Robyn just gets worse and worse as Kody gets worse and worse. They’re both so incredibly toxic.


What I find so interesting is the more Janelle focuses on her relationship with Kody, the more Robyn intervenes. Janelle is clearly reminding Robyn that Janelle's and Kody's marriage is Janelle's and Kody's business. Robyn losing control is fascinating.


Yes - I’m thinking Robyn is feeling a little threatened because Janelle and Kody have always had an easier relationship it seems like. She isn’t demanding of him. I think that’s why Robyn is sowing the seeds of doubt in his mind about Janelle’s independence being a slight to Kody . Because even Kody can’t identify why now the rules have changed for him and he is wanting her less independent. Robyn needs Kody to control Janelle the way he can control Meri so she is still the one ultimately in charge.


Robyn disgusts me. I hate the way she feels she has the right to intervene in the personal lives of others. You literally came into the family offering nothing, and expecting everything. I love that Janelle said she wouldn't kowtow to Kody's (read: Robyn) sudden about-face, it's frankly absurd.


No, no..she came in hat in hand...remember. 😀


😂😂😂😂😂 giving Oliver Twist vibes f'sho.


Must of been a fairly big hat...strings to control Kody, strings & sticks (like old marionettes) to control Meri, and two knives to stab Christine and Janelle in the back.


I just found this show a week or so and skipped around from the first season to here. Wasn't there a rule that the wives didn't discuss the other relationship details? I've noticed Kody breaking that boundary pretty consistently this season but lord knows I should assume it's been going on much longer. I'd feel incredibly violated if I were Janelle or Christine.


I thought so too. You mind your own marriage and stay out of the others. You don't talk about the others marriages or the other wives. Robyn is always ~~manipulating~~ telling Chody how to treat the other wives, what they'll think if he does this or says that... He is good at f*ing things up without her help but she's just masterful.


Is anyone else getting major King Lear vibes from this whole show? It's uncanny. The final showdown is going to be over land too.


>Robyn needs Kody to control Janelle the way he can control Meri so she is still the one ultimately in charge. Definitely!


LMAOOO He really said, “if you’re not with me, you’re against me, F off!” then essentially said “except Meri, Meri can F off even if she’s with me” 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 Also, how did he not get whiplash while wiggling his stupid neck and flipping his ramen locks while saying F off?


But also, Meri, pay off Coyote Pass.


Yep make Robyn’s little whore Kody actually work for that money Mary. Those two are so fucking fucked up. Christine is the smartest one of all by getting OUT! Who would have predicted it would be her in season 1???


I always thought Janelle was the smartest.


Me too. She seemed like she would be the first one to get tired of the obvious shit Robyn and Kody pull. But she also needs less from Kody than the others, so. I think Kody is trying trying to push Janelle to the side now, he wants to pick her in Mary’s position, that would be best situation for K&R because she would still be required to give them money. Hope she leaves him too.


😂He had to get a "fuck off" in there somewhere after her f off and walking away from before. He's so childish I swear


With all these previews we have basically seen the entire show. Meri he is done with you boo. Time to let it go. Anyone see Robyn look at kody after meri said she aint going nowhere? Shes probably thinking what we go to do to get rid of this woman?!


That’s exactly what I noticed. Robyn seemed like she was like **fuuuuuck** when Meri said she isn’t going anywhere. Part of me thinks Meri even knows that that is the general feeling and is staying out of spite at this point.


Okay! I am beginning to wonder what Meri’s angle is here? Is she trying to stick it to them by making them miserable? Like, in her head she knows it’s over but she’s just messing with them at this point with her hand out for her TLC check. If you think about it, it’s win win for her. Make Kody miserable and get paid doing it!


I hope so. And, I hope she doesn’t give them her money at the same time.


Meri’s money is the only reason she is even invited to these meetings! Kody if you want to clear the slate and only want to be with Robyn then pay out Meri & Janelle! Give them back the money that they put into Robyn’s house and take your name/Robyn’s name off the land! Then let’s see how you and Robyn can afford your life styles!


…and let’s see who wants to watch y’all’s rotten asses. We don’t like Sobyn and Choady so unless they are gonna get a comeuppance arc viewers won’t watch.


Honestly if that's why she is sticking around? Go for it.


