Who thought planting a tree in suits, on a sunny vegas day was a good idea


My guess is The Clown Prince of Stupidity, HRH Kody.


Planting a tree to symbolize their family in a place that was "never" their "home"


That has robyn written all of it


Probably the same person who thought uprooting a tree to move was too much of a hassle since it’s now imbedded in the the ground and made a home for itself. No symbolism there at all.


Was just about to say this


The whole thing was completely ridiculous! No one gives a shit about your fake AF "commitment" bullshit! They were basically advertising their narcissism. I'm amazed anyone showed up at all, let alone sat through that garbage.


It was the fancy dress code for a backyard tree planting in Las Vegas heat where the wives decided they specifically needed custom made one of a kind dresses to be personally hand sewn for them by a single seamstress in an impossible amount of time, for me.


It was all so *FRANTIC* 😂


And Robyn’s magic dress that appeared at the last minute when hers wasn’t ready. Lol


Right? What a traitor! Christine showed up with confidence in that Renaissance fair Drench a Wench costume and Jenelle was out there the whole damn time taking family pictures in a dress that looked fine as long as you didn’t walk around and look at it from behind where chunks of fabric were being held together by various loose strings, but Robyn walked out in that Victorian Headmistress getup that she conveniently pulled out of her closet that morning to help make it “easier” on everyone else 🙄


ROFL-you have a way with words. I’m gonna need you to MST3K all the episodes now.


Lol I might if you can translate what that means for me?


Stands for Mystery Science Theater 3000, a show that spawned the genre of watching people watch the show or movie and make funny commentary. Just a compliment on your colorful description!


Oh I loved that show! Used to watch it all the time growing up! There’s so many old movies that I seem cool for being able to say I’ve “seen” but what I mean is I’ve actually seen them get made fun of by some robot aliens on Mystery Science Theater 😆 Never seen it get shortened like that before, but I’m also not very cool and internet language savvy lol.


Lol, I saw it abbreviated like that online first, then eventually watched it! The circle of life!


Haha I love that!


Lol, exactly. She knew what she was doing!


LMFAO !!! Omg Renaissance “Wench and Drench” will need to be in the archives of SW quotes !!!


Haha thank you. Considering changing my flair now?


What about Mari? Was she not there?


Mentally? No. Physically I believe she squeezed herself into a green homecoming dress circa 2002 that was about 3 sizes too small.


I can see why she always wears jeans to the tell alls despite everyone else dressing up. This dress was atrocious and I thought a one off, but the stress she wore to Aspen’s wedding was exactly the same. Plastered to her like a Jackson pollock piece of Saran Wrap that Kody swing danced her into. It was a sight!


The shots where you can clearly see her underwear under her dress 😬 I still feel awful for her.


The fact that everyone let her walk out of her house looking like that and let her wear a dress on camera that already added 30 lbs specifically to her torso, is proof that all the sister wives were out for sabotage.


That dress was the ugliest one of all. What the hell was the white little jacket she had over it. It made her look so weird. They literally make modest dressing look hideous


That dress was the ugliest one of all. What the hell was the white little jacket she had over it. It made her look so weird. They literally make modest dressing look hideous


😂 This is the best description l!


That was the dress that God provided for her since she prayed


Which her and Kody probably picked out in secret lol.




That was my favorite part 🤣🤣😂 They were really proud of designing them themselves too


I felt so bad for the seamstress. I really hope TLC paid her well for all the hours she put in.


OMG the whole thing with the dresses was beyond stupid. Why did they need designer-made dresses?! Just buy a long sleeved dress and shut up about it lol


I like the part where they made everybody wait in the shadeless backyard for hours while they took family pictures in front of the houses before they even began the ceremony. I definitely would have left way before they ever got to the sand bullshit.


If they wanted to throw a party they could have just rented a banquet hall or some shit. Also- I’d love to see all the guests reactions when they got the invite to this stupid thing. “Formal dress code for a backyard barbecue???” “No it’s not a barbecue, they’re pouring sand into containers and planting a tree.”


A completely inexperienced seamstress at that!


I liked the seamstress. I think she handled herself well for the situation she was put in. I think the family was really unfair to her and made her look like she wasn’t very skilled when in reality, the job they were asking for her to do was an impossible task. Anyone would have failed.


Agreed. And the material Meri bought wasn't even dress material, I think it was for drapes.


But it was "edgy"


Sarcasm right lol.


LOL.... Meri kept saying she likes things edgy and found this edgy fabric. What is surprising is she used to make PJ's for the kids she should know fabric type.


Must have been in the discontinued bin, lol. I remember She bought that dress that was on sale for $50.00? It Wasn't bad, just too tight, or she wasn't wearing a girdle And should have been.


As soon as I read your girdle comment I thought of the movie Steel Magnolias. There's a scene where a woman is dancing and the starring Women say how she should be wearing a girdle because her body looked like two pigs fighting under a blanket. 🤣🤣 Thank you for triggering that memory. I needed a laugh badly. 😂😂


Drape material? Looks like we got ourselves a Frauline Meria.




