Plural marriage isn’t all beer and skittles. Do you possibly mean plural marriage isn’t all sunshine and rainbows? But on a serious note - What do you want those women to do Robyn? Meri has zero relationship with Kody. Janelle is being threatened to leave because she won’t bash Christine. None of them have anything and you want them to step up their game so YOUR husband won’t boo boo anymore about Christine??? Step up your game and handle the man you wanted all to yourself for the past 10 years.


I’m honestly baffled by what Robyn is expecting here? You are openly saying your husband is a women hating incel and it’s up to the other two wives to fix it? The two wives he’s got no interest in keeping the facade of a relationship up with? She is literally too stupid to insult at this point, it would just go right over her stupid box shaped head.


Maybe she's laying the groundwork to establish that Kody's making her miserable. When Kody comes home from a gun show one day and finds the locks changed and his hair products in a box on the porch, he'll be the only one surprised.


Why on earth does Robyn think the women have to fix this?!?! There's a problem, sure, but Kody's feelings are Kody's problem!! He's responsible for his own fee fee feelings. He's also responsible for treating the other wives with courtesy and decency until he can get his shit figured out. Ideally in therapy.


And did you notice how upset Kody is that they didn't have that *very critical important conversation* about his "he-man woman-hating" feelings. How dare they move on from this super important conversation about how his wives need to fix all his emotional problems.


Robyn is Kody's emotional support animal.


I think she expects them to either comfort her and start bending to her will again, or else publicly affirm that they won't do so and incur Scroty's incel tears. Either outcome is good for her position.


Nope. She didn’t realize the monster she helped create would be so awful


And having him all to herself during covid made her realize that she can't handle having him as a full time husband. She needs the other wives to be miserable with him so she can be happy with him.




💯 She NEEDS to be the “good” wife and that can only be done in contrast to “bad” wives- meaning she is a professional victim.


Robyn! Control your dog. (No insult meant to dogs 😂)


Well we know how how Robs controls dogs.. though I would not be at all against her kicking that wanker .


Isn’t she woman enough to help him heal?


Yes! Love this!!!!! His dig at Janelle throw right back in the face of Robyn!!


I love how Janelle basically threw up a peace sign and announced she was out. She’s so over the victimhood of K&R.


Honestly, Janelle’s move in this scene is everything. Welp, I’m getting Savanah…🤣 Meri…let’s see your house plans. Hahaha.


I could see her getting up and walking out of Sponge Bob's pineapple.


YES. I was thinking, hey Kody, how does it feel to have your feelings disregarded and shut down? He only wanted to talk and give attention because it was coming from Robyn. He couldn't even stop eating when Janelle was baring her soul to him.


Right? As soon as the subject changes to something she’s interested in it’s cool to stay. Lol


Well Kody also was like"...Guess we'll see them another time." I wonder if the meeting was specifically to look at the house plans and Kody and Robyn tried to take it over with "Lets all cry about how Kody hates all women. Isn't that sad for *Kody*?!"


The mental gymnastics here. 😂 This is why I still have that tinge feeling Robyn might be really pushing getting all wives to leave and then when it’s just her and Kody she can say this entire experience poisoned Kody so much against women that she is out too…but she’ll keep all that she can from the land at CP and She-Rah chateau homestead.


This is spot on. Everyone has been talking about who is going to be next to divorce Kody, and my bet was on Robin until the last few months ago. She has already divorced before. Now that she is the legal wife, and has been married for several years, she can run off with half the family money.


Half the family money and child support and alimony.


Bingo…she doesn’t love Kody (who would love this rage filled manic man?)…she wants all the assets.


Honest to God, though, he's insufferable. I wouldn't even blame Robyn if she decided to take the money and run. (I DO blame her for getting the money in the first place by screwing Meri and Janelle over, but that's a different issue.)


I wholeheartedly agree as much as Robyn is awful…Kody…Kody should’ve respected and loved each and every woman he promised (eternally) to be with. He holds the fault in not setting boundaries and favoring a wife. If he gets taken advantage of, that’s perfect in my opinion. Sad for the other three women, but I know they will thrive.


Also it's cold.


Don’t forget kotex *told meri she could move away and marry another man and he wouldn’t care* so really, wtf is Robyn even thinking?!?!! Robyn is deeply rooted in misogyny but when she’s with him 24/7…. I guess shopping is how she copes & kody doesn’t say anything as long as he can spew his jackwagon mouth about whatever makes him feel good. And she just nods, says yes honey with a fake sniffle and tear, and then hits “pay with apple pay” on Victoria’s Secret online.


