If janelle doesn’t throw out IN PERSON at the adult convo how Kody doesn’t make Robyn choose between her adult kids/making them move out of her house but somehow Janelle does to earn his love…. Im so sick of them saying in the talking heads what they should be saying to each other step up!


This has to be more about how Janelle has to make her ADULT sons kiss Robyn’s ass and make nice. I would have told him They are adults. You got a problem, you figure it out. You’re their father. And he and Robyn will say Waaaahhh they won’t talk to me. Response: guess you‘re going to have to work on that with them. Are we done here? Yes? Great. Bye.


I would love to know what exactly those kids have done to poor little Robyn that they need to apologize for. Newsflash Kody they don't HAVE to like Robyn or have a relationship with her if they don't want to. They are adults now and get to choose who they want in their lives and what they do. She needs to apologize to them for her part in alienating their father from them.


But... But... That one time she was pregnant, they didn't fake happiness


They all sure faked it that second time, didn't they. They over acted it.


Dear Robyn, We're sorry we didn't immediately start calling you Mom the second we learned of your existence; that we ever felt anything but loving acceptance when it came to your dominion over our father's time, resources, heart and mind; that we didn't side with you over over the women who supported and loved us from the instant we were conceived; that we ever begrudged you or the members of your household the happiness and sense of nuclear family you all *clearly* earned and deserved more than we did; that we didn't blindly and obediently go along with decisions that caused us trauma or pain when those decisions explicitly benefitted you; that we let our deep psychological and emotional pain at the wedge hammered through the core of our family (splitting it into shards of white-hot anguish, fear and rage) influence the way we interacted with the wedge itself; that we allowed the impotence of our helplessness to inform our relationships with the siblings who've been taught to disparage, disrespect, and disregard ourselves and our mothers; that we didn't smilingly accept the woefully unequal distribution of financial, emotional and physical resources foisted upon us by a situation entirely out of our control; that we grew up, recognized the issues at hand, formed the notions of personhood and boundaries, and stood up for our personal truths. There has *definitely* been a pink elephant in the room, and that's the thing we're *MOST* sorry about. Sincerely, The Clique


They are not related to her by any DNA or legal means, so she is just like any other person, you don’t have to honor or like her. The way the jerk treats their Mom may taint the way they look at Robyn and their dad, knowing Robyn is sanguine with that treatment.


Oh but kody will say “Robyn’s kids are loyal and make it convenient for him to be in their lives and Robyn ENFORCES his relationship with them”. He’ll continue digging the whole deeper in an attempt to push janelle further away and she knows that so she’ll just keep quiet I bet. I agree though. They say things to the producers on camera that should be said In person to the fahmly.


Robyn's kids are loyal to him??? They're adults and he buys their food and housing, of course they are "loyal" to him. But... I think he's mistaking **loyalty** for **dependence**. And none of their parental units seem very interested in encouraging their independence.


Yeah he really revealed what it actually is when he said their relationship is enforced by Robyn. He tried to change it to reenforced but we all knew he meant what he said the first time.


Freudian slip, there. Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain 🤣


🤣 Wizard of Oz is one of my favorites, I say this all the time!


"I asked when we were in Vegas, and I was just done in Vegas. I remember asking her, I'm like, 'I need to leave. I need to leave. I don't even want to be married to Kody anymore. I can't,'" Christine, 50, said during an appearance on the Reality Life with Kate Casey podcast. "And she looked at me and she goes, 'Until you can support yourself financially by yourself, you are not going to leave.' I'm like, 'Oh, God. All right then.'" This might provide some insight into why she may still be there. Christine had an asset in her name. Janelle doesn't.


You'd think after that conversation JANELLE would have realized she needed to secure her own financial future!


I think she's only realised how little Kody is invested in their relationship. Now she's pushing for her own house.


A lot had to happen for Christine to get the house in her name, and that conversation makes me think that maybe Janelle was helping her look for an opportunity like that. Christine mentioned in her talking head that it’s unusual for a wife in a plural marriage to have any assets of her own.