Yep, that makes me come back around and support her on that!


I agree with you I firmly believe that Meri gets so much financial gain by pretending to be married to Kody & participating in the show she will never admit they aren't married. I think Meri is enjoying her lifestyle right now & the money she is making. I don't see her letting go of it. I think Kody genuinely doesn't care that's she's around or not regardless of financial gain but him & Robyn probably get a cut from her MLM or B&B. So all 3 people are benefiting financially from one another they have to be because their relationship doesn't make sense without it.


Yes. This exactly. It’s the long petty game and she is winning.


I love a long petty game. I will shoot her to top of the list if it ends up she has been in a relationship with that Jen lady this whole time


You know. I don't really like Meri anymore but if she makes Kidney and Sobyn miserable by staying I say more power to her.


That would hold weight if Kody was actually having to be with her, but from my point of view they have her exactly where they want her, where they expected Christine to be, where they are now expecting Janelle to be. Haven’t watched yet, but I wonder, could Robyn have expected Mary to just shut the fuck up because she pretty much owns her and controls her?


I mean it’s not like she’s there anyway. She’s at the B&B and turns up for filming. They don’t have a marriage. They don’t even like each other.


Oh she hates him, I firmly believe that! She hates Robyn too. She is there for the TLC check and to boost her business.


I have thought this since the season began…I also think it’s hilarious because part of their religion calls the men to see the marriages through. If the man leaves he has failed his calling in life which is why Kody wants each of these women to leave. Meri’s like nope! 😂


She's staying just to spite him


I think so, too


She did not look happy at all!


But Robyn legit told Meri a few episodes ago to promise to stick it out, like why is she begging M to stay? To make her even less appealing?


Money and she’s not a threat.


Yeees finally meri speaking up!! I hope she says it out of spite. Like "no robyn, im not gonna give you what you want and leave"


I’m sure they have got to scheme about it.


Selfishly, I’m hoping we’re getting a ton of previews to hype up Janelle announcing she’s leaving at the end of the episode or something similar


But it will be a year before we know anything.


We for sure have seen the entire episode already. I’m ready for the tell all. How many episodes are left in the season? Are we there yet?


This has been the most drawn-out divorce in the history of non-divorce divorces. Literally, people spend less time in court than this .


Lol so true. There were less episodes about Meri and Kody's legal divorce. Christine should be counting her lucky stars she wasn't legally married to Kody. Ending a relationship after almost 30 years and 6 kids is never easy. It'd be much harder if she had to go the legal route.


>It'd be much harder if she had to go the legal route. It definitely would! He'd fight *everything *.


And they might have had to have a formal agreement for Truely. Idk about Arizona, but in California if there are minor children involved you have to work out custody before you can finalize your divorce.


When I realized she could just walk off and be done that day, legally, I was so jealous! I mean I’m glad she got her assets she was due, too.


Yup. All she had to do was decide she's done. Lucky for her Kody's name had been removed from her house already. It made it that much easier for her to leave.


I think Robyn sincerely wants Meri to stay. She’s absolutely no threat.


She just wants her cash to stay.


Wants her to stay but won’t say so in front of the group? She just wants her $$. No friend would sit there silently after what Meri just said to reassure Robyn. But Robyn wouldn’t throw her a bone of decency. If she didn’t want to “intimidate Kody and Janelle and make them feel like they have to conform“ (what does that even mean in this context) then why did she ask Meri the question about working on the relationship and leave her hanging?? Robyn is just stirring shit up again.


I don’t think Robyn expected Kody to go all crickets after his big loyalty speech. She looked at him and saw how much he didn’t care about that and realized her tactical error. So Robyn does what Robyn does best and follow Kody’s lead and shuts up. This had nothing to do with Janelle, this had everything to do Robyn asking a question to Meri she shouldn’t have.


I think the wuestion was towards jsnelle, but meri chose to speak up 😏


Yeah, Robyn was just verifying that Meri will continue being a source of income for her and Kody


I do it. I get the vibe that being with kody 24/7 is more than Robyn (or anyone for that matter) can handle. She's repeatedly said she wanted plural marriage, what is has looks more and more like some toxic monogamy which is not what she signed up for


I think Robyn wants plural marriage in theory only. If she truly wanted it she would have done more to become an addition to the family and not create a separate family who encourages others to be ostracized. Robyn, Kody and Meri are the real clique they just aren’t the cool clique!


