She has a good head on her shoulders, she's going to be alright :) ​ "I might do two dates with one guy. And two dates is kind of where we’re ending it right now. But I’ll do one date for sure. And then if we like each other, we’ll go out again. Then after that, it gets scary. It’s super, super scary," she says, explaining that she's not ready to commit. “**I don’t want anything serious. I just want to have fun. I like my life too much to mess with any kind of a serious relationship. My life is wonderful, my routines are wonderful, I love it**,” she says.


Yes!! This IS healthy. If she was jumping into something serious I would be a lot more worried for her!


Such a healthy attitude towards dating and testing the waters. I had lots of great first and second dates that didn't go much further but was a nice time, met someone new, and learned about someone else life or perspective. Was the best thing to narrow down what I didn't want before I really found what I did want. And have some adventures or fun a long the way.


❤️ ❤️ ❤️


And this ladies is how you will find the one who is right for you.


I hope she finds someone that will happily eat gas station cheese nachos with her.


I love gas station nachos. I'm lucky to have found a man who loves gas station hotdogs. I'd be happy to hang out and share nachos with her.


Just watch out for gas station boiled peanuts... I learned that lesson the hard way. *Probably only applies to the South.


Girl why? Lol. I eat those too all the time! I live in SE Texas but am originally from Louisiana.


Lol! I love boiled peanuts! I think they left them in there for waaay too long and I got food poisoning. It was horrible. I trust road side stand boiled peanuts more than gas station ones for sure.


Ok I can totally see that. Poor thing! I've been there with mexican food. Took me a long time to eat it again.


Im a sucker for gas station pickles eggs 😜


My husband eats Spinx boiled peanuts all the time...he's still very much alive and kicking with no known digestive issues, lol.


You guy's were meant to be😍🤗


When I told my husband what Kody said about her eating nachos he was disgusted with Kody. If you don’t like what someone eats don’t watch them eat. She deserves someone who will surprise her with homemade nachos.


I’m pretty sure my husband and kids finds me slurping down a dozen raw oysters disgusting but they mind their own business 😂


My husband hates when I stink up the house making Menudo but he minds his business too 🤣




Yes!! And find her absolutely stunning while doing so!


I’m a happily married woman but I’d eat nachos with her any day.


Flair checks out


Also, eats that WAP cuz she deserves it.


Haha, true, but wow 😂


It needed to be said!


…I definitely thought your comment was going to go in a different direction because you KNOW Kody has never 👅🐱 in his life, certainly not for Christine so I hope she also finds someone who happily eats that. Get this queen an O!


I’m like 95% sure kody has never given her an O


Woah, back up 🤣. HOW do we know this?? Have the women stated this? Has HE?? He would be the only clown in the world to brag about not satisfying women. 😆


I think they are just speculating from what we’ve seen. I just can’t see him caring about their enjoyment during sex. I do think he may have accidentally gave Mary one once before. May explain her obsession with him. I wish many future O’s for Christine. Go get it girl!!!


I think it's just a guess, but as a female that didn't know much about anything, and had some religious shame issues around my body and sex, I thought my first partner was great.... UNTIL my next guy was eager to please and taught me all kinds of things that I thought only pornstars did. Considering so many people that get serious and stay with their firsts for life seem to have similar stories, it's entirely within the realm of probabilities that none of these women have had great sex, ever, yet think they have.


Absolutely true. At least two of them had prior husbands, so they may have had a taste of better ‘non-Kody sex’.


True, although those husbands were also brought up in the religious houses that seem to shame sexuality, so were probably not much better than a typical teenager groping for the first time. They may have accidentally gotten there, but probably had no clue what happened and felt ashamed of enjoying something they were only supposed to see as a duty.


Sad. Imagine having four wives and being 0 for 4. If Kody were baseball, he would have already lost the World Series. 😆


I read that too fast and I thought you wrote “happily eat ass”.


I hope she finds someone to eat ass too ❤️


Dude gas station nachos are amazing sometimes. It hits a spot


I’m soooo happy for her but damn, how bad must Kody have been that she is gushing over someone opening a door or pulling out her seat? Like that’s basic gestures and manners.


As someone who has only dated shitty men. I went on a great date last night and he did all of those things and I was completely taken by surprise. It is rough out here, man. lol.


Glad you went on a good date! You deserve only good dates, friend


Thank you, friend!


Omg so did I! He never pulled out my seat but he appears to not be a total piece of shit! 🤞🏻praying.


Fingers crossed! I am seeing him again tomorrow night so praying it doesn't go poorly. lol.


Same!!!! Haha. Good luck sis


LOL! That is so funny. You too!!


My bf rinses his own dishes and puts them in the dishwasher, I tell him everytime how hot it is that he's an actual adult. He teased me about low standards and I reminded him he'd met my ex lol.


