new to the game and there is something im still confused about RDM wise

new to the game and there is something im still confused about RDM wise


i don't think i've seen a server rule anywhere that requires you to put a KOS on someone before you're allowed to kill them


Random Deathmatch is exactly that, random. If you walk in and see a dude kill someone else, it's not random because you have a reason to then kill them. I prefer to wait until they've ID'd the body (if it appears that they were acting in self-defence), but otherwise depending on how many Ts there are, and how many innocents are known to be dead, I'd usually just kill them.


Watching someone kill someone and then taking them out would be fair, it's how me and my friends play, either you take out an RDMer or some form of T, ofc if it was an innocent you will only bring suspicion upon yourself anyway and may be killed (depending on how many people are alive). If there is a server where they would ban you for this, sounds like a server that would be a PITA to play on.




Pain in the arse


Getting the drop on the T's is the most important task an involved Inno has. Make sure you have evidence and justification *after* you've taken them out, but removing a Traitor from the equation is crucial. If the mods/admins decide to be bitches about it, that's on them. The best way to play TTT is to always seek to have the element of surprise, no matter what your role is.


A good example of this is if you're one of the last innos just start checking bodies using ALT + E, if the T's think you don't know that you're the last then they're not gonna expect you to come out blastin'. Alas public server mods don't like it when you do that usually.


That's something I don't understand, I often leave bodies if it means I know I'm last alive, or at the very least there are no unproven players left.


You don't ID them so everyone knows, hence alt +E


I played this mod today, and had a mod get pissed at me for "RDM" because someone killed a guy who was looking away, and didn't get a chance to shoot, and since I only heard, and saw the tracers, I couldn't assume that the only person on the other side of the wall who was reloading the AK that shot the guy was a T... Because the rules state "you have to see them, not guess based on sound" lol whatever.


What happened is extremely fucking obvious... Come on. A cop wouldve shot someone's ass dead if that situation happened IRL.


Yeah, but who holds a cop accountable? Another cop? lololol


You don't have to say KOS based on what you saw. But if you wanna make it easier, I suggest binding a key to instantly call out the traitor you're aiming it - just type "bind X ttt_radio traitor", where X is the key you want to bind for it. It's a lot quicker, you can usually press at the same time you shoot, and it will help your fellow innos if you fail to kill the traitor.


You can also chain messages using the same button, so you can make it even more obvious that a callout is happening. >bind X ttt_radio traitor; say "KILL THIS MAN \^"