Sobyn knows Kidney is not going to jump into the sack with Meri.




And yet Kody the Coward sits there in silence and says nothing. He doesn’t want her and wants her to leave but doesn’t have the balls to say so because then how will Coyote Pass get paid off? What will happen to the show? How will we pay for our McMansion? He only looks worse for having this come to Jesus meeting about the future of what he wants his family to look like and not saying to Meri she should find another family because we are no longer spiritually married. He and Robyn can’t have it both ways, they can’t want her gone yet have her hang on. She isn’t a dumb woman and I think she is doing this to make them miserable at this point. Lord knows I would just sit there and do things that I know would annoy the fuck out of them.


The comment another Redditor made was golden and only wish I could credit them:. Chody on his deathbed and there's Meri... "I'm still here!" 😂


I’m so glad Janelle is speaking her mind and standing up for her children! Make it clear that Robyn and Kody are not welcoming family members.


Lmao at Janelle straight up ignoring Robyn and addressing Kody only. Living for this Janelle we are seeing.


How sad to say your kids aren’t welcome when you’re supposedly married to their father!


*”I feel like I’m being forced to choose between my children and…this group.”* Maybe I’m reading too much into it but it’s interesting to me that she didn’t say *“between my children and my husband and sister wives”* I don’t know, but “this group” feels cold and detached which reflects her feelings of *the group* in question


Janelle is checked out from the rest of them. She doesn’t like Meri, she doesn’t like Robyn, and she doesn’t recognize Kody anymore. Her kids and her happiness are wrapped up with Christine and Christine’s kids. These aren’t her people.


This is so true!! They're not her tribe. Both Christine and Janelle look so happy and relaxed with just their kids, each other's kids. They look like a burden has been lifted from their shoulders. I really hope Janelle has left what appears to be a toxic relationship with Kody. I know how hard it is and how much it hurts 💔 to say goodbye. 🫂 Wishing the entire family the best!


She has realized that Christine has always been the center of the family.


Janelle never looks at Robyn when Robyn talks to her. 😂


Well its like one of the kids trying to tell you what to do. Robyn hasnt earned the right to say boo to the OGs. Chritine raised the kids, Janelle earned the bacon and does paperwork. What has Robyn contributed that she deserves an opinion about J…nope


That’s cause she can’t stand her. She never could.


She never looked at her much in the group talking heads either. Janelle usually looked like she was dissociating.


When she does it’s a flat stare n you know she’s thinking, this fucking idiot!


She clearly doesn’t like her very much and probably respects her even less now that she knows how family money is being spent and how her children are being treated.


You caught that one too!! Remember there is no head wife in this family YET to me that seemed very much like a leader taking stock of their team!! “Janelle I need to hear from you”? Wtf was that??


And J ain’t having it ✊ This is [email protected] 😂


Janelle should take that video of him saying "you're either with me or against me" to court when she sues him for her share of the family money. I have the feeling that Robyn and Kody have possibly defrauded Janelle and Meri.


When I was listening to Surviving Sister Wives, they pointed out that last November Kody and Robyn took out an equity line of credit (iirc) and it was the exact amount of the profit on Janelle's home. So they said maybe it was to pay Janelle her $ if she was done with Kody. I thought that was interesting.


I wondered if that’s what that was about. Good lord, I hope Janelle is free.


I was thinking about that too.


Yes! 130K and it was high interest bc secured in a rush.


Yes. Contracts can be oral. If I were Janelle, I’d sue the shit out of him.




Meri needs to come to the realization that Kody is never going to come around. If he ever was, it would have been now when his ego is so wounded. At minimum she should say she’s not going to chip in any more money until Kody is actually willing to work on their relationship. It’s honestly pathetic at this point.


Yes. If she wants to stay and troll them I am all for it, but do not give them any money.


Why is Robyn the one holding court?! “Janelle I’m gonna need to hear from you”. Who gives a fuck what you need Robyn.


That was actually stunning to me. You’re not the classroom teacher Robyn; you don’t get to demand participation from ADULTS. What in the actual fuck. “I need to hear from you.” What is that? So glad Janelle just ignored her. It would have gone differently with me.


