Go to HR immediately. You are required by company policy to take your breaks. They have to be taken at a reasonable time pending business needs but they have to be taken. You can not skip them and management can not refuse them Also check your state and local laws. Some states it is outright illegal to deny your breaks


Send an email to Brian. Or call head office and ask to speak to him. If you're lucky enough to get thru to him. Pretty sure you will get your breaks and most of your target management will be fired. Contact your local radio/ newspaper. If anyone asks why you didn't speak to management tell them you did. But they ignored you.


This is great advice. I would also add to contact your management and HR about this by email before you take any of these routes, so that you have a paper trail.


Getting ahold of Brian? Is this satire 😂


Also though depending on what state you live in they are not required to give you a break.


Company policy requires it in all states regardless of the state law.


That doesn’t matter. Company policy requires it


Problems is that the difference between company policy requirement vs. what they can get away with.


Not really. Denying company mandated meal and breaks is one of core ethics listed. It’s a gigantic issue and the only way they get away with it are if team members don’t call them on it Actively engaging in denying breaks is going to be a termination level offense for a lead and Human Resources. Maybe a final if their district leadership is particularly forgiving.


i just had a “common sense leadership training” w the other TLs our SD and HR and he reiterated this point so many times. “We cannot deny breaks” i have to print a breakout schedule everyday because of it


I've worked for companies who followed the intent of not the letter of the law. Oh you have to take a lunch but you're the only CSM on the front end, yeah give me 5 minutes I'll be up there. Oh you're locked out because you have hit max hours without a lunch can you hold on a bit longer and I'll be up there to override you with a key turn but I have to go back to my area and I can't relieve you. Oh you're still locked out after having had a key turn done 5 times, yeah hurry and go to lunch. I had HR give me crap the next day and they pushed back telling me it was my responsibility to make sure I went to lunch on time and to not hit the Max and be locked out. Even though I told them exactly what happened.


I get that. But this is Target. I’ve personally seen leaders in good standing terminated for actively denying breaks. Target is a shit company for a lot of reasons but they don’t play when it comes to breaks


*Maria Bamford agrees*


Not sure why this is downvoted so much. If it was a mandatory break state, DoL could swoop in with a quick call. HR has no legal obligation to follow a company policy though.


Part of Human Resources is to make sure company policy and state/federal law is being followed on the store level. They are the first go to when leadership fails to adhere to strict policy. Their failure to follow up with leadership is a critical failure of their core role


That’s literally their job though, to make sure policy is followed????


Your HR is full of shit


People tend to forget that HR exists solely to protect the company, not the employees.


but they aren’t protecting the company by allowing illegal behavior to go on. They are just incompetent.


If a manager or supervisor is doing something that will possibly cause a lawsuit against the company, then they will likely act against that manager.


Not true.


They exist to protect the company as a whole, not the team leaders or ETL's. You not being allowed to take your breaks means the company can get in trouble, so the company wants you to take a break because they legally have to give you one.


Again. Not true.


What specifically about what they said is not true and why?


It is true jfc


It is absolutely true and you’re a damn fool if you think it’s not. HR is not on your side.


True l




It’s a TARGET policy as their corporate law is MN and the rule is a 6 hour or longer shift gets a 30 min break. 5 hours or less you get one paid 15. A shift 8 hours gets the lunch and 2 15s. That’s not negotiable to be compliant.


15s? Just enough time to yawn! 💀


No, if you work a certain number of hours, you aren’t required to take a lunch. But the bare minimum of a 4 hour shift entitles you to one 15 min break


Call the integrity hotline if your leaders aren't helping you and you have proof Edit: contact your hrbp


Integrity hotline calls get reported directly to the HR ETL and STL Edited to add: meaning if they aren’t doing anything to help, go higher Call the HRBP


Former ETL here: The integrity hotline is bullshit and is just another way for Target to put on a face that they're "here for the team members". The hotline can't make the store to anything. Literally their only function is to anonymously report what you've told them. And 9/10 the STL and ETLs know who the complaint came from. Forget reporting this to anyone in Target. Contact your state's labor board and file a complaint.


Agree with everything except the last part. Most states don’t require rest breaks. That’s company policy. I’d only do that if it’s illegal in op’s state.


>edit: i should mention i’ve already been to HR about this, they specifically told me they have no control over this and that i should try ‘bonding’ with my team lead more Uhhhhh. Time to escalate.