Did he TELL MERI that or was it said in cowardice in a talking head?


Good point! I think he did because he told her to move to the B&B lol




Janelle is also being threatened to leave because she won’t ‘take sides’ against her children….and what mother would??!


Lol Robyn makes huge heartfelt stupid speech. Janelle? I don't have time for this bullshit. But I do have time to go over this. Lmao. She said fuck Robyn you don't exist to me. 🤣🤣🤣


HIS FACE THOOOO🤣😄😄 so funny. Janelle is not playing now! But when does kotex say the “this is not the time to walk away janelle” or whatever…. It’s another showdown coming soon


Good thing he has two kidneys.


omg. I laughed so hard at that. Janelle: On second thought, Savanah can wait if we're going to look at my house plans.


I really hope it wasn't just a short edit and thats how it really went down. I died.lol


So true haha


I like that Janelle dipped out of the “serious conversation.” She gave it exactly as much respect and gravity as it deserved: none. Robyn needs to learn that not every conversation has to be had through tears, and you don’t mark something as significant or important by crying.


But then how else will someone as simple as Cody know that it's a serious conversation??


It drags the conversation away from any real discussion and back to just yelling about hurt feelings. Which is exactly why Robyn does it. Never talk anything out or own your faults, just get the other side in trouble for being mean. Which is also why Janelle gets up to leave. She knows this isn't going anywhere but Kody yelling at her again


I’m a very easy crier. It could happen any time my husband and I get into a disagreement. However, I have figured out ways to cry when we aren’t actively discussing whatever it is because it isn’t fair to the other party for me to cry. It takes away from the issue at hand and makes the other person feel bad and like they can never “win”. She can absolutely control this better. She would have to want to and work at it but I think she enjoys the manipulation factor. Kody is also too dumb to realize that just because she cries doesn’t mean the other person did anything wrong.


I’m an anger crier and it infuriates me more because I know it takes away from the conversation so then I’m sitting there mad at myself for crying and crying more because I’m mad at myself. It’s a slippery slope that I’m working on


She sobs in the mansion All day long Shoppin' and a sobbin' and sleeping till noon Sobbin Robyn Sob...sobity sob Sobbin Robyn


omg!!! I have literally been singing "Sobbin Robyn (me, me, me, me)" in my head for weeks!!


She’s terrified he’s shopping for a new wife! LOL


Exactly! Men go out and date but he can’t. Um yes he can. He is a plural husband. There is no limit to the number of women he can bring into his bedroom after spiritual marriage 🙃


Except…and get this…this show has become so widespread and popular that no woman in her right mind would hop on that offer. I’d say it backfired successfully on that topic.


Unfortunately idk, there are women who write love letters to Scott Peterson…


My ex cheated and the last girl was happy to be his side chick knowing he was abusing me. She lied for him and everything. There are broken people out there for sure.


You’re unfortunately correct. I suppose he’s enough of a star to make someone’s panties moist. 🤮


“Men go out and date but he can’t.”@Can’t pick up a new scent?Oh but he did, RAHBYN.


Exactly, she knows that Grody will do to her what she did to Christine and that's terrifying to her.


THISSSSS!! That's exactly what I interpreted from her comments. At the very minimum she's afraid he's going to start cheating in her.


But in polygamy it's not cheating, it's courting. She's scared witless he's going to start bringing other wives in, and she'll be the basement wife.


Kodys dad married janelles mom when he was in his early 20s, so I’m sure is Kodys eyes he has time to find more.


She should be worried! If he’ll do it with you, he’ll do it to you.


Why is Kody "hurt"? Perhaps a better question is, why does Kody claim to be hurt? He says that he never loved Christine, he rarely wanted to spend any time with her, and he didn't want physical intimacy with her. So why is he hurt that she left?


Because he worked so hard to pretend to love her so they could be on TV. Duh.




She was the heart of the family period. He handled that whole situation wrong. Christine checked out emotionally 5 years ago according to Paedon so Kody had all that time to come around more often, make some kind of gesture to her that he at the least wanted her to stay but he chose violence so!!!


What's crazy is he's learned absolutely NOTHING. Because he's doing the same thing to janelle! "You're not acting like a good wife because I'm being a shithead, so in response I'll be more of a shithead. If you want to get back to real marriage you better crawl!!!" Yeah Kody, that doesn't work. You can't get mad at someone for being mad at you, and ask them to apologize for being mad before you'll MAYBE apologize for what you actually did to start it. But probably not, probably just take their apology and gloat about winning.


