A sign would literally be more helpful than you...

A sign would literally be more helpful than you...


That's infuriating. I must say when I went for my first dose at an NHS Nightingale centre it was made abundantly clear. Park here. Wait until 5 mins before your appointment. Go to the clearly marked reception. Then they gave more instructions and down corridors where I was never left without someone pointing which way to go. Very organised very efficient.


I had the same experience at the NHS vaccine centre - as someone who's partially sighted I normally hate going to completely new places on my own, but between all the *huge* signs and the abundance of helpful volunteers they never gave me a moment to get lost.


I’m in the states and my whole family has gotten our shots while sitting in our car. Yes, we are lazy, I know.


Not an example of laziness. Staying in your personal vehicle limits exposure for everyone.


I had mine done as a front line worker (food bank volunteer) and they sent us to the hospital to be done in amongst staff. Which was fine, but, because it was staff, they all knew where the library was. I had no idea, not being staff. Managed to get lost both times, seeing as it's not signposted at all, anywhere until you're almost on top of it. My daughter was sent to a "local" leisure centre. They kindly sent her travel vouchers to use to get there, unfortunately, for her 9.30am appointment on Sunday, she'd have had to leave here at 11pm on Saturday and sleep in the bus station. I was nice and drove her there instead.


You are definitely nice. I’d have told my kid make it work don’t complain just be happy they remembered your name.


Short sightedness. Hate it. It’s like they’ve been doing the same thing all day so of course you should also know what the routine is.


I have this same conversation in my head all the time! “This may be routine for you, but it’s brand new for me! Help a person out here!”


That's annoying. Every place has different procedure, I took my parents to get their shot, then when I got my first and second, every time it was slightly different what you do.


Same! It was even at the same location, but they'd changed the procedure - our place was about explaining the changes, though.


Thats crazy! When I got my vaccine It was set up like the military! Stop 1 - Guard at the door with covid questions Stop 2 - guard just inside with an inside mask for me to put on and hand sanitizer. He pointed me to the nurse at stop 3 Stop 3 - nurse 1 who checked my name off the list and scanned the registry tables and sent me to the one I needed Stop 4 - registration nurse and then pointed to stop 5 Stop 5 - nurse who confirmed the covid questions, asked vaccine questions and took me to my assigned vaccination nurse Stop 6 - (told ya it was very military! ) vaccine and pointed to recovery (and bathrooms cause by then I had to pee lol) Around in a perfectly organized, well oiled loop in one door and out the other! No confusion or getting lost !


Ours was run by the Nat'l Guard, so it was the military, lol. And it was exactly as you described, but in cars. Very smooth.


Awesome! Its the best way really.


Mine was a drive thru organized by the national guard. It was so efficient.


Same. I thought this is standard for everywhere


It should be


i got mine in the military, and it was similar, but with a few minor differences 1. walk in the door, get temp taken, covid questions 2. bring paperwork to nurse, get name checked 3. wait in line to have my vax card endorsed and be directed to a station 4. walk up to a station and get stuck 5. go sit in the observation area for 15 minutes and dick around on my phone they had a big pole barn building set up for the vaccinations here, and it was a surprisingly efficient layout. small queue for the check-in station, larger queue for the endorsement station, 3-4 vaccination stations (folding table with doses, clean syringes, etc and a med tech or two). whole thing in a very open building with no walls, rooms, partitions or anything, just a concrete floor, folding furniture, and some queue barriers, and restrooms off to the side


sounds a lot like where I went. Mine was done at the city forum but had the same stations set up. The big difference was they had about 50 jab stations. There are several smaller centres set up around town but it is the biggest one and they are striving for 1000+ vaccines per day there. Honestly they were processing people so quickly and efficiently, i could easily see them making that goal and more!


The place I went to had excellent signage, lots of staff, and everyone was helpful and knowledgeable. I appreciated it at the time, and now I appreciate it even more. It ran like a well-oiled machine.