Yep, I felt the same. I would have cut a bitch at that point. Activate rage monkey and let it descend into pure pandemonium.




Funny bc when they were doing that one Zoom meeting and Christine was like, "Okkaayyy, let's get this started..." to get past all the awkward hellos and chit-chat, Kody was like, "Oh, Ms. Independent over here taking charge over my meeting."


HAHAHAHA R&K were soooooo disappointed when Meri said “I’m not goin anywhere.” 🤣 It’s like a game of chicken. Meri is trying to be the last one standing and so is Robyn. But the dynamic is even more awkward because Kody also wants Robyn to be the last one standing. But Meri said, “I’m stuck like glue bitches!” LMAO this dynamic has me weak at the knees 🤣🤣🤣🤣 Meanwhile Janelle has the PUREST of intentions at all times. She needs to get outta there. She’s too pure for these rotten apples.


That was so manipulative though, it was infuriating. Where did Robyn get the nerve to act like Meri needed to make it clear whether she's committed to the family, whether she actually wants to work on it. As if Meri hadn't been clear about that yet. Such gaslighty vibes. Robyn's really presenting herself as if she's the big representative for their marriage, the one who is most committed and who gets to question the loyalties of everyone else. I'm glad Meri reminded her that she's been there for twenty years, longer than Robyn.


I agree. Robyn has no place to demand answers from any of them. I don’t know how these women remain so restrained. I would’ve caused a scene years ago.


But wait Kody. You said you don’t want to be in a relationship with Meri, but last week you were planning on using her money to pay off the land. So Kody is all in on spending her money on land that she would live on but wants her gone. Meri knows these things are being said and stays? Meri is an idiot. Kody and Robyn are grifters, and Janelle is terrified of moving into the future and letting go of the dream


Yeah it’s like he tells the world, Mary can fuck off go live in Utah and marry someone else, that’s how little he cares about her. And then say she gonna help him pay off his and Robyn’s land and bills and whatever else. Man, these peoples situation is so messed up!


I love Janelle not even addressing Robyn when she responded but just looking straight at Kody lol. Go girl!


Ikr? She was like, bitch I’m not answering to you.


Oh one more thing, when Robyn says: "If people are just tired of trying and they don’t want to work it out, then I need to know."... WTF do you think you are...but also, Christine told her but she did not accepted the situation.


There are rules for leaving the family... first you need to get approval from Robyn and then from church officials you haven't seen in 10 years. The only way to circumvent this is to be physical with another man. Until then, you're a married woman.




This is when Kody needed to step up and say “I really don’t want to work on my marriages with Meri & Janelle.” Alas, he did not. And wtf is Robyn playing mediator/counselor here for? Geez what a mess 🫣


It's like she thinks she's head wife or something. Oh wait...


She’s been talking for and/or explaining Kody to ppl and THE WIVES since very early on. It was so annoying.


Yeah, Meri! Finally! She's starting to realize how gaslighted and manipulated she was and still is. She feels guilty for her own faults, flaws and "culpability" in the family/relationship problems, and wants desperately to prove that she can overcome those fallacies. So she's conditioned herself (after already being conditioned) to fortify her "commitment" or "loyalty" to Kody as her way of addressing her own contributions to toxicity. Meri is leaps and bounds beyond Kody in terms of being able to introspect and be honestly analytical about her own behaviors and issues. Because Meri decided to sit definitively apart from Kody & Robyn, and with Janelle and Christine and most of the family's kids during Logan's wedding, I hope it's the start to her own personal revelations and self-forgiveness that will inspire her to be at the very least un-devoted to Kody's bullshit.


I would love it if Meri was trolling Robyn and Kody, but she probably isn't.


I think about Christine talking about the conversations her children had with her and how they convinced her to leave. I cannot imagine Leon and their partner haven’t had similar conversations with Meri. Leon didn’t even see Kody or bother saying goodbye when they visited Meri. Basically, I’m with you with hoping that Meri knows the score and is just staying out of spite and to troll while still living her best single lady life.


I love Robyn doesn’t even seem to care Meri is staying lol she’s just making excuses about why she was keeping quiet.


Robyn’s excuses are so lame and transparent. She doesn’t want Meri around.