They absolutely have control over this, they just don’t want to do anything.


Maybe 'bonding' was code for exlax in her water bottle


“Bonding … you know, bond her head with your fist.”


Your HR is fucking stupid. Your TL is breaking store policy. Take it above their heads. Its a TLs job to find coverage for you when you need to go on break. I regularly cover OPUs or Tech or Guest Service when people need to go on breaks and theres gaps. It’s literally your fucking job to make sure your team is taken care of. I dont understand how you can call yourself a manager if you can’t manage break schedules. Wtf man!


You need to talk to HR or your SD. This is big time not ok.


Turn off your lights and take your breaks. She’ll come figure out she needs to cover you real quick


i used to do that but they said if i kept it up they’d fire me, idk if they actually could or not but i sorta need this job


I doubt they could fire you for following corporate policy. I would reach out to your HRBP or go higher than that if needed.


This is the way OP. HRBP.


That is definitely an empty threat. It is against company policy for a TL to not allow you to take your breaks.


And that would be retaliation.


I have honestly dreamed of something like this happening to me. I'd slap them with a lawsuit so fast and buy myself something nice


My Starbucks used to turn the lights off because they had no one to cover them. You won’t get fired


Your employee handbook actually states that you could be fired for not taking your breaks.


Legal action time! Check your handbook and get ready to point out break times while saying, “Then I must have to submit An ethics report or sm hehe”


Who is they? Seems like you need to loop more people in on this and make sure you get what you need. Put pressure on this person


If they actually did fire you for this, you'd get unemployment easy and possibly also a lawsuit.


they can't fire you for that, and if they try you can sue them into the ground


Who’s they? Tell them you will call corporate. You know your rights but try to tell them in the most calmest way. If they wanna fire you let them cause they will be the ones to pay your unemployment.


TL and ETL


I help out at the starbucks in my store bc majority of the team quit and I would turn off the lights and make a sign. Breaks are important. especially for starbucks employees. It gets so stressful up there.


You need to report them to the department of labor


that’s grounds for a lawsuit


Turn off the lights and if they fire you sue the hell out of them. You’ll get more if you sue than they’ll ever pay you trust me


i left target because of this.. there were a total of 5 people who worked in the tarbucks and i worked by myself 7–4ish most days. i got to where i just closed down the line and took my breaks. i tried talking to the TL and HR and the SM and nobody gave a fuck. we had a visit from a higher up and sbux was closed because no coverage.. got mad but still didn’t do anything. if they don’t give u ur break, i’d start turning lights off and going 🤷🏼‍♀️ eta- the starbucks TL was also the grocery TL and literally didn’t even know how to ring up a drink, let alone make a latte. the front team lead helped me out so much and would cover my breaks when he could bc he took the time to learn drink menu items smh


lmao maybe you worked at my store, because we have the same situation with our TL running grocery too. we almost got shut down because of our coverage issues a couple times


Is it a low volume store? At one point we had a TL for food ave( at the time), Starbucks and food and beverage. Then one year they decided to combine all three departments under one Leader. I give the Team Leader props at the time for juggling three departments at one time. Food and beverage is a beast in its own. The TL eventually left the company. Shortly after that they separated the Team Leader positions back.


we’re actually a pretty busy store, from what i’ve been told we’re one of the most profitable in the midwest, though i’m not sure how true that is. they actually just hired a grocery TL so the one refusing my breaks is going to be full time at starbucks, which is part of the reason my hours got cut. i only say part because there’s no reason for me to go from 35 hours weekly to 12 when i’m the only opener and she doesn’t come in til 10 most days. idk what’s up with all this


I had a very similar experience. There was one day where my SD came to get a coffee and I told them I’d been there 5 hours and hadn’t had a break, even though I’d asked a few times for someone to cover. His response was to tell me that fulfillment was really busy and the barista that was scheduled for Starbucks couldn’t cover… after he got his coffee I just turned off the lights and took my break. After that I would ask for coverage one or two times for breaks, and if I got no response just turn off the lights. I would just turn off the lights anytime if I needed to use the restroom, because fuck waiting for 5 hours to go to the bathroom. The best advice I can give you is to find a different job, and then quit with zero notice. Tarbucks is the bottom of the bottom at Target, and you deserve better.


