue Edition edited](https://www.reddit.com/r/TaylorSwift/comments/xgh4m2/midnights_vynil_my_version/?utm_medium=android_app&utm_source=share)


Honestly the CD version of the clock looks weird. I feel like it would have been nicer to have the CDs not have numbers so that people would have more options between all the covers and vinyls vs CD.


It looks like the image was illegally downloaded and there’s a watermark on it from the host site.


She's in her Getty Images era.


Yes, such gorgeous picture with those numbers on it 😒


lowkey like it actually


They really do. I wonder if it might hurt her sales in the long run? I know I was planning on buying a physical copy, but now I don’t think I want to … It ruins the feeling of owning an object that’s special and somewhat luxurious when it’s so obviously unfinished.


Agreed, wish there was an option without the numbers (though I guess that would go against the collect ‘em all marketing strategy a little). It’s just that the clock doesn’t entice me at all. I really don’t want a massive cardboard clock with four pics of Taylor on my wall - I love her music but my house does not need to be Taylor themed lmao. So now the beautiful photography is covered up by random numbers. Maybe it woulda been less invasive with roman numerals? Not a big enough deal for me to cancel my order but idk just a little meh.


I actually really love them! If it wasn't for the fact that I'm way too broke to afford all four lol


tbh I didn't even consider this when I was feeling fomo for not ordering all the album versions and now I dont feel bad at all and am kinda bummed too about this


The numbers look so random without context lmao


Grrr. I emailed to cancel my moonstone blue preorder because I didn’t want the numbers on the back and I foolishly thought that the Target addition didn’t have the numbers. If the store cancels it, I’ll just pick it up on release day.


Man, I can’t decide if I want the Lavender or the Moonstone. :( Part of me is thinking the lavender because if I frame my vinyls the way I want to one day (I don’t play them), I’ll have the pink and blue of Lover and the lavender of Midnights. But the Moonstone is just so so pretty. I don’t know. Edit: y’all are really salty about the side of the cover that you won’t even be looking at most of the time. I don’t get it.


If it makes you feel better the lavender one will be around for a while


Honestly I love the lavender one sm


honestly the original one is my favorite


Why do you buy the vinyls but not listen to them? At that point I would just get the picture and then frame them.


I only listen to music digitally, but I want to mount the albums as art, kind of [like this](https://www.etsy.com/listing/1224024755/)


Ahh I see now. I didn't think of displaying the physical vinyl.


I like my theory that there’s three more variants coming white, green, orange. So the 3, 6, 9, and 12 are also represented. So if I’m right you can make a whole other clock with them. ![img](emote|t5_2rlwe|1069)


I was actually thinking about this. I can see there being an Urban Outfitters exclusive, maybe a Walmart exclusive, and hopefully even an independent record store exclusive if she is following this route.


I’d love it if a talented art swiftie blended those half colors into one color. Would be cool to see. We already have the lavender variation and we could see how well the colors for 3 match’s.


I don’t think that would happen. When you put the albums together, you see the 3 6 9 and 12. That’s the point of having all of them, it completes the clock. It wouldn’t make sense to release 4 more just to show those numbers.


I’m hoping she comes out with a special version of every future album that has the clock on the back so that we can change it up as *time* goes on… 😹


Don’t speak this into existence! I can’t afford 4 versions of every album but I 100% would buy them 😭


I was actually trying to think last night how I could use the other cd albums (reputation , Lover, folklore, evermore) and still have it be a Clock lol 😂. I didn’t get too far before sleep took me.


I thought of number decals etched onto the sleeve. Like, the kind you use for scrapbooking and stuff. Or just going with the “I’m so cool I don’t need numbers to tell time” aesthetic.


I was definitely thinking the laissez-faire and lazy route of like not having any numbers and being like… I can tell time without numbers… lol


That’s very on brand too! Haha


It’s very Swifty also. We can make up our own numbers lol and our own time


A clock doesn’t have to have numbers. I was thinking of buying the clock and just putting the other albums on the holders


not more 💀


I honestly don’t understand people that don’t want any more of a variety of choice. I don’t know who is telling people they need to buy them all, but you do not. That is one option. But the other more clear option for everyone else that just wants to buy one is you get more options for one that you really want. On the main clock we got from the beginning the 12 is fully white, The 3, the two colors on it mixed together makes a purple (The lavender color we already have) , the 6 mixed together is orange , the 9 mixed together is green. Meaning we could get three more colors orange , green, and white versions. And the lavender, orange , green , and white versions would make a new clock mural. Like the moonstone, blood moon, mahogany, Jade already do. Edit: The second paragraph addresses the question you deleted.


we already have green though :P


The amount of complaining this sub will do if that happens...


