I understand that, when the (Brown) family was not willing to give her the downpayment money, Meri's mother helped provide money to secure the loan. So the home became her residence and her gig.


I think that after the family refused to loan the down payment to Meri, her mom stepped up and sold her home and gave Meri the money. In exchange, her mom got to live at the B&B for the rest of her life. It made a lot of sense. Her mom still had a home to live in and Meri was able to buy the B&B.


I don't think Meri ever intended to have Annie run the B&B. She brought in Annie as a way to get Christine on board with the family loaning her the down payment. When the family refused, Annie was thrown to the curb. People who know Annie describe her as a shy introvert, with an extremely fragile ego. Not exactly the type of person you would want to run a B&B. Meri's mother was a retired teacher and principal who basically made Lizzie's into a success. If you look at the reviews they praise Bonnie and say it was like "staying with Grandma." Meri's BFF JustJenn runs the B&B, plus one of Meri's relatives is the cook.


I thought she kind of used Annie to manipulate Christine into being okay with it.


I wonder who is running it right now? Is it still Mariah and Audrey? How does that fit with Mariahs university plans?


I think Meri's friend Jen runs it day-to-day, but Meri seems to be there pretty often. It's not like she's got much reason to hang around Flagstaff.


Something changed to Meri’s mom living there instead before it was settled that they wouldn’t give her the down payment money. I didn’t see Annie on the show anymore after that either. Wonder what went down and if there were hard feelings?