Around the time Kody was buying Robyn's house he was having trouble financing because his name was on too many other things. Robyn was pissed and he said he'd fix it. There was a couch interview (just Kody) where he said the other wives finances were dragging him down (or something like that). THAT'S why he took his name off of Christines house. He wanted to benefit himself and ended up helping Christine. Ha!


"Robyn's kids are following my COVID protocols and are loyal to me as head of the household. " He'll have excuse for anything she says.




*pro-tuh-caws 😂




That is just it….no matter what they say, he will spin it to make the other person in the wrong and he and Robyn the examples of perfection. It doesn’t matter what anyone says, period. He’s basically giving everybody else and engraved invitation to leave; he only wants Robyn’s family.


Agreeeee. It’s so hard to watch what they are all dancing around. Make them say why Robyns kids are the exception!!


I suspect the talking heads are filmed at the end of the season, so they review the footage and discuss what was happening at the time… except with the wisdom of having already been through it.


She won't bother. She knows the response will be that Robyn's kids follow the protocols. It's like talking to a wall.


His concern for Janelle having Covid vs Robyn having Covid couldn't be more opposite. After the "conversation" he had with Gabe and Garrison in which he said he'd take care of Janelle if she got it, I'm inclined to think that was what drew the line for them. I can't imagine worrying my mom would die, my dad not being around at all, and then seeing him take care of another woman. Fuck that 400 ways into the sun.


Yes, THIS absolutely. Kody's covid concerns were supposedly for the entire family. By the time Kody did not show up for Janelle's illness, her kids had more than enough evidence that Kody was lying. He did not consider Janelle or her kids to be his family. How heartbreaking.


What completely blows my mind is how he refers to his kids. Understandably, the biological mothers refer to the children she has borne as "my children." Kody, who is the biological father to them all, refers to them as "your kids," with the exception of his biological AND adopted children with Robyn, who he calls them "our kids." If he doesn't show up for one of his wives, then the children he has with that wife are likely going to turn on him. But then it will be the mother's fault. Smh


I noticed this too. Horrifying!


And he was complaining in the last episode about how it’s become separate families and them saying “my kids”.


I still can't get over how he just completely dipped on them when they were sick. My dad is diabetic and in his 70s and he dropped off food and called daily when I had COVID. Kody straight up ignored his wife and his kids (one of whom, Savannah, was a minor). It's just neglect.


I’ve never even seen him interact with Savannah. He probably doesn’t even know she exists…


I had Covid last year, spent 5 days in the hospital with double pneumonia and my husband called me 3 or 4 times a day; he couldn't even sleep in our bed without me.


Exactly 👏


And he used that as the premise to suggest kicking out his adult hard-working kids from *their mother’s* house, all while he lives in a house with three non-working young adults. THE HYPOCRISY


>Fuck that 400 ways into the sun. Perfection!


Hey there friend 👋 take my first🥇 ever award! This waster needs to fuck all the way off.


All the time he spent raking. WASTE-ED. Thank you 😭


>Fuck that 400 ways into the sun. OMG, that's my new favorite expression 🤣 Thank you!


I'm so glad you enjoyed it 👋🌞


The title "Which Wife Is Next?" is very telling.


Titles don’t mean anything in the Sister Wives universe


But yet, Gwen has said that her mom is still with that POS.


Kody and Jenelle not sitting together at their own son’s wedding has to be the answer we all need. Why would she want him anyway? She basically said last episode that he lives with Robin full time. He merely visits everyone else when he feels like it.


Wouldn’t it be something if he was the one to choose not to sit in the front? Like he was offered a seat by Janelle, but Robyn was put a row back, and he was offended and sat by her?


We all know Gwen can’t say


Imo Gwen sort of flip flopping and pretending she wasn’t sure means Janelle has left lol




She was probably forced to walk back her statement about Janelle due to an NDA. And I bet that’s why her Patreon sucks - she hasn’t shared anything interesting, just stuff about her life.


Her Patreon is so bad. Disappointing


Her computer died. She’s waiting for a new one to come in to finish editing her reactions to s1e1 and I believe s17e2.