I really don’t think he cares that a lot of the kids love her, and he even tries to minimize any contributions she would’ve made to the family over the years.


It's all about control. He can't believe she has the audacity to leave him because he can't stop it no matter what he does. That's why he keeps harping on being the head of his household. He wants to be in charge and blindly respected.


This is it. He KNOWS. He’s figured out she’s been planning this for over a year. And that she got her ducks in a row first, met with professionals, set herself up so that she gets to leave with the house money, full custody, move out of state, everything she wants. And all he can do is sit thurr holding his dick looking like a fool on camera. She fire proofed herself so he can’t retaliate, or make it harder or less convenient for her to go. He KNOWS. He started the season thinking he could still change her mind, then he figured out he can’t do that so he thought at least he could use Truely against her so she wouldn’t be able to move where she wanted. Then he figured out she had the upper hand there too, so then he went after the money thinking he could strong arm her into paying off his land and walking away with nothing, and then he realized she had set herself up already and he didn’t have a claim on the house. She did it all under his nose, while he was busy with his other wife. And that’s what he’s actually grieving. His humiliation without any chance to retaliate.


he's hurt because he took a knife to the kidney


Then later, in a ploy to always be the victim, he claims to have loved Christine. My head hurts watching him - he is such a huge ass - so I think I’m checking out of this show until they get Kody off of it. And Robyn, too. Buh-bye.


I think he said in his talking head scene that it’s just how divorced men are supposed to feel… lmao he didn’t even know why he said it himself. He needs real therapppppy to help him but he’s a narcissist so until it’s just sobyn and their kids he will continue doing this to the fahmlee


Robyn just announced that Kody hates women (incel af) and is treating them badly. Kody just said polygamy is awful. That clip was unintentionally hilarious.


Hilarious indeed. I audibly laughed when he said its not all beer and skittles. Uhmmm literally no one thought that kodester, did you????


Can our famous meme Queens make a beer and skittles poster?!!! 😂 Pleeeeeaaaseee!


Hey Apu, I’m feeling kinda down. You got any of that beer with candy floating in it? You know Skittlebraü?


I was nearly done, read your clever word and burst out laughing, you just made my day.


I’m glad you understood it because Kody won’t mansplain it to you. I was worried for our forum because we can’t comment on what we don’t understand 😝


Confirmation that the producer who is interviewing him for the voiceovers is a woman. That’s a mistake - they should always have a man interview him.


I'm getting whiplash watching this idiot insist he's the highly respected king of all he surveys to the victimized victim of women and children who have tried to love him. Ugh. Can't he go back to pretending to be the loving energetic husband and father of yore? It was just as staged, but easier to watch.


Kody has a history of giving people /frickin whiplash/.




Indeed. Not all man-o-sphere assholes are incels.


Plural marriage is for the women? Yes, my lifelong dream has been to share my husband with four other women, share the resources with four other families, and solo parent 95% of the time while my husband goes house to house getting treated like a king because he's only there one day a week and acting like our lives pause for the rest of the time. All while one wife is the golden chosen wife because she has the personality of the heel of a loaf of generic white bread.


Yeah, like his whole comment that Christine has time to play games because she’s certainly not cooking and cleaning. Meanwhile he’s making $200/hr but has also been home for a year, not working.


And she has a cooking show! LOL


Well, perhaps. When he works. I’m calling B.S. on this.


The only negative he could find proved it isn't for women. That's why people say "You share your husband? Why would you do that?" and not "You have multiple wives? Why would you do that?"


Um, excuse you. The heel pulls it’s weight at my house. It has a job, unlike Robyn. It keeps the other slices soft and makes a great stand in for a hot dog or hamburger bun. It’s also good with a slice of cheese in the toaster oven because the outside part gets crunchy but the cheese covered side stays soft. 😂


At my house the heels is useless and crusty


We fight over the heels at my house. Best part


Oh and the comment about women sharing a husband and him saying with all the indignation he could muster "Why would you DO that!" Well Kody, because in your backward religion they have to. It's a calling remember? You said that yourself. These women don't WANT to share a husband, they HAVE to in order to enter the celestial kingdom. So if you have a problem with that, take it up with John Smith and the church and not these ladies who are doing what was programmed into them. What a douche.


But you make it sound so enticing/s. Seriously though the way you described it from the males experience completely explains the temper tantrum’s that we have been getting. He was not being treated like a king anymore.


