I am only up to season 6 but skipped ahead to the new episode and good grief Robin looks terrible and unhappy. Shocked by her appearance

I really didn't get what people meant by her goiter until this new episode, OMG I honestly hope she's seeing a doc.


I really didn't get what people meant by her goiter until this new episode, OMG I honestly hope she's seeing a doc.


She is almost unrecognizable. She is very pasty and looks bloated. I agree she looks terrible. I thought Janelle looked bad too. Her eyes are very puffy.


She has a terrible scowl that she didn’t have before


I hope Robyn gets some extensive blood work done because she doesn't look well. Her coloring is off.


She’s green


Oh just stop. Do you even follow Janelle on Instagram? She looks great. BIG DEAL her eyes were puffy once? SERIOUSLY?


I was just concerned health wise. I am not thinking cosmetically. Same for Robyn.


Janelle? Is that you?


but Janelle just had skin cancer so apparently, her skin isn't that great after all.


LOL what does THAT have to do with anything. You have eyes right? You say she has bad skin now? WHAT? You think having skin cancer gives a person "bad skin"???? omg lol.


You’re very…adamant. Are you related to Janelle or in love or something?


Wouldn't be surprised everyone that comes on here 'In the know" are rude AF. Or perhaps just a random Reddit troll, maybe both.


You missed me laughing my ass off that someone thinks having a basal cell means they have "bad skin". No I'm not related to Janelle are you a child? That may explain that wacky belief. Also there was no discussion about her SKIN until your medical diagnosis. PUFFY EYES are not "skin" issues.


Uh, that’s all well and good but I’m not the one who said she had a skin condition. Or puffy eyes. Or skin cancer. So maybe make sure who you’re going all sarcastic on before you start typing.


She oughta since she’s probably the only one with health insurance


Polygamy doesn’t seem to wear well


They all look miserable.


Meri is reverse aging the more separate she is from Kody.


Its Prairie dog plague.


Kodirt is like a giant debydrator, sucking the life force from anyone near him! Unfortunately, due to Covid he has been spending all his time with Robyn. Pretty soon she will be a pile of dust that can no longer cry.


Kodirt 😆 and Kidy is a new one too


As much as Robyn isn't my favorite, I don't subscribe to all of the strong Robyn hatred. I think Kody is to blame for 95 percent of what we now have today. And I'm actually extremely concerned for Robyn with that goiter and sincerely hope that she gets a first and second opinion from a couple doctors and blood work done if she hasn't already. I mean seriously... whose physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health wouldn't absolutely fall apart to pieces after being married to Kody for even a single year? I'd probably be losing hair from all the stress.


Agree she is very stressed.


I hate Robyn and I’m also concerned. I wonder if she has a fear of doctors, not uncommon in those circles. Hope it’s at least being dealt with behind the scenes and she’s just choosing to keep it private.


Her eyebrows are killing me!


Why in the world are you comparing season SIXTEEN womens' appearances with SEASON SIX? THAT WAS SEVEN YEARS AGO. Furthermore. what does she have to be HAPPY about? COVID? You people are unreal.


Calm down with the caps Lady (?) you don’t need to get so excited She looks unhappy and seems to have aged much more than the others IMO


Because, regard of the aging process, Robyn looks particularly odd and unhealthy. Her neck is girthy and she’s green


And here you are again getting really angry. Do you know what group you’re in? Do you realize that we all have opinions? Do you realize that we can say what we want about cast members but we’re not to attack or scream at other members?


That’s a HARD seven years…


Exactly. Some of these chicks need to look at their OWN photos from 7 years ago or even their drivers licenses which often don't expire for over 10 years. Here's a screen cap from the episode. She barely looks any different than years ago except she gained weight. IS THAT THE THRESHOLD OF SHOCKING AND TERRIBLE NOW? Ever see the trash talk about Christine's selfies? "OMG OMG SHE"S SO OLD!!!" Women are just bitches TBH. Especially anons. [https://www.the-sun.com/entertainment/4116656/sister-wives-kody-brown-slammed-siding-robyn-season-premiere/](https://www.the-sun.com/entertainment/4116656/sister-wives-kody-brown-slammed-siding-robyn-season-premiere/)