I canceled until I hear on here it’s interesting again.


she musta gotten reeled back in so she didn't spoil stuff. i wonder who told her not to tell.


TLC attorneys


Her bio mom isn't. She also slipped that Janelle wasn't but corrected it...


Yeah, she said multiple times on the og tik tok that Janelle had left. She "corrected" it later probably because she was asked to.


Yup. Exactly.


Why would Gwen need to walk that back? Her mom (Christine) HAS left her dad, and hadn't that beautiful fact already been made clear to viewers by the time Gwen said it? I'm confoozed!!


I'm talking about Janelle. She said it was just Kody, Robyn and Meri left.


Ok, thanks. Let’s hope she has left


Gwen’s mom is Christine who is gone.


She said that, but I also wondered if she was back-pedaling because Jenelle wasn’t happy that was on the TikTok with her friend.


Gwen is probably not allowed to talk about things that have happened while this season is airing. She at first said yes, then swiftly changed it to no, then again to I don't know.


AT emergicare is NOT the same as IN The Hospital..


Definitely NOT! She makes me sick! What a whiny-ass bitch!


Kody, Kody, Kody. A sane woman is going to chose her kids and even her dogs over a bitter old house husband every single time. Every single time.


To be fair, he never promised not to be a bitter old house husband. 😂 But seriously, what a madman to even think something he did would cause her to be a bitter housewife. Why would something a father does cause a woman to be a bitter wife? The only thing I can think of is if he forced her into an arranged marriage.


Mom of three here - my husband is amazing. I’d still pick my kids every single time.


But . . . aren’t they his kids too? He’s lucky he was invited to Logan’s wedding.


Love the fact Logan didn't ask him to "officiate".


Kody is the worst at it, I'll never understand how he's officiated so many weddings. I assume to get a camera in there.


Wait I just realized. Logan is the only son who has married, right? So it’s only been his daughters (all of them?) who have asked him to officiate. Gwen won’t lol.


Mykelti didn’t either.


Didn’t Kody’s friend Robert K officiate Aspyn’s? Maddie is the only child that has asked Kody to officiate so far, I don’t see any kids besides Robyn’s following suit


Me, too!


Wondering if she is going to survive?! BS... She went to the er and was doing well enough to video herself, talk, and not use any supplemental oxygen. It was a pathetic play for reality tv, and a waste of time for the medical staff.


Came here to say this! If she were really unwell, she wouldn't be wasting her breath on selfie videos to send to TLC to broadcast to the world.


She would have been on a pulse-ox, which beeps if your oxygen gets low. If she was really struggling to get her words out like that, the alarm would be beeping. She is a big fat faker, liar liar pants on fire.


Yup, I agree as someone who works in a hospital and has a lot of experience with ED wait times, COVID restrictions, etc. I think she was having a bit of a panic attack mixed with COVID symptoms. Like others said, she would not be filming, chatting, etc. if she couldn’t breathe and she wouldn’t be waiting 7+ hours for oxygen. What really pissed me off was when Kody said he was thinking of checking himself in so he could be with her. I wanted to jump through the screen to throat punch him. I’m in Canada so not sure about the ED wait times in the US but people like him clog up patient flow and increase wait times for actual sick people.


Exactly, Kody, you can’t just admit yourself to hospital because your emotional support sister wife is in there. That’s not how this works.


I worked as a CNA during peak covid before the vaccine. People who are really sick with covid can’t talk like she’s talking. I didn’t care for anyone vented, but I had a lot of people on bipaps.


Total waste of the ER’a resources and “family” money. Dude didn’t want to pay for daughter’s necessary spinal surgery but let’s spend $ for Robyn’s dramatics. They didn’t even put oxygen on her.


And Kody was going to check himself in to what was probably a hospital filled to capacity for no other reason than to be closer to Robyn. Selfish


And he is so worried about germs, etc. but was totally willing to go sit in a germ infested ER so he could be with his beloved. Make it make sense.