Maybe it’s just because I’m old now but I roll my eyes so hard. It’s like a whole group of peoples heard one lecture on capitalism and now they’re against having choices with album art. Or are advocating that the masses are so stupid that they are going to buy everything even if they can’t afford it. Album variants won’t make you miserable. Groupthink does. I’m just like does it not get you down to like feel that way and perceive it that way? I can’t imagine waiting this long for a proper album release cycle from Taylor Swift and then convincing yourself that you’re unhappy that she releases multiple different versions of the album so you can choose the one you like the best. Why are they making it un fun for themselves amd others..why. I guess people have it right when they say hating something brings people together more than liking something does Like if the narrative is we want only one version of the album and one version of a vinyl for the rest of this album cycle it’s going to get real old real fast.


Yup. So many other artists release this many variants, but they do it in a lazy way, like the same covers with just different color vinyl. At least Taylor is trying to make it fun for her fans!


Love this shot of her, love the aesthetic she’s going for this album


I'll probably pick up the target CD since it'll have the exclusive music, but main do I hate the back covers of all the Midnight stuff. I *really* do not like the varient stuff and the idea that you have to buy them all. When folklore came out I picked the cd with the cover that I liked the most. Now with Midnight there is literally no way of getting around the fact that it's suppose to be part of a "set".


Are these exclusive track eventually released on Spotify anyway?


I think it’ll take a few weeks or months, but it’ll be on streaming eventually


She has to, there’s literally loads of countries without a target


I kinda feel like this photo should’ve been the album cover.


Nah, the actual album cover is more interesting with the eyeliner and candle imo


I like the clock idea but if you don’t do it I feel like the cover looks weird. I wish there was an changeable back where you could just have the photo. I wonder if they’ll be more vinyl’s?


Woulda been cool if the clock kit came with stick on numbers. Then you could use any four vinyls, or have the vinyls in whatever order, and those of us that don’t want a clock could just have a nice plain back cover.


That’s such a cleaver idea!


Honestly I'm considering buying just the clock kit and getting/making my own number decals!


Thanks for sharing!!!


Couldn't decide on ordering the clock (where am I gunna put that large of a clock) and it's gone now. I like it when fate decides for me. Though now I'm gunna have 5 vinyls with random numbers on the back..... I am just glad the front covers don't have them!


DIY clock kits are really easy to find, and wall shelves for vinyls are available online! I just Google “wall shelves for vinyl records” and an Etsy listing came up for ~$5! You could easily DIY this for a lower price and get use out of those albums.


I‘d love to have the target version but I’m from Germany so sadly I can’t buy it :(


'Tis about what I expected... but not at the same time. It's kinda weird that only the Moonstone Blue will have an alternative when you think about it


It's a clock.


she looks so good


Does anyone else not have a pickup option for the target exclusives? I was going to preorder the cd, but realized it tacked on $6 for shipping. I live less than five minutes from a target, I definitely don’t want it shipped, but it’s saying local pickup isn’t an option.


I don’t think Target let’s you pick up a preorder, but if you stop by on release day, you should be able to find a copy. Otherwise, if you have the Target red card (either debit or credit), I think paying with that will get you free shipping if you don’t meet the spend about for free shipping


Thanks for the info! I’ll probably just wait it out and grab one in store since I don’t have a red card


Can confirm: have a Target card and shipping is free plus a lil 5% discount…much cheaper than ordering from the TS site if you want the Moonstone/Target edition


Yes! Makes me so happy.


Everyone complaining about the clock numbers on the back when you don’t want to do the clock thing: time is obviously a really important element to this album so I still think it makes sense aesthetically and is cool as fuck overall. /rant


this is the lavender one? i thought this was the back cover to one of the ones on her site, not the target one. i want the lavender one and i like the picture but not the numbers since I’m only gonna get one


Yes!! Love it thanks for posting


That looks so UNREAL


Somebody tell her to stop 😭


I was really hoping the back of the Target versions was gonna be the full clock image… this is disappointing especially when it wasn’t advertised as part of the set, it would’ve been nice as a standalone


So, I doubt I’ll be looking at the back cover of this very often, but I’m just gonna pretend that the half of the 3 at the bottom is actually half of a 2, and the random numbers on this one are *just* supposed to be 1 & 2s for midnight. Not part of a clock, just a continuation of the album name 😆


The back cover for the Moonstone edition single-handedly made me cancel my order for Mahogany and get the Target version.


Calling Speak now on Feb 12th