Love this game but..

It’s beautiful, amazing, but omg it’s so much harder than BOTW. I can’t believe how much the enemies kick my ass lol. It gives me so much joy but equal frustration and heart palpations everyday. 🤣🤣


The beginning is way tougher, but at the end you become more OP than you ever were in BOTW between Zonai crafting and the new weapons system


and yet you’re still close to even terms with your enemies


It’s a good thing. The game has actual balance. Even now, I can’t just steamroll through encounters in TOTK like I could on BOTW’s Master Mode. The developers saw a problem, realized that Master Mode did not fix the problem, and took their time to make sure that no matter how overpowered you are, you will still be just as likely to die.


True. Frustratingly true