I do not understand why he COULD have been admitted if he wasn’t ill


They wouldn't have, he's all hot air


Well they won't admit you to the hospital but, anyone can show up at an ER and claim they're sick and wait until the doctor will see them. They would've put him in a waiting room and maybe ran some tests, then figured out he didn't have as severe a case as he claimed and sent him home like they probably did with Robyn. Both of them are complete jackasses, Kody for considering taking up hospital resources and Robyn for actually doing it. They could've monitored their oxygen at home (which is what most doctors were recommending to avoid people clogging up ERs) and figured out no one was dying.


Which is especially fucking stupid, because it’s not like you get to choose your roommate in the ER lol


Very self-centered!


I might have to skip the next episode. I have a very weak stomach and watching Sobyn triggers it.


I sometimes wonder what the show would be like that if the producers were going with Robyn's narrative. We'd have been following her this whole time, spending a lot of time reminiscing about MSWC and how Christine and Janelle never supported that dream. We'd see tons of shots of Robyn with her kids, smiling meekly at Kody, demonstrating the kind of love he needs, which his other wives can't seem to put their ego aside in order to give him. We'd follow Robyn in the car to meet with the other sister wives. She'd shake her head the whole way, weeping softly at times, wondering sadly why they don't think this beautiful family is worth saving. She would deliver her heartfelt plea to Christine, while the camera pans to Christine's icy face. When did Christine become such an angry, bitter woman, the audience would wonder? Then, after all of this suffering, Robyn would come down with COVID. WHY, GOD, WHY?!!! Hasn't she suffered enough? Take me instead! The nerve of Janelle, to put her petty concerns in the forefront when this righteous woman's life is literally on the line. End the season with courageous Robyn "rebuilding" with Meri, probably scheming to get one of her daughters married off to start Sister Wives: the next generation, their own spinoff.


see robyn doesn't realize she can talk till the cows come home but it doesn't match at ALL to her actions. so while she carefully curates her words in her talking heads we see all her microaggressions and the reality of how she feels in her facial expressions.


By the end of episodes 1&2, the cat was out of the bag, idk how many would have bought her narrative, but i think christine would have left way sooner if that was the story. And nice people actually usually get good edits.


You just described Kody’s POV.


And the new husband will have some crazy biblical name and a first wife under the age of 24 with five children.


Exactly. People actually did die and it was traumatizing. Making it a storyline is shameful.


She's such a drama queen.


Right? I would love to see what her actual vitals were during that trip 😒


If she seemed to possibly have CoVID, the hospitall staff would have had her on oxygen and would have absolutely put a pulse ox monitor on her finger. They did neither. Before CoVID, I went to the emergency room with what turned out to be a severe anxiety attack. They immediately put me on oxygen and put a pulse ox and a blood pressure cuff on me and their was always at least one nurse in the room with me. If that was how they treated breathing problems before CoVID, I can imagine how they handled people during CoVID. In fact, I actually do know because I had a niece and two friends who were nurses and two friends who are doctors who ended up working in the ER during CoVID. They didn't have enough nurses to give one-on-one attention to their patients, but if they had difficulty breathing, they were put on oxygen even if they were still in the waiting room.


And an insult to everyone that really became seriously ill from covid


And it sounds like she was very dramatic saying goodbye to her kids when she left for the hospital, like it was the last time they would ever see each other. Poor kids.


Is it bad that I laughed out loud when I read she was wondering if she was going to survive? It's just so fake, I can't 😂


Tlc probably had to foot the bill


I really want to see Janelle stand up for herself. She’s said before she shuts down in confrontations. I want to see her get angry and tell Kody, Robyn, and Meri to enjoy shoving their heads up each others asses in a plyg daisy chain.


Lmao at plyg daisy chain 🤣


Should read..... "Robyn clogs up the Healthcare system while dramatically looking for attention"


Do we know how long this season is? ‘Which wife is next’ almost sounds like a finale


The TLC schedule does have another new episode posted for the 18th but no description yet, not sure if that is a tell all, or season finale. They do not have one for Christmas day but that could be just because of the holiday. Can't see into January schedule yet.