After I split with my x the man that would become my husband did that, he also opened the car door for me. Simple and basic. ❤️


She has very low expectations… in all her interviews what she expects from a man is so minimum


Yah, that bar is set so low the next guy just has to step over it (thanks to Kotex). I’m happy to see her having fun. She’s glowing.


Girl when I left my ex and started dating my bf, it blew my mf mind that he (1) went down on me without me asking , (2) was enjoying himself doing it and not just because he had to, (3) didn’t stick his dick in my face the second he made me come.


😭💀girl I’m happy for you but got damn ! This dome realness for that ass


You know her ex sees her joy as just another knife in a vital organ. He must be almost out of those by now. Hey, maybe the brain, since he doesn't use it much.


It's like a knife to my medulla!!


A fork to the pancreas!


A spoon to the eyes!


A spatula to the colon!


A whisk to the dick!


A ladle to the shin!


a garlic press to the gall bladder!


A meat tenderizer to my lungs!


A spork to the liver!


Good, fuck him.


Meat cleaver to the beaver


This must be like a knife to the liver for Kody.


How about a knife to his baby making parts?


Or his gluteus maximus, that's his bottom


Oh. My. God! I cringed so hard when he said that in last nights episode 🫣 What a f*cking dork 😂


Kody is the King of Kringe


Haha. Yesss that was so funny.


Knife to the his tiny little balls!!!!


I hope she gets all the big dick she's been missing all these years and he treats her like a queen.


Or even better…someone who knows how to use it


And lots of orgasms


Her first ones probably!


I'm sure of it. Kody doesn't seem like the type of guy who worries about the woman enjoying it.


That’s my hope, but she is SLC… dating scene is hard over there…




Of course not, but I really wish the best for her… I know how hard that is where she lives… I was in the neighborhood next to hers…


The ellipses are very ominous




Salt Lake City


Christine is smart and in no hurry to replace Kody. She won't jump into a casual relationship, she'll date until she finds someone who's worthy of her, and then she'll be all in. It won't be hard to find someone kinder and more of a man than her ex.


I love how this article didn’t mention his name!


I’m like truly happy for Christine. I know she’s a reality tv personality but like watching this family for 17 seasons you do start feeling empathy for them and like I can truly say she is the first that I am so so happy for. She fucking deserves it and this interview proves she did the right thing


I have a friend that thought physical and verbal abuse was the natural scheme of things. Her father beat her mother her mother beat the kids then she married the neighbor, only man she went out with, a man that was verbally sexually and physically abusive to her. After she got out of that relationship it took years to get out of it she went on a date with a nice man. She called me the next day and I cried because she said she couldn’t believe this man held her hand in public and put his hand on her back from walking through a crowd. The things we learned in middle and high school she was just learning and it was so sad and so wonderful at the same time


This. The guy I dated after my abusive ex took my hand one time and led me through a crowd so we wouldn't get separated. I fully expected him to just plow on through without me and then yell at me later for not keeping up with him. It was a revelation.


"He didn't tell me that the way I ate nauseated him before dragging his musty ballsack across my face. Is this what love feels like?"


Wait... Did Kody actually tell Christine that the way she ate nauseated him?!? Please be joking... I literally LOATHE this man


He did. He said he lost attraction for her on their "honeymoon" the first time he saw her eat.


Omg I hate him. Did Kody say this on camera or in an interview? He's TERRIBLE.


Written in their book. It was a disgusting paragraph or two.


If Kody is THIS abusive publicly to Christine... how bad was Kody behind closed doors?! I just read the excerpt and watched the clip posted below... I'm the one who is now REVOLTED by Kody. He's talking about how unattracted he was to Christine from the beginning - but after the "nacho incident", Christine gave birth to SIX of their children and was a loyal wife to Kody for 30 years... Kody repays Christine's loyalty by telling the whole world (for 13 years) how unattractive Christine is. Kody is DELUSIONAL. Christine is beautiful and Kody has never been worthy of her or Jenelle.


[Kody’s disrespectful abuse to Christine](https://www.reddit.com/r/TLCsisterwives/comments/zdkjnr/what_in_the_actual_kody_on_christine_eating/?utm_source=share&utm_medium=ios_app&utm_name=iossmf) On TV as well. Absolutely cruel:: check out this season recap with Savannah Guthrie


I'm actually fuming... Kody is straight up emotionally abusive towards Christine and open about how "revolting" he finds her. I really hope some YouTuber does a deep dive and exposes the way Kody has been demeaning and abusing his "spiritual wives" right in front of our eyes ... For the past 13 years. Smh.