Ours too! They had 5 cars at a time pull into a garage thing vaccinated then let us all out to wait in line for 15 mins, then the next group. It went ALOT better than i thought it was going to.


I got both of mine from the friendly corner pharmacy. I got the paperwork printed and I filled it out before I got there. It would’ve been a hassle to go to my clinic they have some weird procedure. Just happy to be vaccinated. Still wearing a mask cause you never know.


Yep, went to the pharmacy at my local supermarket. They even let me shop during the 15 minute after period. Simple as can be.


The mask is to protect other people in case you have COVID- until we are all vaccinated it’s the kind thing to do.


Just do your fucking job correctly it infuriates me when shit like that happens...


yeah people are dumb and it's like pulling teeth to get any info out of them! I am impressed you didn't argue with them because I'm sure I would have had some sarcasm to dish out. I am so anxious I peruse the emails, drive there in google street view, plan my attack and my contingencies, ask friends who've been there, there is no way I don't know what I'm doing when I show up, haha. I am guessing had you gotten the confirmation email from your wife, you wouldn't have had so much trouble.


Yeah, I didn't want to be rude to her -- she didn't seem like she was the sharpest tack in the box. But it was an early morning appointment; maybe the coffee hadn't kicked in yet. Or she was having an off day.


I live in Florida. Got my vaccines at Publix. That place that CBS news tried to attack the Governor for. In and out in 15 minutes. Both times. Well posted where to sit and what to do.


fuck anyone who comes for publix, we stan publix


“oh, did she forget what to do?” sure, some kids will remember exactly what happened but some aren’t paying attention, or don’t remember what happened 3-4 weeks ago. and she wasn’t driving, which makes it harder (for me anyway) to remember how to get somewhere/where to go. some adults wouldn’t remember either.


Why did you need a person or a sign to tell you to park and get in line?


I don’t. But since that worker was stationed there to stop all cars and talk to the occupants, I thought it would be a dick move to ignore her and do my own thing.


That's the clarification I needed. What indicated that they worked there? Did they ask you to stop? If they had a uniform or badge and made you stop, then your confusion and frustration seem vindicated.


Well, they were wearing a high-viz orange vest over their clothes, stopping every car, and they were stationed at the entrance to the parking lots, under a large umbrella. I didn't ask for ID, but it seemed legit to me. It was a little head-scratching at the time, and mildly annoying, but overall, it just seemed like an absurd situation to me.


How much you want to bet there was a sign?


1. common sense tells you to look around, were their doctors going car to car? other people waiting in cars? people or a line or people going into the building? 2. Ask your kid 3. same as step 1, use common sense as you are apparently old enough to have at least a 12 year old making you at least 25, likely at least 33+. Yeah, you might not have understood. But I guarantee most people did or they would have changed the signage.


Except -- registering and then waiting in your car has been a *very* common way of reducing contact during the pandemic. OP wasn't clear but it could have been someone will call you when it's your turn, or you'll get a text message, or whatever. Maybe they only wanted two or three people in line for the shot instead of a huge queue? The worker didn't even answer when directly asked "tell me what to do?" and instead got sidetracked with "did your kid forget what to do?" I mean, they were adults and figured it out. But the worker could certainly have done a much better job. Remember that half the people going through any of this stuff are below average, that's why they have people helping coordinate!


This, exactly! I showed up ready and willing to follow whatever protocols this place had, and it didn't seem unreasonable to me that perhaps, because we had an appointment, we were supposed to wait until called, to limit exposure for all.


Except there was no indication of any special procedures, so an assumption that there were is unfounded. When the procedure is just normal procedure, no directions are required. We have no clue who the person op talked to was. How were they identified as an employee? What was their actual job? Why were they outside? Could it have been a person who's not an employee maybe waiting outside for someone? 0r maybe an employee on a break? Or maybe a cleaning person who's job does not involve interacting with patients?