Janelle is bad ass. Throwing truth bombs. And ❤️that when Robyn tries to “moderate” the discussion and talk to her, Janelle cuts her off and starts speaking directly to Kody. 🤜


She had no patience for Robyn


Zero fucks. But I'm not here to give her credit yet, she has gotta put her money where her mouth is at this point and walk out the door! Stop living in goblin mode and gtfo.


This sneak preview is the most chilling to date. It is crystal clear here that without Christine and with mostly grown kids, these adults have no reason to stay together. IT IS WEIRD. Let's face it, polygamy was always a weird lifestyle choice...but I think that the stark reality is hitting them all now...especially and finally for Meri and Janelle...that it makes no sense at all. (Kody already has all but admitted he isn't into polygamy anymore.) Do Meri and Janelle really want to be hanging out with monogamous couple Kody and Robyn for years to come?? Of course not. It makes zero sense, especially when Janelle has her own children and their families to hang with and they are not particularly close to Kody/Robyn.


Yes! It is so freaking weird. You have 3 women who don’t even like each other. 2 of them have zero kids in the same state and/or at home (okay so yes technically Savannah is home right now) but we’re going to pretend we are some family? I have closer relationships with my cousins who live in other states!


I wish I had the will power to not watch all of these, but I alas I don’t possess it. Why do these women have to answer to Robyn?? She is demanding to know where they stand. And they answer her. At least Janelle is honest. And Meri - I go back and forth with being angry at her and feeling so sad for her. She said out loud what we all figured. It’s hard watching Kody being upset about Christine and feeling nothing towards her. And then Kody admits he doesn’t even care she is on his side. And Robyn is glad Meri’s paycheck is sticking around but that’s about it.


Robyn showed her true feelings on Meri being close to her last season when Kodi said, Meri is following the rules (COVID Rules), she can come over.” And Robyn jumped in with, well that will make everyone else upset. Iiiiiifffffff it really was about the COVID rules, she would have been fine with Meri coming over the same way she was fine with the nanny coming & going. It was not about COVID. Robyn wants the plural family but does not want equal treatment of wives & kids. She wants to be the head wife.


Yep she would have jumped on the chance to make an example of Mary. How can Mary not see they dgaf about her and are using her? Someone on another sub said they are the poorest reality people so is all this really worth it? They aren’t making millions much less high six digits a piece. I’ve said it again and again the three OGa hold all the power when it comes to this show , they could easily leave K&R in the dust with nothing if they just left his ass and negotiated their own show without them. I don’t buy into Nary only stays fir the TLC check. You better believe a man does me in front of the world like he has done her, I would be out for revenge, I would burn his mfing world down on him! Robyn would be having the biggest yard sale her neighborhood has ever seen. I would fuck them both up down and sideways like they had never seen.


>>Robyn wants the plural family but does not want equal treatment of wives & kids. She wants to be head wife. This is hilarious, it’s so simple and right there. The reason she (cue eyebrows) wanted the whole family was to have a little kingdom to rule over! She needs to get in some therapy or at the very least read about repeating patterns.


Remember when he said he’d be disgusted if she was with another man? Like season 2 I think, when they were at dinner together. I think he hates her because she committed the ultimate betrayal to him…seeking out another man because he was withholding affection. She will never win with him. It’s sad really. They seemed so in love in the first couple years, until the divorce. I firmly believe she was manipulated until she agreed. Then gaslighted into believing it was what she wanted.


Same. No way would Meri have volunteered to give up her position as legal wife. I believe Robyn came up with thre plan and Kody jumped at the chance to make his true love his legal bride. Then the two of them worked Meri until she caved.


Season one, I think!


He even said that if Meri wanted to leave because of their loveless marriage she's welcome to and that he wouldn't get upset at her or make it hard on her. He's basically saying he _wants_ her to leave, he's done with her, but he doesn't want to be the bad guy and say "I want to divorce you". If Meri, after watching this season and hearing Kody say this and other things about her, still decides to stay, ugh I'd feel so sad for her.


Who does Robyn think she is…the head wife? Bet she wasn’t ready for Janelle’s answer. Poor Meri, (Robyn and Kody’s emotional support animal) when will she accept Kody doesn’t want a relationship with her and Robyn only want a relationship with Meri’s bank account! I’m so glad Christine left! Run Janelle Run!