Go to HR


i tried. they told me that this was ‘out of their control’ and suggested i try developing a stronger bond with my team lead :/


Time to report to the ethics hotline. Make sure to track dates and times to be specific.


luckily i’ve been keeping notes on the times and dates, im glad i thought to do that.


Sounds like your team lead and your HR need to be shown the door. If they feel that way about breaks you probably aren’t the only person, time to call the ethics hotline


i know for sure i’m not the only person having this issue, i’ve talked to other starbucks workers about it and they have the same issue with her




That's a load or horse crap. HR is there to make sure everyone takes their breaks. Sounds like your HR is just lazy as hell.


Time to get in touch with your HRBP, you can find their info at MPM.


Then your HR is nuts. You aren’t require to BOND with the Starbucks lead to get your 15 minute break.


What the fuck they should be fired too.


Wtf? You’ve got to be joking. No HR would say that. They take the whole mental well being like stupid serious. Especially breaks and lunches.


It’s in the handbook that not taking your breaks/being told not to take your breaks is grounds for termination. If the leads and HR don’t comply you absolutely need to go over their heads and contact the integrity hotline.


Honestly, go to your ETL. Say “Hey ETL, can you get coverage for my 15?” They’ll ask why you didn’t ask your TL and you just need to respond “my TL is refusing to cover for me, making me skip breaks so Starbucks can stay open.” If your ETL dismisses it without doing anything, go to your store director. You can *easily* go above your TL’s head. Your HR is full of crap. If I were you, I’d get your HRBP contact info and reach out regarding what’s going on as well as what “help” you got from your ETL HR. Call the hotline too. Something will change. Breaks are not supposed to be skipped under any circumstance. Even in states that don’t have break laws, target takes its break policy very seriously. It’s one of the things they do to try to keep their employees from wanting to unionize.


I remember our Starbucks would have a sign saying they were closed for break on days there was only one person. You definitely need to find someone else to talk to because Target is the one who will get in trouble if you don't get breaks or if you keep hitting compliance.


As a TL this pisses me off to no end. I am always checking in with my team and making sure they are taking their breaks. Idc if the floor is on fire, I still make sure everyone is getting the breaks they are entitled to. I’m sorry your TL sucks and that your HR sucks too. This isn’t right.


i may not work at target (i work at walmart), but as an associate - thank you for treating your associates like humans :)


Your team lead is a fucking idiot. Typical bullshit. Can't control anything in her pathetic life so she tries to dictate yours. Do yourself a favor and look for another job and fucking quit. Target is a fucking joke and you'd be better off getting into a trade. I suggest machinist. It's really not worth it. even a year from now; if you busted your ass the whole year and never miss a day, you'd be lucky to even get a 15 cent raise. quit while you're ahead


i’m actually working on a tattoo portfolio at the moment, this is essentially just a college job for me, definitely not a career


Hey, same hat! I just finished my apprenticeship, and am still at target while I look for a shop (my old one didn't have space , it was part of the deal that I peace out when I was done)


oh congrats dude!! i’m still trying to find a teacher, it’s hard in wisco lol


Good luck!!! If you aren't already, r/TattooApprentice is a sub geared towards support and constructive criticism! The FAQ has a lot of info if you have questions, feel free to post your portfolio for pointers :)


yoo fellow wisco target


I had this problem when I worked fulfillment. I get not everyone is in a place to do this, but I got to the point where I just took my breaks regardless of how behind we were or if someone could cover. I had my TL tell me "you aren't here to take breaks, you're here to work for Target" and I told her if she wanted me to stop taking my breaks the way I was she could put it in writing for me. Similarly, when I switched to Tech I constantly had to badger people to cover for me. Sometimes after asking for 15+ minutes who could cover I would just say "this is OP going on break, TL has tech" which would THEN prompt a response where I could get them to cover me or find someone who would. Or I'd just go on break without coverage at all 😂 whenever a TL confronted me I'd say "I was asking on the walkie for half an hour. Either you don't listen to your walkie, or tech coverage doesn't matter that much to you".


We must work at the same target them because my team lead can’t make drinks to save her life and half the time we don’t get our second 15s but she always make sure she takes hers and when we really need her to be on register so we can actually make the drinks right should I go I have paperwork to do. But also you need to go talk to your HR and yes they do have control over that especially if you’ve hit compliance because of her they get in trouble for that if it doesn’t get fixed you need to go to your SD or hire then


They can't fire you for following the company break policy, but that doesn't mean they won't try. You should report this to the Integrity Hotline and/or your HRB as soon as possible. If you need help finding out who that is, let me know.