Generic white bread 😝😝


lol beer and skittles


In Kodys case it’s whine and sour grapes




Is that British slang?? Or are you being funny?




This makes me think if Grody listens to British manosphere bs. Isn't that "how many times must a man be rejected... before he stops being a nice guy" abc guy British? Was Grody a part of his "safe space for men"?




Yeah, I block them usually but that doesn't stop their content from popping up on my feed now and again.




Omg he’s becoming a British Jew. Just stop ✋


Hi! I live in the U.K. and have never heard this as a saying hahaha 🤣


Willing to wager he just screwed up yet another idiom.


I’m try that lol 😂


I think he wanted that attention to stay on him and Robyn. And when it didn’t he felt slighted. I guess for me I wonder what the solution is. Does he just want to be heard or is he offering them solutions to support him? I rarely hear him offering any solutions just complaints


You know Robyn was like wow babe - did you see how Janelle didn’t care at all when I was describing your sadness now? None of these women love you like I love you.


Exactly, what about the sadness of Meri and Janelle are dealing with? Kody does want them but they are supposed to feel bad for him and his divorce, which of course he did choose by telling Christine what he did.


Yes. Especially when the divorce hit Janelle harder.


What he wanted was: We aren't all like Christine. She was never going to be satisfied. She couldn't deal with her jealousies. We love you and are here to stay. Here, I had a rich uncle die and leave me an inheritance, would you like me to make the check out to you or Robyn?


Perfect response. This is exactly what he wants. Validation that he isn’t the problem and these women aren’t going anywhere.


Exactly. He needs validation that he’s right and Christine was wrong. He needs them to say he was a great husband and she was just an empty container that would never appreciate how great his crumbs were.




I love Janelle’s exit strategy for all these conversation with Robyn




He neglected to mention in his talking head that HE IS THE ONE WHO BROUGHT THE PLANS UP!


And meri is just hoping kody looks at her


Yep. When he was talking to Janelle during that meal he was such an ass and made it seem like he didn’t give a fck about Janelle then he spoke with Robyn and went to the talking head saying how he’s so hurt over Christine and wants to fix his relationship with Janelle. BS


"alright well I gotta go get Savanah" lmao! damn


It's the new I'm getting Cold lol


Robyn is the most disturbing human being ever. Men in monogamy do crazy shit when they divorce and he is doing that to them? No to you for sure and I wouldn't generalize like that. Also hearing from her "Women sucks"....... women LIKE YOU suck. Sorry not sorry


Yeah the women suck comment from her? Fuck off. Women suck because they don’t choose to stay with your abusive husband?? Grow up Robyn.


Was she saying Kody is going around saying “Women suck” and she has to hear it? That’s how I heard her. 🤷🏻‍♀️


The side eye Janelle gave Robrows when she said “women suck” was everything!


Janelle is a savage for this one.


I love how she doesn’t entertain Robyn’s “tears.”


This has me cracking up. She is over Robyn and Kodys mess for sure!


**Robyn cries tears of joy, as she realizes she only needs to force out two more wives. Gaslights Kody into going along with her master plan.** I fixed the headline 😆


I don't know if they could ever get Meri to go away, I mean at this point they would have to fake their deaths or go into witness protection, it doesn't matter what Robyn or Kody say or do she still hangs on.


But Kody doesn’t consider them married so eventually she’s going to be relegated to weird family friend status and someone that just comes around to family events.


Fun trivia: when Henry VIII divorced Anne of Cleves, he kept her around (her family wouldn't take her back) so he declared her to be his *sister* and everyone had to refer to his *ex-wife* as Anne, His Majesty's beloved Sister??? Yeah, I can totally see Kody trying to take this route. 😂


You can see Meri is not even there mentally.


LMAO at Janelle being like, welp, gotta go.


I fucking love Janelle!


I think it is important to note that Robyn doesn’t even care about Christine or how hurt she was to actually go through with leaving the family and divorcing Kody. She doesn’t care that the catalyst for Christine finally leaving was that Kody neglected their kids (specifically Ysabel’s surgery). She only cares about the fact that Christine leaving is ruining HER OWN marriage. This tells us all we needed to know about Robyn. She has NEVER been about the big picture, only about her marriage and her children.


This could just be “Robyn cries” because that’s all she does.


"Robyn pretends to cry"


Robyn crying is the equivalent to dry docking.