Pretty much


Why doesn’t Robyn call out Kody for not trying with Meri? She had so much to say at Christine’s meeting. And Meri, goodness, how many times does he have to say that he doesn’t want you??!! This is pathetic


I hope Meri sees this, I know he's said he doesn't trust her blah blah before. But has he straight up said he doesn't want to be in a relationship with her before this season?


Not as plainly as this season, that’s for sure. He really was being a coward


He’s said it plainly to us but not her that we know of. They need to play this seasons clips of him saying those things about her to her in the tell all.


Yes there was one time they were in the car together and she said she's been waiting for him and then he said yeah but I'm never coming. That same episode was the one where she said she wanted to kiss him and the idea seemed to make him very uncomfortable.


Oh god this was PURE secondhand embarrassment! 😖


I haven’t been actually watching, just these vids and convo points on this subreddit but my jaw kinda dropped when he said he didn’t want a relationship with Meri flat out. Why doesn’t he leave her? He already physically divorced her. How does this work?


He did leave her. She hasn’t left them. A captain doesn’t have a relationship with a barnacle on their ship. The barnacle has a relationship with the ship alone.


Interesting analogy thank you


Oh my god. Funniest laugh out loud moment all day. Thank you!! A barnacle🤣🤣🤣


I believe he's allowing her to remain a part of the family, so kind of a sister wife in name only and she can come to family events but he's not at all involved with her except in that aspect.


She also conveniently chips into the family pot and gave them money to buy Robyn’s mansion


Yeah, and it would be totally cool if Meri paid off Coyote Pass so they could (cough, cough) build (cough, cough)


He has left her. I think it was last season she told him she’s waiting for him and he flat out said “I’m not coming.” At this point Meri is just a dingleberry on his ass that won’t come off.


He didn’t want to work things out with Christine. He wanted her to stay in a ‘romance free’, loveless marriage while absorbing Christine’s resources. That’s what he wanted. So basically the same as what you and Kody have Meri.


"if you're not with me you're against me. F off" well that about sums up the past few seasons. glad Christine is free of this mess


I wish they all would have walked off at this moment if I’m honest. That would have taught him a lesson I think.


Or turn the tables and say the same to him. Janelle and Meri need to spell out exactly what they want and expect from Kody and Robyn. If they fail to or refuse to deliver then K and R can fuck off.


"I’m exhausted. Like, who cares? If you’re not with me, you’re against me. Eff off, you know? I'm just like that way," he says. "Ironically, Meri’s trying to support me and I don't want to be in a relationship with her anymore." Kody has broken up with Meri but she won’t leave. 🫣😟😳


I’ve always disliked Meri but she is a buzzing fly that just won’t go away and it’s hilarious. I doubt Kody sees her more than a few times a year and that’s only when the cameras are around but these scenes still crack me up. I used to think Robyn would be the last wife standing but I don’t think Meri and Jenelle are going away too easily. But what is so great about Kody? Is this an ego thing where nobody wants to “lose” so they hang on waiting for the other wives to give up? It’s crazy. I don’t know if Jenelle has left Kody yet, but it warms my black heart to know that Robyn has to pretend she wants Meri around for the rest of her life. And because of Robyn’s fake support Meri will happily third wheel Kody and Robyn until the rapture. I love it.


The Surviving Sister Wives podcast frequently jokes about how Meri stays out of spite and I kind of wonder if that’s the case at this point.


I believe it. Considering Meri’s past behavior, like when Jenelle joined the family and Meri would passive aggressively slam cabinets and argue over the placements of dishes etc. I think it fits her personality. She loves to torture people so this is right up her alley.


I am LIVING for the fact that Janelle completely ignored and talked over Robyn


Kody is the only person Meri ever loved and it’s easy to say that she needs to leave, and she should but honestly, I understand why she won’t. She’s never loved anyone else. She had been with him, emotionally abusing and manipulating her since she was a teenager. She doesn’t believe anyone will ever love her.


I sooooo badly want all the wives to leave, meri go do her own thing and keep her money and Janelle and Christine and their kids continue the show to success!!! Kootie and sobyn will just be left sittin there with the realization that she has to finally get a job. Or they'll stay in the house and sell the property for income. And that's a wrap folks!


