If you're on Facebook, check out ER Vets of Western Washington. They regularly post wait times throughout the area. Here's the direct link: [https://www.facebook.com/ervetsofww](https://www.facebook.com/ervetsofww). I wish you and your dog all the best! Good luck!


I deleted both insta and FB a while back so I didn't know about them, but I do now! Thanks so so much, this is so helpful


You could try Summit in Tacoma. The only other ER vet that I’m familiar with is Sumner Vet but that’s a bit of a drive. Good luck. Edit to add: even if you have to wait 6 hours in their lobby, if an emergency does happen, you’ll be at the right spot to get your dog triaged and potentially seen sooner. I know it’s not ideal to wait that long but I’ve seen owners get in sooner when they show up because the staff is able to accurately access the condition of the animal.


I was going to recommend summit. They helped us and are amazing.


Yes this happened with my cats, had an emergency while waiting and they were able to see them quicker than the expected wait time


I would also add that this is not a guarantee but it's better to be close by if it is a real emergency and hopefully they would be able to help your sweetie


Thank you!!


Sumner Veterinarian. As the name implies they’re in sumner so not too far. They’ve been excellent to my animals, and they have a 24 hour emergency hospital.


I don't mind driving at this point, I'd probably go anywhere within 100 miles. Thank you, I will call them


This is the way


I know it's a little ways away, but we're in Seattle and we use the [emergency online sign up](https://animalmedicalspecialists.com/urgent-care/) for Animal Medical in Shoreline. Might be better than a six hour wait. That said, sometimes those animal hospitals like Blue Pearl will triage your pet right up to the front of the line if they deem it an emergency versus urgent care.


Just take them to the closest one for something like that. They’ll triage and see you before the people that have been already waiting if it’s more serious.


We took our cat to VCA on 10234 Pac Ave. We couldn’t get an response anywhere else and we’re calling like crazy. They were closing at that moment but opened back up for us and stayed with us for a long time. They were incredibly kind and I can’t recommend them enough


Just went through the same with my pup - ended up driving to Arrow Animal Urgent Care (https://arrowanimalurgentcare.com/) up in Renton. They are first come, first serve and close at 8PM. I was there at 9:05 and was third in line. By the time they opened up at 10AM, the line was probably thirty deep. I would call before heading up there to see if they have availability. Good luck and all my best to your pup!


Thanks so much


Try calling Uptown Vet Hospital in Gig Harbor, across the bridge. I've always had good luck there getting in within a reasonable amount of time (for an ER vet anyway). (253) 851-7387


I second this!


Boosting Summit Vet over on 80th in Tacoma. Editing to add: it might be a bit of a wait but depending in what they see during triage you might get moved up


Auburn Veterinary Hospital? 24 hour vet too


You might end up with a shorter wait at Blue Pearl. They said the same to us, but they were the only ones that didn’t completely turn us down. They saw my dog within 45 minutes of arrival because he had more emergent needs than other pets on the waitlist. Might be worth a shot.


I think that's the plan as of now. They are the closest to me anyway and have seen my dog before. Here's hoping it goes okay


I hope everything turns out okay for your dog! The staff we dealt with there were all lovely.




I’m sorry that happened to you. I do think people with needs like yours are having a hard time right now. The middle ground where you need a specialist but they don’t need critical care. The vets here are so slammed it’s screwing us all. My dog was literally dying, as in, had to put him down he was so sick. Which is why we got to skip everyone but a dog who had been shot. So it was a different scenario. For us, it was our actual vet that screwed us by refusing to fit him in or see him any earlier than an appointment we had made a week prior to his major downturn. We knew he was going to need to be put down. He was 13 and had cancer. Sumner wouldn’t see us, every other emergency vet said they were too full, even when we gave his full symptoms/age/health status.


Hopefully you’ve been able to see a vet by now, but echoing the calls to head to the vet with the wait, and then keep calling vets. Our friends had to drive up to Seattle to see a vet with an opening bc it was faster than waiting in the queue.


summit vet clinic they are 24 hours


Have you tried Sumner Veterinary Hospital? Also I’ve been told the wait was 4-6 hours before at Blue Pearl, but once they saw my dog it was quick.


I really hope your dog is just sick and makes a full recovery.


VCA in Midland took our cat last year. Had my husband wait in the car while they took her in. Not ideal but far better than nothing.


I have been going to Hawk’s Prairie Veterinarian Hospital down in Lacey since 2006. I moved here but never changed my vet because they have been so good. It is by the Costco in Lacey, about a 30 minute drive. They have later night and weekend hours. I have never had a problem getting in with routine or emergency care.


Farris Veterinary Clinic in Puyallup. They're just off Pioneer, north west of downtown. I have been seen on short notice a few times before we got established with our cats and dog. If it's a bloody runny poo put some rice in with your dogs food or pumpkin. Monitor until you can be seen.


If you go to Blue Pearl, any of them from what I remember, they will look your pet over, and if they decide they are an emergency over others they will take your pet and stabilize them. We just had this happen with my cat, he was in active heart failure, and Blue Pearl assessed him immediately, took him back before we'd even finished giving them info. Be careful with Summit(Lakewood/Tacoma), though they are great, once your pet is established there, they kinda suck for emergencies, they said that they didn't have any Drs accepting new patients, like excuse me?


That wasn’t my experience at Summit. We’ve been there for a scheduled appointment when our cat saw the cardiologist and for an ER trip after our dog got into chocolate. Both times we were treated well. With the chocolate dog incident they saw her pretty quickly since it was a time sensitive matter. We’ve also had a good experience at Sumner vet when our cat had an urgent issue. There was a long wait but the exam and treatment was thorough once it was his turn.


I'm glad that you had a great experience with your ER visit there, I was simply passing on what they told me a few weeks ago.


Look at Blue Pearl Vet