All I want for Christmas is for Janelle and Christine to have their own show, lol but seriously….there’s plenty of new material there.


Nice detective work!


I thought there was supposed to be a 2 part, one on one tell all with that new hostess?


at Robyn's??? Will they be allowed inside the mansion???


only if Ari demands it.


No. Robyn is smart enough to know that if she actually allows Meri inside the mansion, they'll never get her out again. She's very good at hanging on when no one wants her.






Middle school joke for you what do toilet paper and Starship Enterprise have in common? ​ they both circle Uranus in search of Klingons boom


I always thought Meri had this weird attachment to Robyn. wanting to take Solomon by herself to Utah(?) and feeling insulted when they told her no was also hella weird.


Even weirder that the only reason she wanted to bring Sol was for a buffer between her and Leon


if Leon was pissed at her for "Sam" there's no way bringing Sol would've fixed anything. it would've just made Meridian look like she was deflecting. disclaimer: I caught onto Mer's name being autocorrected, but I'm just gonna keep it like that.


almost like a crush


my mom thinks there's a chance she's in the closet lmao although, it could just be some form of intense jealousy.


I’m guessing it’ll be in her heated driveway


So when are we getting the official exclusive announcement about Janelle leaving? Do you think there will be a statement put out in the next week to drum up interest in that episode? Or do we think she hasn't actually really really left yet and they are just teasing us?


My guess is they are keeping it under wraps for the finale. Christine's leaving generated a ton of interest for Season 17 (at leastvit seems so to me), and Janelle's leaving will lead into Season 18, at which point we'll see Kody implode with all of his repressed emotions, I guess?


If Janelle leaves, they would reaaaallllllly have to stretch a season before finally calling it quits on the show. Who would want to watch a show about a boring ass man with his boring ass wife and his stalker that he occasionally talks to when it's convenient for him?


I want to watch Kody and Robyn absolutely implode and watch Christine and Janelle thrive with their kiddos. But Robyn and Kody won’t allow much filming in the house so I want a spin off instead. And then Meri can just go away.


Well....if Janelle left and TLC told Kody he and Robyn were OUT if they didn't let the cameras in, he'd have to! They cannot afford Chateau Sobyn without the show.


Under those circumstances I am fine if the show continues as is lol


Ha! Same!


"boring ass man with his boring ass wife and his stalker" is the perfect description


Idk how else you would describe Meri. Moving to a new state to be near a guy who barely acknowledges your existence and who has to be forced to spend time with you for monetary compensation (aka a ransom)? Sounds pretty stalkerish to me.


They will probably save it for next season and drag it out mercilessly. We've had about 15 min max new content this whole season.


Except at some point someone posted that they saw Janelle and Kody at a restaurant having dinner together. I don't remember exactly when to line up the timeline. We can hope, but I don't see Janelle actually leaving Kody.


He never learns and the only reason I'm watching is to see Janelle leave at this point.


I’m still hoping a Meri will also eventually save herself.


Their "doctor" told them to take Robyn... the same "doctor" who told them to wipe down their mail.


And this was about the time they were saying to only go in if you couldn't breathe. There's this thing called urgent care, Robyn, you call them when you aren't better but are still able to talk and they come out to your car or bring you in a side door and check you out without taking a bed away from a car accident victim. Only time I had a bed in an er was when I had appendicitis, I think my situation was justified.


Robyn wasn't even on oxygen...


I lost family to Covid, her antics are insulting 🤬


I’m sorry for your loss.


Thank you 🙏




Not sure yet, there is another new episode on the 18th but no description yet so I don't know if it is a season finale or a tell all. There is no episode on Christmas day and the schedule doesn't show January yet.


so in a preview we see that Kody wants Janelle's boys to apologize to Robyn (lol). this must be confirmation that it was one of them who called her up and asked if she could relax her covid rules. ("my kids...are blaming...ROBYN for the rules") 🙄 I remember at the time some speculated that Ysabel was an option too since she also wanted to visit their house during covid but was denied. I think the top 3 guesses were Gabe, Garrison, Ysabel it's always Janelle's boys causing issues for poor sweet victim Robyn 🙄 it's no wonder Janelle has so many issues with her. I hope Robyn never gets that apology


The fact that Kody thinks Janelle can force her two adult children to apologize to their step mom is ridiculous. Kody has a terrible relationship with his kids and Robyn has an even worse one, those kids won't apologize to people they do not respect and Robyn deserves no apology anyways.