Janelle’s like bitch STFU 🤫




Tears and crying are Robyn’s personality


I just keep hearing that song from Say Anything. "Joe lieeeeees when he cries. When he cries....When he cries."


And then magically Robyn is totally fine to look at house plans.


As if Janelle is in the position to bare her soul to these people. Get real. Kody and Robyn have proven themselves to be untrustworthy to her. Kody should have learned from Christine that he needs to fix his marriage with her before she could explore having a sister wife relationship.


So it's Christine's fault he has become a woman hater 🙄 I sense something else going on with him. I think maybe he's been spending too much time online deep diving into radical groups or something. He seems mentally disturbed lately.


So on top of being manipulative, Robyn is also r/notliketheothergirls?? Tough combo


Janelle always has an out prepared. It's going to rain. I have to get Savannah. It's getting cold. She is so over Robyn.


Robin wanted all the wives to feel bad for Kody. As did Kody. A very important discussion. A united family. Against Christine. Jenelle refused.


Jenelle can read her like a book and Robyn knows it


He has been humiliated by the catfishing incident with Meri. Now Christine has said fuck this and left. Janelle hates the family structure. Robyn and her family get shit on constantly. It can't be a fun household to live in. Robyn cries! Poor Sobyn Robyn. 😭


Anybody else annoyed how they’re using old pics of Sobyn and Grody but a current pic of Christine? She looks amazing now and they look gross. Don’t flatter them with old photos!


OMG!!! Robyn cried? I'd never believe it. Fake news.


I genuinely can't wait for Grody to start dating again.


I knew Sobyn Robyn would find a way to make Christine and Kodys divorce all about her again. She makes me feel bad for Grody for 1.2 seconds, thinking about how he is never allowed to be the center when she is in the picture.


Is it just me or what, I’m so confused at this point in their conversations. Like what are they even talking about or trying to get at? It feels like they just want to talk talk talk but it’s not even about actual important things or like trying to talk to the point of getting somewhere.


Janelle did mention last episode that all their meetings turn into Christine bashing. I think this meeting was to discuss the plans for her casita and it somehow devolved into this. That's why she looks annoyed and was ready to peace out.


To me this is Kody hinting that he doesn’t want to be a polygamist anymore.


He's outright said he doesn't have a 'testimony' anymore, hasn't he?


Does Meri ever talk?


Meri was actually the first to ask Janelle about her house plans which I thought was kinda sweet. Edit to say - her voice was very soft spoken so it was covered up by Kody, but Meri spoke first.


Yeah she was asking about the plans because that is the only reason she also came over. If Janelle left it's a wasted day for both of them. I think Meri is over Robyn's crying fits too but she has to put on the charade. Internally she is thanking Janelle for getting it to stop. Meri knew this would excite Janelle to talk about and was the only reason she was there. So she asked about it.


Pretty sure she just shows up for the paychecks. She's got her own life out of state.


Janelle won’t talk about her feelings anymore. She is already planning her retirement/5 year plan. She changed the subject because she knows whatever she has to say will be disregarded and so she has nothing to say. I know that feeling that’s why she changed the subject. She also seems to be smart enough to not trust talking/being sincere around sob. She knows what’s up.


"We're just going to ignore the bigger conversation and I think it's a mistake." (Paraphrasing) Chandler voice: then BE the patriarch of your flock and redirect the conversation? So sick of this guy going on about the preisthood / being the head of the household but shirking all his responsibilities. But I guess that is why we hate watch...


God she looks just like Alice


From the Brady Bunch? Okay. I see it.


That too , but her mother is Alice


Janelle is a straight up savage here. Gives zero energy to Robyn's attempt to make the whole thing about her. Robyn doesn't want to talk about building, it is the last thing she wants to move forward. Janelle sees right through this and is moving forward regardless to expose the true sinister nature of Robyn being the source of stalling the move. ​ Kody in the moment appeared fine to change the topic. Later in the interview of course, he states we should have had the hard conversation. This is Robyn's planted seed of thoughts - par for the course. This will piss Robyn off being dismissed in the most subtle and elegant manner by Janelle . Her ego will not allow this to slide. I straight up can't stand Meri's sour face in these setups. If she won't even speak I don't see the point of having her on the show.


“My husband in an immature ass who takes his emotions out on his other wives. even I, Queen Wifey, am getting is blow back!” Great job being a Plyg husband Kody.


It’s not all PBR and pudding


Wow Robyn cries? Shocking.


She's just sad bc she thought kody would be happy and he's not.