It’s time she loves herself, pulls the cash and breaks the back of the show along with Janelle. Robyn and Kody will be stuck with each other and broke within a couple of yrs and canabalize each other. Janelle and Meri hold the power of k and r in their hands. Now if they will use that power they can decimate the bastard. That true love will end when they both have to go to work and you can bet he will start pushing the kiddies out of their nest


Yaaaas and he'll agree to a paycut from tlc AGAIN, while Christine and Janelle get a raise and they'll travel the country in the RV being empty nesters visiting grandkids and having big family parties loving the freedom while kody n robyn like you say, cannibalize each other, self destruct amd are stuck raising kids another 10 years while jealous of his ex wives and say I NO LONGER BELIEVE IN POLYGAMY AND ITS ALL CHRISTINE AND JANELLES FAULT. And I'll be here for it!!! Mwah ha ha!


Damn that was brutal what Kody said about Meri after she poured her heart out! She is much better than me because I couldn’t debase myself like that. It’s been years and he has made it abundantly clear with Meri he is never going to be interested in a marriage with her again. I don’t even know why she shows up to the meetings. He sees her as a business partner and only because he needs her portion of the money. This is beyond sad.


6 years is a loooong time to be in a one sided relationship. When she finally wisens up, she is going to be very upset with all the years she threw away hoping Kody would change his mind.


Absolutely true. When I left my ex husband the one thing I was angry about was the loss of time I put into it that I would never be able to get back. And the older women get the harder it becomes to recover relationship wise.


Anyone else catch Meri's "this bitch" face when responding to Robyn? Lol


Glad Janelle referred to them as “this group.” Those three are not her family.


Cody: "If you're not with me you're against me. FU! " Mary: "Hey, I'm with you!" Cody: "Except Mary, f her regardless."


That is exactly what he said!


Why Meri confides in Robyn is baffling…she isn’t a good friend. She isn’t a friend. Meri…don’t perceive peoples comments or suggestions as anything other than wake the eff up and move on. Robyn & Kody are awful people….they don’t care about you or your best interests….they actively USE people for their gain only.


Meri, he doesn’t want you…


Robyn does not care, she wants to know who is done trying as in “jeez we isolated from you guys for 9+ months and you didn’t get the hint? You’re still here? Anyone tired and want to leave yet?”


This clip confirms my suspicions: Meri is well aware of the toxic dynamic between Kody and Robyn. She only continues this charade for the show, and to promote her other businesses, particularly the B&B. She mostly lives in Parowan or travels with friends, and shows up only to film and then takes off again. Kody probably begs for money on her visits, but I doubt she's sharing much with them otherwise.


This bitch “Janelle I need to hear from you” so Robyn does think she is in charge or why would someone have to answer to you???


How many times has Kody said he wants nothing to do with Marih? Why even invite her to these "family talks"??? it's just cruel at this point


He needs her $$$$


$$$$$ is the only reason Meri's there. I think they have a strict contract with TLC and would be out a lot if they broke it. Why else would Christine, who is not married to kody any longer, even be on this show going forward, if it weren't for the $$$$. She can say it's because she made a promise to kody- to the family- but at the end of the day, it's the $$$$.


I admit I would stay on the show for the money. It funds her lifestyle and she gets to be single. It is very empowering to see her redesign her life on her terms.


Not me. I'd make TLC give me my own show, and go to an attorney and make sure that kody couldn't use Truely in Sisterwives. I'm petty, though...


exactly, why give up on that money when it's not your fault your husband is a piece of shit that never loved you? Also, she's still part of the family since her kids get along with Janelle's kids and Truely is still little and has to see Kody. But Meri on the other hand is just there. Any interaction with her is painful to watch because they're followed by Kody's talking head segment saying he wants nothing to do with her 🤷🏼‍♂️




Meri and Janelle - get the fuck out of there and take your money with you.


Don't worry Meri. If you fall off the mountain, we'll know who pushed you.


Robyn....Kody will simply look the other way!