If it comes out that Janelle didn't actually leave Kody, I'm going to be furious.


I CAN’T wait for the day when Kody will see Robyn’s true face/value/loyalty….and for what he imploded his family for. THAT day, I want to be a fly on the wall, and that day will come sooner rather than later.




I believe he’s every bit as horrible as Robyn.


Robyn did tell Gwen she should have saved her “coming out” for the tv show. I believe Robyn was thinking if she showed how sick she was it would garner sympathy. Unfortunately, everyone knows she’s a big faker. Yes, she was under the weather, but so was Janelle and Kody didn’t even care.


So once again TLC is stretching a 1 episode into 2 🙄 I guarantee that the majority of the episode will be Kody,Robyn and COVID But not before the 10mins of showing the previous episode The scene with Janelle will be the last 5 mins A lot of old photos thrown in as filler ......... This season is dragging!


This season or the whole show? Between “previously on”, “coming up”, and “next time on” you can skip roughly 25-30% of every episode the show has ever done.


Exactly. I’d love for this show to have a new team come in. We need better editing. Maybe someone who used to work for bravo, those shows now what we want!


And family photos... how many times have we seen that same photo shoot? I mean it beats the flashback to Meri panicking while packing frantically in Utah, but ... 🙃


Last season was hard to get through also But this season I feel like there a lot of things that I could have done without (all the footage of Kody going to his friends wedding, driving around with a log, leveling the trailer, Robyn and Co returning from school) I do mostly, it's usually on as background until I see what I tuned in for (if I fast forward..it would be probably only 10-15mins of show...which is crazy)


I’m not mad they showed him [at the wedding](https://www.reddit.com/r/TLCsisterwives/comments/yx612w/someone_posted_this_on_facebook_and_i_am_dying/?utm_source=share&utm_medium=ios_app&utm_name=iossmf)


The old photos!! Same ones episode after episode. They must have only taken 15 photos their whole lives.


It is! I'm like there has to be new photos that they can throw in there or ones we have never seen


I would imagine if you’re on death’s doorstep you’re not sittin’ thur wondrin’ if your gonna die. Your sick as hell not filming yourself. 🤣🤣


Is episode 14 the finale? In the mid season preview we have seen clips till this discussion in Robyn backyard.. wondering if they are keeping something big


They might lose half the viewers before they ever get to it...


Thanks for posting this OP👍




Let me guess… she survived


This has got to be so hard for the rest of the family to see- Kiddy (autocorrect but I'm gonna leave it that way) emoting over Robyn being sick, but never as emotional when the others had surgery or were sick with covid. Hopefully they are all getting to the point where they see what an ass he is and he can't hurt them much anymore.


I think it was telling with their social media pictures that showed no kids spent their Thanksgiving in flagstaff with K&R except their 5 kids. None.


What kind of father makes his wife choose between him or their children?!


A narcissistic one


The title "Which Wife is Next?" Uh duh. You got this, Janelle. Burn that shit to the ground.


If Kody is AGAIN trying to make Janelle choose between him and her children, he's even dumber than I thought. Hasn't he learned by now that she will ALWAYS prioritize the kids?


I don’t think any of them have prioritized the kids, if they had Kody would have gotten Janelle’s kids up and ready for school instead of Logan and Kody would have put Christine’s kids to bed instead of Aspen. Christine and Janelle would have stayed in Las Vegas to let their older kids graduate and they both would have told him he needs to call his kids at least every other day if he’s not going to see them because of Covid.


It’s a harsh reality. I imagine as they learn more, these two moms will regret. Yes, both Christine and Janelle were indoctrinated in the religion, but they enabled their husband’s abuse of their kids. That hits hard for moms who care.