You are legally required by labor laws to take your breaks. I would call your states labor department and file a formal complaint HR is supposed to protect Target, not you, from lawsuits like this one that could happen. Edit: read up on your states labor laws and see what is required by your employer first


This, but keep in mind, it is a violation of federal law to prevent someone from using the bathroom. My old team lead got on me once about bathroom breaks I was having to leave the line for when I started a new medication that made me have to pass every five seconds. I know I have a Osha on speed dial.


I would just transfer store locations specifically for this reason. But I would also quit because there is no reason to stay where they cut your hours that bad. Not even worth it. You can go work for an actual starbucks anyways. ☺️


hah, i actually don’t know if i can go to another starbucks. i worked at one for years but got fired just this june, apparently it’s ‘shift abandonment’ when you call in 6 hours before your shift because your dog is being put down


if HR isn't helping you this needs to go to cooperate.


Just take your breaks. Let them be upset. Tell them you'll report them for breaking labor laws.


I would email the HRBP and the DSD.


Honestly, if you want to take this further try talking to the regional guy in your area. Either try and get his contact info or next time your store gets a visit, make sure to stop by and talk to him. Considering the TL is against you, HR won’t do shit, thats your only chance to fix this and that’s if you get lucky with a decent regional manager. Or maybe one of the ETLs are nice. Or just find a better job


Have you tried the good 'ol "eat shit and die" response?


HR telling you they have no control over this is bullshit. This is literally why they exist


i’m pretty sure compliance is so that you can’t sue them, so my opinion, sue them


OSHA requires your employer to allow you to take bathroom and water breaks, if you feel like reporting the store


This sounds off. Especially the compliance part.


how do you mean? my TL has on several occasions made me wait til two/three minutes past my compliance to let me take my lunch. i usually am the only person working at starbs so i have to wait for her to come down from doing paperwork to take my breaks.


Anytime you hit compliance it flags in the system. It’s a huge no no under company policy. Sounds like from everything you say your HR is beyond incompetent and they are as big of an issue if not bigger than your team lead


Because at our store, all of the team leads, etls call out names of whomever is about to hit compliance. No matter what dept. they say it over and over and if the tm is off walkie someone goes and alerts them. If the TM still hits compliance, the immediate leader of that department gets into trouble as well. Also the individual tms are responsible for tracking their time towards compliance and you’re supposed to call it out over walkie over and over starting at 45 mins before that hr that you need to go to meal. The whole store hears you calling it out and then you don’t get in trouble, your TL would.


oh that’s definitely not a thing here, nobody is told when to take their lunches or when compliance is hit, we’re supposed to track that ourselves. I have actually asked for coverage over the walkie before, specifying when my compliance is, but since very few people are trained as baristas they usually make me wait. they said they’ll fire me if i break without coverage so i don’t really get a choice


Then your store must be ok with compliance, which sounds a little sketch to me. That’s like the ultimate sin at target. Also, we are responsible personally for not hitting compliance. It’s like punching in on time. It’s actually our responsibility.


they say they’re not ok with it, but they never get on anyone for it either, management is really bad here. i understand that it’s our responsibility, but i am literally not allowed to leave until she comes and covers for me or i will be fired


It depends on your states local laws. Many states have no meal break laws. With a nationwide company it’s easier to make one set of laws and apply it nationally and they pick one that passes most state laws. Sometimes that’s ca or ny typically. If it’s company policy it’s something that flags but they can choose to ignore. Instead of making a top level comment just adding this- you have a resource outside Target, Starbucks. You can contact the Starbucks dm and complain. They can inquire to why your staffing is such that you don’t have meal or break coverage.


Your HR sucks,sorry for you.


Call the ethics line and report this. This is grossly unacceptable and against company policy.


Omg leave ,get another job.


I would go to your states labor board and file a complaint.


Would only make a difference in the states that require employees to have mandatory breaks. The majority of states have no sort of break laws for adults. Two states don't even have labor boards to report to.


Report it to the labor board, escalate it to the third hotline & go from there, as Team Leads we are NOT allowed to stop TMs from taking their breaks. (This is why more people need to unionize; your HR representative is doing absolutely NOTHING to protect YOU.)