Robyn demanding that people tell her their relationship status, right, she already knows, which she shouldn't, none of her business - but she is dying to pick a fight with Janelle and have Kody and meri back her - omg she has such a slapable face


Why do they always talk in 3rd Person. If "people" want to leave? Girl just say hey Janelle and Meri do y'all want to leave or not? I actually kind of find it disrespectful that they won't address each other by their names. It's such an odd way of speaking. Did they learn it in therapy or something?


I think that creates plausible deniability. Kody never brought up how loyal Robyn was by name to Janelle, so it’s Janelle’s fault that she would assume he was talking about Robyn.


Janelle completely ignoring Robyn has me livingggg!!!!


Ooof, Meri saying will continue to be there followed immediately but Kody chuckling that she’s throwing him her support but he doesn’t want her is some savagery by the producers. There’s no way Meri is that stupid or deluded to think she and Kody will ever have a functioning marriage again so she has to be trolling or staying out of spite. I do wonder if she took Kody’s advice and left if he would really be ok with it or would he go batshit insane like he has over Christine leaving?


You know, I was starting to feel a little guilty about all my memes that I've made about Sister wives but now, in light of these previews? Yeah my guns are blazing again. -.-


Welp, Meri is a big idiot to hang around when Kody clearly wants no part of a relationship with her. When will she wise up and move on? He gives zero fucks about her and i hope the kids heard how he talks in this clip about her. What a shit person to be married to.


The problem is he only says it in confessionals instead of to her face, so I think she can maintain the illusion of “he is only saying it to the producers”.


Okay? What the fuck does Robyn mean when she said she doesn't want Kody and Janelle to conform? She has the worst way with words


Just when I thought I could dislike him more. He says with glee he doesn't went Meri. In national tv. He loves humiliating these women.


Janelle says "I don't feel my children are welcome". She's right but watch Kidney and Sobyn try to deny it.


They will say something like “they didn’t make Robyn feel welcome for years, so it is only fair”.


I’m more excited that Janelle finally spoke her truth about being put in between her kids and the others


Janelle has the look of someone who's hit her tolerance level for foolishness. Kody thinks he's depressed over the loss of Christine, but look out. Christine was the heart of the family, but Janelle was the worker bee who kept things functioning financially and logistically. If the family implodes, Meri can go back to her own life, her own property, and her own business. She'll be fine. Robyn ain't got the sense god gave a goose, so if she's the last wife standing, this family doesn't have a prayer of surviving. So many loose ends to tie up. Maybe there is enough going on to justify seasons 18.


I wish Meri would get a really really good therapist. I’m glad she has her own life and isn’t really around the toxic two. I really think she is scared to be cut off from the little kids completely. I so just wish she can find someone who will make her see her self worth.


As much as Janelles communication style can frustrate me I love the way she handles aka ignores Robyn lol.


This is all very disturbing.


Maybe Meri is trying to be the last wife still standing


I thought the exact same thing when he was going off on Christine about doing exactly what he’s done to Meri.


I don’t understand Robyn’s need to be in the middle. The relationships the wives have with Cody are supposed to be the central piece of this not their relationships with each other. She needs to stop getting in the way of peoples marriage is with Cody.


Janelle is delusional. She still wants Kody. I have no clue why. Oh wait, she said they were best friends and lovers. Eww. Christine said Janelle and Christine had a totally different marriage with Krody.


Right. Which makes me think she’s not leaving and everyone is going to riot lol


All I can think of when she says they’re best friends/lovers is Sure Jan!


He might be your best friend, but you are definitely not his best friend. 🙃


So if Robyn knows how Meri feels and is choosing for herself to not answer then why not just fucking say "Hey Janelle" ? so is this the talk Janelle talked about on the season 16 tell all where Robyn asked her if she wanted to work things out with her? Is this like "Do we wanna be 1 family or do we wanna be 2 families who have dude and do not hang out?" which is kind of hinted at from the bonus scene from last episode ? Or is she saying "Hey Janelle do you wanna kiss my feet, or are you going to be taking your divorce?"


It’s just like. Real weird how Kody makes all his wives except robyn choose him over their children. Why why WHY would janelle want to sit there with a barely there husband, his functioning marriage over there with robyn, and only see Robyns kids. Savannah just turned 18. janelle is out of there. Going to be awesome to see them reunited with their kids!!!


Do ya think she is catching on to his scam to milk them for their money while being with just Robyn?