there was a similar post like this a month ago! youre thinking of the speak now live performance at the speak now world tour. i can totally see how you’d get them confused, with the props, set design and everything it’s giving very why is there no music video


It really does give off that energy. It’s not the one I remember but it’s amazing nonetheless.


There was a behind the scene video of the Speak Now photo shoot where they did dress up a bride and had Taylor act out scenes from the song. It should still be on YouTube somewhere. If it’s not the tour performance it might be this video.


I found it and you were so right. Thank you!!


If anyone can link this I would be so grateful


hey can u pls post the link? since you found it :D






Interesting- I watched both videos linked below. They start as the same one (BTS - Speak Now - Part 1), but they turn into different videos. Both very cool! Edit: fixed autocorrect!


I have the same Mandela Effect memory. Exactly like you describe. I have wondered if I am remembering an insert in the CD or something. I’ve, sadly, never been to a live show.


Same. Now I feel so weird. I remember the church and they sneak out the back


Definitely a shot like this was in the lyric booklet, I obsessed over lyric booklets when I was younger lol


It was a photo shoot


[Here's the live performance](https://youtu.be/kJRRf7vphFI)


Thank you so much for the burst of serotonin


I didn’t know I needed to see this today, but apparently I did. I really love this era.


the scene in New Girl that features Taylor is v Speak Now-esque. maybe that contributed to it? idr the years difference between SN and the episode, but I think it was around the same time??


I dug out my CD. I think I am remembering the insert


This is standing out so clearly but no proof!!


it wasn’t a music video, it was for the photo shoot for the album and there was a behind the scenes video. There was never a music video for speak now.


I can also picture those scene! Maybe it’s because the lyrics are so descriptive? Maybe you’re getting it confused with I Bet You Think About me? Or is that too far fetched?


I think it’s because the lyrics are so descriptive. That in combination with the photo shoot made me falsely remember a music video. Ms. Swift really does have a stronghold on my psyche.


No because there's something to it... I remember being like 9 and scrolling through Taylor's Vevo on YT and I also have a vivid memory of a Speak Now music vid, but maybe it really was the photo shoot... I didn't even know the song at the time


Girl I am certain it existed she like hides behind a curtain and the bride is yelling at everyone and they sneak out the church it’s real


It’s either the behind the scenes video for the album booklet or the actual photo that’s in there. Then there’s the speak now live performance.


I know exactly what you’re talking about! I’m pretty sure it’s the photoshoot from the CD booklet. I don’t have it but I remember there was photos that are exactly like the scene you describe in the little booklet!


i think its the single cover !!




I could have sworn this as well!! And when someone posted about this not long ago my mind was blown to find out there was never a music video. But I can see it soooo clearly in my mind 😩


I am a bit disturbed that there isn't because I remember bits of said non-existant video SO vividly. And it wasn't the photoshoot bts nor the speak now tour footage either....


Maybe you're thinking of the album photoshoot. In the CD there were pictures for each song. One of her bandmates was the groom and you could see Taylor hiding behind a curtain.


Was the bride Hayley Williams from paramore?! Bc if so I have the same memory lol




I have the exact same memory! I swear this is another example of the Mandela effect or something


There was definitely a Speak Now music video. I remember it.. not 100% sure about the curtain. But I definitely remember a video.. it wasn't the tour video that someone above posted either..


I agree! I’ve seen other people ask this question and the tour video always gets linked but it’s definitely not what I’m thinking of.


I found the behind the scenes for the photo shoot and I think this is it!! https://youtu.be/nEwpCknFNc0


I remember something similar as well, probably something I watched when I was in elementary school? For some reason I remember Taylor being in a church that’s not really brightly lit (pews were a darker brown) and wearing a yellow dress. I think it was fanmade but I can’t find it either


I watched the photoshoot one, and it looks similar..but that wasn't it either. The groom wasn't Grant, the bride wasn't Liz. From what I remember, it was a chapel.. guy was in a black tux. Bridesmaids moved slowly down the aisle in puffy dresses (which were either blue or green) Taylor stood up.. guy looked at her and realized what he missed..then they ran out of the chapel. I also don't remember what Taylor was wearing. But I feel like the yellow dress you mentioned was from New Girl


Hmm definitely not. I just watched the New Girl video and Taylor has straight hair. The one I remember, she still had her curls


The bride had brown hair and the bridesmaids had pastel green dresses???? anyone else??


I am not asking.. I am not hoping.. I am not wanting.. I am BEGGING


The storytelling in this song is so good i’ve always had a really vivid image of the events in my head


I have this memory! Must be some kind of Mandela effect lol


For the longest time I was also convinced there a music video for speak now but my mind had just mixed the photo shoot everyone’s talking about and the scene from New Girl with Taylor


I relate this song to the first wedding I went to and because I’ve known this song for so long it has its own variation of a music video in my head lol


I too VERY clearly remember this. But also I DID NOT remember the Begin Again music video and I saw it a few months back and was CONFUSED as heck because that’s one of my ALL TIME FAVE Taylor songs. I was like “there’s no way this isn’t new?!” I 100% did not know it existed, but I also CLEARLY remember the speak now video and I’m just confused again.


inremember it too and the guy was kind of punk?


I think you're thinking of the litho/photo from the cd booklet where her band mates played the bride/groom/guests.


i have the same memory! i think it’s because the lyrics were so descriptive we could literally see it in our heads


i just know the imagery in my head that plays during the song is so strong that it could be mistaken for being a music video! just another testament to her writing abilities


It’s bc on her tour she had a cute wedding setup!!🥺