That material reveal when they were fitting it on her body……absolute gold 😂 can’t believe the seamstress even tried with that! It was so good, one of my favorite moments of the show.


I thought it was for an ottoman 😆


Good thing Mary bought a dress—-that fuckin upholstery fabric she chose for the custom one would have had her gettin heat stroke


I agree, I feel like the ceremony stuff should have been an intimate private thing with the immediate family, and a reception after.


I can’t imagine feeling so self important that I would ask a bunch of people to spend their afternoon standing around and watching a bunch of different activities performed by a million people which no doubt must have taken forever. I would feel so so so awkward. Why couldn’t this have been a private ceremony? It’s not like they don’t have enough wives and kids to fill up the backyard. Or, at most, why couldn’t they have just rented a hall, fed people some good food, maybe do ONE recommitment ceremony type thing, and then move on? I have friends I love a whole lot but let’s be honest, we go to baby showers, bridal showers, baptisms, etc. out of a sense of duty and respect. Hell no am I going to some made up ceremony outside in the Vegas heat dressed in formal wear to watch this spectacle. I can’t remember what they fed them but I hope it was decent. I’m guessing there was no alcohol; imagine asking people to sit through this sober 😑 The only recommitment celebration I’ve been to and enjoyed was my grandparents’ at their fifty year anniversary. They paid for a bunch of us to go to this live magic show where you eat dinner during. They paid for our dinner and drinks and handed out custom wine bottles with their wedding photo on it. 10/10 would go again.


oh my god, right? when I watched that all I could think of was how boring and weird it would be to be invited to something like this


Given that they abandoned the mission statement fairly quickly, I believe it was all made up for the show and ratings.


They beat it to death and it sucked! I wish they would just stop creating stuff and stop beating the same topics to death too.


So right!!!


They could have left it at one activity and signed the mission statement. Everything past that felt too ridiculous. I do think the kids giving flowers to their parents was a touching gesture.


“…and for his next trick, Kody will make two of his wives disappear!!!”




Also, I remember they were falling behind schedule and took their family photos when guests already started showing up. I do feel like the ceremony was overly flashy for TV and ratings (even though Cody is a narcissist). I remember Christine really pushing hard for this, not because she’s a narcissist, but because I believe she was trying hard to show Kody her dedication to the family, since serving the family is where Kody sees her worth, evidently.


Evidently? Definitely! Remember the rock stacking scene on the beach in Galveston where Nancy tells Kody & Christine to build something to represent their relationship & he builds a “family”? I can’t remember his exact words to her but they were clearly that his love for her was conditional—I will love you when you prove you love the family. I have never heard a more explicit statement of conditional love than that. That was 🚩🚩🚩 if there ever was one.


Didn't he say something to meri on another anniversary that to be loved she has to be loveable? I try not to hate anyone but I really struggle with him.


He did. I remember this because it was almost word for word what my ex husband used to say to me. Was a surreal moment for me.


This scene cracks me up because right before they go in the backyard to see their guests Kody was screaming at them to smile for pictures as of the guests couldn’t hear all that lol




Oh man, he looked absolutely unhinged! This crazy smile reminded me of the crazy smile he gave on the most recent season when he told the wives “enjoy your thanksgiving”…*demonic smile*


Joker status 🤡


And he had that manic psychotic smile on his face. Sent shivers down my spine.


Where is that tree now? All alone in Vegas? I rest my case.


You killed my love fern!


OMG that ceremony dragged for hours!! One “symbolic” statement after the other, no one has the time for all that!


How about the custom dresses fiasco?! The whole thing was ridiculous


They really do not know what colors works with their colors.


I would simply ✨not show up✨ if my parents tried to do a stupid ass event like this.


Oh, that was yesterday? Oops.


Out of the family!!


Heck they probably wouldn't even miss a kid.


Well, not the four kids of a particular mother. Won't say who.




As a guest... I'd have walked the eff out. That had to have taken at LEAST 2 hours of just cliche wedding type crap, AT LEAST and there was no booze?! If I can't sit and drunkenly judge the fuck outta the whole thing under some shade... I'm out ✌


Where have you been all of my family reunions?


Probably left very early if there was no booze or shade 😆




if you have a solid relationship you don’t need this crap.. we should have known then they were going to split


Yeah LOL I think Mariah said most people just love their family, they don’t have a party to show everyone




My family is no where near as big as theirs, but I would probably still RSVP a hell no if they wanted to do something like this 🤣


I think they had to have that many activities to distract from the fact that their marriage is in shambles.


But would it be a Brown event if it wasn’t chaotic, overblown and poorly timed….. I think not.


Oh!! The fugly matching “bracelets”. I had forgotten about them! I thought they looked a bit BDSM-y for the kids 😂


Yes! I thought the same thing. Nice sex cuffs for your pubescent teenage boys.




I would at least want a piece of really good cake and a lovely parting gift for sitting through this. What an unnecessary and ridiculous waste of a day.


The guests were probably all paid actors provided by tlc 😂


I love that at their ceremony to celebrate their "unity" they couldn't compromise on a single meaningful gesture and ended up diluting the entire thing by doing pointless activity after pointless activity until everyone sitting there was probably sick and tired of it all. In that way it's the perfect ceremony to represent what the Browns are all about.