It’s not all grog and chocolates


It’s not all booze and baked goods


Life not all spaghetti and m&ms


Soooo, recent picture of Christine, but def old pictures of Robyn and Kody. 😕


I literally can’t stop watching this. The looks from Janelle are pure gold.


Beer and Skittles?


Whenever I get a package of plain M&Ms, I make it my duty to continue the strength and robustness of the candy as a species. To this end, I hold M&M duels. Taking two candies between my thumb and forefinger, I apply pressure, squeezing them together until one of them cracks and splinters. That is the “loser,” and I eat the inferior one immediately. The winner gets to go another round. I have found that, in general, the brown and red M&Ms are tougher, and the newer blue ones are genetically inferior. I have hypothesized that the blue M&Ms as a race cannot survive long in the intense theater of competition that is the modern candy and snack-food world. Occasionally I will get a mutation, a candy that is misshapen, or pointier, or flatter than the rest. Almost invariably this proves to be a weakness, but on very rare occasions it gives the candy extra strength. In this way, the species continues to adapt to its environment. When I reach the end of the pack, I am left with one M&M, the strongest of the herd. Since it would make no sense to eat this one as well, I pack it neatly in an envelope and send it to M&M Mars, A Division of Mars, Inc., Hackettstown, NJ 17840-1503 U.S.A., along with a 3×5 card reading, “Please use this M&M for breeding purposes.” This week they wrote back to thank me, and sent me a coupon for a free 1/2 pound bag of plain M&Ms. I consider this “grant money.” I have set aside the weekend for a grand tournament. From a field of hundreds, we will discover the True Champion. There can be only one.


Skittles is a game. I only know this because of my grandparents. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Skittles\_(sport)


It’s not all ale and starbursts


Why did they use an old picture of Robyn??


Janelle does not tolerate misogyny. She’s expected to feel bad that Kody can’t differentiate between people and now hates all women? Boo fucking hoo. Good for her for shutting that stupidity down.


I mean she actually does. She structured her entire life around a deeply misogynistic belief system and culture.


Yeah, people are complicated. I remember her leaving when Kody was reducing women to their periods with his buddy, and Leon inviting her to the Women’s March. She has said in talking heads she seems to view her plural marriage as a way to stay independent more than anything.


Yeah Kody, we are going to ignore your whining, just like you ignore all the pain and hurt of most of your wives and children! But boy, do I love to watch you suffering…


He’s right. I don’t know any man who would consume a beer and skittles. That is a disgusting combination. Most men wouldn’t even let a skittle pass their lips.


Skittles is a pub game in the UK.


Well that’s what I get for not being more well-rounded geographically.


And not a single tear was shed. Also, what's the dill with that hair?? And more importantly, why was Marie there? Kody said he doesn't consider himself married to her.


Did you see Kidney throwing her a bone? "Move over here so you can see, Meri." She probably went home and wrote about that in her diary.


Regarding plural marriage, he said, "It's not for a man." Ummmmm... Explain to me who benefits, oh wise one. Your OG3 wives, who could barely make ends meet, who lived on gov't support\*, who declared bankruptcy before TLC came along? Who went from bed to bed each night? \*And for clarity, I am NOT knocking government support recipients. Nope. I am pointing out that this is NOT an easy life - - - figuring out how to feed your kids, how to keep afloat, it's fucking hard. Kody could not support the kids he kept wanting to make, and he brought in another wife with DEBT and more dependents. That's piss poor planning.


When Robyn said women suck, you could read it in Janelles face that she was thinking, “I dare you to say the name Christine, you snobby little square faced b****.” lol She’s DONE.


Robyn, use the same advice you gave Christine. You’re just not working hard enough on this marriage. Why don’t you just go on a date? That will fix everything


Why would it be their job to fix Kody? It’s Kody job to fix Kody.


When the kids were young they needed each other and to some extent him. Now they don’t need him and he certainly has no time for his adult kids! Why is it a surprise to him his relationships are falling apart? He needs a young new wife that will see him as the head of the family


Breaking: Aunt Petunia distraught over Dudley upset that toy broke during tantrum he threw when he didn’t get his way.


I literally laughed out loud when after the pleading cry fest of ignorance Janelle said “Welp I gotta go!”. She can see right through the crap


Lmao the absurdity of him complaining about "ignoring the bigger issue" when it was his dumbass that prompted Jenelle to show her house plans. You are an idiot Kody. You like to throw your piss up in the air and complain that it is raining.