[Target Union](https://targetworkersunite.com/) and [Starbucks Union](https://sbworkersunited.org/)


You should ask for them to document the policy of no breaks. Would love to see anyone in management have the balls to do that.


Call the corporate ethics line immediately depending on where you are denying you your brakes might be illegal but it’s definitely against company policy. Denying you bathroom breaks is federally illegal. If they were to fire you for that, you could sue the living shit out of the app, but yeah, immediately call the ethics line this person needs to be fired immediately.


I was told one time I couldnt take a break because I spoke to a guest for too long. I took one anyway, thenI told HR. They are not legally allowed to deny you your break! That could be a serious lawsuit if you wanted it to be. Against 3 fronts! the company, the HR rep, and the TL


they are lying to you. it’s time to call their bluff


Damn, that’s unfortunate! I’m sorry to hear that. I thought by law you were suppose to have a break. Normally there’s a paper in Tmsc that explains if you work X amount of hours you get X amount of breaks. Suggest a break schedule to be posted each day? I hope it turns around for you.


Don't let them do that report the asshole tl. Put up a sign up that you are on break and walk away. Also find another job fuck this place.


State and federal law might have something to say about that.


Federal says nothing on meals or breaks. Just whether they’re paid if offered (short, under twenty must be paid). Most states follow that policy.


If you go to workday and play around, you can find the head of HR. I think if you go to your profile and see who you’re working under it’ll somehow lead you to there. Contact them directly about how your leader is breaking laws and on top of that your current HR doesn’t care about compliance, laws, and your well being. Give them all the details. But don’t tell anyone that you’re going to them. Just hit send. But also don’t forget around this time a lot of hours are being cut to save them for the seasonal time also. :) if you’re scared about revenge retaliation, let someone else that doesn’t work there send an email so it could be “anonymous”. And if you suspect revenge retaliation is happening, document it and keep sending emails.


I don’t even have to read the rest , report to HR or SD or even corporate if nothing changes 😗


Report it to your ETL, SD or Ethic Hotline… Or all of the above.


Ummmmm.....yeah. It is not, not, not and not out of hr's control!!!!!


Have you done something recently that would cause leadership to try to performance you out the door? Often when a team member is not meeting expectations, leaders will look for any reason to coach them and/or issue a corrective action to try to fire them. Have you recently (in the past 6 Months) had a corrective action issued against you?


Take this straight to your HR business partner. This is absolutely against company policy and could be illegal depending on the state you live in. Target doesn’t mess around when it comes to breaks


Go as high up as you can to complain about this. Based on your state, they are legally required to give you your breaks. My old store wouldn’t let you skip breaks because TL’s got in trouble if you went into compliance, and you’d even get fired if you went into compliance too many times.


Document everything. Unless your a minor no state has laws about breaks or lunches. However Target does. Keep a notebook, or even a app in your phone. So any time your TL says in 5 write it down. With the time. Then page the TL back. Any time they say you cant have a break, write it down. Talk to HR, they say they cant do anything write it down. Ask about the policy requiring breaks/lunches. Print it off. Names, dates, time. All important.


Contact labor board


Call the hotline. Our ETLs got in trouble bc a team member called the hotline on them for not giving her a second break (they said she only gets another one if her shift is more than 8 hrs but apparently this isn’t true?).


Don't not bond with her. She'll ask for sex. Don't do it! Just say no


That’s not a thing that’s allowed… The lead should be coordinating breaks to be taken, and allow for coverage.




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honestly? just start taking your breaks. theyll fix that shit reaaaaaaaal fast


LABOR LAWS , and go to HR


Leave and go to stand alone Starbucks 100 times better


Honestly this job means nothing in the grand scheme of your life and she is probably going to get you fired so you might as well get some satisfaction and leave in style. Get another job first then fuck her over anyway u can on the next shift and just disappear.


If HR isn’t helping go to your ETL or SD! They will take care of it! If that doesn’t work contact corporate about the situation and inform them of the problem and that no one is resolving it.




