what are good items to use with mineru's construct?

I plan to use it to traverse the depths


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nothing really stands out, but at least using the frost emitter gives crowd control. just use one then nothing on the other. because seriously, the best use of mineru's construct is punching zonite rocks for mining and riding it to avoid gloom damage. just have it punch rocks with its empty hand. at least you wont be needing to carry rock hammers and save weapon space on your inventory.


Good idea on the rock hammers. I am trying to get all of the depths mapped and I have been keeping 2 weapon slots reserved for rock hammers/boulders. I rarely activate her because she gets in the way when I am in a battle. I can def use her more in the depths!


I've tried to clear rubble with her empty hand and it does nothing. Is that because I'm not punching ore deposits?