I have to remind myself that if there was video evidence of me as a mom through the years I’m sure I would be appalled at myself too. I went to 5 schools in 4 years and my mom always thought it didn’t bother me because I handled it well, but there was no choice but to carry on. I like Christine and Janelle and I’m so frustrated at how far in the sand Janelle has her head buried and how they all have hitched their wagon to Kody who is a whirlwind blowing all over the place.


Wondering if she would survive. OMG K&R are both so histrionic.


Since this entire season has been about Christine, and a little bit of Janelle, Sobyn needed something to pull the attention to herself. Dying from COVID-19 for the bill.


I have one question. How is this created drama in the hospital any different from the fake tears Robyn creates.? Its all for ratings, income and sympathy!


I wish they would just release every single episode like Netflix so we can just binge and know the ending lol


When Robyn is the last wife standing, there will be no deflecting the shitstorm that is Kody Brown. Congrats, you win!


Maybe this was the deal with TLC between Christine and Janelle. TLC says… ok Christine, you go ahead and move out first, state online your marriage is over. That will entice people to watch next season. And Janelle, you have to keep playing the hush hush game until the end of the season. Then you can spill the beans on camera. This will entice viewers to come and watch next season.


Are we sure there are 2 more episodes!! I see it at the top but can’t find it online. If so, yay!! I do not want a stupid Covid cliffhanger…


Yes there are two more as well as one on the 18th but the description isn't available yet for the one on the 18th so I don't know if that is a tell all or season finale.


I cant believe they've just gone straight through with this season. Even the network is like "let's just rip the bandaid." We even got an episode on Thanksgiving weekend this time!


Only in the Covid world did Christine and Janelle prioritize their own children. Meri almost always did, but because she only had one and I genuinely felt people felt bad over her infertility, allowances weren’t made. But Robyn prioritizes her children when she comes in (which most Mormon fundamentalist women do) and because Kody is in love with her, it upsets the Apple cart. Everyone pretty much admits this, from the first season on, in their book, and in the most recent episodes.


“Robyn wonders if she’s going to survive.” Of course 😂


Do we know when he started (likely) just living with Robyn full-time? When did he stop staying over with Meri? Would he sleep in the same bed/room with Christine or Janelle, before finally just not doing sleepovers at all anymore? Do we think this is what Robyn wanted? Or does she wish she only had him 1/4 of the time?


Can we skip the COVID episode? The sneak peak of Kody pondering if he should check himself into the hospital like it was a GD hotel and Robyn implying that she was dying even though there wasn’t even an oxygen mask in sight was enough for me.


So, that is the synopsis for TWO episodes? Damn... it's gettiing worse. TLC is stretching ten minutes into two hours. And allegedly filming for the next season has started. How long are they going to drag this out??? I think the only way to save this train wreck and retain/attract viewers is for Kody to find a new wife.


No, Kody is the most hated person on the show. They are going to pivot and make it about the wives who are free of him now. I think the ratings are pretty decent compared to years past too. They're definitely not losing viewers right now. But if they stick with Kody, Robyn, Meri, at Coyote Pass they will. Fans always hated those three. Christine, the kids, then Janelle-they are who viewers rooted for.


Lmao I honestly would SO watch this, eventhough I don't wish this man ln anyone, ONLY to have a front row view of Robyns meltdown over having to actually share him and getting all paranoid that he will start treating her like he treats his OG wives.


Are these the last two of the season?


She left ✌🏽


Janelle is too smart to stay with Kody. She could do so much better.


She's such a drama queen. My one year old was recently in the ER for a broken leg and was less dramatic than this bitch. I have a feeling a broken tibia is slightly more uncomfortable than her cough and fake labored breathing but he held it together better than her (although pain meds did help). She gets on my last nerve.


I’ve had covid and was in the hospital a week. I was much worse than Robin and I looked it. Just more drama from the drama queens!!!


Will I survive? 😂 drama queen


If he’s not on drugs, he needs to be on meds.