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This is literally illegal. One of my old TLs tried to make us stay on the floor until someone else came back from their break/lunch even if we already announced that we were gonna go. Our closing TL let us know we’re entitled to our breaks and that we are able to go whenever we like and he eventually got fired. If your HR isn’t doing anything I’d let the ethics hotline know you guys are being prevented from taking breaks


Go to corporate because that HR Leader is a joke. You are owed your breaks and you shouldn't have to bind with your leader to get them. They need to be fired that is not how you do things. Report her ass and let them know HR did nothing to help you.


Leave that place. You'll get hired elsewhere, and depending on what you're interested in, you'll probably earn more money. Start looking at state jobs, or stuff in manufacturing. you should even look at employment/temp agencies in your areas. Good luck! You deserve better.


don't go to hr, go to your local labor board, and a lawyer, also call the ethics line, not allowing breaks is illegal, full stop, and against corporate policy (because they don't want to get sued) HR is NOT your friend, they are there to protect target FROM you.


Integrity line.


They straight shut my Starbucks down for breaks if there’s only 2 people. They both go at once so it’s minimal downtime.


Take your break and let her fire you. You will qualify for unemployment and get them busted at the same time. DO NOT QUIT!


Isn’t refusing access to a restroom at work when the need to use one arises against US labor laws?


What that bull shit call the hot line they crazy


Also go to the labor board they can fine them for denying a break


If y’all are in Minnesota I’m pulling up and squaring up with the lead


Always call the 1-800 number and encourage your team members to do the same. After some number of calls, corporate has to come and check on the issue in person


Call the Hot line since HR isn’t doing anything


I will always repeat this. If your HR tells you something that is blatantly against Target policy, ASK FOR IT IN WRITING! Usually they will change their tune. If they don't and are dumb enough to give it to you in writing, send that on up to Ethics. If they refuse to change and refuse to give it in writing, well, they really can't say shit if you don't follow what they said then...send it to Ethics and if they then try to coach you about not following what they said, you have your ass covered because you already sent it to Ethics.


I would suggest continue documenting this issue with your tl. I'd also suggest emailing your complaint to hr again, just for documentation purposes. If nothing happens, either consider going higher up the chain or file a complaint with EEOC and get an attorney


If your HR or SD won’t do do anything, call the integrity hotline for a ‘paper trail’ then go to HRBP to further escalate. If neither work, depending on where you are you can literally sue. My store was sued by a former TM over scheduling and we all ended up with a random $500 check from the settlement.


That’s illegal. You can and should sue.


what!? Did they send that in an email? I’m not sure what state you’re in but in CA you file a claim with the labor board and the fact that you have documentation for this is awesome. I was awarded $2500 for missed lunches and breaks after working somewhere for a few months! HR could get their ass sued off too. You should talk to a lawyer who specializes in labor disputes.


Fk them report to department of labor and head of target


Does your Starbucks have the customer feedback cards available? If all the HR channels through target aren't working, use one of those to get in contact with your Starbucks DM (theyre the ones who get the comments someone leaves through that). If all else fails, I'm a Tarbucks TL. Assuming it's not against subreddit rules or anything, DM me and I'll try and help you find out the right person to go to.


Ur entitled to breaks, in NZ after 2hrs, ten minute break, 4hrs half hour, lunch half hr, to an hr depending on company, so tell ur boss u don't live in the dark ages just cause is


Are you sure you are talking to HR? Go to your SD then. That’s BS! Plus if you got fired for going to the bathroom, that would be a lawsuit.


Contact the Department of Labor.. ASAP.


That is extremely unprofessional, of not only your team lead but of HR. I would contact corporate, and if that goes nowhere, I would contact the step above corporate, because that is unethical in many ways. Just to give an example, I used to work with a lady that had a medical condition and she needed a certain amount of sugar every so often, so if she was not provided breaks throughout the day, she would've been hospitalized, or worse. Breaks are required, even the 15s. The HR that told you to "bond" more with your TL is full of shit, that is a disgusting excuse for poor management, and they are blaming you with a statement like that. I wouldn't even bring it up to the SD, because my SD seemed so caring, however I just ended up getting retaliated against and ignored when push came to shove, so I left, and they were all so shocked. Honestly, if there is no cover, I would write a sign saying closed for 15 minutes. Note, I have been talked to about that being not proper procedure and how even if it states the truth "it's against policy to write notes for customers," but I am not about to work 8 hours with no 15s and nobody to cover my area. You deserve better, good luck to you.