So true! I bet Robyn wanted the jewelry so she could try to sell it on their website 😆 Christine probably wanted the sand.


Definitely over the top. I also can’t stand it when this kind of stuff happens at a wedding. Like you’re already doing a wedding, does it need to involve sand? Lol


Those wrist cuffs for the boys and necklaces for the girls. I have never seen any of them wear it again


Leaving Vegas was the worst thing they ever did. It put the nail in the coffin of their family. The move to Flag Staff meant loads of money spent, very separate living, marriages crumbling. If Grody knew down deep inside that Vegas wasn't permanent why go through giving those kids that false sense of stability?? I can't see one good thing that came out of it, except of course for Rob'em and her clan. SMH.


What did the kids do with the flowers again? How could I forget that bit!?


The commitment ceremony was an hour of awkward cringe.


There’s a lot that was done on this show that was over the top but this whole thing took the cake. Just more of an opportunity for all eyes to be on Grody. Gag.


I thought the amount of huge parties and celebrations they held was utterly ridiculous. Likely for ratings and to have a storyline but come ON.


We plant a tree to symbolize our fahmlee putting down roots…. It was more like a funeral for that poor tree like when everyone throws a handful of dirt over the coffin.


I was totally thinking that when I was watching. Even the edited-down tv version was long and tedious lol. I felt really bad for the guests. Sitting in the hot Las Vegas sun......ugh no way.


the whole thing was too much. Talking about it, writing it, build up, finally doing it, arguing with the kids over their opinions, etc. Robyn demanded they sign they weren't allowed freedom to choose. The whole thing was a cluster and incredibly boring. I guess some of them thought if they had it in writing Kody would get back in line but that didn't happen.


It felt like a 6 year old putting together a play.


My theory is that they couldn't agree on a single activity (in typical brown fashion) so they all got to do their own idea. Based on who was excited about what, I think Robin's was the jewelry, Meri's was the tree, Kody's was the lights, Christine's was the sand, and Janelle's was the mission statement. I'm surprised they didn't dedicate a season to them debating the activities.


They are always so EXTRA about everything


I'd be embarrassed about this whole thing if I was one of the older kids.


This whole event was soooo dumb. The kids were totally over it and that cracked me up. I almost couldn’t finish this season because I was at the point that if I heard ‘commitment ceremony’ ONE MORE TIME… 🤣. They are so ridiculous.


They are always extra, more babies, more wives, more houses... they have the disease of "more".


As that whole thing was CRINGE


If a friend invited me to a ceremony to “celebrate our family” I’d tell them to get lost. I mean, how narcissistic can you be?


I would have literally faked an illness out to get out of there if I was a spectator, I mean, guest. Unless they had reeeeaaaaly good snacks. Then I might have stayed. Yes. Too many.




I'm watching that right now, and the first thing they should have done was fire Sam. Those dresses were completely atrocious and looked like costumes. They would have been better off seriously going to JC Penney or Dress Barn, picking something already made, and getting it tailored as needed.


They should have never expected her to make so many dresses on such short notice. She was newly out of fashion school, and she was a daughter of Janelle’s friend so she probably felt pressured. I felt so bad for her…


Wasn't it 2 weeks she had to make 4 dresses from scratch, even making 4 of them from a pattern in that time would be tight.


Yes! I also thought Janelle’s was STUNNING. She looked amazing in it. I think the other ladies didn’t choose very good material either for what they wanted.


She was young, just out of school, and overestimated how hard it would be to make four dresses in a short amount of time. She was the daughter of a family friend I think and did it more as a favor. She wasn't an established experienced professional that they hired.


Yeah I think she should’ve dropped Meri, Christine and Robyn early on and spent her time on Janelle’s dress because it actually looked great on her.


The more activities there are, the more attention Kody gets.


They sure lived by that mission statement 👏🏾👏🏾


I always knew these people were ( are) a complete farce. Family is ❤️. Now we see behind the curtain how very little even kindness there actually was among the adults.Overall, I think-the kids are great and hopefully all will remain unscathed psychologically from this shit show.


It's almost like they were overcompensating for not actually being committed to each other.


The whole thing was such an indulgent sham. The guests had to be miserable. But their wanting that girl to make their dresses - like it was a big favor to her!! To make 4 non-traditional evening dresses with extra fabric for modesty and 3 of which were plus sized?? No thank you. Holy Hell.


Pretty sure it took that long to convince them all they were still really “in it!”


That "mission statement" really went down the toilet after all that's happened!


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Oh wow that is a lot of activities. Lol. Did they have to constantly get people to stop talking for a speech? Did they have constantly wrangle people from the kitchen and restrooms for another announcement? Hopefully they just let people enjoy the party and left the stations to speak for themselves.


They tried too hard to convince the world how happy and wonderful the lifestyle is. Just a traveling circus imo, and the poor kids who had to tag along. Not one chooses polygamy or to be on the show. Peace out at 18 ✌️