Woman books for less than what she needs, then gets pissed

Woman books for less than what she needs, then gets pissed


"Please leave. We do not accept abuse of employees" All you need to say


Ah she left shortly after. I like to remain cheerful.and polite to angry people, seems to piss them off more


I work with an arrogant French guy who has no qualms being rude right back. It's quite entertaining


Ah yes the French and their insults. "Your Mother was a Hamster, and your Father smelt of Elderberries!"


I cannot, but want to, heart like your comment.


I love when staff are rude, it's incredibly fun to watch.


my favorite back and forth with a customer: “but online says you’re open!” my computer system says otherwise “why are you here if you’re closed?!” i’d also love the answer to that question and thats when she left :D


The French have a gift for it. They can question the legitimacy of your parentage, the process of your upbringing, the nature of your education, and the adequacy of your sexual performance, all without breaking a sweat.


You mean Michele from the Dragonfly Inn? Unless somehow you do not, in fact, live in the Gilmore Girls universe.


Years ago I worked In fast food,very summer we had exchange students working with us. They took NO shit from any of the customers and could hurl the bs right back at the customer.. It was a beautiful thing. Because the customer would never take it further,my employee was having a language barrier!! I was also taught to curse in several languages 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤨 It comes in handy!


Ugh. French chefs are the WORST. We get it you guys discovered butter and cream. Congrats. Go stuff pellets down a gooses throat.


Tres bien!


yes it does!! Its my absolute favorite thing in the workd to have someone threaten me and cussing me out and shit only for me to give them a big smile and say “Okay!! Have a great rest of your day!!”


I do worse. I tell them I’ll pray for them. If you want to see someone lose their shit…..


So very true and satisfying


Oh yah, me too. Killing them with kindness is their kryptonite.🤣


Lol, yes it does. They get so angry when they aren't getting the reaction they want from you. I love being super polite and friendly to them and watching them go nuts that they aren't making me lose my cool. Hehehe. I find it highly amusing.


Yep me too! Love how it burns at them!


We’re been using a lot of “perhaps this isn’t the venue for you”


"You'll be missed" is a go to favorite of mine


A party of 25 walked into my restaurant with no reservation (we’re not usually a reservation type place, but 25 people, a heads up would be nice). When we told them it would be 30min+ before they could be seated near each other the lady was noticeably annoyed. After about five minutes she comes back up to host stand and says some in her party cancelled and they will only have 15. Okay cool, we can seat 15 immediately. But then the other ten showed up, and this lady had the audacity to be upset when we couldn’t seat the remainder of her party for another 20 minutes. Bitch what??? You lied and thought that we would magically open tables up?


Her: “You’ve lost my business, I won’t be coming back.” Me: “Promise??”


I’ve done that…… someone said I’ll never shop here again! I said “Good, please don’t” I got chewed out a bit for that one but the company caused it by making me work NONSTOP I almost never got a day off, like one day off a month maybe……..


Is that a threat or a promise?


people are so dumb. like yea we're full, we don't need your business. peace!


lol "Tell your friends!"


You've lost my business! What? There are too many other customers for me to hear you!


Perfect! 👌


“Fuck off!” “What? I’m a CUSTOMER!” “Not anymore! Fuck off!”


Are you allowed to say "That sounds like it would be best for everyone?"


I kinda just said "whatever you want is best madam"


This woman is an idiot.


Overwhelmed with embarrassment for being in charge of the booking and letting her party down


Can you imagine the embarrassment of being WITH her while she threw this tantrum? Kinda surprised that the party stayed with her after all that tbh


Queue the willy wonka "no.. please.. stop."


Don't let the door hit you... lol


Where the good lord split you


Mam, you should have Called us with the correction. Because you didn't we don't have room for your party. Have a nice night. A screw up on Your part, does not constitute a problem on Our part.


I dunno, every time I’ve been on OpenTable to book something and it says it’s full I assume that’s true. I also assume that the only pkace that has room for a walk in party of 7+ is Mickey D’s or similar.


I'm a host. Sometimes OpenTable is wrong and we can fit in larger parties but the keyword is sometimes. You should call to check first.


Open table is usually wrong because they get x number of reservations from the pool. Always call the restaurant directly.


Her -- "You've lost our business and we'll be eating somewhere else!" You, smiling -- "Why, thank you so much!"


Oh no I've lost business because I have...to much business?


"she declared we'd lost her business and would be eating elsewhere." OP - (feigning horror as you are looking around at fully booked restaurant) "Oh my GAWD, what will we do? We'll have to close our doors if we lose YOUR business!" and follow up with a "Bye Karen, don't let the door hit your ass!"


I absolutely should have pulled that on her


Even just a slow scan around the room and back to her…


I’ll bet they didn’t find any place else that wanted an unannounced 9 either.


Thank you for leaving. And because you want to hurl abuse at the employees, you are no longer welcomed here.


Oh fuck that bitch. You should've given her the room service menu and said, "I'm sure there's a room available."


I'm not sure you need her business in the first place if she's like that.....


Reminds me of: - I'm leaving. - Alright, then. That was always allowed.


The. It’s quotable line if that show IMO.


Bob’s Coney Eatery will be happy to accommodate your large, unannounced party ! Have a good night !!


"You lost my business," she says, whilst inside a packed restaurant and people waiting to be seated. I'm sure that's going to resonate.


Wish there had been a walk-in party of 4 or fewer who had been told the place was fully booked, and they were standing around trying to decide whether to wait a bit for a cancellation, or go elsewhere. “You’re in luck, sir. One of our reservations just cancelled. Follow me to your table”.


I had something happen like this a few years back. We didn't allow for online reservations of tables over 6 people. This group decided to book two four tops at the same time, and when they came in they were upset that we couldn't seat them together. They ended up going over to a table next to one that was eating next to the one that was offered who were eating desert and *asking them to leave*. I was absolutely livid, and the manager was sent over who comped their desert and apologized. I wish I could say we kicked out the "8 top" but I guess money is money, and we sat them kind of near each other. Absolute trash.


Someone let 10% Karen out of her cage again?


I keep thinking of that scene in Goodfellas, the long single shot walk through the restaurant kitchen to the dining room floor, where somehow the owners are able to move existing customers out of the way and make space for the VIP (i.e. mobsters and their dates). I'm guessing she was NOT related to a mafia member? :D


This is why online booking is inferior to (voice-call) phoned-in reservations, until the site knows to tell people "no that really is all the space left, not a quirk of the system."


🤣😂 bye


Sounds great, I hope you have the day you deserve!


Too bad, so sad. I don't think it will be a great loss for you without this customer