Go to HR man, I made it crystal clear when I worked for Fred MEyers I will take my 2 15 min breaks during my 8 hour shift, and If I dont get to take them I will leave 30 minutes early , since thats my 2 breaks




Let her know that you are going to be taking your break at x time for 15 min per OSHA regulation and if she stopes you you can report the situation to your states worker safety board.


I would document and have HR put that in writing . then I would tell them to do their god damn job . I would walk away and take my break and to hell with the TL. if they fire you , sue them . it is illegal to not give you a break. I would text them if they aren't around and say I am taking a break. im sure you don't get paid enough to care or have to deal with this. btw Starbucks is a shithole company with a POS as a ceo. I would file complaint every day with hr. I would get some union literature and place it around the store as well , if not just to provoke and wake them up. Starbucks is S H A D Y ! ! !


Escalate to your SD if they eonr do anythinf shoot HR BP a message. You are allowed your LEGAL breaks and use the term legal. Your HR is lazy and refusing to do their job. Yes they are there to protect spot which illegally refusing breaks is not doing. If that doesnt work hit the hotline and express concerns of the leadership tram as a whole not enforcing legal break times. Fears of lawsuits always light a fire under things like this. Beware of retaliation though it WILL happen


Quiet quit


try corporate HR! this is wild , the store gets penalized for compliance so this is so insane to me


Horrible human being.


Go to your state labor board and file a grievance. This is absolutely illegal and HR is full of shit, Target or SB (not sure how that works in a store based Starbucks) is absolutely liable for this and had a responsibility to do something. You could sue her and whichever company is employing you for this.


Just go work for ups, if you can make it through the bs then you will be rewarded. Target is a joke.


fuck your HR and fuck your TL. Call the ethics hotline. report them for not giving you your breaks. if they retaliate for you reporting them you got yourself a nice wrongful termination case. don't let them bully you.


The fact that you've hit compliance without your or the TL getting into trouble is astounding. That sort of thing would at minimum be followed with a threat to have a chat with District.


i think it might be because of how understaffed we are at starbucks, or how negligent our upper management is. i have no idea either way, she might have gotten in trouble but i assume not because her behavior hasn’t changed. they do go easy on her because she’s pregnant, which might have something to do with it


That's scary. Let them tell us, district would get a notification if someone hit compliance and the SD would get a call. It scared the ETLs so bad that they would do anything possible for no one to hit compliance.


go to hr and if they say they can’t do anything ( which they literally can that’s their job) contact corporate and report both your team lead and hr for not doing what they’re hired to do


No, you are the one letting her stop you from taking breaks.


because i don’t want to get fired?? they said they’ll fire me if i break with no coverage. i need to pay rent, i can’t be jobless


A lawyer would eviscerste them if they fired you for that and it was documented. Probably pro bono too.


Talk to SD and HR if they don’t do anything call corporate. You are legally obligated to take a 30. If you tell you TL you’re going on your 30 there’s nothing they can do about it. If they fire you then you have a workplace lawsuit on your hands.


Only legally obligated in a handful if states. The majority don't require breaks for adults. It's company policy but not law for the majority of the country


That’s what HR is literally there for wtf. Keep escalating it to someone higher up. And at my store, if someone isn’t at Starbucks, then Starbucks is just temporarily closed for the time being. We get Karen’s asking if it’s open (the lights are off) and getting cranky every now and then but🤷🏽‍♀️our store understands. And when the last person leaves, is when it closes. Sometimes the last person will be off at 5 or 6 and it’ll be closed for the rest of the day. Your TL needs to get fired and I would’ve been putting her in her place bc I don’t take shit from TLs at my store or anyone.


Definitely call the hotline since your HR isn't doing their job


HR But in case HR doesn't help... Next time you work ... just go to break. Yes breaks at Starbucks are ideally suppose to be planned so there is coverage but guess what... Starbucks CAN shutdown for 15 or 30 minutes and live. Happens at my Target all the time because we don't always have coverage. All the TM does is announces on walkie that they are going to break and that Starbucks will be closed for 15 or 30 minutes depending on break or lunch. And if your HR isn't helping, go to their boss then, HRBP, someone up the chain is going to care and make a big deal about this because it is a big deal. Also the Hotline is another option too. This has nothing to do with 'bonding' with another coworker/leader. This is just fucked, take your breaks. No matter what, not only do you deserve your break but you are required to have them.


Osha hr and the news