> Except there was no indication of any special procedures. You wouldn't consider a person attending the parking lot for a vaccination site as a special procedure? I mean, if the narrative is correct then leaving the parking lot unattended would have been an improvement!


This isn't even about the signage, it's about the laughably pointless booth attendant.


The fact that you think doctors are going car to car *anywhere* administering vaccines is enough for me to dismiss the rest of your comment. The attendant should have asked any necessary questions to be able to direct OP better... it's their job.


What do you mean? I stayed in my car when I got my shot.


But a doctor didn't give the shot.


But like, they are giving vaccine while you sit in the car lmao? Same with coronavirus tests......


Yeah. I've had a few tests, and I was sitting in my car for all of them, so I don't think it's unreasonable to think that it's possible that it's a drive-through vax appointment.


I got coronavirus tests in my car in 2 different places.




Yes, but it isn't being given by a doctor, that is what my point was.


... that's my point, why would OP ever think parking and waiting was the correct answer? The post sounds like OP put in no effort to evaluate the situation and instead relied on a parking attendant to tell them the full process. He even admits the kid should know where to go yet did not think to ask the kid. Also as a side note there are drive through vaccines here in US. But you are driving up to the vaccine table not parking in a lot.


That's just it: if there was nobody there, assigned to tell people where to go and what to do, I would have been just fine. But the fact that for some reason they found it necessary to assign someone the task of stopping cars to give the occupants instructions suggested to me that the process, while it may seem obvious on its face, was actually more complex -- hence the worker assigned to tell people what to do. Additionally, given the seriousness of the pandemic, I was highly motivated to follow all the correct protocols, which included stopping when told to stop and to follow the instructions of the worker who stopped me. And in terms of my kid: she told me that when her mom took her, they turned on the radio and waited until the radio told them what to do, so I didn't really think of her as a reliable source of information.


I parked in a lot when I got my shot...


We had quite a few different test and vaccination events (both different times & locations) set up in my area where people never left their cars through the whole thing.


Did a doctor give you the shot? Probably not.


I'm aware of drive-up testing and vaccinations... but it's not done by doctors. That's probably a CMA or LPN, possibly an RN... but not likely.


Was it *really* fucking necessary for you to posts five separate comments calling out one single instance of a random person using an inaccurate shorthand of “doctors” to cover all kinds of medical personnel? For fuck’s sake.


When like, five fucking people responded to my comment saying that they got their test/vaccine while sitting in their car? I never said that you couldn't get seen in your car, my son got a test while sitting in the front seat of my car... but it isn't going to be done by a doctor. Apparently the point of my original comment was missed by many.


Your point was obtuse and unnecessary.


what did you call me?!


“Your point was” Yes, that clearly reads “you are”, obviously.


It was a Shawshank Redemption reference. https://youtu.be/I7wREOySaxU


For my flu vx, way last Fall, I went to a major hospital complex. Signage from the entry street on in, Lot X, turn here, turn here. I wended my way through a good 5-6 parking lots, several hundred cars all playing follow the leader, with signs in many local languages, orange cones, and the occasional body directing people at somewhat confusing junctures. They had 12(?) bays with tent roofs, and power lines to the fridges, where you pulled your car in, lowered your window, the nurse walked up and asked the final questions, jabbed you and you backed out of the bay and drove through yet more lines to get out a different driveway. It was *wicked* well organized. ​ Covid vx wasn't quite so well organized as that. County run. No idea where all the employees were parking, because we were in their parking lot. Well marked entry tables, signage in a multitude of the local languages, and a long foot path to get to a check in table, more foot path with taped intervals, and then directed to the chair for the jab once you reached the head of the line. Out through different rooms where you made your next appointment and sat to wait 15 minutes, and out a different door to go back to your car.


It was exactly like that when I went fir my first dose LMAO


Probably a volunteer, they are not getting paid to deal with your shit.