Poor Gabe :'(

I’m so sorry for Gabe, but also proud of him. He was so honest about how much Kody hurt him. A lot of young men would have kept that bottled up.


I’m so sorry for Gabe, but also proud of him. He was so honest about how much Kody hurt him. A lot of young men would have kept that bottled up.


Gabe turned out amazing in spite of his father, that’s for sure.


i was a bit shocked to see him crying openly! because like you said, most men wouldve bottled it up. good for gabe!


gabe has always been really open with his emotions. kody made him cry last season too


I hate Kody. Then in the episode he talks about how Aurora had to stay away from them for 10 days in the same house and how he was sobbing and the whole family was sobbing because they missed her, Aurora is the same age as Gabe, only she still lives at home. Kody is a POS.


I came to say this. That POS was whining because he missed his kids with Robyn, but he doesn't give a flying fuck about all the other kids he has. Kody, you are a shitty person and an awful father. Shame on you🤮


Kody was telling his sons to move out and did he ever shed one tear while Janelle and her kids were isolating with Covid? On the other hand, precious Aurora gets a pitty party when she has to keep to her room for a few days. I can't with this man pretending he is not responsible for the rift in the family!


I thought it was really brave of him to be so open and vulnerable. And to allow this to air. Good for him.


Yeah he is such a sweet caring soul, that makes it so harder to watch. I think he needs more love time and attention then the little ones.


Gabe is vulnerable and it is so fucking sad. He was legit crying for the entire world to see. (That is real crying, Robyn) Kody has a lot of damn nerve to call his children jealous with utter disgust in his voice. His lack of accountability (now it’s Janelle too who is turning his children against him) and just vile nature. Yeah they were jealous that suddenly he had cast them aside and was father of the year to his children with Robyn. Fuck you, Kody and fuck your Robyn for sowing the seeds of discord.


What episode was this? I missed it.


Second to last episode of this season


I have never wanted to punch someone more than I wanted to punch Kody in that moment. Having people close to you forget your birthday is the worst feeling. I hope he’s able to heal himself and know that it’s not a reflection of him but rather a reflection of how horrible his dad is.


He said it was the last time he talked to his dad. How long ago was that from when they recorded this?


Yes I’ve been trying to work that out! They have ended a few seasons with Christmas, if they do the same this year we can assume that the couch confessionals were filmed after Christmas. So that’s roughly three months.


Can you work out when Kody and Robyn got Covid? They said 20 months since Covid, was the vaccine available then?


If he is anything like my dad he will blame it on Gabe for being to sensitive. Ugh this scene triggered me so much. My dad never remembered my birthday. Daddy issues are no joke. It took me 20 years of healing to get over how crappy my dad was. I am so worried for Gabe. Gabe if you read this PM me I will give you pointers on how to heal from a narcissistic father!


That was October 11th 2021, when they filmed the talking head but it had to of been a couple of months by the time they did.


Almost 14 months ago I believe


Anyone else ready to go to war for Gabe right now? I am fuming!!!


Just say the word 😤💢




I started crying so bad when I saw Gabe's part. I'm a mother and also daughter, I feel for him as a daughter and as a mother. I would not ever want my kid to feel that way about me. Kody has serious issues, he only see blame in others even on his kids. But I'm sure he's a narcissist so it will be hard to ask him to improve. I also feel so proud of Gabe, that he's been able to express and feel, he's able to be vulnerable and that's a feature that makes him strong. Was really heartbreaking, as we saw also with Ysabel. I think they just need to accept the kind of father they have and live their lives without expecting anything from him but also distancing emotionally without blame nor justification. It is what it is.


If Janelle stays after watching what Kody has done to her kids, she’s more pathetic than any of the rest of them.


Completely agree! If she’s still with him after she’s watched her child break down like that on television tonight, she needs some serious help.


Agree BUT she may be staying to get her finances in order first.


Sunk cost fallacy. Janelle get out now!


This this this. I’m hoping the announcement of her new management means she has deals in the works


Totally agree that she should get out ASAP. I really like Janelle but she is a little odd with her thought process I’ve noticed




I could never be married to someone who treats my child like that. Money be damned. Savannah turns 18 this December, nothing should be holding her back at this point.


Kody and Robyn remind me so much of my mom and her husband, this stuff is gross to watch. Kody and Robyn play manipulators and victims. They keep themselves in the Karpman drama triangle


Absolutely NO parent who actually loves their children could bear seeing this pain. Kody is nothing more than a narcissistic sperm donor. His "family" are all objects to feed his narcissism, and when they don't, they are just dead to him. Sadly, he & Robyn have set up Aurora, Brianna, and Ari to choose men like him. So if Robyn actually cared about the family, she'd go ballistic at Kody for what he's done. The fact that that clearly hasn't happened, proves she's at the Least tacitly approving of all of this and the pain it has caused. Some "christian", right?


That poor kid :( I wish Kody was more effected by the consequences he has coming to him but he's Teflon coated by his delusion.


What episode is this? 😭😭


Today's new episode. Gabe called to check on how Kody was feeling during his Covid, and it was also Gabe's birthday, Kody didn't remember, didn't wish him a happy birthday or anything. Then I am guessing someone told Kody (probably Janelle) and Kody called back hours later trying to say happy birthday.


No, Kody called Gabe to ask about what Gabe's symptoms were like to compare and didn't remember it was his son's birthday. That's what makes it worse, he called his son.


You are right, god that really does make it so much worse..Kody is such a shit head.


Also wondering


The new one


I bet Kotex hadn't made contact with Gabe in at least 6-12 months. So when he sees a call coming from his Dad on his birthday, his spirits lift a little. But his Dad doesn't even acknowledge it. God I hate that Ramen Roid douche


Oh hell no!


i cried with him


I’ve never really cared about my birthday, but even I cried this year when my dad forgot and didn’t say anything until 10:30 pm when I was already going to bed. I don’t understand how Kody can be so cruel to his children. 😢


Love to see Gabe’s emotional maturity and ability to cry and not bottle it up. I hate that he has so many coping skills from a life of neglect from his idiot dad


I really hope Janelle got an inch from Kody's face and calmly reminded him of how much of a fucking failure he is to have done that to his child. Regardless that Gave is an adult, regardless that they're at odds, that is the day his child was born and he forgot it. And that asshole has the audacity to demand respect.


Gabe is a truly beautiful man. I love his hair. I hope each and every other birthday he has is filled with love and joy.


Her emotional awareness is astounding and his willingness to be vulnerable is something a lot of people are incapable of doing. I hate he has to have Kody as a father.


I haven’t seen the episode yet, but seeing these screenshots breaks my heart 😭


I just want to give him a hug. So heartbreaking.