Agree agree. I’m appalled too. More so that the women don’t stick up for her. Double humiliated. The 3 of them are “staying sweet” and “obeying” The abuse and mental brainwashing in this plyg relationship is real. Talk about eye opening to how wrong this is. With Christine handling the breakup with “grace”, it’s doubtful she’ll give us any of the real dirt. He deserves karma. To be humiliated. He’s the worst


It's fully true. It was on one of the tell alls. He actually said that saying he wasn't attracted to her was an understatement. It was jaw-dropping. The hurt in her eyes was heartbreaking.


He's just terrible in every way. Thank God Christine had the strength to finally leave. I'm really hoping Jenelle gets out of there too.


I can’t wait till she finds a handsome bro with a full head of hair and posts pics togetherz


She looks so good and relaxed. No more of those horrific weird layer shirts, no more head-trips, no more trying to either kiss-ass or having to avoid people she doesn't want to hang out with, she can decorate her place the way she wants, make decisions for her kids, no more endless ranting or stonewalling from k-boy, she can invite whatever kids/family she wants over without having to then do forced-equalization with everyone else to avoid being sh\*t-talked , she can have her own privacy without having everything decided or judged by the committee. Sometimes things are great because of what doesn't exist anymore which leaves room for the good to come in.


I hope she gets remarried and has a beautiful wedding…with a nacho bar at the reception!


She sounds so happy. I hope she stays single and enjoys this space and peace. She was married for a long ass time. But I’m also glad she’s out there learning that she has numerous options should her priorities change.


I'm so glad for her and her children who now can see her thriving


“I don’t know if it’s because I’m taking the right supplements…” She just had to get that plug for plexi-trash in there! 🙄 But I am glad that her life has improved so much after getting herself and her daughter into a supportive and loving environment! Good for both of them!


Noticed she crowbarred that in too.


Her life sounds so much better. She is just glowing in those pictures


She looks happy.


I was married for 21 years to a narcissist and didn’t really know how to date or be single. Christine is way ahead of where I was a year after leaving my ex. I’m so happy for her!


Hell yeah. Enjoy your newfound freedom. I don't blame her for taking her own sweet time.




She looks fantastic! I hope she does find someone who will spoil and appreciate every moment with her. Actually I don't hope, I know she will, she is definitely a great catch


Man, she sounds so happy, I love this!!!


I am SO happy for her! How exciting!!


I hope she’s discovered the joys of self-pleasure as well 😂 I’m just super in favor of as many orgasms as possible for most human beings. Kody Brown being an exception—he seems like he always got his and that was that.


He strikes me as a lousy lay.


Definitely a selfish “when I’m done, I’m done” guy.


“A good wife wouldn’t ask for an orgasm”


Two-pump-chump guaranteed


The man can't dance, has zero rhythm so I don't think it's a stretch to believe other rhythmic activities are beyond his capabilities.


Lousy indeed!


You go girl time have some fun


She is literally glowing 😍


She has never had a man be solely committed to her. Even when she was courting Kidney he was already married to two other women. Pologamy is all she has ever know so this new thing is probably scary to her. I hope she finds happiness. She deserves it after spending all those years with Kidney.


This was so telling: Truely loves their life because it's not chaotic. It's organized with routines.




I am so happy for her and her kids. She is the one out here living her best life!!


She sounds just over the moon and delighted. I am so happy for her! I hope a man comes along who treats her like an equal and loves her, and I also hope his existence makes Kody feel crazy and inferior


Hell yeah! Get it, Christine! I’m seriously super happy for her. I’ve been there, life *does* get better.


She's a fucking catch. Anyone would be lucky to date her or even breathe the same air as her


That part about Truely just melted my heart. I’m so happy for both of them.


She’s glowing. And has boundaries and clear ideas on what she wants and what she doesn’t want. Freedom suits her well.


Is there a way to tag kody winn brown to this story?


Christine is finally getting life right, realizing her worth. I’m so incredibly happy for her, Truely & the rest of her family. They deserve all the happiness life provides. I hope she continues to update her fans on what’s happening in Christine’s world!


She should double down and date Meri’s brother. Let’s get him on next season.


AS 👏🏽 SHE 👏🏽 SHOULD 👏🏽


Awe best of luck to her!!


This is everything right in the world. I’m so incredibly happy for her


yeah, get it girl!!!!! live your best life! I hope this makes Kody and Robyn angry and bitter


Good for her, finally out of the hell that was Kody Brown


I LOVE it!! Go live tour best life Christine!!! 💖❤️


Good for her! Dating is tough, but how hard was her life before when dating is a total joy?! Go Christine ❤️


*"I’ve been in my kids’ lives again, and my kids are the love of my life,” she says, beaming.* good golly I love Christine so much. **Please**, baby jeebus let us see her dating next season. Producers. We need a dating montage ASAP!!!


Glad she is having fun and feeling her worth finally